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Ding v. Nihal, Nepo v. Radjabov: Which TWO Make Global Champ. Finals? | Presented by Brave

Featuring the world’s greatest players, former world champions and online chess legends, the $1,000,000 Global Championship is our biggest EVER tournament! After months of qualifiers, the top 32 players have advanced and are joined by 32 invited chess stars to compete for their share of the prize fund and the Global Champion title.

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Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Open to anyone All around the world there’s no way the Global Championship offers the Dream of playing against the best we are In for a wild ride and hey have we Mentioned there’s also a million dollars At stake the total pot is a million Dollars know that it’s not a typo the Prizes are unbelievably generous The cgc Knockout phase has hit crunch time

We began with thousands of players now Only a handful remains this is the most Lethal way to convert things and g g a Win for Duda Robert he is the winner of His group no matter who you are things Are about to get very very real it’s a Huge collapse from carwana it all went Downhill and Dimitri on draken punches His ticket in unreal fashion at stake a Trip to the finals in Toronto and a Clean shot at the largest first place Prize of the year a brilliant game and That is a ticket booked by friends it’s The cgc round of 16. who’s headed to Toronto it’s time to find out Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Global Championship presented By Brave this is the round of 16 today We will figure out who rounds out the Bracket and who are the final two will Be booking their tickets to Toronto I’m Your host Grandmaster Daniel nariditsky Alongside me today man the myth the Legend International Master Levy Rosman Levy top of the morning to you are you As excited as I am about the two matches That we have in front of us today yeah I’m super excited listen it’s been Months of this event from the qualifying Stage now down to this round of 16 Before we all go to Toronto to watch Eight of the world’s best try to become The first Global Champion Presented by Brave I don’t know if the

Title is also going to be presented by Brave but let’s just say it is uh today We’ve got our remaining two matches okay So today we’ve got four guys and they Are fighting for two spots two to round Out our round of eight I’m super excited We’ve got a lot of different interesting Story lines to get into but before we do That I’ll uh I’ll let you take us Through some of the logistics Indeed well we will start with the round Of 16 bracket but before that we wanted To give a quick shout out to our friends At Brave who will be with us as our Presenting sponsor for the rest of the Cgc including all the way through to Toronto we are excited to have Brave With us we are also excited to be Viewing the round of 16 bracket as some Of the players have already booked their Tickets at nishkiri Lavon Aronianakamura JKD Wesley so and Dimitri I’m draken will be with us in Toronto But the other two spots are up for grabs Levy when you look at this bracket what Are your sort of General thoughts what’s What words come to mind uh when you look At the blood that has been spilled thus Far well I think I I think in terms of Blood spilled it’s you know moves on an Online digital board and then folks sort Of very calmly and gently logging off of A computer but uh yes it’s definitely Been a crazy crazy ride up until this

Point we can start anywhere but if if we Just start on the left side of the Screen it’s everything that you would Expect you would expect certain people Like Hikaru and youngstov Duda to be Seated as number one and they emerge as The winners of their group without a Huge struggle of much at all you go a Little bit further down Wesley so Winning the closest of matchups you Could even argue he should have lost That match to Jeffrey Zhang well he Didn’t all right he disappointed you uh And he snatched Victory from the jaws of Defeat to emerge Dimitri and draken on The other hand has just been incredible Winning in three versus Fabiano caruana You look at the right side of your Screen uh pankrative was the Cinderella Story Anish giri put that story to bed And kissed it good night as Anish has Been incredible to watch in all of his Matchups winning matches with really no Struggle whatsoever and now today he is Going to be keenly observing nepo versus Rajab uh dingly run versus nihal sarin Is fascinating Dania because one thing That we discovered that maybe nobody in The chat even knows yet is they have Never ever played a chess game against Each other can you is that real I’m just like I hear that said every Time and it doesn’t register in my mind And we will get to all of the stats from

Their individual matchups today we have Indeed two matches dingley ran against Nihal Sarah never faced off before and Yam Nepal Nishi against timurujabov who Have faced off many times before both of These are Elder Statesman they are over 30 years old but you know if you just Look at the moves that they play you Will realize that they may be advanced In age okay that’s kind of false as well But they are most certainly not losing The fire on the chessboard Levy I mean We’ve had days with four matches today We have two matches but it’s really not About the quantity of matches the Quality of today’s matches is going to Be incredibly High yeah it’s going to be Incredibly High even if it will be Geriatric in your own words no I’m just Kidding they’re playing from the old Folks home actually yeah actually yeah They just checked into the retirement Home basically we’ve got two really Interesting story lines but before we do That just take a step back we’ve got Four names on this screen three of them Just played in the candidates the entire Allure of the cgc has been who is going To be the new fresh talent that emerges Who is going to be the interesting story Nihal sarin just beat a multiple time World champion and he is in my opinion a Top four top five Blitz player in the World when you talk about 3-0 especially

In the online format number three is Probably sitting right here uh on the Screen with me uh and uh yeah that That’s really the fascinating thing here We don’t know nepo rajab of dingley Rodney Hall Saran I don’t know what will Happen in these matchups but I can Definitely tell you that I keenly await To see if nihal sarin will be that name If he is going to be that guy the young Teenager from uh India who is supposed To be The Prodigy is supposed to be the Future well let’s see it today dingley Runs the second best chess player in the World in classical and a world Championship Contender let’s not forget No what an incredible four players we Have on display today let’s take a look At the individual matchup cards starting With the match between Jan upanishi AKA Nepo and Timur or job of yan well he’s Not used to being the younger of the two But see more a job of at 35 years old Has over 20 years of experience at the Very highest level he defeated Gary Kasparov in a classical game of chess in 2003 and ever since he has uh just sat Firmly among the highest echelons of Chess power uh their head to head score A lot of draws nepo leads significantly Both in Rapid he’s won one classical Game and never lost In classical Levy We’re not debating that nepo is the Favorite here he is the favorite

Especially after his recent string of Incredible performances which never Seems to stop but Timur job of one of Those guys who is consistently Underrated even though You know even though his resume is Unimpeachable No it’s not uh yes it is no it’s not Unimpeachable I don’t know there’s too Many yeses and no’s in there but yeah It’s essentially in short I completely Agree uh and once these guys are done Getting their hip replacement surgery Because they’re so old as you said To uh bring their best chest today Listen Yan uh I chose in our bracket Preview several months ago to win this Entire event and to win this entire Event you have to win your group to win Your group you have to beat rajab of the Logic speaks for itself I’m not picking A favorite in this matchup I’m simply Saying that one man right now I think is Playing at a just a slightly slightly Higher level which is all you need at The top 10 top five of the world and This is going to be a super close Matchup it might get decided with four Combative draws and then an Armageddon But this is what we came to see number One versus number two it literally Doesn’t get any closer than that It does not and the other matchup well You could argue that it’s more lopsided

As the Chinese number one dangleren Faces nihal sarin but anybody who has Spent any amount of time in the online Chess landscape Levy you pointed out That nihal siren definitely I would say Top five three plus o players online his Performances uh in the jscc in the SCC Where he defeated the likes of Alexander Grishek they speak for themselves and They do not happen by accident and let’s Not pretend that nihal sarin is not an Incredible over the board player that His opening repertoire is not at a 2700 Level because it most certainly is he Might not have crossed 2700 feet a just Yet but nobody wants to face nihal sarin In an important match do you agree with That sentiment I think except maybe for Dingly Ren right I feel like some of These players they they’re they’re not Afraid of their opposition they’re not Afraid of the young guys uh the most Fascinating thing about this player card Is have not played h2h like they should Have just put n a there’s no data Available and the craziest thing is They’ve never played Blitz and they’ve Never played bullet if you do a search On between nihal sarin and Chef’s house which is dingleren’s Username it’s literally nothing They have never played which is that’s So crazy it’s like that doesn’t happen Name another top 50 matchup well I don’t

Know maybe there’s going to be way more Than we expect but the fact that these Guys have literally never played against Each other this is so fascinating I have Absolutely no clue what to expect uh Will doing lorenge is basically do the 2800 level thing and just steamroll will Nihal sarin put up a fight he put up a Crazy fight against Vladimir kramik I Don’t know man I’m so glad we’re here I’ve got just I’ve got no expectations For this match I’m just gonna let the Moves uh take us along this journey I mean it’s going to be incredible the Community is pumped for these matches as Well they have assigned very clear Favorites the community has spoken they Think dingley Ren and Ian the Palm issue Are going to be the final two players Who booked their tickets to Toronto 96 Levy that’s a pretty drastic prediction I get it done is Young he is a very safe Bet Levy I think he was your bet to win The entire event uh in our free cgc Predictions But man the crowd seems really confident That we won’t have an upset today I was Trying to sneak it don’t drink no no no No no no no no no you dare I saw what You were doing there that’s why I I was Trying to I was trying to get it in Before we got back on screen I saw the Full screen anyway um yeah I was trying To get a little something miles coffee

There but uh listen people think that Jana’s gonna win right whether it’s 96 Of people or 83 percent of people people Have favorites in these matchups I have Made fun of some of these predictions Because they’ve been so lopsided but Most of them honestly come true it Doesn’t matter if they come true in the Armageddon or they come true in three Games uh some have been ridiculous Savion was one of the famous ones that Uh scored the victory despite being a Massive Underdog but if the community Thinks they’re going to win you still Have to play unfortunately you do not Just get to win based on votes Giannis Clearly the favorite Yan is very clearly The best chess player in the world in my Opinion not named Magnus Carlson You Could argue dingley Ren is tied right There with him so like I said you want To win the whole thing you got to win Your group to win your group you got to Beat two more And when the more you’ve got to be no That logic see the problem is that Sounded so so smooth and I wanted to Continue it but I can’t and so the big Question today who is going to be on Expedia or on kayak or on Google flights This evening looking for tickets to Lester B Pearson International Airport Will it be will it who will it be will Be will it be nihal sarin will it be

Ding liren it’s going to be an epic Showdown today as we have two Mouth-watering matchups on the docket And before we jump in a quick reminder Ladies and gentlemen uh of the format But before we even do that Levy well any Any overall thoughts Uh my thoughts are that the entire Purpose of the Global Championship presented by Brave Originally originally it was just Global Championship from Conceptualization now presented by Brave Which obviously is going to be our Sponsor to the end of the whole thing uh We have been asking the question of who Who is going to be in the eight right Folks if you got into chess in the last Couple of years or maybe you got into Chess uh prior to that you know that Every event seemingly has the same names In it was the cgc going to be a Continuation of that well today we have A situation where three of four just Played in the candidates in fact two of The four who are going to be playing Today will be playing for the next World Chess Championship Match will nihal Sarin spoil the party of the elite chess Players as they want to make a final Eight in Toronto uh or will they just Assert their dominance show their Strength and say we are not ready to Give up the Old Guard that’s what I’m

Expecting today what do I expect from The matchup between nihal versus ding I Don’t know I’m going to be watching it As a commentator but more than anything Else I’m going to be watching it as a Chess fan uh and uh I’m gonna get all Their autographs if we can in Toronto And one more thing I how the hell did You know the name of the airport in Toronto by heart did you like just book Your tickets no I’m sort of an airport Nerd and when I was a kid I really liked Exploring different airports and what Their codes were and what they were Called so I have actually known that Toronto Airport name for like for years It’s it’s one of the ones that I know The extent of my nerdiness is getting Revealed in case anybody had any doubts Yeah yeah well you know what you know What I used to do Um so I used to be able to walk down the Street and if I saw the edge of a Taillight of a car I could tell you what Car it was wow so you’re like my brother Yeah the long-lost Brothers cars Airports it’s it’s all the same anyway The format the format if you don’t know What the format is then where on earth Have you been but if you aren’t joining Us late we wanted to remind you that This is a four game match the time Control 15 minutes with a two second Increment the first to two and a half

Wins and in the event of a 2-2 tie we Have an Armageddon where black receives Raw odds we’ve had so many armageddon’s Already Levy everybody loves a good Old-school Armageddon are we going to Get one today well there’s only one way To find out isn’t there Yeah there is only one way to find out I’m definitely predicting an Armageddon In the match between nepo and Timor I Feel like those Styles very much cancel Each other out Um how I what were their head to heads On the candidates by the way did they Make two draws or did Nepal win a game Something I should have looked up Yeah I I feel as though I feel as though It was two draws but obviously Timor did Not win because nepo hasn’t lost the Game of classical actually uh well he Didn’t lose in that event Um but uh yeah it’s going to be Four rapid games it obviously could be As short as three we’ve seen matchups Here even in the round of 16 decided in Three rapid games such as Lavon beating Savion or such as andrekin beating Karawana but uh overall uh as far as I’m Concerned the most interesting matchup Hands down is the England versus nihal Simply for the fact that we have two Elite players that have never played Against each other and I think you’re Precisely right I think those are the

Two things that I pointed out uh in Preparation for the cgc the two things I Was looking forward to perhaps the most Generational matchups kramnik against Nihal you know vishy Anand who Unfortunately didn’t last very long and Lost to a player from his generation in Aval pencada of one of the incredible Stories of the cgc is going to be Remembered even though he didn’t quite Manage to make it uh into the final Eight but uh the second thing Levy are Match-ups that have never been held Before we know that in top level chess The same people kind of played other Over and over again it’s always Interesting but we don’t have enough Inflow of slightly lower rated Juniors That’s why tournaments like the Olympiad Uh where you see unique matchups and uh You know tournaments like the US Championship that we’re watching right Now is so interesting it’s not a secret It’s because you have new matches and You have the top guys facing people who Are bloodthirsty who are not afraid of Them and who are looking to show Levy That the top 10 you know isn’t like this Mystical Mount Olympus that you can’t Climb to Right that’s exactly the case and I Think what’s important and what’s Fascinating about Chess here in 2022 uh Well almost 2023 is the fact that we’ve

Always Quantified skill level in chess With ELO so what your rating is is what Your strength is that’s not true anymore That’s literally complete nonsense now We have players who are separated by 150 Points who are the same level we have Players who are separated by 150 points Once one might be better than the other One side just might not have an Opportunity to play as many games and One might be hungrier than the other all Right one might study more than the Other that’s just the way it goes in Fact we’re seeing in a classical now Some of the old guards some of the Former number two number three number Four players are down to 15 and 16. They’re at their lowest rating in years It’s just sort of what happens it’s like The Changing of the Guard the young Hungry teenagers with more resources to Chess than ever more access to chess Content than ever and I’m not talking Like you know my YouTube content or well No they probably do watch your speed Runs I feel like they you know even if They’re 27.50 they can learn something From naroditsky absolutely uh absolutely Believe that truly in my heart but end Of the day we’re on syrup before the Games have started uh well speaking of Which I’m gonna I’m gonna boost your ego A little bit more can you please tell The audience your final score yesterday

Uh many of you may not know this Daniel Played a blitz match yesterday against Magnus Carlson uh and what was the score Daniel All right it was uh 24 and a half to 30 And a half Magnus won I did not manage To win although I was leading four and a Half one and a half I took out my phone Just shamelessly take some photos when That was happening because I knew the Losses would start eventually but it was Six hours that I will probably not Forget anytime soon Yeah and uh I mean you know you went you Went for a six hour marathon there with Magnus he almost split 50 the third best 3-0 player in the world right here as Far as I’m concerned I always say it’s Magnus Hikaru and neridynski and it Ain’t even close I think you’re the best Thing Daniel would you I’m actually I’m Not gonna make you agree with this I’m Just gonna say this right now over any Six hour period I think you are the best 30 second player in the world True or false I mean I think I think Alireza uh and I would probably split Split Okay uh since and Andrew Tang I would Say you know used to be better but you Know Andrew’s focusing on a slightly More important things like college so I Would probably put myself on the top Three I’d have to agree with you as much

