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Evans Gambit Against Wesley So!!!

Learn the Evans Gambit here!

Photos by Lenart Ootes
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Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi (2662) – So, Wesley (2784)
Tata Steel India | Rapid ( [8] 2022.12.01
C52 Evans gambit, Tartakower attack

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.b4 Bxb4 5.c3 Ba5 6.d4 d6 7.Qb3 Qd7 8.O-O Bb6 9.Nbd2 Na5 10.Qc2 Nxc4 11.Nxc4 Qc6 12.Nxb6 axb6 13.dxe5 dxe5 14.Nxe5 Qa4 15.Qd3 Ne7 16.Qg3 O-O 17.Re1 Be6 18.h4 Kh8 19.h5 h6 20.Bf4 Ra5 21.Rad1 Qxa2 22.Nf3 Rxh5 23.Bxc7 Ng6 24.Bxb6 Kh7 25.Bd4 Re8 26.Ra1 Qc4 27.Ra7 Qc6 28.Raa1 Bd7 29.Nd2 Rg5 30.Qh2 f5 31.Ra5 b5 32.Ra7 fxe4 33.Qc7 Nf8 34.Qxc6 Bxc6 35.Be3 Rd5 36.Rc7 Bd7 37.Ra1 Ne6 38.Rb7 Rd3 39.Raa7 Bc6 40.Re7 Rxe7 41.Rxe7 Bd5 42.Nxe4 Kg6 43.Nd6 Rxc3 44.Nxb5 Rb3 45.Nd4 Nxd4 46.Bxd4 Rb7 47.Rxb7 Bxb7

00:00 Hello Everyone!
00:37 Game Starts!
03:00 Completely New Game!
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10:45 It was in This Position
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The Tata Steel Chess India Rapid tournament is a 10-player round-robin taking place from 29 November to 1 December 2022 in the National Library of India in Kolkata.

Players receive 25 minutes for the entire game, plus a 10-second increment starting from move one. Official website:

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Hello everyone and welcome to another Very nice game a lot of you have Requested that it's from the tapa still India rapid Edition from round eight to Videot Gujarati versus Wesley so and it Features as you might have seen in the Thumbnail or maybe I'm gonna put it in The title the greatest opening ever Invented in chess that of course is the Evans Gambit and uh what happens when You play it against uh someone like Wesley so who is a former World official Random Champion so you know that you Know he really does really really well In the wild and crazy positions and Trying to pull off an Evans Gambit Against someone of Wesley's caliber is Uh well uh just incredible so let's dive Straight into it it's with it with the White pieces and he opens with Ponte E4 We have E5 Knight to F3 Knights the C6 And the bishop to C4 the Italian game is On the board with Bishop to C5 The Joker Piano and now the strongest reply to the Jungle piano B4 of course the Evans Gambit is on the board and as usual we Challenge the Gambit by accepting it That is the best way to do it the best Of characters on B4 C3 with Bishop to A5 And now Pawn to D4 I always mention when There's a uh Evans Gambit game that I Have made a video on the Evans Gambit if You guys want to check it out it will be The first link in the description below

If you want to try this as well uh there We cover all sorts of lines and all of The Retreats of the bishop like Bishop Act uh A5 to C5 to E7 even to f8 we even Discussed D6 so uh fun stuff so the six Uh even though the E Capture Sun D4 is Still the most popular move here Wesley Goes to pawn to D6 everyone has their Own favorite way of how to deal with the Evans Gambit Queen to B3 now threatening Bishop captures and F7 and queen to D7 Defending uh we have Castles by uh with It and now Bishop to B6 this is a move That you have to remember if you're ever Playing against the Evans Gambit or if You play the immense gambling because You will face this move frees up the A5 Square and of course this will attack Your queen and the bishop and you will Have part with your light core version Because this is just too strong for Black to allow so here at Knight beat The D2 We have Knights the A5 attacking Queen and Bishop the queen back to C2 And not Knight characters on C4 Knight Captures on c for now with tremendous Pressure on that E5 pawn and queen to C6 Wesley knows how to play this uh this is The absolute best way to challenge this Line and now you're attacking the Knight And you are forcing white to make some Moves and if if you just try to defend It to keep the pressure then Bishop G4 And already black is uh black should be

