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Chess puzzle of the week – White to play, Georgiev-Mahajan 2022

Grandmaster Daniel King demonstrates the puzzle of the week, Georgiev-Mahajan 2022. Support on Patreon: 🔥
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Foreign This is a game between georgiev and Mahajan played in Los Angeles in August 2022. If you manage to solve this You're on genius level this is really Tricky and really beautiful stick around This is incredible Are you ready You can always pause the video if you Want more time to calculate this so Frankly it needs more time First move is Bishop C3 I should say That this position uh black has queen Against two Rooks Normally the two Rooks should win but The queen can be very tricky But this is decisive okay what's the Deal Well if Queen takes Bishop white forces A checkmate Like this this is the simple variation That's pretty easy No way out for the king Okay let's come back Queen C7 was played in the game NOW Watch What Happens Knight G5 check Remember there's a rook here so the King Has to step up And now Knight takes Pawn check Has to be taken of course if the king Steps back then that's mate

So Queen takes Knight Rook h8 drives the king up the board Okay yeah how do we Corner the king how Do we trap it What's the move F4 check Of course that has to be taken And now the absolute star move and if You Saw this before you found Bishop C3 this Is pretty incredible You won what a move It's threatening Bishop H4 Checkmate Supported by The Rook And the thing about playing F4 was that It of course Opens up the f file for The Rook so the King doesn't find any escape on the f File so for example if it runs away like This then Rook takes Bishop Just wins the queen here Well it's still not quite over let's Just try a couple of things so what About Bishop H2 check Well that can be taken Here's the tricky variation Queen takes Rook oh my word black has escaped but no Watch this this is brilliant Bishop H4 Check it's not mate But you do skewer king and queen Rook Text Queen and white is just a rook up That's incredible In the game Black tried Bishop E3 check King steps up

Getting the Rook controls all the Squares on the f file so Bishop F4 Bishop H4 mate is coming Black gave up the queen but of course With Rook against Knight this is a very Easy win for white and The game finished like this In fact It ended in mate again Bishop H4 very appropriate very nice Help mate actually just coming right Back to the start So the first move was Bishop C3 now Black obligingly put the queen back on C7 if Queen C5 in fact it is possible to Force the queen back you can play Bishop B4 And the King you can see cannot remain On the fifth rank It has to retreat and then we transpose Back into the game Because it's still Going to be made like this Doesn't make any difference And we're back in the game continuation If you want to check out the solution And indeed the entire game then do check Out uh you'll find the Link in the comments and in the video Description and indeed if you want more Daily puzzles then chess is Your site thanks for watching


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