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Find Someone Who Looks at You The Way MVL Looks At Najdorf

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Photos by Lenart Ootes
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So, Wesley (2763) – Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime (2771)
So vs. MVL | Speed Chess | QF ( [1] 2022.12.14
B90 Sicilian, Najdorf, Byrne (English) attack

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 a6 6.Be3 Ng4 7.Bg5 h6 8.Bh4 g5 9.Bg3 Bg7 10.Qd2 Nc6 11.Nb3 Nge5 12.h4 g4 13.O-O-O Be6 14.Nd5 Rc8 15.Kb1 b5 16.c3 Nc4 17.Bxc4 bxc4 18.Nc1 Rb8 19.f4 gxf3 e.p. 20.gxf3 Qa5 21.Ne2 Ne5 22.Bxe5 Bxe5 23.f4 Bxd5 24.exd5 Bf6 25.Qc2 Rg8 26.Ka1 Kd7 27.Nd4 Qxd5 28.Rhe1 Rb6 29.Nf5 Rg2

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the Last match of the quarterfinals of the Speed chase Championship it is Wesley Still vs Maxim Rachelle lagrava and uh This match was much much closer than the One between Magnus and Fabi and uh What's what's interesting is that the Winner of this match will face Magnus Carlsen in the semi-finals of the speed Chess Championship and this is one game I chose from the five plus one section If you have any of your favorites from Maybe the the three plus one or maybe Even the bullet if it's a nice game I I Will consider it uh do you use hashtag Suggestion and I will go over it Um just give me a second I can see the Board is a little Uh Uh the board is not where it should be Uh so just give me one second there we Go Yeah for some reason for some reason Sometimes the interface just shifts and I don't pick up on it and then it lasts Like for a few videos but then I see Someone in the comments mentioning it And then I I realize what's happening uh But okay let's check it out features a Very nice Sicilian Defense and whenever We have a mvl at wielding the black Pieces then you know it's going to be a Great Sicilian uh win or lose so Wesley With the white pieces opens with E4 we

Have C5 mvl goes for the Sicilian Defense Knight to F3 D6 and pawn to D4 We have uh C captures on D4 uh capturing Um the pawn Knight captures Knight to F6 And Knight to C3 and as usual mvl goes For the Knight of Sicilian Ponte A6 Which you can attack many many different Ways pretty much any movie in this Position is a good move for white and uh West ghost for brush after E3 it's the Uh English attack or the Bayern attack And we haven't had that in quite some Time so let's check it out E5 D6 are the Top moves here E5 being the most played One just dislodging this Knight but a Maxim goes for the uh well for the uh Maybe nicest idea when it comes to Blitz Chess and that is Knight to G4 you start Harassing the bishop and then you're Gonna further harass it with the H6 G5 And the very natural moves come to mind For black so Bishop to G5 of course you Don't want to allow Knight captures on E3 H6 Bishop to H4 G5 and now Bishop to G3 we have Bishop to G7 uh putting Pressure on the Knight here and just Queen to D2 preparing the castle Queen Side Knight to B3 uh sorry Knight to C6 First attacking the Knight Knight the B3 This is all uh top Theory and now Knight G2 E5 now this Knight is beautifully Placed on this Central Square we have H4 G4 and now Queen side Castles by Wesley And there are some games where B5 was

Played but here Maxim goes for Bishop to E6 and it is now as of move 13 that we Have a completely new game So Maxine probably knows all of this Says this is uh his territory B5 uh like I said has been played before Bishop T6 Is a new move and even though uh the Engine says B5 is the the top engine Move uh mvl probably thinks that Wesley Knows this as well so he tries the the Second best move maybe it will confuse Wesley a little bit and okay Knight to D5 this is a standard Square for this Knight in yeah In the Sicilian Rook the C8 and the now King to B1 I will be very Useful to get the King off of this Diagonal and if the black queen ever Finds her way to A5 you also want the A2 Pawn to be defended so here Pawn to B5 Mvl starts his expansion on the queen Side and pawn to see not C four Pawn to C three Pawn to C4 would be a terrible Move uh now it defends against this Knight also the bishop is not as strong And now uh or it's it it's a it's a good Move all in all so Knights the C4 are Attacking the queen putting pressure on The B2 pawn and saying okay if you wanna Keep the queen on the board or rather Not not trade Bishop for the Knight you Have to move the queen somewhere either To C1 or to C2 or maybe E1 but Wesley Decided as this is a five plus one Blitz It's better to get rid of this Knight as

