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Chess puzzle of the week – White to play, Engel-Keymer, German Masters 2022

Grandmaster Daniel King demonstrates the puzzle of the week, Engel-Keymer 2022. Support on Patreon: 🔥
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Foreign What is the best continuation now this Is not your normal checkmating 2 kind of Puzzle This is very difficult indeed it's Really subtle but I think very beautiful So what I'm going to do is I'm going to Put this position in context because it Is quite confusing you can see there are Lots of captures available so let me go Back a couple of moves I should say that This game is between Lewis Engel who is German Grandmaster and Vincent kymer He's just turned 18 years old German Superstar he's crossed over the 2700 barrier an extraordinary talent and This game was played in the German Masters in August 2022 1 by kymer Okay so what's going on here well kaima Gave a check Okay one check which was blocked with The Rook and it feels as though the Position is drifting towards a draw if Black exchanges there are so few pawns On the board that a draw looks like a Likely outcome But instead of exchanging Rooks here Kymer tried Bishop d8 now that is a very Tricky move So this is our puzzle position white to Play basically how can white save the Game Well let's go through some of the

Options what about Rook takes Rook Then Bishop takes Rook check King has to step aside and then Knight Takes Knight And black is simply a piece up black Should win okay so that one doesn't work All right well what about just moving The Rook what about moving the Rook to B4 Well you can see the Rook is running Very short of squares and after Rook Takes Rook check and Bishop A5 that Rook Is trapped so that's no good for white Well in the game Angle realized The Rook was in trouble And gave up rook for Bishop But now climate was the exchange up a Rook for Bishop up and although there Aren't many pawns on the board actually He managed to win this one Once the Knight is exchanged and a rook Activated Then actually his technique was good Enough to win so that one doesn't work Either Hmm so what does white do about this Threat to the Rook now this is an Extraordinary save that white has here Are you ready you can always pause the Video if you want to try and work it out Rook B7 check Looks mad you're just giving up the Rook Now Rook takes Rook And the point is that if Knight takes

Knight Then this bishop is now unprotected Bishop takes Bishop Material is still even if let's say Rook B8 the bishop just comes back Rook here Bishop takes Pawn material is Still even and that should end in a draw So what an extraordinary move Rook B7 Check Just to push that Bishop to a square Where it's unprotected And after this well material is even and White will save the game Not an easy one at all and well quite Understandable that Engel actually Overlooked that defense If you want to play through the solution Again then do check out You'll find a link down there in the Commentary in the comments and yeah for More daily puzzles then Is your website


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