Just better the White Queen is stuck now Guarding on F3 and also on C4 so after Queen to C6 we have Knight captures and B6 a captures on B6 and now white grabs Back one of the pawns captures captures And captures on E5 and now Queen to A4 Wesley offers a queen trade with Queen To D3 and now there is a game where Knight to F6 was played but here we have Knights the E7 by Wesley and it is now As of move 15 mean that we have a Completely new game so let's see how vid It deals with this he plays Queen to G3 Puts pressure on the G7 pawn and also if The Knight moves the C7 Pawn Uh might be uh in some trouble so uh Wesley just castles and now Rook the E1 First uh adding a Defender to D for pawn Bishop to E6 and now Pawn to H4 now that It has a nicely placed Queen and G3 the Bishop can come into the attack the Knight is a beautifully centralized on E5 and uh the pawn wants to March all The way to H6 so hopefully you will also Be able to bring the other Rook into the Game but for the moment it it isn't Really clear how maybe at some point You're gonna push C for maybe you're Gonna do some Rook lifting uh hard to Say so King the h8 of course Wesley Wants to get uh off of that g file and Pawn to H5 now of course H6 you do not Want to allow white to play Pawn to H6 And the bishop to F4 but it just

Continues developing Rook to A5 and now Rook a D1 will it uh gives up one Pawn For some uh active play on on the king Side Wesley says all right Queen Captures an A2 and now even Knight to F3 Re-maneuvering the Knight offering Another pawn and okay uh since the Village will capture on on C7 and Probably on B6 it's not a problem Rook Captures an A5 Bishop captures and C7 uh We have Knight to G6 now and Bishop Characters and B6 the bishop will come To D4 to attack the black king so the Knight on G6 is uh most excellently Placed so King to H7 and now Bishop to D4 now this Knight can never move Otherwise Queen to G7 is Checkmate so Rook the E8 and now Rook the A1 Attacking the queen queen to C4 and now Rook A7 going after the B7 Pawn if virid Grabs this Pawn then the C Pawn becomes A past pawn and then white has um uh Well just a huge advantage on the queen Side so Queen to C6 defending the B7 Pawn and now Rook a back to A1 The Rook Has really no purpose there once the the B7 Pawn is defended and now Bishop to D7 By Wesley uh remembering the p is maybe Making room for The Rook to enter the Attack also just putting pressure on That E4 Pawn uh maybe bishop the C8 was A little bit more precise the also Defender B7 Pawn while you're at it but Wesley feels that there is no need for

That so Knight to D2 defending the four Pawn and now Rook to G5 by Wesley now Playing pretty much uh perfect moves Here uh it's very hard for for video to Now get out of this because he has all This pressure on the black king but with The Knight on G6 there's just no way to Get rid of it and now Wesley is starting To get some counter play with an attack Against the white king and already if You play some weird move lets you play Queen to D3 uh just Rook G2 and you can Resign because after King captures Knight F4 check your queen uh will be Lost so uh with it plays the only move That doesn't lose the game for him Queen To H2 and now Pawn to F5 by Wesley here He wants the bus to open the position Here and Now Rook the A5 the only again Good move for with it now the pawn Cannot move if you advance the pawn or Capture or something just root captures On G5 the H point is pinned uh so Wesley Just plays Pawn to B5 and this is uh a Moment where vidit has to decide how to Play this it's a very very complicated Position many moves are possible like You could play C4 you could play F3 here Just try to defend the E4 Pawn which Will weaken your king a little bit but It might be necessary however with it Played Queen Rook day seven uh he wants To play Queen to C7 which you will Probably see in the thumbnail uh but uh

