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GM Simon Williams Blitz Speed Run 22 I Can you calculate better than me!?

Grandmaster Speed Runs Chess – Making a Plan

Simon continues his now-famous speedrun series, tackling more tricky games on Inspired by Hikaru, Eric Hansen (Chessbrah) and Daniel Naroditsky. Online chess speedrunning blitz chess on, video lectures, how to get better at chess and win with checkmate, attack tips and tricks!

In this video, we look at some typical mistakes that players make around the 1800 level on
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I play the Jobava London System in this video – if you would like to learn the opening too then check out my complete repertoire courses below!

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Grandmaster Simon Williams is on, improving and learning chess openings with a world record masterclass blitz speed chess speed run!

Hi everyone and welcome to More Speed Run Um I’m going to try guard the levels From 1800 now uh let’s start with a Black line and the whole point of this Is for me to talk through my thought Process try to work out typical mistakes That players make and certain rating Boundary and to give you good tips to Improve So uh well you should know the black Lion by now I like breaking down Openings into stages and this is stage One putting your Knights like this And the next thing you need to do is try To get some space in the center My opponent playing very sensible moves At the moment And This one already is a slight mistake at The low levels it seems that players Like releasing the tension much quicker There’s no reason to capture this Pawn Keep it there as a fret because now when I capture my Bishop has more squares you Can develop too so this only helps me This this move and it’s very common this Idea at the lower levels now if I if I Didn’t have a pawn here I wouldn’t be Able to play my next move but Um I can now develop my Bishop to a more Active Square so I’m going to bring it Out where I create a little pin And here after castling I’m at least

Equal and when you’re playing with the Black pieces it was carpool for first Served with white I tried to get a small Advantage with black I try to get a Quality And now I’ve just got to think about how To improve this position One of the advantages of this structure For me is that this move here allows me To control this Central Square Stopping my opponent moving a piece in There but this Square here could be Something that I could try to take Advantage of later on Now capturing here Bishop takes taking Here Allows Bishop takes Pawn With Many Simplifications and these look a little Bit clumsy to me so I’m just going to Bring my Bishop back and it looks very Secure either on this Square which I’m Going to bring it to defending that pawn And I was also going to say this Square Here was looking like an okay move now My opponent has Made some space on the Queen’s side but That doesn’t really worry me this could Even be a weakness later on Position very equal at the moment so my Opponent doing a good job so far And here I’ve got to think about how to Get my pieces out and these two guys are The ones Which

Are blocked up now very normal would be To gain the tempo and then pin this Knight I like that idea getting but Getting those guys in the in the game But this night’s not very good here the Normal route that the Knight takes is Coming in to the center like this But I I’m running a bit short of time so I’m Gonna play this one and just make sure I Get my light Square Bishop out let’s Keep it simple For now okay so we’d create a pin and I’ve got full development now and again Like I say I don’t really like where This Knight is because I can’t get it in Anywhere but maybe I can re-route it Later on Very strange move for my opponent maybe He’s gonna come here and now I want to Connect my Rooks and improve my position This Pawn is a little bit weak so let’s Just go here and this Pawn you’ve Noticed is very well placed and when I Say improve my Rooks I always have this Possibility But again I’m just looking at improving All my minor pieces this pin is very Useful my opponent’s put his Rook here So the first thing that Springs to mind Is bring the Knight to this square but Then Pawn here might hurt me a little Bit I’m just going to play the move H6 To stop my opponent pinning me and just

To take some more squares over here Okay now the reason I didn’t put my Knight here was that my Bishop keeps This Square I don’t want to lose this Pin and if he tries to break the pin he Weakens his King side and my Bishop can Drop back here Okay so now I think it’s time to try and Take the open file again very simple Moves because I want to get rid of The Rook so I can try and double his King Side pawns by capturing the Knight Maybe this Knight can come back this way Where it has a bit more pressure against The center because it’s not doing Anything over here the bishop is Dominating it okay well I’ll move my Rook to the open line and now this move Is certainly a threat and he’s allowed Me to do it he’s moving a bit too Quickly and now I can cause some really Bad structural damage to his King The next thing I want to do is just to Keep improving my pieces but I’m also Seeing as king is quite weak so I want To get my queen over there So normal move now is to move the Knight Here allow my queen to come in but also My knight might find a very nice Square There at some point hovering around his King now I expect him to try and swap Rooks off He hasn’t done that he’s moved his King Over here