In Blitz or or you know pretty much Always but in Blitz Knights are very Tricky bastards so Bishop captures on C4b captures and now Knight to C1 Rook To B8 and now you can already see all The pressure that um uh maxims the Bishop and Rook are pulling off to that White Queen side uh F4 by Wesley and now Uh we have G captures on F3 and this is One of those uh moments before Wesley Plays F4 uh he thinks and whenever you Have a position like this you you're Always thinking to yourself if you're Playing with the black pieces here You're thinking if white plays G4 I'm Just gonna capture f g captures and F or Alpha Song and that's exactly what the Player with the white species is Thinking and that's exactly what Happened here F F4 and G captures an F Or Alpha but Wesley missed the orator Maxine missed um a very nice winning Idea here and that is Queen to A5 Without touching the pawns uh because There's uh not all that much you can Play now because Bishop captures on C3 Is a huge threat you will not be able to Uh to pick it up uh of course you will First eliminate the Knight remove one of The Defenders of the C3 Pawn so let's Say Knight to E2 adding a Defender to The C3 Pawn but it doesn't matter now we Will play Pawn to F5 and now of course If captures then uh the the bishop will

Be able to capture with um with the Delivering a check and of course if Knight the E3 just adding another Defender then you will castle and your Position will be spectacular here but Okay not easy to pick up in a five plus One game so G captures an F3 by Maxim G Captures on F3 and now Queen to A5 but Now it's a little bit different because Now Knight the A2 can nicely be played Now phone to F5 doesn't really do Anything as the pawn is on F3 it's not On F4 so here Knight the E5 and here Wesley says all right let's get rid of That Knight Bishop captures Bishop Captures and pawn to F4 now uh instead Of this Pawn to F4 I will mention Knight To E3 because it's um very nice move for White point is that after black plays Something uh it's easy to see that black Is very quickly without any moves you Will play Rook to G1 doesn't matter if You trade or if you go back captures Captures let's say King f8 stopping Rook To G8 now F4 and okay version of G7 King To A1 uh Black's position is just Terrible uh you will never break through Here uh the Knight nicely guards the the C3 Pawn you have all of this expansion And The Rook here and the queen here Aren't really doing all that much and The bishop blocked by his own C4 Pawn uh Is terrible so this would uh objectively Be completely winning for white but

Again it's a very very hard to pick up On such things in a in a Blitz game so The immediate F4 by Wesley we have Bishop captures on d5e captures on D5 And now this should be back to F6 Queen To C2 and now Rook to G8 now grabbing That semi-open g file King to A1 getting Rid of the king from the B file and now King to D7 uh developing the king sword Of connecting Rooks and now comes Knight The D4 now here the the way to play this Is maybe Queen to F5 check and then After the king moves now you centralize And you uh hold you just hold and the Nothing bad can happen to you however Wesley played Knights the D4 here and he Probably didn't uh blunder the the D5 Pawn he probably wanted to sacrifice it For activity but it doesn't really work Out in his favor Queen captures on D5 Was played by Maxime Rook H to E1 and Now comes Rook to B6 and this is the Move that Wesley probably didn't take Into consideration his idea was that if Rook the G2 attacking the White Queen as The black queen defends The Rook uh he He had Queen A4 check in mind and then Everything is perfectly fine for example If King to C7 you can even play Knight To the E6 check and you pick up the Black queen okay uh black is not lost or Anything black will again some material For for the queen but it's okay Queen 5 Check this one is hanging this Pawn is

