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Crisis in life

Psalm 50:15
God says: Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.

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Hi This is mato Today i will talk about Crisis in life Am i qualified You bet i am Who likes crisis Nobody Likes crisis Let me tell you About one Of my crisis Just one I don’t want to tell you all of them When i was 10 years old I lived in croatia with my grandmother My parents were in different countries My mother was in australia and my father Was in germany So i lived with my grandmother In a Town called draenozi One of my friends Got a chessboard in pieces for a present From his father who worked in germany And suddenly all kids in the street were Playing chess I joined I was losing every game in four moves Later on i learned that was form of Checkmate i don’t care much because i Even didn’t want to play i just want to Be with other kids but one day One of the older kids said to me that

I’m stupid And that i should go home And i said you must be joking he said Go home you are not intelligent enough To be part of this group i went home And cried a lot And then I decided To improve my chess and to prove To these kids in the street that i’m Intelligent Just Like them but can you imagine That other kids kick you out of the Group because you are not intelligent Enough that would hurt So I was waiting for my grandmother to come Home and to ask her to buy me a Chessboard When she came home i asked and she said That i’m stupid because if she had Money she said she would buy me shoes I said i don’t need shoes I need chessboard it was summertime She said no but then i used this magic Formula which kids Use I said i will do anything If you buy me a chessboard And she said i’ll buy you a chessboard If you become An a great student I was a billionaire student then

I said okay I studied hard And at the end of the year I became An a grade student and i had a Certificate to prove it My grandmother was proud of me and she Was showing my certificate To all people that are passing to the Street and then it was her time to Fulfill her obligation we went from my Hometown reynolds In croatia To bosnia bridge We were walking there we didn’t have Money To pay for the bus ticket so we walked To bosnia and then when we arrived In in bosnia in that city i saw Chessboard display there and we went Inside and i said my to my grandmother This is the chessboard that i want My grandmother took her handkerchief out With Hundreds and hundreds of coins like five Cents coins and the lady shop assistant She counted all the money and she said You don’t have enough money for the big Chessboard So i said it’s okay we’ll buy medium one And then there was not enough money for The video board So we bought a small one but then i Borrowed the book worked on my chest

And when i was grade seven i could beat Anyone In chess in my hometown even the best Player A teacher of history so That crisis was Very relevant for what i am doing now If kids were not nasty to me I would probably never Enjoy my chess career now If life Gives you a lemon Make a lemonade If you have crisis in your life right Now you should know that this may be A golden opportunity to achieve great Success In your life And that is all I hope that you enjoyed watching this Video I wish you good luck in converting Your crisis Into a success Bye for now


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