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Photos by Lennart Ootes
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Le, Quang Liem (2775) – Carlsen, Magnus (2848)
Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals ( [5] 2022.11.18
E11 Bogo-Indian defence

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 Bb4+ 4.Bd2 Bxd2+ 5.Qxd2 d5 6.Nc3 O-O 7.e3 b6 8.cxd5 Nxd5 9.Rc1 Bb7 10.Nxd5 Bxd5 11.Bd3 h6 12.Qc2 c5 13.dxc5 Nd7 14.e4 Bc6 15.cxb6 Rc8 16.bxa7 Qa5+ 17.Qc3 Qxa7 18.O-O Nf6 19.a3 Bxe4 20.Qxc8 Rxc8 21.Rxc8+ Kh7 22.Rd1 Bxd3 23.Rxd3 Qb7 24.Rc2 e5 25.Re3 Ng4 26.Ree2 e4 27.Nd2 f5 28.h3 Ne5 29.Nc4 Nd3 30.b4 Qa6 31.Red2 f4 32.Nb2 Qxa3 33.Nxd3 exd3 34.Rb2 f3 35.b5 Qa1+ 36.Kh2 fxg2 37.Kxg2 Qe1 38.b6 Qe4+ 39.f3 Qg6+ 40.Kf2 Qg5 41.b7 Qc5+ 42.Kf1 Qe3

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Magnus Carlsen, Anish Giri, Praggnanandhaa and Wesley So play from the San Francisco Ferry Building as the 2022 Meltwater Champions Chess Tour season ends with the Finals from November 14-20. They’re joined on the chess24 Playzone by Arjun Erigaisi, Jan-Krzysztof Duda, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov and Liem Le as the 8 players compete for $210,000 in a 7-round all-play-all event. Each match consists of 4 rapid games, with $7,500 for a winner in rapid chess.

If a match is tied 2:2, two blitz games are played followed, if needed, by Armageddon. A tiebreak winner earns $5,000 and the loser $2,500. The time control for each rapid game is 15 minutes, with a 10-second increment from move 1. The blitz tiebreak games are 5+3, while for Armageddon White has 5 minutes to Black’s 4, but a draw counts as a win for Black. No draw offers are allowed before move 40. Official website:

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Hello everyone and welcome to a very Nice game that was played yesterday in Round five of the military Champions Chester finals it is Quang Liam Lee Versus Magnus Carlson and even though Magnus is leading the tournament Quang Liam Le uh defeated Yankees to do that In the previous round and he is playing Some excellent chess uh so let's see how This one turns out as this is game six Of their match so the the match started In the rapid section of the of the match Magna started by winning uh then Liam Retaliated in the second game games Three and four ended in a draw and this Is now the sixth game of Blitz Magnus Won the fifth game and now he only needs A draw in this game uh in order to win The match so let's see what happened uh As this a little bit of information uh Does make the game all the more Interesting so uh Quang Liam opens with Pawn to D4 we have Knight to F6 uh C4 we Have Pawn to E6 and now Knight to F3 With Bishop to B4 check going for the BOGO Indian defense Bishop to D2 locking Check and now Bishop captures on D2 Queen captures on D2 and now Pawn to D5 We have Knights the C3 and here Magnus Castle's King side we have Pawn to E3 And now B6 Queen to E7 uh is uh is also Possible but uh for some reason Magnus Decides to go B6 even though uh B6 has Not been played this year Queen t7 is

The main idea here B6 is sort of again Last year's move uh maybe testing if uh If Liam uh knows his stuff in the BOGO Indian so C captures on the five Knight Captures on the 5 and Rook to C1 with Bishop to B7 and now Knight captures on D5 and there is one game in the database Where Queen captures on D5 was played And it is a nice move it brings the Queen and the worship to this diagonal However it's easy to kick away the queen With Bishop to C4 you basically give White a free a free Tempo and even if Queenie foreign simply Bishop to D3 so The queen can't really remain on this Strong diagonal so instead Magnus just Plays Bishop captures on D5 and it is Not as of move 10 that we have a Completely new game uh Alien replies With Bishop to D3 uh he wants to play Queen to C2 and attack the H7 Pawn into The C7 Pawn so that's why Magnus uh Plays H6 you could also play C5 it's Important to avoid this double attack so H6 uh We've Queen to C2 now attacking C7 And just Pawn to C5 we have D countries On C5 and this is where the game really Takes an interesting turn what Magnus Should play is B captures on C5 or if he Wants to be completely safe this is what He should play uh as Queen captures on C5 is impossible you can never cap run C5 because just Bishop captures an F3 And also opens up an attack on the