As I hate I know like what come on You’re not playing 30 seconds chess all Day what a loser Uh dude I I mean 30 second really it is Uh it is one of these things that even With consistency you you improve I mean It sounds ridiculous but I remember back In the day I would just for fun grind an Hour or two of 30 second or bullet and You just yeah you get rock solid ad you Get super sharp in it you don’t do it For a while you come back your hand is Slow your brain is slow everything is Slow uh and Um I think we have the players here Slowly loading into their games but uh Yeah I mean in the meantime you went 50 50 almost with Magnus Carlson that’s uh That’s that’s amazing and take me you You and I discussed this when we Recorded the podcast episode together But like your emotions of like getting The opportunity to just be with Magnus For six hours To play you what does that feel like I Know a lot of people oh you’re you’re Fanboying you’re simping like yes and Yes because this is Magnus Carlson the Greatest player who’s ever lived so when You hear that accept sound you know that click when somebody accepts Your challenge I was watching hikaru’s Stream so I assumed somebody had Accepted a blitz match against him and I

See okay Magnus Carlson is black Daniel Nerdinski is white it takes a second Just to register that you are actually Playing me just accepted a challenge Drop everything my phone is off my other Monitor is off blinds are closed the Match is on and I just can’t transmit The level of concentration that it takes To literally not lose every game but That’s what I live for I mean it Produces such a rush every second that You know he’s spending playing you Rather than playing somebody else the Way I was thinking about it I wanted to Make it worth his while because you know He’s easily bored as the greatest player On earth you’re going to be easily bored And my goal was to keep him interested I Think I managed to do that and I think These two matches are going to keep us Interested because on that note Levy Rosman the games have kicked off Dingley run with the white pieces Thank you for being so kind to me you Are going to be making me making me Blush all coverage long but I’m gonna Try to cover the games yeah we have a Tarash defense here from nihal I mean This is like one of the most forceful Ways you can play a Queen’s Gambit Declined in fact as early as move one And two uh this is not 19th century Chess anymore I mean D4 D5 C4 E6 is Almost very rarely seen right like if

You’re going to play e65 nowadays you’re Gonna do it in a different move order But this this has been seen a handful of Times in fact Tanya this was seen really Recently at some very elite level what Was the game do you know what I’m Talking about I swear we just saw the Slide might have even been an over the Board You’re putting me out I don’t I don’t Remember fill me in oh oh yeah so you’re You remember that there was a top level Game but you don’t remember which one Yes yes uh I’m gonna try to find it Maybe Let’s see I feel like it happened like Like a week ago or something okay very Interesting as you’re finding it we’re Having a lot of Transformations here in The pawn structure C5 C4 by black that Was a really really big move so we’re Not going to get an isolated Queen Pawn Position which could have Arisen if White had taken the pawn on C5 when he Had a chance but the drawback of the Structure is of course the D5 Pawn which Black must keep as well protected as Possible especially in light of the fact That the Knight on F6 has been Uh is is dignity run about to play F4 Yeah Oh never mind oh oh lots of Trades what Do you make of this look at Black’s king Size

Yeah Black’s King side looking a bit Suspicious although King h8 Rook G8 Might be on the way and nehal might Argue that actually it’s White’s King’s Side that looks suspicious yeah I really I was about to say Bishop F3 Knight E2 Looks really clever Um to render the bishop on B4 completely Useless but this is a massive massive Risk by by nihal he’s not looking to Stabilize with black he’s looking to to Instigate He’s looking to win game one I mean it’s Very very clear in his opening Choice The way he’s playing he wants to Unbalance this game and put nihals are In uh and put dingling around on the Spot uh for minute one of this match King G7 as he continues to Blitz out his Moves Levy this reeks of preparation you Just don’t play a move like this unless You’ve seen it before especially not in Two seconds yeah this is he’s played Every move instantly Um he actually nihala has played this Himself In the Olympiad he played like this Um but the game went completely Differently so I think mihal has some Very good preparation here in fact he Played this against Malcolm Young in the Olympiad and then last year he played This in another over the board game and He beat Parham maxulu like in a

Classical back in a classical game holy so nihal really likes the taraj Defense I mean he really really likes it And um A4 You almost never see the move A4 blade When there is a bishop sitting on B4 Like 99 of the pawn they kind of a pawn Is touched it goes to A3 Levy Yeah that’s a fascinating move as the Idea like A5 what is the idea what is it So two things I think maybe one of the Ideas is to prevent black from playing B5 so that later on when white plays the Move B3 it comes with greater effect Because black can’t easily support the Pawn so maybe we’ll see something like Rook C1 as weird as it seems to prepare B3 But I agreed I agree with you A5 Definitely was an idea and that’s why I Need help played 86. Yeah and I and nihal is is playing this Super aggressively okay Bishop Bishop Back to D6 I mean listen so fast I know I know so quickly I wonder what what are The next few moves by black does black Want F5 is that something that black is Interested in Yeah I’m trying to figure that out as Well F5 does hem in the bishop and I Kind of I’m partial to this idea of Playing Rook GA dropping the king back And then maybe later down the line

Having Bishop H3 or Bishop G4 ideas Kingside attack along the G file has got To be one of Black’s main ideas I mean Why otherwise did you accept the ruin of Your own kingside Pawn struck so I’m Leaning towards saying no on the F5 Front which is probably why anyhow is Going to play F5 in the next Is there B3 here Or is there no B3 because there’s Because there’s C3 and if Knight C3 There’s Bishop H2 I don’t but I don’t Know Let me show that on the analysis board That’s a cool line I think ding is gonna Play B3 so C3 very creative idea Knight C3 what Bishop yeah Yeah the problem is okay beautiful dark Chocolate good and nice but you’re still Stuck with the damage structure and yeah When you have a damage structure most Peace trades are going to be in White’s Favor here because the King on H2 uh is Now feeling phenomenal so yeah what is Nihal’s idea after B3 well Abby maybe he Just wants to play Rook a C8 to support The farm Mm-hmm thanks [Music] But okay indeed speaking of but okay uh I believe that we have the opening moves Uh or just about to get underway in the Uh in the nepo versus rajaba matchup Um I think all players are already there

Um but uh I yeah maybe we can pop on Over Let’s pop on over Yep we’ve got okay we have uh actually That that was unexpected wow whoa Yeah this is this is rare because wait a Minute when’s the last time Jana allowed A nimso with white I know and he’s been Playing the Catalan just automatically Really in all online events like Exclusively preparation no preparation Not only does he allow the nimso levy It’s not just a queen c2m so an E3 Nim So he plays the sharpest line available The samish variation with four F3 what a Choice Yeah this is the one of the sharpest Lines it’s not good it’s not uh it’s not Good for white if your goal is to get an Advantage according to stockfish there Are multiple ways for black to equalize But it is so sharp and with modern day Technology oh Sorry no no no no no I I’m with you I Don’t I was about to say with modern day Technology you you can instigate with Black but like as you see even what was The move there like what what did the Computer hate about that move so Bishop F4 definitely is the man I wasn’t just Parodying the Eva but I promise Bishop F4 is just very rare in this position The move let’s bring up an analysis

Board here real fast Timur reacted too Quickly because it appears that after Edcd what is the drawback of the bishop On F4 Knight coming to H5 why is that so Dangerous you might ask Bishop comes Back to E3 is it because of Queen H4 Check no the bishop dropped back to F2 It’s because of F5 and Levy with white King side entirely undeveloped this is Borderline lost this is so weird yeah This is super simple it’s happening I Don’t know uh by the way I just pulled Up I just pulled up a stat Um the amount of times in his life that Yanyupomnishi has been white in a nimso Is 17 times that’s it and before before 2020 it had happened twice in 2017 and Then before that it was 2013 and then Back then you’re talking 2009 2008 2007. So he never does this he never played And I mean in terms of F3 nimso uh I Would probably argue never And you know what he’s thinking right About now uh why exactly didn’t I play The Catalan because see more might not Have found the best move but he has Managed to open up the center you can See the eval bar is absolutely not Buying the placement of the bishop on F4 Levy I mean that’s the drawback of the F3 name so you’re creating major Weaknesses on the king side and so you Need to accelerate your kingside Development and I think nepo just

Prioritized the wrong thing he’s got the Wrong Bishop developed I mean certainly this this must be Planned like he He must he must have come to the game uh Ready to play this right I I uh I I don’t know Or nepo to be spending this long is a Sign that things have gone you know Mayday mayday Bishop’s really free now he starts Developing I mean I really wonder like Can can black sword yeah that’s the First move I’m thinking about To look for you No still not H5 and F5 looks very good Yeah Yeah seriously I’m yeah I I I also don’t Know I also don’t know Oh this is uh this is weird stuff I Don’t know what’s going on here this is Not what I expected but I know and it Just eat with which he played Bishop F4 Indicates that it was crap I think nepo Is beginning to climb out of this if he Can manage to Castle If he can manage to secure the C4 Pawn I Think he’s going to be fine But still definitely an opening scared Definitely an opening I don’t think he’s Going to be repeated Yeah probably not I think this was a Calculated risk I think he was like I’m Going to take a lot of risk in game one

And uh table would like if you if given An opportunity to blow up the position Or slowly squeeze it take more is going To slowly squeeze it right like nepo Will blow up a position if he thinks That he is uh in a in a driver’s seat And I think that’s sort of the game plan Here I think it’s to make a mess and Then consolidate the mess and then win Which is really interesting right he’s Basically saying it might be minus 0.8.9 But Timur is not going to go crazy Trying to attack me he’s probably going To try to like play Slow improving moves And kind of get a positional grind uh And uh well there’s Knight H5 so we may Have an answer very soon out in so far As you can talk about you know these top Players having a weakness fritzy Moore You know you’re absolutely right the Area of the game where he feels less Comfortable is in chaotic positions and That is precisely where nepo thrives so The game plan makes sense the way he’s Gone about achieving this game plan Doesn’t make as much sense to me and see More turned a lot of heads when he Defeated ding in 20 moves at the Candidates teamwork was able to show That he’s not just gonna shy away from Tactical positions out of principle he Might take a little bit longer uh than The average Super GM but he’s not going To you know trade Queens at all costs uh

Or or shy away from a direct attack Against his opponent’s king and I think He’s showing that in the way that he’s Playing here Knight F6 to H5 his Intentions are pretty violent here Yep they are pretty violent F5 and queen H4 are on the way I mean Timur made as Many improving moves as possible and he Basically ran out of them The the next thing that he had to do was Get his Knight involved on the H5 Square I really I really wonder what happened In this game like what What when Jan Played this opening very quickly what Was he expecting uh compared to what he Got now I don’t I don’t know because I Spent like 10 hours last year studying The F3 nimso with white and it was just A total total knife’s edge of a position If you even at some moments get out of Prep in this opening and don’t do the Right thing you’re just worse so for Jan To deliberately go for something the Computer didn’t give a blessing to That’s fine players do that sometimes if The position is practically difficult But Tanya you said it this doesn’t look That difficult practically for black No listen I think he confused the line Bishop C1 to f4 on move seven it’s not a Move the move in that position uh is Bishop D3 you want to develop your king Side as a matter of top priority

Precisely because of what we’re seeing Now where White’s position is riddled With holes Black’s got clearly defined Play on the king side and you don’t want To get into a situation where you are Worse both positionally and tactically What do I mean by that I mean your king Is less safe than you’re posting and Your opponent has better control of key Squares in the position I think Timur he Can play as simply as Knight takes G3 Levy and queen F6 and then you’ve got All sorts of threats against this Vulnerable Knight on C3 maybe nepo can Hold on by bringing his Rook to C1 in Timely fashion but he’s not going to be Having fun for at least the next 10 Moves Yeah he really isn’t well I think his Fun depends on whether or not rajabov Allows him to have fun like I said at The end of the day rajaba is going to be The one determining whether the white Position is going to have fun or not It’s important to keep an eye on the Clock as well black has a one and a half Minute time Advantage which against Jan Can fade so quickly because you sort of Sit there and you’re like okay I’m Better but how I’m better but how I’m Better but how wait a minute I’m down Six minutes on the clock I think yeah Exactly Jan and mvl are very similar in That way they are fast Defenders right

So they try to get out of unpleasant Situations not by playing the board Always but also playing the clock and Making it perfectly difficult yeah so That’s a great call they’re not just Fast and they’re also fast and they’re Defending that’s actually a very Important point yeah because a lot of us When we defend we get mad sad we sit There we get no not these guys just play Moves they just play moves and by the Way it’s down to 50 seconds now He plays moves and he tries to confront His opponent with practically difficult Decisions like here Bishop F4 to G3 take Me on G3 play Queen F6 you plan the king Side or do you maybe strike on the queen Side with a Banco Gambit style idea you Often see black playing B7 B5 and C5 C4 In these positions especially uh given That this idea won’t be as attractive After White Castle’s King side because Then the Knight will be able to take on People Has just left the building He’s like man that position was so bad I’m out you know I’m uh I’m leaving Yeah I can’t I can’t bear to look at This so astimor is deciding on his next Course of action you think this is a Good time maybe to check back into our Other match yes yes let’s check back in Uh let’s take a look at dingley run Versus the Hassan and um Dingus ding is

Doing what he’s what he what he does Best he’s trying to surgically exploit Certain problems of the position Rook A3 Is an interesting move I wrote before Sorry it’s an interesting move uh Queen A2 and it’s black have rookie four It’s not even a good move I don’t I don’t have to wrap my head around like What’s Happening Here the one clear Determination I made is the D5 is Currently hanging unless I’m Hallucinating yeah but you could Envision some situations in which black Actually sacrifices that pawn maybe if It leads to a queen trade or a rook Infiltration to be too so I would not Rule out the Mover okay for even though It sacrifices on maybe that’s precisely The kind of conditions under which you Want to sacrifice Yeah I Also think the Rook can go back to C4 This is such a tangled web of a position Yeah I mean there’s so many pieces Staring at one another but look at nihal Four minutes up Very confident play from him And he’s just kind of a he’s just kind Of a nightmare like I don’t He’s just So such a practical player and if we Bring up an analysis board for a second I want to explore Roque for for a second You propose that Levy I really like this

Idea what happens after takes takes Bishop takes D5 and just A3 I I don’t Know about you I hate these types of Positions with white where you have to Deal with a pass Pawn that is in Eradicable you the only way you’re going To get rid of it is by sacrificing an Exchange on A3 and that’s just not a Palatable option Yeah actually averages I’ve rejected my Original idea because I saw that D5 was Under attack but I mean in this kind of A format with nine minutes on the clock As opposed to like 20 seconds by the way Nihal would probably do this in a Blitz Game anyway but uh this looks really Really hard for white and it looks like It will probably just be some sort of End game where white has more pawns and Black has more material and it’ll Probably just end up being a drop but I mean but it’s okay in the event of Betrayed the one becomes very active so Maybe white has to play something like D5 here and try to get the Knight active But I I can bet you a silver dollar that Knee-hal is calculating this very line Right now and because of the sunk cost Levy you invest five six minutes it Makes it a lot more likely that you’re Going to go for a line like this yeah It’s really frustrating when you Calculate for a long time and then Chicken out and then it turns out to be

The best move that’s sort of like the The the worst of the worst but these Players in these critical moments are Extremely accurate it’s what gets them To the round of 16 so it gets them to a Round of eight Um the best players in the world when They take a lot of their time Percentage-wise they are going to Probably find that that critical idea Um you know there there is no concrete Reason to not play Rook A4 it’s more of A feeling right like nihal might not see The concreteness of all of this seven to Eight moves down the line he it’s very Tough like once you get deeper into end Games to calculate everything with no With no time on the clock but you’ll Play Rook A4 based on the feeling that He gets sufficient compensation or the Lack of that feeling Yeah I mean you can just see the wheels Turning in his head and Rook to A4 what A decision by nihal and this is why I Love watching him play it doesn’t matter Who he’s facing he’s not going to shy Away from principled continuations if he Believes in his calculation guess what He’s playing the moves and that’s what Makes this Young Generation so Ridiculously dangerous and terrifying to Play It’s not that they don’t respect The top guys they respect them as chess Players but they’re not going to change

