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Ding – Nepo WCC Now OFFICIAL!

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Ian Nepomniachtchi vs Ding Liren
Hainan Danzhou GM (2016), Danzhou CHN, rd 1, Jul-08
Scotch Game: Classical Variation (C45)

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 ed4 4. Nd4 Bc5 5. Nc6 bc6 6. Bd3 d6 7. h3 Ne7 8. Nc3 Ng6 9. Na4 Bd4 10. c3 Bf6 11. O-O Ne5 12. Be2 O-O 13. f4 Nd7 14. Qc2 c5 15. Bf3 Rb8 16. Be3 Ba6 17. Rfd1 Qe7 18. Bf2 Bb5 19. Rab1 Nb6 20. Nb6 ab6 21. Re1 Bc4 22. b3 Be6 23. a4 Rfd8 24. b4 Bc4 25. bc5 bc5 26. Rb8 Rb8 27. e5 de5 28. fe5 Bg5 29. a5 g6 30. Qe4 Qe6 31. Bc5 h5 32. Bd4 Rb3 33. Ra1 c5 34. a6 Ba6 35. Qa8 Qc8 36. Ra6 Rb8 37. Bf2 Kg7 38. Qc6 Rb1 39. Kh2 Qf5 40. Qe4

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Hello everyone and welcome to a very Nice game that was played in 2016 in the Heinen danjo Grandmaster tournament Between yaniponishi and the ding lyron Now if you are wondering about their Ratings these These are the actual Ratings they had um in July of 2016 so That's why I use those uh so hope you Don't mind that if they're not their Current ratings but I thought it'd be More authentic if we did it this way now Uh it is finally official will face Dingling for the World Chess Championship uh title as uh Magnus has Officially sent a letter to fide where He declines to defend uh his title and Both Yan and ding were officially Invited uh to partake in the uh 2023 uh Fide uh World Chess Championship and now If you guys remember Jan won the Candidates tournament very nicely a full One and a half Point ahead of Dean Weir And he finished with some nine and a Half dink had eight points and usually When you win the candidates tournament Your prize is to challenge the world Chess champion however magnets will not Be defending so ding who was actually Second in defeated candidates tournament Now becomes all that much more important And even Hikaru was very very close if He got that second place we we could be Having a a Yan versus Hikaru World Church championship in classical not

Just in in fish or random uh but it's uh It's again questionable if Magnus would Decline the title if he were to face Hikaru for example I don't know that's Just uh uh you know a a whole different Story uh so I decided to show you one Game uh that was from the serenized Tournament in 2016 it is their first Ever classical game that did not end in A draw that's all I'm gonna say and it Features a very nice line of the scotch Uh so I'm sure you guys are going to Enjoy that as well so let's dive Straight into it Nepal has the white Pieces and he opens uh the pawn is Already here with Ponte E4 we have Pawn To E5 Knight F3 Knights the C6 and now Pawn to D4 the scotch opening or the Scotch game as advert e-captor Sundee For Knight captures on D4 and now Bishop To C5 just putting pressure on that Knight on D4 and now uh Bishop to E3 is By by far the most popular A continuation for white but here we Have Knight captures and C6 uh the Second most popular and now B captures On C6 oh Queen to F6 is also possible You could just threaten Checkmate in White white to play Queen F3 trade Queens uh and then uh grab the Knight on C6 but if you want to keep the Queens in The game then just beat captures on C6 With Bishop to D3 by Yan and now Pawn to D6 and now again the position is a known

One here you will probably see some like Castles Knight the C3 or queen to E2 or Move like that but the move in this game Has never been played before and never Has been played since uh this game Between Nepal and Ding and that is Pawn To H3 this is what nipple um uh decided To bring to this tournament and uh Obviously it has a purpose of confusing Ding as it's a very weird move to play So it is now as of move seven that we Have a completely new game so let's see How Dean continues he plays Knight the E7 and already this could be very very Interesting because here the engine Really likes Queen to H4 but this is not A move you play I mean you don't play Queen to H4 unless you're like uh Jan Would play Queen to H4 even if he never Saw the position probably but maybe for Ding uh the position that doesn't call For it the thing is you are threatening Checkmate and that's not I mean of Course you're not gonna Checkmate your Opponent but it's very tricky how to Continue the game for white uh point Being that if you Castle You're just lost it's it's that simple Now Bishop captures an H3 G captures and Now of course Queen to G3 check King to H1 Queen captures and after King to G1 Uh it's not all that clear how to Actually finish the attack but the G5 Wins the game here beautiful stuff here

