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Dirty Chess Tricks 73 (Crush the Center Game)

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00:00 How to reach Center game main position
01:52 Aggressive Option Qg3
06:30 Solid Option f3
15:05 Tricky Option Bc4
18:50 Conclusion

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Now if you have a problem against a Standard game then you came to the right Place as in today's lecture I'm going to Show you not only a tricky line against It but in the majority of the cases you Will see that it is black who will get Lot of fun in this line [Music] Okay the opening arises after the Following move order E4 E5 D4 E captures D4 and now white capture back With the queen allowing us to take the Tempo with Knight to C6 but his idea is That after Queen to E3 As I have highlighted by the arrows here That Most likely white is trying to plan to Castle coincide whereupon black is Trying to Castle on the king side and we Have a very interesting battle going on In the middle cave So for example the main line start with Knight to F6 Knight to C3 Bishop to B4 Bishop to D2 and now as Expected both the side Castle on the Opposite direction Whereupon Rook to E8 is set the stage For the upcoming fire Now if you check the database here Majority of the cases white has tried This three options and let's see each by Turn and find out how we are going to Conquer them The first move I want to consider is the

Most popular Queen G3 So white is immediately looking for some Attacking aspects But the big time problem is it costs the Center Pawn which we are more than happy To grab it with overnight So now as this Knight is attacking three Locations white response is force he has To take it And after Rook takes E4 If white exchange the bishop then more Exchange helps black as he is a clear Pawn up So nope that's not the big point The main idea is white wants to play C3 Attacking the bishop And then carry out his rapid fast Development Well if you check the database here by Far the most popular choice is Bishop to F8 However I think it's an inaccurate Choice and As suggested by modern chess engine Black should go ahead with Bishop to E7 Which has a very nasty idea that when White plays Bishop to D3 looks scary at The first sight black has a nice In-between move in this picture namely Bishop to H4 The point is you get rid of the queen From the G file So that now you can comfortably take the Rook back on the E8 and if allowed then

Black has a very simple plan namely D6 And then settle this bishop on F6 Whereupon he is a clear point of and it Is wide who has to demonstrate what he Is going to do about it Well to illustrate my point I like to Show you a recent game of mine against 2300 Where My opponent continued with Queen to H5 Looking at the juicy at seven square So I have to defend it with G6 And his idea is He wants to put Queen right into my king Side with Queen 286. But apparently white doesn't have any Thread so I continue with some natural Moves Knight to V5 attacking the bishop Bishop dropped back to C2 and now last Piece liberated with D6 Well my opponent was desperate for the Attack so he played Knight to F3 hoping That I will take it and open up the G File but believe it or not this is Exactly black did with Knight captures F3 G captures F3 and the Big Time Pointer is black wants to play Rook to E5 and then Attacked the White's pesky Queen Well my opponent played the equally Sneaky move that is Rook to G1 so that Now Rook to H5 is not a possibility as White can simply take it But unfortunately for white after this

Game finished very quickly with the Following easy sequence Bishop captures F2 attacking The Rook Rook to G2 and now the straightforward Approach yup when you are material up Just try to exchange the queen so that A queenless middle game is always Hopeless for the side who has less Material Okay my opponent has no choice he can't Deny it so he tried to move Queen to F4 But now black Pieces come out very Freely Bishop to H3 attacking the Rogue Rook to G5 has been played but then Black make the game very easy Queen Exchange and then Exchange The Rook whereupon the end Result is black is emerge with a clear Two-point advantage and white has Absolutely no compensation for it So I think this model game gives you a Good illustration How comfortably black placed once he Continued with Bishop to E7 The second move I want to consider is F3 Which looks more natural in this Position you try to defend the pawn and Then go for the king side assault But it comes with a cost and that is Black can play the move D5 here putting More pressure on the E bone Okay if you look at the database by far The most popular choice is Queen to F2 Getting out of the PIN

But then black is more than happy to Take it off as after the critical move Bishop to G5 Black has a nasty surprise in this Position Well I don't like the Top Choice in the Database that is Queen to E7 I think After this black doesn't have good Position so instead of this my Recommendation is you continue with this Very sneaky move Bishop to D7 which sets Up some cool tricky platform for the White Cam For example white cannot take on F6 Looks like obvious choice as black Cannot capture back with the queen and If he capture back with the pawn then His King side has been compromised But Here Comes the big idea Black indeed capture with the queen Allowing white to take the free Bishop But the big time pointers after Bishop Takes C3 Pawn takes E3 and the move E3 No matter how Wayward White wriggles He cannot get out of this Mass For example a recent game from the Database white continued with Queen to Even Defending the C3 Pawn Black plays obvious choice Queen to E6 Double attack and after Rook to D3 black Indeed gobble up on A2 whereupon at the End Rook captures E3 Rook takes Queen Takes and now comes this lethal check