The way they play just because the Number in front of your opponent’s Hundred digit is an eight yep yep and Look at nehal A3 this is the line that We were calculating I think dingley Wren Now realizes Uh he is going to have some serious Struggles defending this Pawn having Said that white still has some decent Practical chances but the evaluation I Can’t see the number but it’s around Zero right Zero point zero yeah and let’s think About that it’s zeros but black is down A pawn So white is supposed to be plus one but Black has a full point of compensation Right here’s the critical moment we saw This whole line so what is nehal gonna Show us here that we haven’t seen Already because white is about to play Knight D4 okay Queen E4 but now still Knight D4 right so what is nehal gonna Do then you have to prevent Rook c294 is On the board but now Rook B8 and The Rook is infiltrating to B2 oh my Lance This is getting dangerous and here’s What’s critical Levy Rook D2 not an Option because then The Rook slides to B1 and white has to give the queen away Yeah oh my goodness wow so what was the Move instead of Knight D4 what was Stockfish saying there’s 90 Pros if it Was a very like lazy and natural move

I mean the only move according to Stockfish let’s bring up an analysis Board again Queen A1 check which in and Of itself isn’t that crazy here’s the Idea you’re provoking F6 and then you’re Sticking the Knight on F4 and going to E6 if black drops back to G8 instead the Only path to a draw is Queen F6 black And drop the queen back Queen G5 check And now you’re supposed to play 94 and Allow the pawn to get to A2 this is this Is inhuman I mean you have to find four Or five computer moves cold-blooded like That yeah and and basically what we just Saw in front of us right we saw both Guys looking at the exact same thing Okay we saw both guys both analyzing Five moves deep if we can just go to the Live board and I think when dip so ding Played Knight D4 the way you and I is Also kind of lazily played Knight D4 Because it looked like the natural move Ding-only look that moves falling down The board like a waterfall toward him But sidestepping with the Rook to go to B2 I think that totally eluded him Because he wouldn’t have played D4 if he Saw root B8 and that’s sort of the level Difference at the highest uh chess Echelon is you both see five moves but One guy sees six all right or you both See that move move six but you Misevaluated ding I think totally Miserable B8 and uh now he’s gonna have

To defend this unpleasant position And it’s not totally lost I mean he is Going to mount a last stand on that A2 Square and in some situations you know If he can sack for the pawn and then win Also the F5 Pawn he will have serious Strong chances the big question here for Knee-hole does he want the Queens off The board and if the answer is yes then We’re going to see Queen C4 what about What about H5 or something I don’t like Look at you but is Rook D4 a concern Right now I guess the queen will be sent to every Which looks like a good Square uh Levy But it doesn’t have access to D1 Or E2 but what’s the move what’s the H5 Rook D4 Queen F3 what is the move like I’m missing it for sure I I don’t know What the move is but uh what is the move For black in this position oh for white In that position yeah yeah like H5 Rook D4 Queen F3 can we put that on the board I don’t know if we can yeah we got an Analysis board going here But okay moves are being played on the Board yeah oh my God what did he play King G6 Back to the live board we go King G6 Wireless Oh cause he got checked oh because he Got checked on A1 oh yeah but still to Not a lot of people would play F6 here I Don’t want to put my king on G6 it’s

Scary it’s actually the safest it’s been All game on G6 it’s unassailable the Knight can’t reach it The Rook can’t Reach it because this F5 Pawn is Providing excellent cover and guess what Levy blackstroke is now inevitably going To infiltrate to the second ring Yeah this is incredible the Knight on B3 Is just completely defenseless it must Move it has got two zeros a very rare Case of two zero right it’s basically White gave a check removing the defense Of the Knight and now now white has to Move Um the crazy thing is if that black H7 Pawn gets to H4 white is now under Severe danger right now it’s You know it’s uh it’s just monitoring The situation but once the pawn is on H4 And the defense is getting removed from The white king the white King’s sort of Been abandoned by the way it’s only Pawns like the white king just says Bricks protecting the house that he Lives in okay every other piece is on The other side of the board so uh H5 H4 Is going to be on the way that house Might get knocked down and I love how The black kings just like out in the Open just like not you know not not a Care in the world uh if nihal wins this With black uh this is just exceptional Um but I don’t want to call it yet Because obviously more chess has to be

Played oh it’s it’s not over but ding With every ticking second it sure looks Like it might be over he’s got two Minutes He’s nowhere near uh I mean the defense Is just starting I mean nehal hasn’t Even begun his initiative it’ll really Begin the moment he puts his Rook uh on B2 and it’s not necessarily Levy the Black will win in two or three moves the Problem is that white doesn’t have Superiority on any side of the board He’s dealing with the a Pawn on the Queen side and as you’ve been indicating He’s dealing with a potential March of The h-man as well as a second rank Assault against the F2 on on the king Side so wherever you turn wherever your Eyes start uh you’re basically getting Checkmated as I’ve been talking he’s Dropped another 20 seconds and now he’s Below two minutes he has a minute and 40 Seconds 20 seconds to figure out this Game and and there there it goes I mean That eval is gonna plummet you just Cannot defend this position with this Little time uh and you know what the Thing is nihal does not screw up Advantages very easily like nihal keeps Advantages that’s that’s that’s the Problem for ding No he his technique is excellent it’s One of the most impressive facets of his Very multi-faceted game the big question

Here where is he going to put his Queen My guess Queen C4 to E2 followed by Rook V2 ding is trying to activate his Knight As much as he can but Levy once The Rook Gets to be too the White Queen is going To be totally hemmed in on A1 and Without the queen it’s going to be very Difficult to get anything going against Black spawner absolutely right even if Black uh even if white does get the Knight to C6 like what is the next move I mean you have to rely on Knight E5 Check maybe you really want to trade the Knight for the bishop because then the Pawn on A3 loses a Defender I don’t know Uh basically what white is hoping for is To trade everything and get into a queen End game and give Perpetual check I Don’t think white can actually Realistically hope to win this game Anymore Um no white is on the defense and look At that he plays a move stalkers just Stays right where it is because he Doesn’t give up advantages Best move we need to it’s actually the Only move uh to keep a plus three Advantage of Diggs clock continues to Take down Now it’s Unstoppable what was the Difference between Queen C2 and queen E2 So the difference I think Queen C2 May be allowed in certain positions the Night to drop back to D4 with Tempo I’m

Spitballing I actually have no idea Maybe it has to do with the fact that The queen has easy access to F great uh So that later on uh it’s easier to Deliver a lobster pencer mate I’m not Sure I just think it’s the optimal Placement in terms of being invulnerable And maximizing its activity now there’s Queen takes he wanted a two oh my Goodness oh my lands That’s not even that hard spot that’s Not even that hard to calculate Like it’s not that hard to find because You just see it yeah you you’re like Well he’s he’s attacking my queen but What if I take right like you what if I Take should go through your head even Without the pawn on A3 and you should Discard it in 0.1 seconds because the Queen is defending it okay because you Just need to look at what you can Capture but in this case you have a pawn There and it’s going to go to A2 and Rugby one the hollow’s looking at the Ceiling not because he likes what’s on His ceiling he likes the fact that he Can attack his Queen for The Rook you Never know maybe he’s got a copy of the Sistine Chapel on the ceiling Queen Takes C1 Sensational from mihal sarin The pawn has reached A2 and it’s Total Domination The Rook is getting to be won And at best at best white can do Something like Knight B3 no this is I

Think this is over I don’t understand how you stop but he’s Resigned oh my goodness and he’s Resigned Oh my goodness that was one of the most Dominant displays that we have seen in This round of 16 winning with black In 20 or so moves that was unbelievable For nihal sarin my mouth is literally Open to defeat dingley ran like this With that level of opening preparation Getting a structure that he knows Amazing but don’t breathe because we Gotta switch to the other game I think Jana punished his position is falling Apart breaking news ladies and gentlemen Team we’re a job off is trying to take a Page out of nihal saran’s book right now Wait a few moves ago was there Rook Takes on E2 is that what basically Happened there was Yeah oh my God look at timor’s play B5 D5 open the files wow wow wow this is Like I am this is like if nepo was it’s Like if colors were reversed I mean Timur is playing in the way that had he Had that in his toolbox he would be Unstoppable right like he’s turning the Clock back a little bit to hell with Solidity let’s just blow open the Position I literally just said this 10 Minutes ago and that is sort of what you Said that’s what everybody says Timor is Very solid but in this game you’re not

Showing any of that he’s just trying to Win at all costs Yes solid who said anything about solid Says Timor Bishop coming back to T4 Levy Right now there is a mate threat Bishop D4 and queen H6 Can we even talk about potential Comeback here for yawn I right now I Don’t even know how he avoids uh Essentially having to give up a rook for The bishop which is going to be an Immediate death sentence Yeah I don’t know how how on Earth is This plus two like can you play rookie One and threaten back rank mate yourself To kill some time oh he’s just no you Have that’s the right move you have to Play Rook takes E3 and Rook D1 great Practical chance for NEPA by the way He’s got to put all of his eggs in one Basket and that is the Pawn on D5 basket He has to make something out of that Pawn right right right so basically the Way Timor has played this is he has Sacrificed multiple pawns and now nepo’s Gonna try to use that to his advantage And probably this will no longer be Decided by an attack on the king but Rather some sort of long-term end game If nepo saves this game it’s gonna be Such a psychological loss for for a job Of I mean it’s like as bad as losing And that’s a Minefield right that’s a Very unpleasant situation to be in where

Now all of a sudden you basically have To win or else you’re going to be Incredibly mad at yourself And nepo’s only chance here I think is To get to more let’s say under two Minutes and I’m under two minutes keep The pawn on D5 alive maybe find a way to Push it to D6 whatever you do do not Lose the D5 quad If you lose the D5 Pawn the game is most Certainly over what is going on today we Have seen some yeah King f8 getting that Getting there yeah yeah that’s another Excellent move by team we’re using the King kind of like a goalie who comes out Uh for that final corner kick all hands On deck and black is very close to Getting the Queens swapped and if he Does that well that’s You know another piece of bad news for White Yeah I’m not sure do you trade Queens Here with white because obviously you Don’t want to trade because you’re Losing on the other hand you understand The significance that maybe you’ll hold A rook and pawn end game with an extra Bishop but I I don’t know I don’t know What you do here the black queen is so Active I guess it depends on where you trade Queens like but but the problem is even After a move like Queen C4 even if it’s The conditions for the queen trade are

Optimal I mean you think about that position the Black king gets to D6 blockades the plot All avoids inside pawns are gonna be on Light squares there’s no way nepo is Holding up look at the clock Nepo has two and a half minutes it’s Even more has four I can repeat that Five times and you wouldn’t believe me If I said that coming into this game Especially given that yam has the white Piece This opening experiment has been A fiasco Absolutely Fiasco absolutely and Yeah nepo was a bit shaky in that Matchup versus Fiddler but at least he Got the job done in the Armageddon but This is a completely different story I Mean Timur has played some amazing Chess in recent weeks and it is on Full Display here and it only continues Continues indeed he blockades the D6 Spawn a very careful move Bishop D7 it’s Still not over John is doing everything He can uh you know to keep a glimmer a Spark alive He still got he still has the D6 spawn Levy as long as he’s got a passer I’m Willing to say that the game is not over Ah I don’t know you’re like that’s kind Of over I kind of feel I kind of feel Like it might be over yeah I’m not Exactly sure how you’re going to get

Yourself out of this situation but the Thing is in chess you don’t just get the Winning position and win you actually Have to take it all the way down and Maybe rookie five maybe a rookie six to Try to get the Rook to the H file Attacking the white king I mean Nepal’s Just chucking pawns now trying to push The rest of the pieces through so I Think I’m snag I think it’s time to eat I think you take on B5 because D7 is not To be feared rookie Aiden you know the Only effect of that is that white Accelerates uh the defeat by losing the Pawn faster I think Timor well no he Goes for Levy rosman’s idea what a Terrible decision oh it’s awful awful Awful Um You know I uh I always say when the Players take my ideas Maybe not a good thing although in this Case computer seems to like it and also There are various opportunities like Queen E5 check to try to win the pawn on D6 in fact Queen E5 right now what what Is this F4 Only move I think Okay then you could play something if You want to trade Queens you can play 23 There I think that’s really what Jana’s Gonna rely on he’s going to rely on like An incorrect decision to simplify and I Think white will Chuck a couple pawns to

Win the C5 Pawn well we’ll try to play Rook D5 Rook C5 at which point white has A very small chance of saving this game Microscope oh oh Donya Clock going on clock clock two minutes What did I say when he’s under two Minutes that’s when he starts biting his Shirt And all you need is that little glimmer Of anxiety you know that oh am I Actually am I starting to screw this up Am I giving my opponent unnecessary Chances G5 a G5 What a classy move just totally freezing All of White’s King side pawns Preventing F4 I still think Timor has This under control now he’s got to try To stay over one minute Yeah one minute is more than enough with A two second bonus in a scramble of an End game white has chances okay yeah Yeah this is like full time John’s lost Hope we need fiber takes d601 Okay Yeah there’s no there’s no there’s Nothing here Sorry go on I was gonna say after Queen E5 Queen G3 I’m just trying to tell Everybody there’s Rook H6 right so That’s the idea That’s a very important detail by the Way that would precisely be the kind of Uh wrong simplification because white

Could get the Rook to D5 also note that Queen takes B3 was a total possibility A4 as you said is a complete It’s just frustration yeah you can sort Of tell by the amount of times that Jan Has sort of like made a made a face with His eyes and his lips that he is uh he’s Kind of at the end of his patience for This position and um Yeah he’s he’s certainly unhappy and it Was an experiment and it certainly Didn’t pay off now I don’t know I don’t Know why it went this bad to begin with I he made a very deliberate attempt to Play one of the sharpest lines of the Nimso Indian and You’re saying he might have even Misplayed it to get to the situation Bishop F4 I’m I will stand by my claim That was a terrible move it was some Sort of miscal confusion I don’t know What it stemmed from but that was not The move and it wasn’t one of those Moves this is what’s so important not One of those moves oh the computer Doesn’t approve of it but it’s Practically interesting practically it’s Just terrible and look at this Rook D1 And queen E1 is going to be check and Mate after the king moves or White can Choose to lose this queen with check Choose your pick Napo chooses a third Option as he throws in the towel what a Tour de force Levy this is shades of uh

Rajabov’s win over ding that’s what this Reminds me of yeah this is your moves Yeah this is her job of saying uh stop Describing me as a solid player stop Describing what you think is potentially A flaw of my game I am more than capable Of winning games in a multitude of Different styles and really I I think The thing is if you underestimate Rajaba’s Dynamic skills Dynamic Abilities and you play some kind of Absurd opening against them he will Punish you to the depths of absolute Defeat the craziest part about this Round is we just saw two absolutely Dominant start to finish victories by Black not just by black but by the Players in the match who were not given A chance in the community vote Yeah I mean what people seem to forget Is that you cannot hit 27.50 and stay There for decades unless you are a Ridiculously well-rounded player a Player who is constantly able to adjust On the Fly and speaking of adjusting on The Fly maybe it’s time to adjust your Browsing experience we wanted to thank Our sponsor brave because Brave means Private browsing and so much more by Default Brave locks ads and trackers on Every page and video you visit even on YouTube no ads means up to three times Faster page loads faster streaming and Faster playback it means 35 percent