I mean it's such a uh such a weird move To play but uh you know if it works it Works uh now for example to give you Some ideas Bishop T3 of course you want To eliminate this bishop here Knight H6 You don't care about the bishop if Bishop counters here in 90 G4 threatens Checkmate and now after rookie one Clearing the F1 Square for the king Because if now Queen to H2 check you can Run now you're gonna capture uh on C5 And yes you have tripled pawns your Sacrifice the piece for the attack it Doesn't matter white is without a move There is no good move white can make Here everything is covered uh you can't Bring the queen to F3 you can't bring The The Rook to E3 then I discovering That I mean there are no useful moves Here let's say play Queen D2 look at This C4 4 already The Rook is coming Into the attack Bishop captures Rook d8 Bishop D3 now Rook D6 with Rook to H6 And queen H1 Checkmate so insane stuff But of course it's not forced so after This um H3 move uh you could play a Queen H4 but then white would have to Figure out how to how to defend properly And how to continue the development but As young brought this variation to the Tournament with H3 that being probably Thought of course Jan knows knows about Stuff like that so ding just played Knight to E7 we have Knight to C3 and

Now we have Knight to G6 we have Knight To A4 now it is uh important to get rid Of this bishop so Bishop D4 C3 and Bishop to F6 okay you do not win the Bishop but at least you you've gotten The bishop off of this diagonal and Finally we have Castles by nepo we have Knights the E5 now attacking the bishop And just Bishop to E2 so both players Keeping their Bishop pair uh alive uh Kingside castles biting and now Pawn to F4 and why wouldn't you the Knight has To go somewhere Knight to D7 and now Queen to C2 nicely developing the queen Then the bishop and then the Rooks will Be connected with fonta C5 the Knight Here isn't uh really doing all that Great but if you think about it this Knight really isn't doing all that great Either the bishop is an F6 you can put It on F6 even if you could maybe you Wouldn't want to maybe just give white a Very valuable Tempo uh you can't really Do all that much with it so probably you Will put it to B6 at some point And then uh Jan will just trade this Knight for this night so Bishop to F3 uh Putting the bishop on this diagonal Rook The B8 and not Bishop T3 continuing Development and now again there are many Ways you could continue this you could Play some like Knight to B6 right away You could play best of T6 you could even Start with a nice move like G5 also

Possible uh it's a idea being that you Want to capture on your for placing h8 And put the Rook on the G file to put Pressure on a white skiing side but the Thing not feeling like playing that kind Of a game goes the best of the A6 Attacks The Rook Rook after D1 and now We have Queen to E7 makes sense as you Do not want this Rook aligned with your Queen Bishop back to F2 and now Bishop To B5 now putting pressure on the Knight Here and it seems like ding wants to Capture an A4 and then after Queen Captures play Rook captures on B2 but This isn't a a very a very good thread For example let's say you play rookie One you prepare E5 at some point Bishop Captures Queen captures and Rook Captures it looks like very good for Black you've gained control of the Second rank but look at this E5 and now After d captures an E5 Queen captures an A7 with uh C7 hanging you can't capture Here because the queen is on E7 it's uh Not not all that impressive for black And also white just has a fast Pawn White can start pushing that pass Pawn So uh you know maybe in some lines but It's not the a concrete threat but still Nepal plays Rook 8 to B1 we have Knight The B6 and now he does trade this Knight Uh that was on the rim for the entire Game for this Knight on B6 so captures Captures and now Rook to E1 uh in case