Which not only gobble up the piece back But white King has been stuck in the Center and black can have all sorts of Fun from here So this is the reason why Bishop Captures the F6 straight away leads to Winning position for the black By far the most popular choice from here Is Knight to D5 and it looks more Logical as you pressurizing the F6 Knight But black has equally nice reply Starting with E3 attacking the queen Doesn't look good at first sight as White can play the move Queen to H4 and Put more pressure on up six but it has a Valid point and that is This amazing chat which believe it or Not but gives black an opening advantage Nope can't take this bishop because After Pawn takes D2 white has two Options whether to take the spawn or Play King to D1 and in both the case he Get a completely losing plot For example if you play King captures D2 Here then black has a simple reply Bishop to E6 spinning down this Knight And after C4 Everything get exchanged Bishop takes Bishop takes F6 Pawn takes F6 Pawn takes D5 Queen captures D5 and after King to C1 and the move Rook to d8 Obvious enough

Black is an exchanger and he has some Clear highways to launch the Bombshells On the white king So that is the reason why King captures D2 is a bad choice here The more accurate choice is King to D1 But against this I propose this nice Queen sacrifice Starting with Knight captures D5 and Once again white is losing a piece in a Broad daylight as if he takes the queen Then after the following sequence Knight To E3 check King captures D2 Knight captures F1 Check King to 7 and now simple move Rook Captures d8 whereupon the end result is We get three PCS against Queen which is Always a good trade especially when the White king looks so shaky and alone at One-sided of the ball So nope Rook captures D2 is a bad idea And that is why as per the database the Most popular choice is King to B1 But after this black has a nice Surprising move here namely Bishop to F5 The big time point is You are defending on at seven so Bishop Captures F6 is completely ruled out and Majority of the games continue with Knight captures F6 whereupon G captures F6 Bishop captures F6 And now very nice move Queen to D6 so That the queen can comes into the

Defense from the effort Square Once again let's see a game between two Grand Masters where white continued with Queen 286 trying to check mid black Played Queen to f8 And after Queen to G5 he calmly Retrieved the bishop back to the G6 Square Well white would love to play H4 only to Find out that he cannot as after the Move E2 attacking the queen What is forced to capture the bishop Whereupon the end result is Not only we are exchange up at this Position but after amazing reply Queen To D6 white is going to lose yet another Piece as he cannot take this queen in The view of Rook to even Back rank issues on the board So you can see how difficult these Positions are for the wide and instead Of H4 in the game white indeed played The Moon Knight to E2 Stopping Black's E2 idea but this Doesn't solve the problem as Black come Up with this nice sequence night to Before Threatening C2 which unfortunately white Cannot defend it so he decided to sack The exchange with Rook captures D2 Pawn Captures D2 Queen captures D2 But now this just invite black Rook to Come into the picture immediately with Rook a to d8

Sacking back the exchange but more Importantly get the initiative so that After Queen to even Knight captures C2 Queen to C1 And now the lovely finish Did you spot it Yup it's Knight to E3 a discover check And after King to even and The Rook to D1 White fine nothing better than resigned The game So I think this tricky analysis and the Model games give you a great idea How easy black play is if white continue With the move F3 Last but not least What to do against the move Bishop to C4 Which I personally think is one of the Best response by the White And against this I recommend this very Simple approach starting with D6 Well if your opponent plays Knight to F3 Then Bishop to G4 is a very strong reply And I have attached my model game in This line But if you look at the database here by Far the most popular choice is F3 Whereupon once again black get Tremendous fun against it First we start with Knight to E5 Attacking the bishop Bishop to B3 and now what else but Attack the white king starting with A5

Recently a 2600 white player Got crossed within just 22 moves and I Like to show you that game to illustrate How dangerous this line is As white played some natural moves such As A3 attacking the bishop but after Bishop to C5 Queen to even and now starmu in the Picture B5 And if you run this in any chess engine It is already saying that white should Pack his bag and go home Doesn't look like right but see yourself Well the threat is very obvious you want To play B4 and rip open the White Queen Side So why not take it and that is exactly 2600 does in the game But now the task becomes so easy black Fast play A4 attacking the bishop Bishop To A2 now another piece get attacked With C6 and after Knight to C3 and the Move Queen to B6 I think white has a disgusting position Black has a very simple plan that is Rooked to be it and Checkmate white king And even though white can see that one Is coming unfortunately he cannot defend It Well in the game he tried Knight to E2 But after Bishop to E6 Bishop takes and now very nice move Rook To B8 Confirms black Victory on the ball

Why Try to defend his position with B3 So that after a captures B3 he can Recapture back with the bishop But now black drop Bombshell Can you spot it You are a genius if you see the move Knight to D3 fish destroy all the White Hope The point is his Queen is hanging so he Has to take it But then we have a forcing Checkmate Sequence on the bone Starting with Bishop takes King B1 Quintix B3 King to A1 and now Queen to B2 A lovely picturesque checkmate at just 22 moves on the board Where amazing part is white hasn't even Start an attack on the black cake That's it guys I hope you enjoy and Learn this High profile tricky lines against the Center game Remember after Rook to E8 it doesn't Matter however white response as I have Shown in the video not only black has Some nice nuances with some tricky Business on the board and even though White is booked up with his theoretical Moves With some nice preparation black opening Advantage cannot be denied

Well thank you for watching this video Feel free to like subscribe and comment And I will meet you in my next episode Very soon Buy and take care


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