Longer battery life while saving on Mobile data and internet bandwidth for Android iOS and desktop get the best Browser for gamers streamers and Creators switch in 60 seconds at Chess well the global Chess Championship Presented by Brave will return with game Two after a sensational start to both Matches by the player with the black Pieces don’t go anywhere game two coming Your way on the other side of this short Break Run for my life Okay What’s up man hey just solving some Puzzles Get my coffee Oh shoot Which one is that is that our new one Yeah I can’t get this one man Oh shoot What’s wrong with you man This is hard You sure you’re feeling okay Uh one got it oh shoot Thank you 95 I should say T1 Thank you Thank you Foreign Foreign

Foreign We are back at the Global Championship presented by Brave where Jana pamushi as well as dingly Wren have Just suffered devastating defeats in John’s case at the hands of a Bloodthirsty Timur rajabov as we look at Yan’s pensive just uncomfortable facial Expression Yan at 32 years old Levy he’s So experienced he’s been in these Situations before how does he recover Mentally how does he recover on the Chessboard what advice would you give Him if you’re his boxing coach Boxing coach uh you’re the guy in the Ring you know Um well I I don’t know actually if Yan Has found himself behind in many matches Early I think Jan is a fast starter his Whole thing is can he keep the Consistency throughout and kind of not Lose his path uh I think Jan Is in a very unique position right now And I think Champions are made in a Variety of different ways best analogy I Can give you UFC champion Charles Oliveira has won his last three Championship fights and he’s constantly He’s been knocked down in every single One of them a punch has landed he’s Dropped to the ground he’s gotten back Up Um I think Yom can chalk that game up Not to any sort of Chess skill but

Rather I played some nonsense in the Opening for the next few rounds I am not Going to play nonsense in the opening But the truth is at the highest level of The game more often than not games will End in draws when you have to win that Is when things get weird so will he try To go all in immediately in game two Will he try to follow the philosophy of Stop the losses right away and try to Win with white in game three I don’t Know but we are most certainly going to Find out he has lost games in his life Uh but he generally does not get blown Off the board so not like that yep I I Don’t remember the last time you lost a Game like that and knowing Yan I think He’s going straight for the win The problem with that Levy is that if You lose this game you go down to zero We haven’t had a 2-0 comeback in all of The cgc and I don’t think we will I Think with this caliber of players it’s Virtually impossible and you can see Already a very clearly defined strategy By Timor we’ve made his soil you know Soviet Schoolboy approach doesn’t want To get into the semi-terrush he wants a Symmetrical solid position and I love That strategy or it’s more because That’s going to serve to Tilton even More wasn’t D5 here played by Hikaru Versus Lanier or was that a slightly Different move order I think that that

That happened a bit yeah I think it was I remember that game yeah But I think White had castled instead of Playing A3 but all these move orders Just confuse me ultimately ooh Bishop E2 Though I’m used to the bishop dropping Back to A2 in these positions precisely So that D5 remains on the table Yeah Like if you eat two I don’t know if You’ve already played A3 you should go To A2 but if you haven’t played A3 like That’s the thing right in this position Like the fact that white has played A3 Makes it so that Bishop A2 is possible But uh the way he did it now can black Even maybe make it really unbalanced Like C4 it’s an option maybe in some Positions CD4 also but Yeah I mean listen CD4 and Bishop B7 is Usually not an option with the bishop on A2 because white has D5 actually I want To pull up in an elsewhere that’s an Instructive Point Bishop A2 Um takes takes Bishop B7 you’re one move Away from blockading the pawn but white Pushes D5 with a huge initiative with The bishop on E2 C takes D4 is always Going to be on the table but Levy I Agree with you C4 also uh definitely to Be taken seriously Yeah C4 just shut the door okay please Bishop B7 now you see Yeah this is the problem and before And draw

Now I think it’s just it’s just totally Symmetrical after B4 and Bishop B2 Yeah this is not this is not great I Guess nepo is not taking the strategy of When it all costs which kind of makes Sense if you lost a rough game you would You equalize with black But uh it’s gonna win at some point He’s gotta win at some point the game Isn’t over after B4 and Bishop B2 I just Don’t see Tim who are losing that Position I just don’t It’s just so symmetrical and there’s a High probability of total liquidation on The queen side with at some point White Playing A4 and then B5 and if the queen Side pawns were traded you might as well Sign the beats Yeah I mean if anybody’s gonna win it’s Going to be white because in positions Of total symmetry let’s not forget white Goes first and white begins to ask all The questions you know so Um In this case Jan is uh Yeah yeah it looks really unhappy but I Don’t know maybe he just looks focused But Yeah always hard to say but he’s you’re Right Levy he hasn’t been in the spot Forever and and that’s the definition of Suffering from success I mean you just Like forget what it’s like you’d be down In a match and to be playing poorly and

You’ll oftentimes lose patience with Yourself You know you saw that with sports teams Like the Warriors my love dearly You know last season they had a couple Of games where they were down you know And 15 points at the half and they just Kind of had a melt out because just not Used to being in that situation Psychologically let’s see how Jan Handles this Yep uh has the other game started by the Way because I’m kind of bored We have anything out Oh they haven’t said it yet okay Okay we’re you’re stuck with this one I’m sorry to say uh they might literally Draw in like five or ten moves I don’t Think Jan has any interest in playing This position for I mean it’s almost Completely symmetrical It is I mean if anything I think Tim Moore should be on the lookout for Chances to seize the advantage because If you’re frustrated you’re like ah man I didn’t create any chances John has Been known at times Uh you know to make a couple of careless Moves but we’ll keep an eye on this game I have some very good news for you Levy Uh we have another channel on the Television it’s called the dingly ren Nehal sarin Channel yep and we are going To switch to that channel yes wow look

At this this is uh this is some sort of Meta so C3 has really gotten popular Recently because it’s a way to move Order black into a better London you’re Aware of this I’m sure like generally if You play Bishop f4 on the third move Black can play the immediate C5 then Considered totally fine for black but C3 Deliberately makes black make a move First to make C5 impossible now black Could still play C5 and then you get a Reverse note boom variation which is Just one of the most insane variations In all of Chess uh I had that recently In an over the board game uh and it was An it was a disaster I I didn’t remember The line at all I had to basically make It up uh over the board my opponent knew 20 moves of theory Um it’s a very annoying line and you see Ding is pausing here not because he Doesn’t know any chest pass move three But uh you know uh it’s a tough line It’s an annoying line and it’s clearly Hall wants to play a London And An analysis board because I want to show What the notebook variation actually is Uh C7 C5 D takes C5 and the point of C3 Levy Correct me if I’m wrong becomes clear After E6 because here you’re able to Play before and I think the actual Notebook structure arises after

Something like this eight Stakes B6 A4 You give up C5 and you push B5 and all Of a sudden you actually have connected Passers on the A and B files which is Pretty crazy uh by move nine you haven’t Even put your clothes on in the morning And you’re already dealing with two Connected password this is not palatable For most players especially not for Dingley run if we go back to the live Board he has avoided this scenario by First playing C uh E6 then pushing C5 Yes and as is very typical Levy Queen’s On B3 and B6 right see that on the daily In the London yes but the benefit now is That nehal has forced ding into playing Uh a certain setup right he’s forceding Into playing Just One of the variations Of the London where these Queens meet on The B file nobody wants to capture the Other Queen because the a file is going To open for the rook and ding has Already played a massive sideline he’s Played Bishop D7 which like I’ve never Seen before for example I mean Everything in the London is like 0.2 for White right uh this is no no exception And the Knight on B8 hasn’t even moved So Bishop E2 yeah this is just a London Like at some point nehal will probably Play H3 Castle Knight E5 one of these Three moves Um this is so londony it’s just like it Just London to its core you know if you

Want a position if you’re playing Pictionary or something Uh or you’re trying to Send martians a universally Understandable signal of what the London Is I would just give this Yep maybe maybe right before 95 but yeah For for for newer players you know we Try to teach London with Bishop on D3 Queen is going to the king side for Checkmate but these guys they’re not Going to get checkmated in the London White is just going to get a slightly Unpleasant position and black basically Has to sit there and prevent themselves From throwing a tantrum because the London is so annoying to deal with when White doesn’t take any risk and if black Tries to get a little too aggressive you Can get punished very swiftly very very Swiftly yeah so Um like Bishop C6 like you see like ding Is trying to be edgy you know like Bishop like what is he doing right what Is this bishop C6 90s I’m like what is He what is this but he’s just trying to He’s trying to actually create a fight But the hell’s not fighting he’s just Doing what he wants New Hall isn’t biting and just look at How solid White’s position is I could Stare at this for ages as much as I’ve Bad mouth the London on my stream most Of it is playful the London is a

Tremendously sound opening it’s an Opening that’s so difficult to crack and It’s the perfect thing to play when You’re up by one in a match let alone The fact that nehal plays it uh most of The time it’s one of his main weapons And he very much plays it for a win but The position is still undefined Levy we Could get an end game we could get a Trade of the night for the bishop we Could get a trade of Knight for night It’s there’s a lot of tension in the Center and I’m very curious Who is actually going to be the one uh Who dictates the transformation will it Be white you know taking the queen or Will it be black trading right now both Sides keeping the tension Rook fc8 is a Very interesting move basically saying The case you know there’s a really Fascinating sacrifice here which is Absolute garbage but it’s Knight takes F7 like that is a move that you could Play in a Blitz game it obviously just Loses immediately because it doesn’t get You any anywhere anything resembling an Attack but Um you know what I mean though right Like it looks appetizing but there’s Just nothing there um I was thinking About that it’s the first thing that Came to my mind it’s just like an Instinct the moment The Rook leaves f8 Yeah you’re like oh I can sack and win

The pot on E6 but you have no attack so Rook fd1 yeah both players are basically Saying this game is going to be played On the queen side and in the center Nobody’s going okay Great yeah Oh Bishop Immediately H3 Yep always a good move Bishop can go to H2 also white can start an attack with G4 at a random moment and Black’s kind Of like wait what we’re attacking each Other notice how the Queens have had a Staring contest the entire game that’s Probably confusing people but neither Side wants to take and damage the other Structure uh because in chess we have I Something I like to call kind of like Superseding Concepts you say oh double Pawns I’m so smart but actually opening Your opponent’s Rook is worse so the Double pawns are outweighed by the fact That the Rook gets super open uh and That’s why the queens were just staring At each other Yeah that’s a great point and you know It’s just so important to realize that In such positions peace activity Outweighs these cosmetic deficiencies in Your structure so we might see the queen Staring at each other for another 10 Moves I mean totally not unlikely Another question ding has to answer will He play C4 I think now actually might be

A decent time to push C4 move the queen Out of B6 at last and then classic Minority attack insofar as the London Has Kryptonite it is I think this uh Pawn attack where black plays C4 pushes The beep onto B4 and starts loading up The pressure on White’s uh integral Structurally integral C3 Point yeah and Actually it now starts becoming a Question of did nihal sort of Get a little bit lazy with all of this Right like he suddenly black has a plan Does white Yeah lazy is a great word to describe This 95 to every why did he drop the Night back I think he was worried about The prospect of black sending him away With F6 and controlling some of the Center squares while he’s at it but for Ding I think it’s important to step on The gas bill right now I actually really Feel strongly that C4 is the way to go Here Yeah this looks amazing by the way this Is set up by black Bishop E7 Bishop E8 I Wonder if ding I I almost feel like it did he really Make this up in this game or has he seen This somewhere because I feel like these guys do so much Research right and I feel like maybe in Some of his analysis of London with the Computer he sort of went oh wow there’s This interesting idea to kind of like

Keep the tension rook fc8 and then put The Bishops like this uh and he puts his Knight on D6 right you have this like Strong Center Knight and the pawns are Going next By the way uh What happened I stopped hearing you There for a second lady oh that’s okay I Think I think most of the most of the Chat wishes that they had that privilege Um so yeah let’s uh uh we can um have Nepo and rajapov drawn their game or What what’s happening not yet yeah let’s Pull up that game because I’m worried About nepo I’m I’m just worried that He’s in that unsettled frame of mind Where you can screw up any position Okay this is early on the board guess What nepo offered a draw and Timur Ajabov just declined it the plot Thickens oh my goodness Timur is just Straight up trying to beat him with White And yeah I mean black is a move behind In this game it feels like Yeah guess what White’s not losing this Game the structures imagine it’s not Like Timor is oh you know I need to take This draw because if I don’t I’m going To screw up I’m of he’s thinking I’m a Four minutes on the clock my opponent is Clearly in a psychologically bad State This is my chance to put this match to Bed with a win in this game so yeah why

Not push for a couple more moves and if Black plays Rook A8 which looks Supernatural because if you trade the Rooks it’s just going to be a draw why Does Knight E5 check and that poses a Whole new set of problems oh I actually Didn’t see that let me let’s pull up an Analysis board here rookie 95 check you Say what’s the problem but the problem Is that you lose the bishop on B4 it’s Not only why it’s got the bishop air Pressure on the B file Rook B3 this is very much unpalatable For black Yeah this looks terrible and I mean Rook A8 looks like it just makes a draw you Just trade Rooks nobody can play nobody Can win that and you’re not winning the Same four pawns on the same side of the Board But you can win this this is absolutely Winnable and I think for a job of Declined the draw after like uh one of The most recent moves I think it was King D7 Um but uh yeah yeah I uh I mean this is for job of wins this game That’s that is a statement answer me This let’s go back to the live position Here when was the last time Jana Palmistry was down Five and a half minutes on the clock It’s even just hard to say in one breath Janapanishi down five and a half minutes

Yeah he’s having a he’s he’s having a Bad day and it’s combined with her job Of having a great one like it this Happens right you have a guy who who Can’t get started with a guy that just I Don’t know had a good breakfast all Right he’s drinking I don’t know I don’t Know what he’s he’s drinking the Paula Costa secret juice all right uh I I Don’t know he just he’s got a he’s got Everything kind of firing for him on all Cylinders right now and uh he’s got a Bright blue shirt it’s one of my Favorite colors everything’s sort of Going well yeah young yeah don’t you Like light blue A little bit wrinkled but we’re not Going to talk about that that’s okay I’m Honestly I’m dude I’m so bad at that Like you know that a close stay there For two weeks Yeah I get my clothes out of the dryer Like I don’t even put them in the bin I Don’t fold them I’m so bad at that stuff Man not that anybody has to know that But um I don’t know I’m talking about this Uh but listen we at least we’ve watched Them You know yeah there’s no wash our Clothes yeah oh yeah no I never go you Know even a week without doing laundry No no no God forbid Never go a day I watched I watched the

Clothes just you know every day every Day yeah the moment that one shirt Becomes dirty I run a cycle yeah this is What this game has made us commentate on Can we check if ding has started an Attack on nihal how about that it’s kind Of bad online conversation about laundry Is more interesting than the position All right listen if you blame us look at The position we got like a one minute Delay between chat and our voices and You already know someone listen we get Everything we get complaints of we’re Going too fast beginners can’t follow we Get we’re going to to do slow for Beginners experienced chess fans can’t Follow next thing we’re gonna oh we Deflecting the conversation away from The chessboard I mean it it’s you know It’s total symmetry like what do you Want that’s why I’m trying to go here Daily Wren is about to attack the he’s About to attack a child how about that For a headline Yeah that’s uh that’s pretty accurate And he is reared and ready to go on the Queen side all of his pieces staring at The right spots on the board the Evo bar Though isn’t quite buying it it’s still Giving an edge for white I maintained That Ding probably should have played C4 Earlier but is D takes E5 a dangerous Prospect is white actually entertaining That possibility it’s not every day in