Some of you were only listening and not Watching that was a characters and B6 Not C characters and B6 so here we have Bishop to C4 putting pressure on the A2 Pawn and now Pawn to B3 attacking the Bishop on C4 Bishop back to E6 and now Pawn to A4 we have Rook after d8 also You could consider something like G6 if You consider uh F5 to be a threat but Adjust the Rook after d8 biting and now Comes Pawn to B4 and now it looks like You are threatening A5 which will Definitely create a past Pawn so ding Just Place Bishop to C4 now you don't Really care about A5 because A6 is Guarded and if a A5 a a captures and B6 Then you will happily undouble your C Pawn so it's not a problem so B captures And C5 by on this is a beautiful move That trades down into a wonderful Wonderful position for him look at this B captures on C5 Rook counters on C8 Rook captures on C8 and now Pawn to E5 Just breaking through here D captures F Characters now of course it seems like You could capture this but then I mean I Uh uh how are you surviving this the Bishop captures on E5 uh a nice Queen to E4 attacks the bishop twice now and also The bishop and C4 is attacked so instead After F captures an E5 Bishop to G5 is Played and now we have Pawn to A5 Nepal Just starts advancing his past Pawn Instead of A5 I will just mention it

Because it's really a nice slap in the Face there is this move H4 and it's just A very ugly move to meet because it Forces Bishop to an even a less Favorable Square it forces the bishop to H6 point being now that if Bishop Captures an H4 you can just trade and There's a rookie for winning the bishop On C4 so you're gonna have to move the Bishop back to H6 which is not all that Great so maybe a slight Improvement A5 G6 Now by Ding and this was uh Queen to E6 was a little bit better you want to Cement your control over the over the A6 Square G6 does not do all that much Jan Plays Queen E4 now puts pressure on the Bishop on C4 Queen to E6 defending the Bishop and also keeping an eye on that A6 square and now comes Bishop captures On C5 now instead of these Bishop Captures on C5 I will also just mention One incredibly beautiful line because This is classical so you know we are Here to enjoy beautiful lines look at This bishop G4 move it seems like it's Doing a whole lot now if the queen moves You're gonna push E6 you're gonna ruin Black's King side and then you're gonna Just win the game easily however what Happens if Pawn to F5 probably what Happens is you're gonna have to Calculate a lot what happens here and Probably everything gets traded off and You have an end game that's maybe not so

Certain however it is completely winning Look at this e captures on F6 Queen Captures an E4 Rook captures an E4 and Now how do you how do you play this Doesn't really matter let's say you play Rook the B1 with check uh White will Just block Rook D1 and after captures And captures now how do you defend uh You could either go for this Pawn or you Could go for this pawn and uh none of it Is uh really good if you capture or play Something like King to F7 just Bishop to C8 you gain control over the A6 where You're gonna push A7 A6 A7 and A8 uh Bring your queen into the game and win The game there is no way to defend the Dark squares as your pawns are blocking The dark Square so this would just be Completely winning for white and another Thing after this bishop captures anyone If you don't go after the F Pawn if you Go for some like Bishop to A6 you Blockade the pawn you cover the C8 Square now look at this bishop to E6 Check now all of these squares are Covered King fate F7 and now the problem For black is there is no way to control All of the dark squares because you can Reach the black in just so many ways and Jan just so happens to have a a dark Square Bishop so yeah even if you don't Do anything just Bishop G3 for example Captures and Bishop D6 check we will end The game and if you try something like

Bishop to F4 to try and control all of The squares it's still not possible just Bishop F2 goes after this pawn and once You prevent this with Bishop to D6 now I Just play Bishop P3 you go after Bishop H6 like I said impossible to control all The dark squares so uh this was quite a Move Bishop to G4 but the young goes for Bishop captures on C5 it's still Incredibly difficult to defend whether It's winning by force most likely uh It's just that this one was uh you know Very easy to see why it's completely Winning so here Ponte H5 by Ding and now Bishop to D4 we have rooked the B3 and Now comes Rook to A1 of course but not Allowing some like Rook E3 to put the Rook behind the pass pawn and now you Are ready to push we have pawned the C5 By ding attacking the bishop and Indian Just laughs in his face and pushes Pawn To A6 of course the bishop and D4 cannot Be captured if you capture it pawn to A7 And pawn to A8 ends the game so after A6 With Bishop captures and A6 and now Queen the A8 with check and that's why I Said the other line uh was better Because it's outright just winning and This way you allow ding to find some Defensive Maneuvers and here if ding Finds King to G7 he will probably defend The game for example if King to G7 now How do you play Bishop D5 you attack the Queen and the Rook Queen the B6 now

