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Fischer Random Disaster | Ian Nepomniachtchi vs Wesley So: World Fischer Random 2022

Ian Nepomniachtchi vs Wesley So
World Fischer Random 2022 (rapid), Reykjavik ISL, rd 4, Oct-26
Uncommon Opening (A00) · 1-0
1. c4 b5 2. c5 e5 3. b4 d6 4. Bb3 a5 5. a3 Bf6 6. e3 Ne7 7. f4 e4 8. cd6 cd6 9. Ne2 Ba1 10. Qa1 Nf6 11. Nc2 Rc8 12. Ncd4 ab4 13. ab4 Bd5 14. Bd5 Ned5 15. Nf5 Rc2 16. Neg3 Qc8 17. Nd6 Qe6 18. Qa8

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Hi this is mato welcome to my online Chess lecture In this video I will show you a game Between Iran the premier energy and the Wesley so this is a game from the world Fisher random rapid tournament 2022 Napoleon white pieces and he Started with ce4 in a normal game this Will be the English opening Wesley so Played B5 C5 if C takes on B5 Green takes on B5 and the White Knight Can go to C3 toward the queen To our game That is why nepo played C5 E5 B4 D6 Bishop to B3 this looks like a good spot For the bishop doesn't it A5 A3 Bishop to F6 E3 Knight to E7 F4 E4 Of the seven moves The position looks a bit confusing but Not totally confusing the game continued C takes on D6 C takes on D6 Knight to E2 Bishop takes Bishop Queen takes Bishop Knight to have six Knight to C2 Rook to C8 FL C to D4 a takes on B for a takes On B4 Bishop to D5 the Bishops were traded Bishop takes Bishop Knight takes Bishop Knight to F5 root C2 Invasion on the Second rank or seventh rank is usually Quite good from E to G3 black tomorrow

This happened to be the critical Position of the game In this position versus so played Queen To C8 Perhaps Rook to C4 should have been Considered What do you think Queen to C8 was played giving up the Pawn on D6 Is this a trap or a blunder Way to move would you take the pawn on D6 or not They put it Knight takes porn was played attacking The queen queen to E6 let's take it back You clean those to d8 then white may Play knight from D takes on e4 back to Our game versus Soul Plane green to E6 Attacking the Knight and defending The pawn This is a multi-purpose War isn't it Maybe This who has a tiny downside What is it Please pause and find The best move for white What did you find Nepal played Queen to A8 check endlessly So resigned in view of discontinuation NATO E8 Queen takes Knight Queen takes Queen Knight takes Queen and white is a piece And worn up in this game we have seen That even a super GM can forget about

His back rank what do you think of this Game And that is all I hope that you enjoyed watching this Video I wish you would like with your Tests then bye for now


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