The London Levy that you give up this D4 Pawn that’s something you always do with A heavy heart and it’s something that You often accompany by pushing E4 Yeah DC Um oh goodness I got so excited too you Can’t say without coughing I know I’m Just so pumped about the center Pawn Break yeah dc5 is one of these moves Where if black has to recapture with a Piece that can be a Target then it’s Good for white and that oftentimes Happens if you have to take with a queen Or a rook if a knight for black lands on C5 it’s bad for white generally but but Oh that’s if okay Well that’s setting up maybe dc5 and Some various b4s but uh actually not Even not really because but it’s setting Up DC yeah exactly yeah I don’t know Um I don’t know that’s probably the plan Right DC E4 try to blow the center open Or take on D6 and then E4 Something like that Yeah the way I describe knee-hole’s play And this game is casual and that’s not Necessarily a bad thing like I don’t Think he’s trying to involve himself too Deeply with variations what I think he’s Telling himself is okay in most of these Positions there’s gonna be three or four Moves that are going to be approximately Equivalent to each other I’m not going To get too low on time and I’m going to

Choose one of them intuitively I think The strategy has worked pretty decently Ding has decided to trade on D4 and I’ve Always enjoyed these types of structures For what I don’t know about you Yeah this is a exchange Karo Khan Pawn Structure with one of the strangest it’s Like it’s like basically the players Started the game E4 C6 D4 D5 takes takes And then said remove your back rank of Pieces and put them wherever you want Because that is sort of what happens in The London if black ever takes on D4 White takes with the E Pawn and in this Case I am inclined to agree I really Like the attacking chances that white Gets over to that King side especially The way dinga set up his pieces like the Knight on D6 the Bishops on e78 but he’s Basically saying you got nothing nothing Here yeah you beat me last game but That’s yeah that’s in the past you have No you have nothing here and I’m going To attack you with my minority of Pawns My DBA versus your ABCD B5 is on the way B4 is on the way Um I say B4 twice or I say B5 B4 anyway Regardless that’s what’s coming and uh I Think ding has good winning chances Yeah he’s done what he has to do right He’s kept pieces on the board he’s kept The structure a little bit imbalanced He’s kept a two-minute advantage on the Clock but eventually push is going to

Have to come to shove and nihal is Trying to prevent that from happening A5 A classic move and these positions Discouraging black from pushing the beep On that will only lead to more Weaknesses after on Passat raw back of A5 is that it does yield the B5 square Is that square particularly noteworthy Is it a worthy Square to position a Piece things certainly think so Bishop B5 is on the board yeah Bishop B5 is on The board Um I saw a comment that said Nepal Blundered I don’t know if that’s reality Generally we would be spammed with that If it happened no he did he’s down upon We got to switch to that game ASAP That’s crazy John the palmistry is Having a meltdown in this match he Hasn’t lost his game just yet but he is On the cusp of doing just that Oh my goodness look at this Let’s rewind a little bit in this Position he played Rook A8 Levy And you can’t keep both of these things Defended at the same time you got to Lose the pawn And he’s down to two minutes and 50 Seconds he’s down six minutes on the Clock oh my gosh holy smokes this is a Blowout Yeah I’m like uh I mean I’m just Completely shocked

He’s got pretty serious strong chances Though because the pawns are all on one Side of the board Yeah what is the best okay the best case Scenario for black is obviously opposite Colored Bishop end game from here right You need the opposite color Maps uh is That realistic no Um is it easier or harder to draw an Endgame down a pawn when it’s nights or When it’s Bishops Um it’s a really good question I would Probably prefer I don’t know if I’d prefer both pairs of Bishops to be gone or if I’d prefer one Pair of Bishops and one pair of nice It’s hard to say I think white would Prefer all the pieces on the board for As long as possible maybe F3 E4 should Be considered maybe bring the king to E3 You’re gonna see teamwork kind of slowly Accumulating the pressure and trying to Avoid unnecessary Maybe See this is what I have a hard time Understanding which pieces you want to Trade these are very high level Considerations I know one thing Knight G6 is a great Boat that’s a it’s a really nice move And as much and white is gonna have to Come forward that’s the only way White’s Gonna be able to win this game boy it’s Gonna have to walk down the black

Position and Remove the pieces from their Defender Defending squares and Slowly slowly prying apart the defenses And black has a really tough structure To defend because G7 is weak and E6 is Really weak And yeah Yeah this is less than two minutes two Minutes on the clock nepo not used to Being in time pressure not used to being A pawn down and one point down in the Match With his back against the wall this is Crazy Yep this is crazy Uh yeah the time is flipped I think the Time got flipped I don’t know I don’t Know what happened but yeah rajabov did Not just calmly get to the two minute Spot um Uh sometimes that happens Um Anyway As you can see there it’s Yan who has Two minutes and it’s Yan who is Defending the position Uh we got chances He doesn’t tilt Yeah he has chances because again uh for The for the manyth time that I can use That word black is worse but uh you know White’s gotta go forward white has the Chance to make the mistake or the

Inaccuracy Yeah the position’s not going to win Itself the problem the white faces is That every trait of Hans tears a little Bit out of White’s heart and if three Pairs of puns are traded black could Even give a minor piece for the last Remaining Pawn so in order to win white Basically will have to win another Pawn At some point and nepo’s not just giving It away easily you can see he brings his King to E7 okay preferably you don’t Want to miss a fork so Timur is going to Try to keep finagling keep maneuvering His pieces and I think he’s going to try To go after this E6 Pawn one way or the Other Yeah and if he plays a move like Knight C5 does Jan want the trade there I don’t think so right no I don’t think He wants the bishop error to give white The bishop there yeah cause that’s going To be real tough to defend against the Bishops just stare you down for the rest Of the game Um so Knight C5 Bishop F7 I guess is his Attention Uh-huh yeah I mean stubborn Defender H4 okay classic you know end game moves By Timor I think we’re gonna see the F2 And he’s gonna try to milk black squawk Down to a minute that’s when you know The real stuff hits the fan because That’s when you just don’t have time to

React to unexpected stimuli in the Position Yeah it’s a great way of putting it yeah You’re you’re on high alert at that Point and one move by your opponent that You did not expect and you’re just kind Of like and then you make a mistake I Mean last game young blundered kind of This back rank Deflection tactic Um yeah he kind of Okay so now yeah King F2 G4 G5 Yeah G4 G5 is probably the only pair of Pawns it is worth trading because Otherwise how are you actually going to Knock any of black Pieces away from Their posts You know one and a half minutes for an Apple even less Well it’s so hard for young because he Has nothing he just basically sits and Waits and he is hoping that white messes Up That’s really what he’s hoping for and See Morgan you know stay on cruise Control for miles and miles right he is Under no obligation to make any Commitments if he wants to play 30 moves And torture young he can do that John is Taking another big chunk of time and That’s what he was thinking about big Decision there Levy to proactively push The pawn to G5 It’s a very tough spot now here does

What do we think about like do we want To take on G5 and leave the pawn there Okay well that answers that question yep I have a good move you didn’t want to go G4 because of Bishop G5 with an eternal Pin against the Knight Yep now black is a move away from Getting the bishop back either with D6 Or Bishop B2 I think Jan is doing a phenomenal job so Far Hey is three pieces versus two winning I was actually one I was gonna ask you That question I had an end game like that once and I I Managed to win but it took like 150 Moves but I think I also had two Bishops Versus like a knight which helped Uh whereas you know you gotta now think If white has two Bishops in a knight and Black has two pieces black probably Wants two Bishops right maybe black Wants a knight I don’t know I think so too I think black probably Wants well the ideal is like bishop and Knight against Bishop as well as bishop And Knight against Knight is a pretty Easy draw but the addition of a third Minor piece the defensive task obviously Becomes a lot harder does it become Insurmountable I don’t quite know yeah I don’t it’s It’s prop it’s I don’t know I want to Say it’s probably a draw but the

Computer would show Nappos staying on high alert the threat There was E5 knocking the Knight away From H7 So for the time being Jan he keeps a Minute on his clock he keeps his Position intact Yeah you also have the other game but I don’t know This one is good this one may end Man uh relatively soon Yup and I’m keeping an eye on the other On the other game in case the position Explodes the position there is still Pretty closed so we’ll take you there as Soon as there’s concrete action Right now we’re watching nepo struggle In time pressure he needs to hold the Draw here a loss in this game puts him Down 2-0 and basically ends the match Yes Bishop C1 Uh does rajaba go for a trade of pieces I mean you almost don’t want to because Your opponent has 40 seconds You can’t well I guess you can go King F6 E5 King G7 whoa Hanging by a thread Well So close 96 Bishop C6 doesn’t actually seem to Give all that much Great defending by Yan I know I’m like Trying to find a way to poke a hole in

The defense but I can’t And now the time Advantage is down to Four minutes You know it sounds still like a line is A lot but You can imagine spending you know two Three minutes trying to figure out a way As you said to poke a hole and if this Gets down to a Time scramble I think Nepo is going to hold um Yeah agreed we’re we are definitely far Away from that though I feel like I feel Like we may get a break potentially from This game just because Jan I mean Timur Is going to spend a few minutes here Trying to find some way in you can only Shuffle so many times we’ve kind of Gotten to that point where white has Made as much progress as possible oh Maybe not kingy two yeah that is another Method run your king all around to the Edge of the board Yeah King C1 there will be Bishop A4 Check no pasta Ron I mean It is Art even to Envision how white Makes progress maybe at some point to More pushes G3 but that just creates Another liability and you’re gonna have To keep your king or your Bishop stuck Defending that pawn I don’t know I think I think uh nepo is Pretty close to holding his own here Yep I agree shall we switch to the other

Game for a brief moment just for a Change of scenery Huh yeah let’s do it Okay and this seems to be going pretty Well for the Chinese number one he’s got A Time advantage And he has made serious progress Inducing weaknesses on the queen side of Your white Yeah it really feels like nehala has Sort of floated through this game Like he just he hasn’t been able to come Up with a concrete plan and ding on the Other hand is very clearly coming up With a concrete plan and nehal is Uncomfortable he’s down three minutes I was gonna say this is ding’s greatest Asset as a chess player I think The ability to overcome And he might have that skill better than Anybody I mean of course Gonna say Magnus probably just in every Conversation but ding is just so good at Like he will have a bad first game that Doesn’t mean anything he will come back So strong in the next one and all the Others after Yeah he’s got that incredibly upbeat Quality I just feel like he focuses on The positive And he plays the same way every game Which is such a an important recipe for Success in in these match formats these Knockout tournaments you know you don’t

Want to do anything crazy even if you’re In trouble in the match you just want to Play the way that you normally play And Being doing pretty well but nihal he’s Not just going to You know float away and die Knight F4 is A clear sign Levy that he still has Blood on his mind Knight takes H5 is a Huge threat followed by Queen G5 and That’s actually just check maybe Blundered it oh He blundered it Oh my goodness And White’s got at least a Perpetual There What the heck Oh my goodness thing is devastated Is real Ding is devastated I think Nicole might actually take the Draw though Why would he do that But what okay so let’s open an ALICE Board real fast yeah the point is that GH gets mated check Check and mate But instead ding doesn’t take the Knight He goes King H7 and he says what else do You have other than repetition well You’ve got a minute on the clock I think Nihal’s not gonna risk it I think he’s Going Knight F6 and taking Wow

For a job of one apparently against Yanyupo machine in the meantime what What is happening oh he trapped his Bishop we gotta go back to that game now This is crazy Bishop Oh okay so we saw this uh-huh Bishop H5 Was the blunder you seal off this Passageway you see love this passageway And the Knight seals off the B2 and A3 Squares Bishop oh that’s crazy and it’s Because he had no time he had 13 seconds Holy Cannoli and exactly it’s the time Pressure that ultimately got him and in The meantime’s going for the win Wow We gotta switch back with 26 seconds on His clock and ice in his way in his Veins in his wings his wings Oh that is that is that is oh my Goodness I slipped off my chair and Alsarin is playing for a win with 20 Seconds on the clock I can’t believe This and you know why because he knows That he has to draw in his pocket this Knight F6 repetition 65. holy smokes Wait but there’s ed4 Queen E7 27 no it’s Easy Or this this is also good oh and it’s Just made No this is just absolute Collapse by Ding King G8 maybe keeps some hopes alive Oh my gosh ding is absolutely devastated

I mean he just after a blunder after Allowing Knight takes H5 I just think he Wasn’t the same Yeah yeah he’s uh I mean he’s he’s Stunned he’s in complete disbelief Blundering Knight takes H5 I’m a little bit surprised that nihal Didn’t in Knight takes D5 though that Ended the game immediately Yeah but okay so does Knight G4 This is just this is this is shocking What a day Underdogs are are just dominating today But Up six protected it’s not Checkmate just Yet I want to see a couple more accurate Moves by knee Hall in order to actually Win this game yeah I agree let’s not Forget he has 20 seconds now this we are About to find out if if all that hype is Real the 3160 Blitz rating the also Nearly getting a 50 score against Magnus And Blitz like I mean nihal is a is top four on the Leaderboard of let’s see if It’s for a reason if you give him any Bonus time it’s like a little you know Jet pack uh for him to to fly across to The finish line and Ding has to find a way to defend this And if nehal finds all the accurate Moves that’s that’s sort of it oh I just Realized that after Bishop E7 there’s Simply Rook C2

I mean at a minimum and you Force black To give the queen away because the Rook On seat is undefended that’s why uh ding Is actually not moving Yeah because he realizes Rook C2 is There him So Bishop C5 Bishop yeah that’s it Rook C2 rookie two ends it And it’s not the only move you can Probably play H5 and stuff It’s not even a question just Queen H6 And Knight F6 you you can actually give Up the E1 Rook with check yeah it Doesn’t matter yep Knight F6 takes six Rookie one king G2 black resigns easy Clap Knight F6 is child’s play for Knee-haul That is oh that that is so sick Sensational We’ve got 2-0 in both matches Levy if You would have told me that I would have Staked in my life savings that it was 2-0 for nepo well 2-0 for ding Just um so it’s the Checkmate on G7 Loren’s King is checkmated this is Literally the least likely result that We had about two minutes ago and nihal Sarin is now up two nothing dingley Ren On the ropes it is now must win or that Is it he is knocked out of the Global Championship presented by Brave This is a astounding score line I’m stunned I I have no words I’m shocked and this

Game seemed to be going Yang’s way he Did everything he had to do he was Playing at a classic ding style closed Position making improvements getting the Hello on time Knight H3 to F4 takes H5 You just can’t make these kinds of Blunders against the likes of nihal Siren I mean he’s going to punish you a Million percent of the time And let’s not forget Timur a job of what An absolute Beast just crazy the way He’s been beating nepo like he’s nothing Levy like he’s you know not just one the Candidate isn’t playing for a world Championship against dingley red the Other guy who’s down 2-0 that’s insane Both World Championship Contenders are down to nothing in their Head-to-head matchups this is Legitimately the most shocking day of The Global Championship that We have ever had I mean there have been Days with upsets there have been days With back and forth matches after two Games in each of these matches these are The most unpredicted scores hands down Guaranteed I think everybody is stunned Right now and the players who are down To Zero have to win the next two games They have to recover and they have a Couple of minutes to do that to win two Games and then to win Armageddon will Either of the players will Yana pamushi Or dingly Ren rise to the occasion if a