We're gonna capture The Rook on B3 but Now C captures on D4 let's not forget That bishop and D4 is hanging Queen Captures an A6 now Queen captures on B3 And after C captures on D4 it looks like Okay Rob The Exchange you have a d Pawn You have an E Pawn uh the problem is There's Queen to E3 check and after King Stage one Queen captures on D4 and now White has nothing better than the play E6 this is the only attempt at winning The game F characters and you have this Position where white is up the exchange But black just might have enough Compensation uh with the semi-open uh White King's position uh you might not Be able to to just end the game you if You put both the queen and the Rook into The attack then you might not have Sufficient resources to defend against All of the checks black can give so Something to consider but instead of King to G7 Dean played Queen to C8 offer The queen trade and now look at this Rook captures on A6 first young grabs The bishop and now Rook to B8 and now uh The Jan's Queen on A8 is hanging and the Problem is there is only one move that Wins the game for Yan uh and it's a Really funny one so feel free to pause The video and win this game for Yan While I give you a couple of seconds So for those of you who are able to do It congratulations on paying attention

Because yes our Bishop on D4 is still Hanging and for those of you who just Want to enjoy the show it is Bishop to F2 the only winning move so Congratulations to everyone who found This it means that you can just you know Get out of the position you know forget About the Queen Annie that's sort of Hanging it's not really hanging but yeah You have to find Bishop to F2 so Congratulations to everyone who was able To do this and now you you don't really Have a move with white if you capture The queen then just rook recapters and The black king Falls as well as the Bishop covers the A8 Square so there's Really nothing better captures captures And you're just up a full light Square Version so of course this is completely Winning for ding so instead after Bishop To F2 ding plays King to G7 now but That's uh you know King King to G7 a few Moves too late uh Queen to C6 now Getting the queen out of Harm's Way Offering a queen trade and here Rook the B1 with check King to H2 and now Queen The F5 going after that E5 5 Pawn but Here or instead you could play Bishop F4 Check with just G3 or Bishop G3 there is Nothing here so instead Queen F5 uh Nipple blade Queen to E4 and it was in This position on move 40 probably when Time control was reached um uh that Dingler and resigned the game as there

Is nothing more to be done here now you Either trade Queens which is not really Good you're down a full piece if you Move the queen you lose the Rook uh here So there is nothing any Bishop therefore Check again you okay you can grab one Pawn but it's not enough captures Capture still it's I mean a full bishop Or a completely resignable uh so after This Queen T for move ding resigned and Jan nipponishi uh wins the game and he Wins the his first ever game against uh Dingler and In classical time format uh Up until this point in 2016 ding has yet To win a single game against the In Classical time format which is not that Easy if you've seen uh how young plays Chess even uh before the World Chess Championship match she was one of the One of the actual few people who had a Positive score against Magnus Carlsen In Classical after the world championship Match that kind of changed because there Were a lot of decisive games there uh But yeah really good stuff so it's a fun Game uh oh pretty much all of their Classical games are fun and I think We're gonna have a really really Interesting World Chess Championship Match uh so we'll see uh we'll see what When it happens uh we don't know a whole Lot about the world's championship match 2023 but I will keep you guys informed As soon as uh you know anything goes

Public Uh so yeah uh that's the game I hope you Guys enjoyed it uh like I said first Ever game uh with a with a not another Draw result between the two of them so Hope you enjoyed that uh I would like to Thank Nathan Halsey Jacoby the more Chess 960 ergon Carlo marovo and the Martin girl paparik for a contribution To my channel thank you a lot I really Appreciate it as usual you can check two Of my previous videos here thank all for Watching and I will see you soon Continuing to check up on your wonderful Suggestions uh and whatever else happens In the Chess World thank you all I will See you soon and have an excellent rest Of your day


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