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Chess puzzle of the week – White to play, Nimzowitsch-Tartakower 1912

Grandmaster Daniel King demonstrates the puzzle of the week, Nimzowitsch-Tartakower 1912. Support on Patreon: 🔥
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Foreign Between two legends of the chess scene In the early Decades of the 20th century Aaron nimsovich playing white savielli Taught kova playing black and it was Played in a legendary tournament Carlsbad 1911. At that time Carlsbad probably The best tournament in the world And this was a fascinating game You can see that The Rook is attacked by the bishop The Knight attacks the queen what does White do about that well nimsovich found A very creative solution He played Knight C4 giving up his Queen Knight takes Rook takes Rook now whoa lots of arrows On the board You can see the knight in the middle is Attacked And if it steps back then this Rook Comes down here and wins the queen Because there's going to be a check There So tartakova brought the bishop back Attacking The Rook Nimsovich took the Knight Bishop takes Rook Rook takes So here we have a situation where ninja Which has rook and Knight against the Queen these minor pieces are beautifully Placed there's even a Czech mate

Threatened now taskova stepped out of Trouble there with Bishop C1 giving the King an escape Square here But there's no doubt that here Nimsovich with white has excellent Compensation For the queen The Rook controls the only open file and Those minor pieces are beautifully Placed Actually nimsovich ended up losing this Position So that's not the solution although I Find it a very attractive positional Queen sack Let's go back to the starting position So if you played Knight C4 well you're Doing as well as nimsovich that's not Bad But in fact there is a continuation Which is simply winning for white Queen A8 now that is a beautiful move I Love the geometry of this Casting down the board and cutting back So Queen takes Rook is threatened so if Bishop takes Rook here Queen takes and Well because of the the skewer on the E-file white is just winning So after Queen A8 that Queen has to be Accepted so Rook takes And now Rook takes Knight check Ing king and queen so Queen takes Rook Rook takes check King steps back

If if the King goes back here then just Bishop takes a rook So the King goes back to where fate and Now Hit the rookies hit Rook takes Pawn Hitting the bishop And if Bishop takes Knight Then Rook takes check Rook check and Then Rook takes Rook An extra exchange this Pawn is dropping It's a very easy win for white okay Let's go back here So after Rook takes you could play King G8 Rook takes Bishop so now white is a Piece up that Knight is an extra piece The bishop hits The Rook so The Rook has To move Now only problem is The Rook is somewhat sidelined but in Fact after this There's no way that you can win The Rook And actually white escapes With the extra piece and that's winning So it's a little bit involved at the end But if you found the move Queen A8 That is the key move in this position That is the winning move Queen A8 If you want to see the solution and the Full game yeah it's a very interesting Game actually then do check out the link To you'll find that in The comments And indeed for daily puzzles then do Check out


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