Player is to rise to the occasion well I’m putting my money that one of those Two is capable of doing it don’t go Anywhere because in the other side of This break the Global Championship presented by Brave returns With both World Championship contenders Facing a 2-0 deficit we’ll be right back With game three [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] We are witnessing Sensational Performances all around here at the Round of 16 in the Global Championship presented by Brave International Master Levy Rosman you’re Looking at the nepo Raj above card no This is not a typo two ones 40 more he Leads with a score of 2-0 and NEPA will Have to mount the first 2-0 comeback in The cgc thus far if he wants to stay in This match Yeah uh why did you say International Master Levy Rosman I feel like that’s When you call your parents by their full Name I was so caught off guard by that Oh that’s okay that’s okay No no I’m I I’m still talking uh it’s All good yeah listen this is um if you Ask me after two rounds what I thought The score would be uh I did not think it Was going to be 2-0 for either player And if you told me hey it’s going to be 2-0 well listen no disrespect whatsoever

But it’s probably gonna go to the person Who was voted 96 likely to win this Match right by the community uh and That’s currently what’s happening in Just totally the opposite direction so Uh it is taymor rajabov with a Two-nothing lead uh despite being voted By four percent of the audience To win this match and he is doing it in Literally the most dominant the Fashions While nehal sarin voted for 17 percent Is also up two to nothing in his match Uh Donnie can you still hear me no No all right well it’s just me solo on The air it’s a worse nightmare situation For the fans uh but I suppose we can Continue to move along Um and I could could probably discuss The nehal versus ding match or pull up The scoreboard for that one but that is Also a shocking turn of events a little Bit of a different story in that match Because in the first round nihal sort of Showed up and stamped his presence uh But in the second game he was not Necessarily fighting back from a defeat But he Oh you back I can hear you now yeah I’m sorry I Don’t have no idea what happened there That’s all right uh I was just Explaining to the audience how nihal Sarin got to his two-nothing lead in the Second game he was slightly worse

Slightly unpleasant position but he Defended it and literally the moment That uh Dania uh not not done I just Looked at you and I was so excited to Have you back uh you know Um but uh no the second that Ding made a Mistake I mean he was just pounced on And it was um easy I mean anyhow you Know what I can’t get over the fact that He decided to go for a 26 seconds Can you can we just like stop on that For a second four minutes for ding nehal Can take a draw you’re up one and a half Half good result no we need three ice Water in his wings And he all’s uh ding’s chances of coming Back in this match just waned By a lot after losing that second game Just sensational That was amazing uh and I think we have The first few moves coming uh of uh of The nepo versus rajab of matchup listen Uh we have absolutely nowhere to hide Yeah has to now win two games he has Looked Not only has he looked Just a bit disheveled he’s also just Looked a bit unhappy and stressed out Throughout like the entire match and I I Don’t know I’m not seeing uh I’m not Seeing a very I don’t know scary intimidating Young No this is wildly uncharacteristic uh Given his recent performances he seems

Discombobulated in the opening remember That Bishop F4 in the first game he Seems slow And just isn’t playing with a whole lot Of confidence and Right now he’s got a very clear Challenge ahead of him he’s not thinking I’ve got to win the next two games he’s Thinking I’ve got to get a good position Out of the opening because he hasn’t Managed to get even remotely the kind of Position he wanted in either of the First two games so that’s really step One for him Yeah that second game he had a chance to Close the center and start scrapping it Was very clear that his mentality was Not to necessarily win with black and uh He he like that’s not his style his Style is not to defend a position of Dead symmetry maybe in the world Championship with 90 minutes on the Clock or whatever the heck the time Control is in the world champion Something but it’s like two hours For two minutes yeah 30 moves Yep yep yep Um and uh that’s sort of the that’s sort Of the the standing you know Um but Queen D6 and this is some sort of Line These lines are very they all sort of Fuse together in my mind but I I think Um

I think this is some sort of like Italian early D5 line I think Hikaru Legs these lines Levon likes these lines With black very aggressive Um by the way B4 look looks like a peace Trap Wait isn’t it Or what am I missing here I don’t know what am I missing what am I Missing BP for Um oh okay apparently okay I will Totally and unashamedly admit that I Just cheated but Knight C4 BC it does Win a piece but after Queen G6 DC black Has D4 back and I went in the piece back That is just something you have to know You’re not going into this unless you Know this wow Wow that’s pretty cute actually Yeah that’s that’s Savage you’re just Looking like why is the bishop on C5 got No squares ah it’s because of this four Move tactical refutation okay cool yeah Yeah now what’s interesting if we go Back to the live position this E5 move It was all a rage I think a couple years Ago then it fell out of fashion now Everybody seems to be playing D6 Automatically but Yasser has talked About it on uh in his commentary before How open day fashion is really Interesting openings don’t always fall Out of favor simply because they’re Better someone refuted them that’s a

Very common misconception openings often Fall out of favor because Magnus Carlson Decided to You know play something different it Doesn’t always mean the move was refuted Or is known to be bad Yeah it’s just like fashion trends it’s Just like that uh and by the way I’ve Been gotten a I I’ve been gotten oh my Goodness I got a an update Uh from our stats team uh actually from I think Mr chesscom India himself uh and He said that nobody In this year’s Global Championship Has made a comeback from two nothing Down to win the match we have seen Comebacks But we have not seen a match one Once you go down to nothing Yeah that’s That says a lot So if somebody can pull it off right now Uh that would be spectacular now this Name is not is a bit notorious right now In the world of chess Uh but the most legendary two-nothing Comeback that I remember is uh from Sergey kariak and he was down to nothing In the world cup and he won two games Yep he beats Fiddler and then he played For the world championship because of That right I mean that was uh maybe he Played because he made it to the final

Already but he won the World Cup after Going down to nothing so it’s possible It’s not likely but it’s possible listen It’s it’s not five games it’s not ten Games it’s two games of Rapid you know You think about the amount of games Jan Won in the candidates You know it’s it it is not an impossible Ask in principle the problem is just That when you’re down to zero that Generally means your opponent is in much Better form and that generally means Your opponent is playing with tremendous Confidence and for Timur it’s just such A luxurious feeling okay worse comes to Us disaster strikes hey I’m gonna get White in the next game and a draw Still Wins me the match so if you’re Timor in This situation you can essentially play With nothing to lose it’s a great Feeling and every move that Jan is Playing he’s like I can’t allow this to Be a draw I can’t allow this to be a Draw it’s like an Armageddon game for Only one side yep Absolutely right by the way uh we have a We have liftoff in the game between ding Loren and nihal sarin So if we can pull that up That’s a very tough situation for ding Nihal is playing a Queen’s Gambit Accepted one of the most solid lines Here E6 A6 ding is gonna have to come up With one of the 37 different setups here

For white okay chooses B3 yeah A3 B3 Knight D2 oh it’s actually crazy it’s Like A3 B3 Knight D2 Knight C3 Bishop D3 Bishop E2 Bishop B3 Queen E2 Rook D1 I Mean it’s just so many setups it’s I was Gonna say don’t you leave Queen E2 out There I know you have a anti-queeney to Bias that’s unacceptable I know you got Like everything and uh yeah the top guys They love digging around in the sandbox For all of this I I never played this System with black because I couldn’t Possibly learn all of these lines uh I Would rather you know play some goofy Gambit and Blitz Um no Queen’s Gambit accepted is Extremely popular right now and I think It’s it’s Black’s newest attempt at uh Equalizing without much of an effort This reminds me of this old game um I Think it was nepo against rajava it’s Many many years ago at the Global Championship presented by Everybody remember that game presented By Brave Yeah yeah I I don’t I don’t remember all Of the interesting commentators Um I I I think it was I don’t I know Nariditsky was one of the two there was Some idiot with like a like a shirt made Of his curtains I don’t know it was um It was it was a fun game and you know We’re a job of uh rajaba I think got the Job done in that game

Yeah I seem to vaguely remember that as Well man the years have really taken Their toll B6 by nihal kind of an Interesting moment here Levy I think the Vast majority of players would just Automatically play B5 but the drawback Of pushing B5 is that the b-pawn becomes A Target it sticks out like a sore thumb And very often you have to contend with This nasty Pawn push to A4 carving out The C4 Square four white side B6 is more Modest but it’s also a more efficient uh And more solid way to develop yep yes it Is and it doesn’t allow white to get That typical Queen side action white has A microscopic pull in these positions uh And uh You know nihal so ding plays And sits like a chess player like even Online he’s got the thinking pose and Everything nihal plays like an anime Character charging up like a you know Like a superpower he sort of sits there Like head down just like And just like charging up you know like And he just sits so far away I don’t Even know how he makes moves it’s like He makes moves telepathically all right Like how long is his arm to control the Mouse you know oh now he’s getting a Little bit closer but uh yeah like I’m Saying some people when they play they Look super focused nihal looks like uh He has to file last year’s tax return

Okay and he’s late on it or something it Just looks so right I know Um anyway I got my CPA during the Commentary I don’t know listen listen Though you’re good you’re good I’m not Trying to get anybody audited uh but uh Yeah it’s just so fun to watch like These players playing from their own House because they they’re all like in Suits and in shirts at the Olympiad and So intense and then at home they’re just Sort of like I just sit back relax And as we’re talking knee Hall’s built Up a two and a half minute advantage on The clock that’s how both of the first Two games started now the previous game The situation flipped and he haul got Bow on the clock but you know in terms Of only needing a draw this is the best Start that you could have dreamed of Three minute time Advantage already a Position that you are comfortable with I’ve seen Queen’s Gambit accepted Romney Hall for years now And man ding He needs a rabbit out of the hat and he Needs it now Well he has to win a chess game I don’t Know about pulling livestock out of a Hat but um yeah yeah he he definitely Does in fact need to do that and he has To find a way out you see how stress Ding is it’s because this is the

Position okay like You know last game white didn’t have to Win he just sort of did in that rajab of Game versus nepo but in this game you Have to win it’s very different when You’re up one nothing and when you’re Down to nothing that is a three-point Turnaround okay so last game where Java Just sort of made moves and then ended Up winning the game but dingley Wren Must win he’s trying to find the best Way forward like he’s probably gonna Play Queen E2 you know he’s gonna play Rook fd1 Rook AC one What You run out of moves at some point like You actually have to Do something create an attack somewhere Yeah do the same thing seven Rook C or D8 I think we might see a very Symmetrical position here how is then Going to unbalance this position well That remains to be seen I’d like to Check into the other game because I Think just looking at the little Snapshot I think the teamwork job of might have Got himself into a bit of trouble here Maybe more than a bit of trouble so got An end game the Queens are off the board Sounds like good news for the side that Needs to make a draw well you actually Look at the position it ain’t good news The knights jumping into C5 Levy this is

The flat out double attack 96 and Knight Takes B7 lack’s position is In Ruins here this whole D5 experiment By Timur I think I’m beginning to see Why it fell out of fashion I know seriously something very strange Happened in this game I mean the level Shift just totally reversed itself Jan Is now up three minutes Yana has a Dominant position and Jan has all of the Dynamics in his favor if only this could Have been game one for him right it’s a Shame that he suddenly just down to Nothing but We still have two games to go crazier Things have happened and yeah he looks Just completely poised to begin his Comeback He really does let’s pull up an analysis Board just to indicate the extent uh to Which Black’s position is terrible So Currently the bishop is hanging after Bishop takes G3 FG I think the only way To defend against both threats is Rook V8 but that’s it’s not the end of the Story I mean why can like a move like D4 Just look at the extent of White’s Dominance Knight on C5 Levy the Rooks Are perfectly positioned it’s not Because of one specific reason that Black is in trouble it’s just my Position sucks I don’t know of a more Scientific way to put it I completely agree with you and black

Has no moves and also this is just not Something you ever want to do like if The options are at this position not Down upon or way more active but down Upon you’re going to choose the one That’s down upon but uh that means You’re down a pawn just in case anyone’s Not clear about the math Yeah like even you know this is Preferred because you see rajabov is Probably going to sacrifice B7 it’s just I don’t know I don’t know how he’s gonna Do it maybe he won’t but if he tries to Defend everything in his position then Um yeah I mean this is yeah like say There you go Yeah but you’ve sacked B7 tonight’s just Gonna dip back to C5 and I died I know Man I have to be seven punch I know you Just have the same position but now You’re a pawn down oh he plays Rook B8 Right let’s go for this line yes he’s Trying to keep all his spawns intact Yep But nepo the great thing about a Position like this with white is that Why doesn’t know her you can play D4 you Can bring your king up you can basically Do what Tim Moore was doing to you in The previous game when he was up upon You know now you can give a taste of to Give him a taste of his own medicine Yeah I feel like uh this is going to be A repeat of one of the pre D forces

Exactly the position that you put on the Board and this just looks completely Miserable does black even have a move oh That’s what he’s got to try Knight A5 Knight C4 rookie seven though Just give it up what do you need the Bishop forces rookie seven I’ll take the bishop and I think you’re Right I think rajaba is gonna have to Strategically to try to sack Probably the B7 pawn and try to get the Rook off of the seventh rank I don’t Know how he’s gonna do that though yep Me neither No he decides to keep the bishop ready Man I don’t even know if it’s greedy he’s Not even keeping any material he’s just Well can’t you play like B3 what is the Idea here Rookie seven anyway uh the Knight D5 the 95. Okay but you could play C4 C4 and nepo a Removing C4 yeah No this is just getting worse and worse 96 the position I don’t use this phrase Lightly I think it’s an overused phrase By commentators the position basically Plays itself Oh I thought you were gonna Say it might be an accurate yourself Right I thought I thought you were gonna Say it speaks for itself but And that’s an underused phrase Yeah well it does speak for itself and

It does play itself you notice they’ll Have like five moves by white made in Seconds Yep and this is more like the nepo that We’re used to seeing we’re used to Seeing and also yeah this is this is his Style of game downhill powering through Just beast mode it sort of feels like Right And it just you know I think a lot of His problems in the first two games had To do with his opening choice I don’t Want to over analyze this over Psychologize but I think Netflix just Got so fed up with the position that he Got in game one he’s like I had the White pieces could have played a Catalan Could have played one E4 instead I Basically got a lost position out of the Opening it feels like only now he’s Beginning to forgive himself and play The kind of Chess that we’re used to see Him playing Is it too late maybe not I mean it’s not Just this game he puts himself in a Pretty good position yeah it’s not too Late for this game is it too late to win With black it very well could be I think That that that game that he lost with Uh with black will probably hurt more Than the game that he that she lost with White in the first one because that that Last game was just completely Symmetrical right and

Yeah he’ll definitely be upset that’s an Interesting perspective That that the previous game really hurt Him but hey still has work to do on the Board Timur a job of is is not just Going to you know fold over and die oh No not I and he does decide to sack upon Unfortunately The relief seems very short-lived C6 Maybe try to get the Knight back to D7 Could you see a Universe where teamwork Saves this game Oh that would be so annoying That would be so annoying uh Jan just Deserves a win no I know so some chess Purists in the chat gonna be like ah Nobody deserves a win but like it’s just Such a great position with white like Jan just put it away just pretend you’re Playing me deserves a win Yeah but like just I keep saying if they Were playing me in title Tuesday for Example the game would have been over Like 10 moves ago you know what I’m Saying just put it away we all want to Uh you know we all want to see a game Four we don’t want to see anybody go Home in three games I’m gonna make a very bold prediction no Stop it I think two more is going to save this Come on stop it I don’t know I’m just Getting a feeling Knight D6

8 rookie I I can’t go rookie six though But hey on the board 97 97 forces The Rook to the corner The thing is like optically White’s Tandem is so much stronger but what is It going to attack the one silver lining For black hair literally the only one is That there are no remaining Targets in Black’s position so in order to win this Game why it’s either gonna have to like Get a rook to E8 which is hard or create A past one but there’s a timing issue It’s not easy to choose the proper Moment to play B5 Yeah and if you play C5 you say haha you Can’t put your knight on D6 but then Your opponent says okay I’m gonna put my Net on D5 which is probably way better Jokes on you Yeah that Knight is I don’t know though You you could play C5 97 Knight C4 Knight D5 Knight D6 you can do this or Knight A5 oh Knight A5 looks really good Actually Wait wait repeat that phrase C5 okay 97 94. Knight C4 Knight D5 Knight A5 Attack Attack I have to play Rook V8 review None of those errors were accurately Drawn And you still can’t win the damn pawns It’s absurd Why get the Rooks of the seventh