And I could come in like this But I want to really want to try to Maneuver these pieces can I do anything With him I can’t sit maybe thinking About what he wants to do maybe he wants To bring his Queen out like this and my Rook is not actually doing a great deal On the open file the target is now the King side so I’m going to use the Swinger to try and bring my pieces bring Three pieces near his King okay so there Is a threat Bishop here But I’m going to continue by bringing Things over towards his King And I’m covering all the entrance points For his Rook on the open file yes he has The open file but I don’t think he can Do much with it I want to bring my queen Over I’m not sure what I’m doing there maybe I can even bring it here Target that one Can I get my other pieces into the game These two guys be brilliant if I could But I can’t see how so maybe my idea is Queen here then bring the knight in Because if he takes my knight I can take The check he’s put his Queen on a very Weird square but he wants to swap off Like this Okay let’s Bring the queen in anyway And maybe not a crazy move from my Opponent but I’m going to continue with My knight coming into this Square

Because I’m now threatening to take this Pawn I think he’s got to get rid of my Knight but I will recapture with a check We’ve both got two site two pieces Offside so they cancel each other out so I’m really just looking at all the Pieces over here and I think it’s clear To see that my pieces are much better Okay so he’s got to block Here and Now I Want to increase the pressure even more Can I bring the pieces around this Bishop might come but the bishop will be Very good here wouldn’t it so now I’ve Got to move the Knight where do I move The Knight he’s not friendly to take Here yet because it’s pinned his Rook so Let’s move the Knight now around and try To get my knight and Bishop improved Structurally If he tries to come out the pin I will Take there with check and if he Recaptures this check maybe I could have Done that before that would have won a Piece I’ve missed winning a piece I’m Just trying to keep it very simple I’m Trying to I’m trying to win this game Without any complications I’m trying to Win it just by moving my pieces to Better squares so for example I want This idea okay well my knight is Attacked let’s move it and I want this Idea then every piece of mine has found A good Square have I let the Knight come Here wow my queen could have come back

It wouldn’t have been the end of the World okay well now he he is defending Very well Um I’m going to not allow that one Because then he takes here So he has played a very good move at the Moment my time’s very low God okay I’m Gonna have to I don’t want to lose this Game so I’m gonna have to come in but He’s defended very well I didn’t really Want to sort his pawns out and I haven’t Played this well my maneuver far too Slow I had to win that piece okay I want To keep the Queens on the board because My opponent’s king is weak I can try to Target these guys okay my Bishop now Comes to the diagonal that I wanted to Get it on creating a Checkmate fret on G1 my queen is threatening to come in to That square he defends it let’s keep my Queen active my queen was attacked I’m Threatening another check here as well All well he can’t get his Queen into any Dangerous squares at the moment I’m Defending those ones I’ve got the extra Pressure is this one threatening Anything well I have to give a check Anyway Um and now let’s move the bishop into This Square he’s got one check but it Doesn’t do anything I didn’t see how This could help me but I now have the Threat a queen takes porn Okay Queen Takes porn let’s win a pawn with check

Okay and now we come in with another Check I need to get my knight in I feel Let’s move the Knight straight in but he Has a counter attack now I’m down to 20 Seconds and he’s got this one nope my Queen defends it that was lucky but Fortune always favors the better Position okay but again can I finish This game off with the time that I have I’m fretting Checkmate on H2 and we got There just in the nick of time so I Spent a little bit too long explaining That one but my position was always good I was actually a little bit lazy when I Had the pieces around my opponent’s king Not finishing finding the kid a blow so Everything was going very smoothly here I was just looking at my Knights and Bishops and trying to improve them Whilst trying to stop my opponent Finding good squares for his pieces so This move here was quite crafty because It stopped any idea that he could Improve his pieces and again I was just Playing all moves trying to keep the pin Try to get the open file nothing that Dramatic and I ruined his King sign now In this position and my big mistake Though was everything was being played Very nicely but when my opponent got This position here where he’s defensive I missed this idea and the queen coming In winning a piece had I played that it Had been a pretty smooth game

