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Do Random People In NY Recognize GothamChess?

Danny Rensch and Levy Rozman hit the streets of New York City to ask the public if they recognize @GothamChess or can guess who he is!

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How often do you get recognized on the Street if I come to Manhattan and walk Around for an hour I'll probably get Recognized yeah it's pretty crazy okay Well we're gonna we're gonna find this Out right now hi sir uh for a dollar do You know who this is I don't know I'm Gonna get some musician okay okay pretty Good yes he is an artist okay he's an Artist who plays a game what game would He play the game of Kings Nope don't know it okay hi sir do you Know who this is for a dollar negative Negative okay cool good talk though hi Ma'am do you play chess I do not okay do You know who this is I do not okay he's Famous it's okay Okay You know who I am for a dog oh my god Dude this is yeah of course love it okay Dude what take two dollars are you Serious yeah seriously I was about to Ask you and you just knew it yeah oh Nice nice seeing you guys thanks Appreciate yeah appreciate you man I've Always wanted to meet you okay well now You did yeah that worked out well the New Yorkers are so funny it's like oh Yeah what's up it's like they've just Seen you forever hey do you know who This is for a dollar yes who is that Dude that's Levy yeah totally Rosman That's right there you go for ten Dollars you know who I am

Hi ma'am for a dollar do you know who This is no idea okay it's okay though Good talk thank you I'm so sorry okay Thank you He's super nice he's the nicest i surf For a dollar do you know who this is no Okay I am the guy but do you know Who this is Okay here's a dollar for knowing who I Was for a dollar do you know who this is Dude Jake Dude it's Jake no it's close though keep Guessing Tommy okay but by looking at Him what do you think he does what do You think he's famous for are you show Host oh I like I like that guest oh you Oh Streamer yeah gamer yeah all those Things an Entertainer yeah all those Things What does he entertain people with Like just looking at them what do you Think is your dance moves your comedy Your comedian oh that says all of these Things he plays chess he's the most Famous chess player yes player yeah but I'm also a comedian yeah he's also a Comedian wait let's go get a dollar yes You do for all the hard work what do you Think he does By looking at him Comedian maybe okay Super comedian thank you thank you sir

For a dollar do you know who this is No sorry what do you think he does by Looking at him you look like a magician A magician okay I love that okay what Would he be what would it be his magic Trick like come on uh I have no clue Making it disappear yeah he wouldn't be Good at it though right not really Agreed actor actor okay yeah yeah what Type of acting Um comedy comedy really yeah not really But I was like magician oh yeah that's The third magician we've got so thank You this is great it's the shirt it's The shirt right it's got to be a shirt Okay hi for a dollar do you know who This is Look closely it's a chess player that's Right who is he Levy you want a dollar Okay thanks man good job he got it and I I could tell you knew you were acting Disinterested but I saw you I see the Chest in you I'm not gonna ask you again Sir it's okay appreciate you appreciate You yep Hi sir for a dollar do you know who this Is No yeah Lucy and I were on a scooter Once one morning and we stopped at a red Light and a lady was walking a golden Retriever it was like us and her and no One else and she was like Gotham chess And she like ran over to us her and her Husband like watch our videos and she

Made my wife like follow her on Instagram to send her the photo it was My phone's upstairs Third time's the charm sir What a beast he's a I was crushing it I Don't want to interrupt your phone call But do you know who this is Um from Project Runway yeah yeah close Close the fashion designer obviously Hold hold on one second okay this is so Much more more important than my health Insurance He's in great shape he uh this is a uh a Clothing designer I'm sorry I don't okay It's okay a dollar anyway though all Right thank you he's in great shape I Can vouch okay Then where will this be broadcast so Project Runway oh you're Right you're right thank you If you get to a fifth time we're out of Here fifth time we're out of here hey I Know these guys hey you guys are back Thank you What you narrow discus I don't remember I'm not nerodeski I'm I'm Danny wrench Oh yeah he's way better than me yeah Yeah I'll text him who else you know who else You follow online Hikaru you follow Levy Right yeah Magnus okay There you go thank you yeah he came back Okay okay that's fine okay we're gonna Get out of here now thank you I told the

Guy if he did five times we'd be out of Here


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