Okay nepo has made a move let’s go back To live position and see what he has Decided Rook F4 and he has played C5 and He’s done it at a moment when black he’s Maximized the the time that it takes for Black to get that night around 55. Yup Knight B5 so now black okay so he’s Forcing 93 Maybe oh man And then maybe next to d8 What is he on trying to do here I think A4 is a very careless move it Sends the Knight where it wants to go And you know what I think he missed I Think he forgot Knight C3 was a thing I Think he thought the Knight has to go Back to C7 yeah you play Rook F7 Everything’s in order but no it’s a Little bit more complicated yeah but I think it’s still really good for white Like I think losing D4 for B7 is still a Massive Plus for white because you can Remove the knight from D4 right And you can always try to win C6 and A7 But it’s getting sharp which I I don’t Know who that benefits but Counter plays see what I’m saying though I see what you’re saying yeah I think he Also just missed Knight C3 with Knight E2 it’s just not what you were expecting He definitely missed it you can tell Because he’s taking a long time and There’s also the psychological component You know nepo’s already annoyed at

Himself he’s already on edge about the Weight he’s playing all it takes is one Little seed of doubt and all of a sudden The situation it’s almost out of control But I like Rook F7 I think he’s still on The right track and if he can get some More you know down below two minutes His chances of winning are still very Very but hey I made my prediction I’m Gonna stick Yeah so now King F2 or King G2 Okay there’s all right question answered Rookie eight and rookie two Black’s Getting counter play oh my goodness oh Man wait what was did he what did he Have to play instead of why did the evil Go were you supposed to not move the Thing after Knight E2 apparently the Move is King G2 Knight takes D4 Rook takes B7 oh and now There’s Knight F3 and the crazy thing With the King on F2 there’s Rook f8 Hitting the Knight here you say but Rookie two wins the night no it doesn’t Because the game drops back to F1 making Contact with the Rook That is yeah crazy level of subtlety I Had a I had a feeling yeah I was gonna I Had a feeling going to F2 was maybe bad Because the King was in the open but It also makes sense because you want to Get the king involved in the end game You don’t want the king stuck on the G File and

This is insane as rajava actually going To save this position that’s so wild He’s basically destroying this I mean Knight takes B3 is now an Unstoppable Threat Levy try that on for size If you move the Knight away from C4 you Lose C5 White’s gonna White’s Queen side Is suddenly getting pulverized I can’t believe this is nuts he’s Actually gonna make a comeback It’s back to normal and how quick ly did He do that I mean it five moves ago White was in the driver’s seat black Didn’t even have a car Now she quite someone ubering everywhere Black’s got a Ferrari I know this is just incredible wow What a crazy turn of events we still Have the other game of course but This is really the game that’s on Everyone’s Minds right now I think Yeah this is uh This is wild wow Um yeah it’s a great position in the Meantime Nihal has a great position I believe he does oh okay I don’t know Where we want to go we got a rook and Knight end game here to decide the match We got nihow with a better position That’s great are we actually going to be Out here in six games We very well might the way things are Going right now I still think that Tim

Moore has a lot of work to do John in His best days knows how to complicate These types of positions so he is going To fight to the last drop of blood net A5 is a clear indicator of that he Doesn’t want to give away any more pawns Than necessary on the queen side and Levy the most important thing of force Is for white to keep the past upon on A4 And it will become passed after white Takes on A7 on the next move Yeah the key here for black is the draw Along the second rank with Knight F3 and Some Perpetual but it doesn’t quite Exist uh let’s let Timor think let’s go Check in on nihal very briefly And you told me he has a great position Uh Wow Holy smoke this is He’s up three minutes and he’s better With black And he’s not just better he’s forcing a Queen trade he’s dominating in the Center look at the way he’s positioned His pieces ding hasn’t even finished his Queen side development Yeah this is incredible I think Black should just trade Queen’s play Rook d8 and claim that I’m never going To lose that in a million years Nicole thinks that Uh oh I’m I’m sorry I thought he just I Thought he just played a move because

You highlighted a square uh no he’s just Convincingly better it’s like no Questions asked yeah I mean you can Trade queens and play to not lose you Can probably do even more than that I Wonder if he already has some tactic Like Queen D1 and Knight C2 but yeah I Mean I’m looking at different ways for Him to start Attacking and Yeah these young players yeah they’re Not just gonna grovel for a try I think Nehal is seriously considering going for 3-0 with Queen C7 and Rook da whites Queen is feeling mighty claustrophobic There surrounded by you know its own end In by its own pieces So big decision here for nehal I think Queen takes D1 is the move you play if You’re like you know want to make that Professional draw After Queen C7 I don’t see him losing That game either Oh this is what a day for any Hall what A what a day we’ve got to start Respecting him as uh the future Uh coming out of India for for speed Chess for sure he is not yet 2700 Classical but I really feel like he just yeah he just Doesn’t play enough and he probably will Be I totally agree with that idea I think He

Man I know this is rapid this is a different Animal that is true But you don’t just accidentally stumble Into what very well could be a 3-0 win Against the world championship you just You just don’t it’s it just doesn’t Happen by accident And I’ve been saying that Niha will be 2700 for a while now I stand by that I Think he’s going to be a force to be Reckoned with in the years to come yeah I mean still has work to do in this game Yeah he has work to do in this game and In this match but by the way him not Being 2700 really doesn’t mean a whole Lot considering he’s at basically his Highest rating ever in classical so he’s Never been at a higher rating it’s like Two points away from his Peak so give Him a few classical tournaments over the Board and I think he’ll be just fine Yeah I mean listen you made a great Point earlier about Um The difference in rating means means a Lot less these days than it did in the In the past you know 2600 speeding 27.50 You barely bat an eye a Wonder Liang Crushes levonaronian the U.S Championship it’s a great game but You’re not as surprised as you would be Let’s say 10 years ago I mean just Echoing your plan from earlier

You know it’s the wild west out there And these top GMS better watch out Because the Young Guns are coming Yeah a new one is emerging every day and The cream of the crop of the junior Players just keeps getting better and Better and once these clashes actually Happen the young guys are winning They’re just straight up winning Yeah we are seeing here And they’re no longer afraid they’re no Longer making decisions because oh my Opponent is 2800 so he must have seen This in that line they are trusting Themselves and that I think is the Single scariest transformation that’s Happened to these players That’s incredible to see how does nihal Actually put this away though why is he So much better what does he have some Knight C2 Well I think he lost a little bit of his Advantage by trading Queens but he knew That and that’s why he invested so much Time I think the idea Knight c294 You can also Park the night back on D5 If you want to just play A5 So I can Take it easy here Yeah well black can take it easy ding The Run cannot take it easy everyone’s Gotta go Yeah I don’t know how he’s if you give

Like five moves how does white even Produce I mean Radio silence I I don’t know I really don’t know you Probably have to try to get like a Knight versus Bishop end game like Knight versus darkscore Bishop but Daniel also doesn’t know he’s leaving I’m leaving I’m closing my blinds Funny Oh yeah Yeah so Sunny is not good are those Salmon shorts They are no they’re red and The backlight I’m Steps in life Yeah wow that’s uh you you salmon shorts Kind of guy you got you got the sure mic Is that the mic that you have Uh yes but I’m not totally sure is it The Shure sm7b with like the did you Miss my butt it is indeed Oh I did miss your pun yes so we gotta Commentate more I know you you’re always Hitting Robert Hess with puns I didn’t I Didn’t that’s that’s the level of Intellect of those fun Is really I mean they’re hard to spot Yeah they’re tough they’re layered There’s a lot of kind of you know Underlying uh

I can’t even think of a good word to Follow up there but um yeah but speaking Of which I look at dingler and ding Loren is going back to the first rank to Figure out what’s next in the position Yeah all fair I mean listen he’s Incredibly level-headed but he must be Feeling nervous right now Toronto is Literally on the line he’s going to Canada with a 200 000 first prize if he Draws this game how can you not be Feeling at least a little bit of jitters A little butterflies in your stomach Um yeah You know if going to Canada might make You more nervous than potentially Winning two hundred thousand dollars Okay it’s Canada what the hell are you Even doing there uh no not Hamilton Wilds land yeah yeah it’s just moose Just walking on the streets in Canada You know just maple syrup spilled all Over the place I don’t know I um I was once in Edmonton Canada and Let me tell you that That was the only time in my life I hope I ever go to Edmonton Canada but the Other places are not bad Now I was like I’m gonna go Google some Flights after this yeah [Music] All right do some Airlines well A5 is Another great move it protects the night With upon taking the load off of the

Bishop why so that the bishop can move To D4 and knock off this E5 Pawn if you Can get ding to play out for it that’s Another major weakness that’s more Vulnerable squares and more prospects For Black Knight Yeah Yeah this is this is not looking great Uh by the way the job of us 40 seconds Let’s go let’s go check in on that Matchup Let’s check it out I think Timor might Have lost his grip on the position [Music] All right 20 seconds there we go napo’s Still up a pawn The grip has certainly been lost let’s Put it this way I wonder if Rook D2 Knight B3 rook d8 and Rook B8 Is winning or not okay Okay he’s just gonna push he’s pushing That he’s his entire claim is staked on This Pawn how is him we’re going to stop It it’s going to play Knight B5 No I mean how do you defend this with 16 Seconds you probably don’t like B6 Yeah Knight B6 or but now Knight B5 I Think this is the last stand for two More A7 would be a terrible blunder here But never look at him playing fast Yeah yeah yeah Evan no not over That is a depressing move to have to Make but respectable lest we forget Material is equal

King E3 King D4 King C5 just let the King go do it with his bare hands Whatever you do don’t walk into King f8 Knight D7 black I think wants to play The playroom then start walking with his Own King Don’t go King f8 Yeah he won’t he won’t uh King D4 Rook D5 And then E4 no I I know but oh and then Knight C6 is a threat Yep so two more trying to save time Rookie two by nepo so we’re rookie five I thought Rook A5 there was a big chance To win the potty place now 97 Knight B8 Or Knight C5 okay Rook A1 Maybe Or Rook A3 No he’s trying to knock this Construction is very fragile black Threatens Knight D6 and you could lose Your knight on C5 in the blink of an eye Yeah Knight B6 is also a threat King B4 Rook B5 ideas Knight B6 you’re gonna have to flicking D4 but I agree that’s very undesirable Your king is moving the wrong direction This is so tough 12 seconds for Tim Moore you’d think This is in the back for Napa but it most Certainly is not given the way this Match is gone no it absolutely isn’t This is very stressful if you’re a nepo Fan right now How do you create

Progress against Black’s Fortress like Maybe maybe No I was gonna say Rook C2 and try to Keep the Knight defended anytime you Move the king Oh my goodness have you been instead He’s gone King D4 and how do you stop The night from jumping to B5 and then Back to D6 Yeah I I’m I don’t know Okay I think Rook C2 now you have to Play oh my God but then I’d be fine Knight C7 Yeah and you’re just going to you’re I Mean you’re hey you just plays G4 Knight C7 what’s upon He’s just gonna lose his a pawn He’s losing his a pawn and you could Draw that with two seconds your job up Can pre-move knight C7 This is so wild This is just So uncharacteristic by Nepal I mean he Had a lot of chances this game And black is better I mean listen I know He’s winning A6 he’s not even losing the C point Wow that is so shocking you were right But this is just This is just incredible yeah and young Looks away he has nothing he has Absolutely no tricks Knight A6 is Completely forced zero the black king is Safer

Than I don’t even know what’s Safest thing I can think of but There’s no course there’s no nothing This is unbelievable I mean just 12 seconds no problem Okay last trick but no that’s not even a Trick just Knight takes A6 Yep scene q6 and 96 okay this is what Nepo’s going for he will On what a circumspect move there by Timur just stopped the knight from Jumping into E6 and winning the Jeep on Apple he uh Just says more pawns than white now That’s it if he wasn’t in a situation or A draw wins in the match rajaba would Decline a draw here maybe even with the Amount of time he has Like try that on for size I mean yeah I suppose you I mean you Could play for a flag right like you you Could really because your your chances Of Going home Oh my goodness yeah actually seriously Rook H7 hey obviously EPO still has a Chance here I mean when your opponent Has four seconds a mouse slip blunder One sick Oh my God this is this is actually Extremely stressful Rook H7 yeah Rook H7 wait what oh boy He’s one upon back there’s one

There goes one But it’s still a dead draw Levy because This Pawn on G5 is holding enough of White spawns he’s giving up a second Bone too because he wants rookie three Yep King yep that makes sense three Seconds 84 and 94. one second oh who’s On time oh And he blundered a second Pawn oh Timur Is getting nervous here he still should Be able to draw this oh my goodness this Isn’t Rook D6 or something I mean Control seven yeah Rook C7 and 94 Rook D6 your move Throw G6 I don’t know go somewhere rugby B6 something F7 back though Yeah that’s that’s smart oh he’s gonna Go Rook Beast okay He wants Knight D5 And he’s gonna play it And where is black skin going to go 94 Okay E3 Now Neville has 55 seconds Yeah where are you running here like What is what is the way forward I think You zigzag your way to the queen side Politely asked black how he plans to Defend the G5 Pawn maybe he doesn’t Maybe he doesn’t defend it he just tries To okay that’s how he’s gonna defend it Oh Wait what does Splat do what’s the move He’s got one second oh my goodness oh he

Wins the bottom H3 Oh that’s how he’s gonna defend it by Not defending it Still this is so hard to defend Knight Takes G5 and whites I can torture that Position for a long time yeah you don’t Even you don’t even have to take yeah Knight F7 Knight G5 is good I mean three Seconds remember Black can give away the night for the White spawn and that’s a pretty easy one To draw now I would have played Knight F6 there Yeah this is the rook and Knight versus Rook is just very simple draw actually Gotta interrupt you nihal sarin has won His game has drawn his game and he is Going to Canada That’s just incredible oh my God Yeah this is so stressful G5 you gotta Go G5 yep King f8 I would have gone okay Knight G4 oh yep king of fortnite F2 Hello Hello I think Tim Moore is going to Canada I think we’re going home night Intermezzo Oh my gosh The old not over Oh Rookie for a knight D6 or BH check only Move but then King James No Rook takes C4 is a drop C4 rookie Four rookie four that’s it rookie four And he’s going to Canada not yet

Rookie four was ending the game but I Guess Timur wants to sack the knife for The Pawn King G6 no I don’t like what He’s doing he’s gonna have to give away The Knight and he’s gonna have to do it Right now oh he doesn’t okay that’s it Here we go 50. remaining gentlemen Yeah the only way that Seymour loses This game is by getting mated losing on Time or hanging his Rook all of which Seem completely improbable Improbable but not impossible Levy he Missed Rook takes Knight which was an Immediate draw now he’s gonna have to be Tortured He’s gonna have to pray to the internet Gods yeah just go far away Go far away to avoid any Knight forks And just walk your King around the board And hope that you don’t lose on time Yeah now we should clarify that rook and Bishop versus Rook is a it’s like a Different type of end game Here you don’t even have to know any Technique all you have to know is don’t Miss a fork because even if the king is Pushed to the back rank The side of the Knight has zero winning Chance all You know the only reason you lose this Is like you Fall asleep and now Timor has 10 seconds On it this should be a pretty standard Draw