Saying The Rook is nicely placed on the File it's a it's a fine position But Maxine played uh Rook the B6 instead And now he's uh he he gains more control Over that C6 square that Wesley will try To take advantage of uh so weekly plays Knight the F5 here and this move Completely blunders the game for Wesley So feel free to pause the video now and Try to calculate why this is so while I Give you a couple of seconds it's quite A quite a nice maneuver So for those of you who were able to do It congratulations on uh spotting that It's the move that we already tried only In this position it now works and for Those of you who just won't enjoy the Show it is Rook to G2 uh this is what Maxine played and he was in this Position on move 29 uh that Wesley so Resigned to the game as there is nothing More to be done here it's uh the problem Behind The Rook to G2 is that now uh the Queen cannot uh just do nothing and Defend against The Rook plus the B2 Pawn Will be under attack plus the queen has To remain on this diagonal to defend the Knight so Knight to F5 uh that's Basically the blunder and I will just Show you a couple of uh really fun lines Okay what happens if we trade Queens Rook captures Rook captures on C2 uh how Do you play this the the B2 Pawn is Hanging if you play Rook to B1 then it's

Just a very nice Checkmate Rook B Captures on B2 check Rook captures The Rook to C1 check only move Rook to B1 And now Bishop characters and C 3 will Be Checkmate so after this will captures On C2 you can't really play Rook to B1 You have to play something but what if You play Knight to D4 uh it's it's uh It's one possibility but still just Rook C captures on B2 and this will now be a Problem to give you uh maybe a nice line Rook to C1 you want to defend on C3 E6 Attacks the rook and after The Rook Moves now you just pick up the Knight And create a pass Pawn you're gonna push It to C3 white cannot capture because of Checkmate on B1 and whatever you play Doesn't really matter you're gonna play C2 and now there is no defense against Uh Rook to B1 check this will be Checkmate or you can play Rook to B3 Defend mate this way but then okay we Just capture Rook captures a captures And now Rook the B1 check you can even Go into a king and pawn end game and This is now completely winning for black If you if you're new to chess uh upon up In uh mostly every situation uh in in a King and one end game will win you the Game there are of course positions where It will not but more often than not it It will so that's one of the reasons if You have to Rook the G2 you just go for For a nice Queen trade uh instead of

This you could go for well there it's It's a very hard to to find a reasonable Move you could block maybe Rook to E2 That's a possibility but then you just Trade Rook captures and now the queen Can no longer defend the Knight Um or or if you go Rook captures on D5 Uh then just throw captures on C2 you Are now up a full Rook or if you capture The Rook here then just Queen captures And F5 you are now again up up a full Bishop so whatever you do yeah it Doesn't really uh it doesn't really work The only thing you could do is maybe Play Knight captures on E7 uh but after Bishop captures uh I mean okay you you Gave up a piece and now you're gonna try Something but still what do you want to Play Queen to B1 And it's uh it's a silly position Rook The D2 it's pointless to play being down A piece of course you guys know this but Just in case anyone is interested uh so Yeah after Rook the G2 Wesley doesn't Want to look at this game any anymore And of course it was in this position That he resigned the game and what Happened in the during the entire match Well here are the uh results of every Time uh time control in the five plus One Maxine vashilograph one with a Result of six to three then Wesley won The three plus one section with a result Of uh five to four so he bonds back a

Little bit he was down by only two Points and during uh the bullets the Bullet section he even equalized at some Point he was down four points then he Equalized the result was 10 10 but in The end Maxime uh got a winning streak And he he won like four games in a row And in the end the result was 16 and a Half to 12 Um and a half so sort of equalish but in The end Maxime was better especially in That five plus one format that was uh Uh there he was just much better also in Bullied but Wesley won the three plus One section and what does this mean uh Like we said the winner the prize for Winning this match is uh playing against Magnus Carlsen in the semi-finals of the Speeches Championship uh this is uh Sorry this is what's happening so you Have uh uh Nakamura will face nihal Sarin in the semi-final and now we know That Magnus Carlsen will face Maxim Vashiella grav uh and then we'll see uh We'll see who will meet um uh in the in The finals of the speed chess Championship of course everyone is Rooting for for for Magnus and Hikaru But nihal uh really just crushed Everyone he played so we'll see if if he Will be able to uh do something against Hikaru uh you know it's gonna be a great Match uh so yeah that's the game hope You guys enjoyed it and a little bit of

Extra info on the side I would like to Thank Timothy Rosa and Chris Robert Picard sapan Bhatia Sarah Hamilton and Jonathan Hiroshi foreign mission to my Channel thank you a lot I really Appreciate it as usual you can check to My previous videos here thank you for Watching and I will see you soon Continuing to check up on your wonderful Suggestions and whatever else happens in The Chess World thank you all I will see You soon and have an excellent rest of Your day


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