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Duda: “Beating Magnus is the most rewarding feeling you can have playing chess!”

Polish chess no. 1 Jan-Krzysztof Duda talks to Kaja Snare after knocking World CHampion Magnus Carlsen out of the Aimchess Rapid. Replay the games:

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Bye young Christoph Duda huge Congratulations on a big day Hello thank you How do you feel right now knocking out Magnus Carlsen I'm very happy of course Um Who wouldn't expect to win 3-1 especially after our last match when I was leaning to zero and managed only To win in tiberx So um that's for sure a big thing Um I mean it's Kind of very strange for me because I Mean of course the second second game Was was crucial and Um In most in most of the time I was I was Playing very good but unfortunately I Also made some Um very very huge errors there And at one point was basically lacking Lucky that Um not him is going to be free and Didn't play King C6 instead which I Would have won the game for him and I I of course I could couldn't win and The one position and uh he was like Um very very nervous game and after that Honestly speaking I um I I was kind of sleepy to be honest and Um in a sense that helped me because Um I didn't feel that much of pressure I just

Um I just knew that some That I have to Um be like Moraled but um And but I also have kind of I mean this Situation or for example in classical Game when uh before move 40 usually the Retainer there is some often often some Sharp position and once I get this Additional time I'm feeling you know I'm Losing it like all emotions or hormones Go down and I'm kind of sleepy as well So Um yeah but I'm Nevertheless very proud of the second Game especially the attack Um in the in the beginning of the game Um it's all also I mean for some reason I wanted to play Bishop D4 instead of The stupid Quincy Fray and actually I Calculated it I didn't see like Um a first win but I thought it had to Be winning And Um and then I mean I I was calculating Something else and And he played the move and I played Queen C3 Tempo which Um instead of this bishop D4 move which Was very upsetting and um And I lost control of course so Um Apple of course if you if you win the Game then it's very difficult to come Back for anyone even Magnus yeah

Yeah incredible final by you I can hear A bunch of messages coming in for you Probably people congratulating you On beating Magnus actually do you at all Get nervous when playing Magnus because You seem to be in complete control Yes in first two games I was very Nervous after that a good kind of sleepy So Um yeah but but I knew of course that Um that it's never easy actually to to Convert so also not particularly happy With Um the way I play in the fourth game Um but I guess it was solid and kind of A cage for me all the way so Um no I mean there is nothing like Between Magnus it's probably like the Most rewarding feeling you can have when Playing chess so Yeah I'm very happy of course so to win The match and reach the final yeah glad You're here and you're gonna play either Mom and yarov or report in that final Mamiaro did win the first Blitz game do You have anyone you're hoping to play Not really I think they are kind of Similar in a sense that they're Aggressive players so I think Um you'll be a nice nice fight No matter who wins in tyberg Um actually I'm I'm very happy that Um the the rich which is final and got

To play one of these players Fantastic Congratulations on beating Magnus today And Thank you thank you for joining us


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