Oh yeah That’s not gonna and also I’ve seen People miss a discovered check in these Types Yes yes it is certainly possible And uh yeah I mean nepo is within his Right 100 to play on a lot of people Might might sit there and go oh why is He not taking the trouble because this Is it I mean this is the game he’s got he has To win and I think it would be disrespectful if he Didn’t play on yep Like of course he’s playing on You Know Anything Could Happen you guys everybody Has to realize that eight seconds on the Clock we’ve seen much crazier things Happen And Rook G5 it’s crazy how close you are To getting forked at any moment but this Is uh there are no Forks there are no Mates There’s no nothing we’re 125 moves in I Think we are 27 Moves In But more only needs about 22 more moves And he’s been nepo hasn’t even gotten Him onto the side of the board Nope and he had him on the side of the Board to start it doesn’t matter because The king the rook and the Knight never Have peace they never just get to walk Up to the enemy King and deliver a mate

The Black Road constantly gets in the Way you meddling kids you know in your Scooby-Doo and uh and that the black Rook just continues to ask questions and And this might be our longest game this Might be our Knight F3 by the way was a Fork but white would have lost the Rook So that’s that doesn’t work Oh But it doesn’t matter that’s the see King C3 Rook H3 so teamwork and rest Peacefully here doesn’t matter where the King is as you said Yeah this is uh this is incredible I did Not expect these matches I did not Expect but either of these matches to End in three games and I did not expect Either of these results which is Just unbelievable Just absolutely incredible I mean You can take it you can take the Knight That’s it that’s yep and apple offering A draw Ing we’re just going to Canada See more of a job of Punches his ticket the final player to Qualify for the round of eight in the Global Championship we will See you in Toronto hopefully that There’s a whole thing about visas but uh You know uh whether we get him there or Not he has made Is Mark he has won his group he has Taken down the top seed and he smiles

Finally allows himself a discharge of What must be some incredibly intense Emotions but let’s not forget nihal Sarna is the second Hero of the Day both Players advancing to Canada on the heels Of a ridiculously convincing Victory two Wins in a row to start the match Levy it Will take me some time to process what We just saw here today Yep what an absolutely amazing uh set of Matches truly uh we came into today with Three players and two of them up on your Screen right now who have just played in The most recent candidates they finished First and third respectively I mean they Were amazing in the classical portion Earlier this year they were very clearly The top two seeds in the group and Um well I mean what what more to say you Expected a barn burner of a match but Did we expect such a dominant display From one side Maybe not you know maybe not and Timur Is showing the world that if he’s going To beat yanyupomnishi who before the Entire event I chose as the winner Well He’s saying nope that’s out the window Now uh I’m the captain and you better Look at me you better respect me you Better respect what I bring to the table The waiver job of is playing the way we Have seen several players throughout These early rounds uh build up that

Momentum Dania I really feel like we are We are witnessing kind of uh story arcs In many ways I think you really called it at the Start we’re missing these quote-unquote Low rated players who are pushing all That to the side you know and showing That they don’t care who they’re playing Against they believe in the chess that They play well it’s more rajaba most Certainly did and our brave move of the Day uh Levy I chose this full disclosure Without your consultation but I don’t Think you’ll have a problem with this Because this is what started the fire This is what led the genie out of the Box it was game one done a very Unfortunate opening experiment it’s Punishes it in style in this position it Appears that white has great control Over the center nothing’s gonna happen Right well how how wrong would you be if You thought that you’d be forgiven Because B7 B5 comes out of the blue Forcing the C Pawn out of the picture And D5 to open up the e-file comes next And after the e-file opens the pressure On the ninth by the Bishops by the Queen By The Rook was insurmountable Levy and Our job of finished it off in style this Wasn’t just a brave move of the day These were the brave moves of the day And he was making moves of the day all Match long yeah he really was that move

B5 is amazing they say that the punches That hurt the most are the ones that you Don’t see coming it looked like white Had some stability there but boom B7 B5 On the board D7 D5 the one two combo From rajabov and I mean he’s just Carried that momentum throughout the Match really it it got started went got Off to a bad start for nepo and it never Really got better It never did it only gone got worse one Could Our Guest even more wins an equal End game in the second game to push nepo Against the wall it was incredible and Now the racket the round of eight is Fully set we know who’s going to Canada We know who’s going to be booking their Flights this week and it ain’t gonna be Who we thought it was Levy both of these Results are crazy and we are the stage Is set for an incredible final at Toronto as we look at the completed Group E bracket and it is Timur ajabov Who outlasts his opposition incredible Uh yeah absolutely incredible Timor has Risen up a level he is not just the Solid reliable with white and with black Super Grand Master that we have all come To expect uh in fact you may remember Prior to the candidates he was literally Given I believe the second or the lowest Percentage chance of winning and he said I’m gonna show you all what’s up and he Got third place I’m not saying he was

Given that the low of a chance here in The Global Championship but He’s going up against Yani pomnishu who Is the favorite in this group and he Said nope doesn’t matter three games the Minimum amount of time I need to win he Played an amazing set of games today uh And he is the rightful winner of his Group and he is the rightful qualifier Uh to the final eight in Toronto He is indeed and our second rightful Qualifier is nihal star and let’s take a Look at their matched score it’s uncanny How similar these two matches were in Terms of their Arc disaster strikes in Game one or ding now unlike nepo it Seemed he was composed in game two it Seemed okay he’s gonna create some Chances with the black pieces but it was Not meant to be knee-haul with ice water In his veins in his veins however you Want to say it Knight F4 and Knight Takes H5 and did all of ding’s hopes to Make it to Canada the Halls aren’t he Didn’t just beat dingley Wren let’s not Forget Levy he defeated Ralph mametov in The previous round in incredible fashion Oh and by the way in between Yeah he beat some guy named Vladimir Kramnik this is one of the most amazing Runs of all time I I think that’s not an Exaggeration yeah when we started this Event with the hundreds of qualifying Players and then the round of 64-32 and

16 and now down to eight we looked at Which of the young Stars would make it To this live final uh we had Eric icy Right we had a couple of other young Talented players ranik sedwani was in And ultimately none of them made it Except for nihal sarin and to get there He had to take out one of the best chess Players in Azerbaijan Olympic I think Board four for them he had to take out Vladimir kramnik who is arguably a top Five player of all time literally that’s Not an exaggeration look of the career Of Vladimir kramnik and then he beats Ding Loren who is playing for the world Championship who is the second highest Rated chess player in the world and I Believe the only one currently above 2800 not named Magnus Carlson and he Beat him in three games I mean what more do you want this is Literally ridiculous this is the best Storyline of this event how do you not Favor nihal Sarah now in Toronto I don’t Know you have a legitimate case that he Could be a one or two favorite You really could I mean he’s such a Dangerous rapid player he always comes Arms armed it seems with the right types Of openings he feels so comfortable in Certain types of positions and when he Gets those positions the scariest thing As I said before is that he doesn’t care Who sits across from him historically a

Lot of younger players they change the Way they’re playing because I’m playing This guy I’m playing that guy not Anymore the stronger players they’re Gonna have to come Bluff free because Players like Nielsen are coming to get Them and he’s gonna be coming to get Them in Toronto and before he’s going to Be doing that he will be joining us for An interview and I simply cannot wait For that but we’re gonna have to wait For that And uh we’re gonna ask me Hall all about His experiences in the match but we Wanted to remind you before we set nehal Up that the Global Championship is brought to you by brave Brave means private browsing and so much More by default Brave blocks ads and Trackers on every page and video you Visit even on YouTube no ads means up to Three times faster page loads faster Streaming and faster playback it means 35 longer battery life while saving on Mobile data and internet bandwidth for Android iOS and desktop get the best Browser for gamers streamers and Creators switch in 60 seconds at chess well knee-hal is about To Brave the uh commentary Studio he Will be joining us for interview do not Go anywhere you’re watching the Global Championship presented By Brave and we will have one of the top

Eight Toronto finalists nihal sarin in The studio on the other side of this Short break Your subscription makes shows like this Possible which is why our twitch Subscribers will never see ads on account and Twitch Account at connect accounts And bang boom voila you’re done 100 AD Free Bliss forevermore whether you’re Following our events on site or on Stream type the command connect in the Chat and thank you for helping bring These shows to life Thank you Foreign Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Thank you foreign

[Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Welcome back to the Global Championship presented by Brave we are Joined by the Gladiator Grandmaster Nihal sarin fresh off a rushing defeat Of dingley Wren to move on to the final Eight in Toronto nihal thank you for Joining us and a hearty congratulations Can you start by talking us through your Emotions right now and what you felt Right after you secured the draw in the Third game Uh thank you very much uh I did not Expect this at all I just I was just Hoping to put up a good fight and see What happens then The first game I think I managed to play Really well and uh that gave me some Confidence and Uh and the second game I swindled him Somehow then it was really And also in the third game I got a good Question out of the opening so it was Much smoother than I could like ever Imagine How you You’re one of uh the few young players Who Is in a really funny spot because

Correct me if I’m wrong you’ve never Played a chess game against dingley Ren Until today is that accurate Oh can can nehal not hear me anymore Uh sorry I I heard something else no I Wrote Uh nihal can you hear me now this is our Producer yes I can yeah Okay uh yeah sorry I I asked you like You’re in a very unique position one of Our scorecards today showed you had no Head-to-head games against dingly red uh That’s obviously true for over the board But even online we couldn’t find any Games have you literally never played Dingley Ren before what is that like I Mean how do you like how do you even Prepare for that All right I just have never played in actually Wow so how does it go for Preparation You just I mean you just look at his Lines his Tendencies and you just said Okay well I have nothing Yeah I hardly prepared actually uh I was Playing in I played in Spanish league and European Club cup so It was already quite quite that after Those two tournaments and Also did quite a bit of work for the Tournament so I just uh for the match I Just prepared for like barely one two Hours

My legs I adopted that strategy unfortunately I Don’t think I’d have the same results a D Hall in the round before you defeated Some guy named Vladimir kramnik pretty Weak player just kidding of course does It does it mean something special for You to beat someone like kramnik and did You train with kramnik at all when he Went over to India what is it like to Defeat someone like that in a match Uh that was just it was just a great Feeling and It’s just a great honor for me to play a Match against Electronic Ding and so many strong Players in this tournament No I I was not part of the Team that kramnik trained in India So never got to work yeah Yeah that’s yeah because kramek I know There was some delegation of young Players uh who were trained by kramnik Back in the day that is true now my Question is you’re always top five on in Blitz and bullet but you’re Also Rising rapidly In classical you are Not yet 2700 but I’m sure that we can Expect that from you in in some months It’s really just we’re sorry we’re sort Of just like yeah it’s gonna happen no No problem so I out of curiosity which Of the two what is the balance like does Rapid and does Blitzen bullet prepare

You better for this kind of online Rapid Or is it the classical and the Preparation and just being confident in Your openings because we see you Frequently have like 15 minutes on the Clock after 10 15 moves so which of the Two do you think helps more or does Everything help Now I think it’s more like everything Helps the the preparation the opening Preparation part comes from Mostly Classical chess and So you get to prepare good openings and And definitely the online bits and Bullet practice helps especially in time Travel where it’s it can be really tough If you are Not just not used to the interface and All that so I think it’s a mixture of Both Final question for me this is a featured Chat question uh someone in the chat was Wondering if King G7 in game one against Thing you were playing very quickly in The opening uh is it okay for you to Reveal whether King G7 was still part of Your preparation and if so when did your Prep end in that game Well yeah I knew Kim jisan I think I remembered it Correctly and King jisan I think it Ended after like 92 I go Bishop D6 and It’s just a solid position There’s like engineers

Yeah I don’t know what’s the point of King j7 but okay That’s just what it says so you you just Played in yeah Last question just overall before we Before we let you go uh you have now Made it to the round of eight I don’t Know if you know who your next opponent Is uh but it’s it seems like it’s live On aronian so you I believe you have Played him I don’t know what your extent Of experience is playing against Levon How many times you’ve played against Each other what do you expect what can We expect from you uh in uh in a few Weeks as we play our final eight [Music] Um It’s just I’ll just try to play good Chess and I’m just very happy to make it Make it to a topic I don’t think I’ve Played Lavan actually again I think Probably played some like friendly Blitz Or bug outside Oh wow that’s amazing With great anticipation Hall as you play The top eight in Toronto see you in Canada thank you so much for joining us For the interview congratulations once Again congratulations thank you thank You Okay That’s All She Wrote the final a

Is going to Toronto and that big word Champion it’s gonna be decided in just a Couple of weeks Levy what a ride it’s Been It’s been an array of just an amazing Ride Um and I think the busiest people for The next few weeks are not even going to Be the players that is going to be the Visa processing centers of their Respective cities and countries uh as Getting uh approval to actually travel At the moment is kind of up in the air The players will be busy preparing for Their matchups Visa processing centers Will be busy refusing visas on Completely empty grounds and uh it’s Going to be a fun time for everybody Involved listen Daniel when we when we Started that bracket preview that feels Like it was literally ages ago ages ago No and here we are and then there were Eight seven players actually no six Players of the eight in our Quarterfinals you saw in the last Candidates tournament one of these Players you have seen dominate in our Rapid events for months and the other One nihal sarin the underdog the Teenager the youngest of the field by Something like 10 years I think the Closest person to him is maybe Duda in Age just incredible I mean what more can You say this is what we wanted we got

One out of eight this time maybe in the Second edition of this event half the Field will be you know young young Teenage prodigies but this is just Sublime I’m so excited no it’s it’s been An amazing run it’s been such a Privilege to have courtside seats uh as We watch this field get thinner and Thinner we started with 128 players it Was like there’s gonna be so many Hatches we’re never going to get to Toronto and as you said Levy here we are You know the Visa processing centers are Indeed very busy the finals will be Coming your way at the start of November And the atmosphere the tension is going To be Amplified by the fact that it will Be taking place in person with Everyone’s favorite players involves and I’m just so so pumped to see the likes Of hikarnakamura and of course nihal Sarin and testing that 200 000 first Price it’ll be awesome you will not want To miss it and mark your calendar as Well On that note ladies and gentlemen the Online portion of the Global Championship has concluded the final Eight will be coming your way from Toronto at the start of November International Master Levy Rosman great Pleasure to commentate with you all Throughout the last couple of months This has been such an amazing ride made

All the better by who I get to Commentate with I’ll throw back to you For uh your final Reflections before Before we wrap it up no this is listen This is everything this is everything We’ve wanted high stakes chess with the Best players in the world with emotions Being displayed live on camera to a an Audience that awaits not just great Brilliancies but also tragic blunders And everything in between that is Basically it for the portion of the Event that we will stream from our homes The next time you see us we will be Sitting live in a studio I’ll still be Wearing colorful shirts I don’t know if Dania is going to be wearing a t-shirt But we’ll probably get him into Something a little bit more formal Yeah they’ll try I don’t know if they’re Gonna succeed but this is it eight Players remain 200 000 for first this is The highest single individual first Place prize of any event in 2022 we will See you all in a few weeks in Toronto And that’s it Dania this has been great And I think we’re out we’re signing off In a wild ride we are indeed we’d like To thank everybody in the chat on Twitch And on YouTube for supporting your Favorite player the energy has been Phenomenal all throughout the seat you See this wouldn’t be possible without The chat our sponsor Brave be joining us

All the way through to Toronto and of Course our incredibly hardworking team for their amazing work and In particular our producers Allah and Our producer today big for their uh just Tireless efforts to make these Broadcasts as Flawless as smooth as they Are and make our jobs as easy as they Are so thank you everybody and for now On a national Master Levy Rosman Grandmaster Daniel nerdinski getting you Goodbye from the online portion of the Global Championship presented By Brave we will see you at the start of November in Toronto for the final eight Goodbye [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music]

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