It does not work F captures an E4 and Now Queen to C7 and yes it's very nice Queen and Rook on the seventh rank the Bishop also helping out with the attack Against the G7 Pawn uh there's all Already the thread of Queen characters And C6 Bishop captures and Rook captures On G7 so it seems like all is well and That he's basically just forcing a queen Trade however Wesley has a Such a spectacular win here if he finds The correct continuation which he did Not in the game but that's where you Guys come in feel free to pause the Video here and win the game for Wesley Uh while I give you a couple of seconds So for those of you who were able to do It congratulations on spotting this uh Outstanding idea and for those of you Who just want to enjoy the show it is Pawn to E3 and now when you see it of Course you immediately believe it Because uh not only are you attacking The Knight and not only are you Attacking the edf2 pawn you're also Threatening mate in one with Queen Captures and G2 and the only thing left For white to try here is the trade Queens but even that is insufficient Look at this queen captures on C6 now You don't recapture but rather you play E captures on D2 now you're threatening A d captures anyone with uh with Queening and there there's just nothing

You can do yeah if you try to go for Some Checkmate and you allow black to Grab a queen then anything just King H2 And knights the E5 now prevents any Checkmates and now white is getting Checkmated and of course if you capture The rug then it's just an instant Knight To F3 check captors Queen G1 check King H3 and queen cage one Checkmate so that Of course doesn't work so after he Captures on D2 you're gonna have to move The Rook there's no other way to do it But now I mean again anything is winning Uh you you are defending the D2 Pawn but Just Rook the E1 with check and again Not a way to do it if you capture we get A queen into the game if you play King The H2 uh then Rook captures on D1 and White is just not in time if white plays Queen captures on D7 then black has this Beautiful Rook the H1 with check and as The root covers the G file you are Forced to capture if if you weren't Forced to capture you might be able to Survive because you are threatening Checkmate but after captors D1 queen or Even better not D1 Queen a rook to H5 Check first and now after King to G1 D1 Queen will be Checkmate or if you block With the queen to try and give back some Material again D1 Queen and after King H2 just wrote captures on H3 and that's Pretty much it now you're just down too Much material to try and play this so

That's what was possible after Queen to C7 and that's why this game is is so Spectacular but Wesley missed it this is A rapid game so of course you're not Gonna see everything Knight to fate was Played Wesley defended the the bishop on D7 and now with it successfully just Traded down Queen captures Bishop Captures Bishop E3 attacks The Rook Rook To D5 And Rook the C7 now uh Bishop to D7 the Bishop is here nicely defended by the Rook and Rook to A1 now uh we have Knighted the E6 and now Rook to B7 uh if It still tries to get some sort of uh Pressure sorry another Rook day seven uh First Rook the B7 uh as the Knight Attacked the rook and now Rook the D3 Uh Rook 887 Bishop to C6 now attacking The rook and now you have to trade uh Rook D7 captures captures and now they Just trade down Bishop D5 Knight Captures an E4 King to G6 and now Knight To D6 going after the B5 Pawn so Rook Captures in C3 Knight captures and B5 And The Rook to B3 attacks the Knight And here they just trade off everything Knights the D4 Knight captures Bishop Captures and The Rook to B7 Rook Captures Bishop captures and it was in This position on move 47 that uh Wesley And vidis resigned agreed to a draw as There is nothing more to be done here is Equal material Bishops are of opposite

Color so there's nothing more to try Here So brilliant game by both of them uh Wesley have it in this moment after Queen the C7 had he found E3 it would be A spectacular victory for him but the Game ends in a draw and it is a village Who joins the ranks of great men who Have attempted the diamonds Gambit on The highest level uh and lived to tell The story uh so yeah and that's the game Hope you guys enjoyed it I would like to Thank the animated chemistry textbook KGB sellers anti booty consultants For a contribution to my channel thank You a lot I really appreciate it as Usual you can check to all my previous Videos here thank you for watching and I Will see you soon continuing to check up On your wonderful suggestions and Everything else that happens in the Chess World so thank you all I will see You soon and have an excellent rest of Your day


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