Okay let’s try to get another one in uh We’ll just keep it a two game speed run Here I’m still a bit under the weather I had A bit of covid recently so I’m just Taking things a little bit more easy at The moment We’re gonna go straight for the Jabara London system uh I think this is a great Opening for you guys to play and he’s Gone for the Dutch Okay wow So one of my favorite openings the Dutch And I’m gonna play my night out to C3 Because already the move E4 is a Positional threat And he wasn’t he played a really I mean Typical error day he wasn’t really Looking at what I was trying to do when I always feel that getting the pawn to This Square Is Very advantageous to me because I have Very nice Center Now another thing I love doing is I’m Sure you’re aware Well you know what I’m going to play Here don’t you whenever they finish Chateau I love using my H Pawn to attack That setup And to try and break down that setup and I’m going to continue with this one Because my opponent by playing the pawn To F5 has very much weakened his light

Squares and look at the H Pawn go I can Simply take here and I’m already doing Some damage to his King my king is very Safe but my opponent’s king does not Look Particularly safe So his position of his King looks really Quite Dangerous but I can’t get my queen there Because his Knight is defending it if I Move my Bishop here he has Pawn here now Is there a tactic Knight takes Knight Takes so then I get my queen to this Square attacking his Knight and Threatening porn up I’m gonna I like that one I don’t see How he’s gonna defend so I’m gonna bring Another piece into the attack Potentially threatening this check and If he plays his Pawn to this Square the Idea is I want to draw his Knight away From this one because that’s the ideal Square for my queen so I’m going to keep My light Square bishop and that’s a very Nice attacker I’m going to move my queen Into this ideal square and now G7 is the Big fret but I’m also threatening his Knight So here I think I might have Checkmate G7 and Then taking here was one very strong Idea but do I have check King here check E6 Checkmate so let’s just look at that Check King here check King here

And then Queen must be a Checkmate I Can’t see it though ah Bishop here check Pawn here Queen takes check Must be a checkmate Let’s work it out so check King here Check King here Check King here Should we go for it let’s let’s go for It I can’t work it out I’m too lazy my Time’s ticking down but I see I have at Least a Perpetual check so when you’re Trying to work out a combination if you See you have at least a Perpetual check You can make it a little bit easier and My calculation is certainly especially As I’ve got brain fog at the moment it’s Not as strong as it used to be okay so Here I saw I had this check and this kit Has to come back My queen is attacked do I have anything Else I don’t think so so we’re gonna Have to go for this check obviously G7 Was a very strong idea but this looks so Attractive Now he’s threatening to move his E Pawn Is there really nothing here Amazed this one and then I’m threatening Nothing This check his King comes out and am I Really not threatening anything there What an amazing position it looks like I Should can I move my a pawn so I’ve got

Queen B5 check but then E6 And He threatens my queen and do I have a Good move after E6 I can’t see it Night here night here is Pawns in the Way Rook here Knight takes okay I’ve got To play this because it’s I can’t Because E6 still Then Bishop takes King takes check I Can’t see the mate guys Unbelievable unbelievable I’m not Winning this position I should have gone For the simple option regretting doing This now I’m gonna play this one I don’t really believe it because my Queen has no checks but this move was Very very strong and now I’m stopping His E Pawn from moving because I can Take it with Checkmate so I’m playing This move just to keep some attacking Chances but I can’t see the Checkmate Maybe you guys can improve and try to Find the winning combination that maybe I missed there okay so he’s gone here Now this let’s just show where I’ve got The draw of course And I can come back now now this check Here takes Or takes here check but then this one I’ve got an amazing idea I got an amazing idea I’ve never castled And given checkmate But I oh it won’t be check makes you can Block it but I’ve still got an amazing

