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Duda: “We both like dynamic, aggressive, irrational chess!”

Polish chess no. 1 Jan-Krzysztof Duda talks to Kaja Snare after winning Day 1 of the Aimchess Rapid final against Shakhriyar Mamedyarov. Replay the games:

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Great openings Young Chris stuff do that Congratulations on a big win in the First match Thank you how happy are you with the way You performed today Yes I'm very happy actually I really Like the second game also from the Aesthetic point of view Um I mean I mean this idea h44 was kind Of random I did insane in advance but um Once I saw it I realized it was very Very powerful and actually it was Um I I mean suddenly it was very very Difficult to play for him I think Because I basically was going to play G5 No matter what and and get access uh to Some dark squares mostly to the E5 Square So um of course of course we Um made some other courses some blunders But um Actually I kind of regret that Um I I took it on a four instead of going Group F6 and Could have been nice variation with me Marching the king from F2 to A3 I Actually saw that but after uh Inspiration after I I mean I I stopped but after the V6 I Was Yeah I would have been winning so I mean But that but that's only I mean from the

Aesthetic point of view otherwise I'm Um very satisfied Um In the way I played with actually both Chords I mean in our games okay maybe in The first game uh I got a little bit Confused after the opening because But Um yeah but somehow I mean I didn't Realize it was basically qgd positions So Um yeah and it shouldn't shouldn't work For him I had I had only one serious Um oversight I think in this match in This very first game when I thought that Queen S7 was basically winning Um and forgot that after Knight C5 Bishop 65 you can include Bishop takes F6 with Chuck I just calculated the Optic C5 C5 Knight E4 and the battery Size was better maybe even winning So Um yeah but after that I mean I played Um In a very good way because I basically Simplified to the wrong end game yeah Definitely and our experts here were Really Complimenting you on the way that the Plan you basically had for this match You were breaking the rules you were Playing creating chess and did you have A plan uh to just play chess that would Annoy mom Jr a little bit that wouldn't

Let him play uh to his strengths Not really Um I think we both like Dynamic Aggressive duration not just so Um Yeah I basically played what I felt like I would say Um of course my strategy but I mean it's Always the same is Um to try to squeeze with white and be Very sorry with black Um I think it's very efficient strategy Especially in the matches Now you mentioned it also in game three He did Castle Queen side we were just Jumping in our chairs this is going to Be a crazy game what did you think at That point did you get a little scared That there would be sacrifices and Craziness in that game Yeah I was very confused actually Because I think I had Lying my notes with D4 instead of Bishop Takes C5 and only then after long Castle Bishop takes C5 so uh in in the position I mean in the position uh in the game I Could have played before transposing to To this variation Which I also kind of didn't remember During the game but Um yeah but then I realized that um why On Earth I would play default like it's Absolutely no reason and yeah and I had A feeling actually that it's kind of

Very bad for him And and I was calculating the strongest Movement before but um for some reason I Rejected it I mean because of Queen B1 Basically and F3 next but maybe maybe it Was Um Maybe it was actually nothing because I Can just Retreat my C6 and Um placing his Queen on B1 and A3 is Hardly an improvement for him so um yeah But I got very yeah set confused because Um yeah I'm not really a qgd player and Um Yeah I I actually didn't know how Supposedly bad it is for him you said Cute I think it was very very Um a case yeah you just have you you're Not a qdt player just what what is that Queens can be declined because because Basically you could have transposed Because Um in that opening black uh puts his Bishop on E7 but then can be captured on C5 in my game it was Bishop from before Capturing the pawn on C5 but eventually It happened to be the very same position All right now I have to tell you young Kristoff you now have a tour rating of 28 24 that is a peak for you on the tour Do you feel like you're playing uh the Best chess you played on the tour so far Is a difficult question but um I'm very Happy with uh

With how many points I actually get Because uh there are always some ups and Downs but Um in many in many tournaments I was Also kind of um You know satisfying my play but uh Results weren't exactly there so if you Combine both of these elements it's Perfect and Um yeah maybe it's actually a kind of The best performance in bloodwater Championship store but it's difficult to Judge And tomorrow day two of uh the final are You looking forward to it Um not really I I guess it could be over Um by now but um of course of course It's Um like it will be anything but easy for Me and Um But but I'm in very comfortable Situation and And yeah also also looking looking Forward to this much yeah I mean if I Have to have to play it I think I think It will be a lot of fun actually we are Super happy you have to play it's gonna Be entertaining yeah Christoph good luck Tomorrow and congrats on winning today Thank you


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