Monday, October 2, 2023
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Danny Races James Canty To 60 Push-Ups AND Checkmate

Watch @Daniel Rensch take on @James Canty III in a push-up chess workout at the Global Championship in Toronto!

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Oh [Music] Foreign [Music] How much It's taking 30 seconds what 40 seconds [Music] Fully extend I want to see the full Extension No no you can't use your on your move on Your move oh you only can of course Otherwise what did you get all 16 61. Yeah Foreign [Music] I got nervous of my match I got nervous Then I blundered on my match okay [Music] Hit it what do I do [Music] [Applause] Uh [Music] Daddy's doing better chest wise Push-ups yeah Let's come up with others What else you could just do Um It'll get brutal [Music] [Music] Real fast It's still alive yeah I'm still alive Still alive

Right [Music] [Music] [Music] Dude I can't do 75 push-ups after that [Music]


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