Idea guys that I have to go for an Amazing idea oh it doesn’t work I wanted To go Bishop here takes castles but he Has King C6 Bummer okay so if we check him His King runs I don’t think I want his King to run So let’s go Then his Knight comes in here I’ve got 40 seconds My opponent is Talking a lot in the chat but okay he’s Allowed to do that okay he’s actually Defended this position it’s quite Remarkable and why did he do that why Did he give up his Queen unbelievable He’s given up his Queen which I can’t believe we’ll have a look at This afterwards it’s an absolutely Fascinating game I’ve just got to make Sure now I don’t lose on time but he Felt the pressure he had a great chance To beat your Grandmaster there and he Completely crumbled by just Giving up his Queen and he’s gone on a Suicide mission here which Um well 30 seconds is plenty and I’m Just going to take everything but it’s Such a fascinating position this one I I I wonder Um I’m literally going to take Everything here because uh Um why not I wonder if I miss something Even easier in this in this sequence

Like what a what an amazing position I’m Going to let you guys have a look at This but I have a quick glance Afterwards make sure I try to finish This game off first I’m gonna bring all The pieces in for a little bit of the Party let’s bring the knight in why the Hell not let’s bring the Knight even More is there a stalemate there well I’m Very very close to stalemating him but Not quite yet because he can move his King And this one is getting extremely close Now should we go for a Pawn on night Check mate let’s go for a night check Mate okay well let’s have a look there I Mean this is what I mean okay I mean I Was doing this more more because this is One of my big mistakes I I get carried Away with the Glamorous exciting moves rather than the Moves that just win and in this position Had I gone G7 check Knight takes here and taking his Rook The material is pretty much even but I Have this really strong attack still so I’m not risking a lot The way I played it was Quite interesting because we went for Knight takes and then Queen here and Then this check bringing his King of the Open but This is the kind of thing I might do in A longer time limit thing but I didn’t

See a win here I only saw the Possibility of taking a draw now a draw Is not the end of the world you can Always take the draw but if you don’t See the win and there’s a better Possibility why go for this complicated Light but this is fascinating right Where is the win here is there a win now The check must be correct and my Opponent didn’t allow my Bishop to come In check so he played the correct move But I’m not convinced there’s a win in This position this check seems correct But what do I play here Again I’d love to hear your comments in The chat if you guys can find a better Move this move was a brilliant idea Trying to bring another piece into your Taxes if Knight takes he gives up this Square the queen comes here check mate But after Rook here I think he just goes E6 And then I was thinking Bishop takes Here King takes Rook check and the King Comes back and I couldn’t see a win There Phenomenal position and my other idea Let’s just have a look where it went Wrong Was okay again I’m just proving I have The draw maybe what I should have done My first thought is this check this Might have been the winning idea Because if he blocks then this is

Checkmate and if he goes here I can go Here And now this is a Checkmate fret again And surely this is very strong now But I saw what I thought was another Lovely idea and I wasn’t playing the Pragmatic moves I was playing the move Switch Uh look nice and I missed something and I thought this at least keeps him hemmed In And I fought here Okay we show who’s boss That I had a brilliant idea playing Bishop F4 And when he took here castling Queen Side checkmate But his King can go to this Square now I’m actually probably still doing all Right here but maybe not actually I’ve Given up a lot of pieces really weird Position who knows But my opponent went completely wrong If we go back to the game I I started Panicking here because I’ve done a lot Of time in and after this check why did He block with the queen you should Always try to play the most critical Moves and had my opponent just move the King here I’m not so convinced by my position Anymore I do have a bit of ongoing Pressure The Rook comes in I’ve got a Long-term attack but he’s always got

This move here Queen coming here and I’m Not convinced anymore might have lost This game Okay well I’m going to leave it there For now uh please like And subscribe to This video I’m going to try to get more Videos done but still got a bit of Recovery to do extremely fatigued from I Think it’s like you know I had I tested Positive for code and maybe a cold as Well had some breathing issues It’s all better I’m just a bit fatigued So I’m all fine just nice to have a rest Isn’t it sometimes you know But I will be back more videos like And Subscribe thank you very much Interesting games today can you do Better than me in that game there’s your Challenge bye for now [Music] Foreign


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