Bishop and D3 so your opponent C5 even Though it's undefended it's actually Defended by a tactic and it will survive For a very long time yeah probably Indefinitely but after the captures on C5 Magnus played Knight to the D7 he Gives up more material Uh for some rapid development but this Is not the the the best way to go about It uh and uh if uh Alien left finds C6 Then uh life for magnets will be Incredibly difficult point is that after Uh Knight C5 there's B4 of course There's B4 Knight captures on D3 Queen Captures and now let's say queen E7 goes After the B4 Pawn with check but you Don't care about it you just Castle to Safety uh and then if Queen captures on B4 you just um uh continue pushing your Pawn or even better you push E4 you Attack the bishop and now if Queen Captures on B4 with check you play Knight to D2 you guard your E4 Pawn as It's now attacked by the queen and by The bishop and after some like Bishop Captures on A2 you will play Queen C2 And now you are attacking the bishop and Also you have a pass Pawn that's ready To go to C7 so this would be a very nice Uh position for white most likely a Winning one but okay in the game he Advanced the Ponte E4 instead of Pawn to C6 and not magnet displays Bishop to C6 And this is blitz so of course it's

Impossible to find all of these ideas I'm just showing it as uh positions are Really really awesome uh if you've got Bishop to B7 might be a little bit Better C6 is impossible because of Rook To C8 but now Magnus plays Bishop to C6 Instead of B7 and now just uh C captress On V6 and again his Bishop is hanging he Plays Rook the C8 but now just B Captures on A7 he is not afraid of um And the bishop moving uh so Queen to A5 With check Queen to C3 and now comes Queen captures on A7 Magnus grabs the Past A7 Pawn Castles by Liam lit and now Knight the F6 we have Pawn to A3 now Preparing to start marching those pawns Forward and Magnus doesn't really have a Better move uh than Bishop capture Sunny For it's it's grabbing a pawn as the Queen on C3 will be attacked but even Though it's the the best move it doesn't Really give black all that much because Liam of course gives up the queen so Queen Queen captures on C8 Rock captures Rook captures with check King to H7 and Now Rook to D1 defending his Bishop here And after Magnus traded his captors and Captures Queen to B7 Rook to C2 was Played and now you have this position uh Where uh White has Five Pawns black has Four pawns but uh White also has two Rooks for the queen so upper pawn and Two Rooks for the queen is definitely a Sufficient compensation and also the the

A and B pawns are passed Pawn so if you Can start pushing those pawns even if You have to give up one of them uh you Should be winning so it's gonna be hard For Magnus to pull this off but on the Other hand the queen and the Knight make A deadly combo uh it's a very very hard To fend off a queen in the night air Queen and the bishop not so much because Like if you have a queen and Bishop on a Light Square on a light diagonal you put A knight on F3 and the Queen and version Battery is useless but if you have a Queen at night it's much much more Difficult to defend so here Ponte E5 Magnus that wants to create some Pressure pushing the E and F pawns Rook The E3 and now Knight the G4 attacking And defending Rook e to E2 and now Pawn To E4 with Knight the D2 and pawn to F5 So Magnus starts making progress here H3 Attacks the Knight Knights the E5 and Now Knights the C4 offers a trade of Knights which Magnus declines as he Should Knights to D3 and now Pawn to B4 Uh very very good stuff here uh Queen to A6 a beautiful paralyzing move by Magnus This is uh this really paralyzes Everything because the The Rook cannot Move because it defends the Knight the Knight cannot move because it defends The pawn uh pawns cannot move as they Will be captured so there really isn't a Good move you can play here so Rook e to

D2 and now Pawn to F4 we have Knight the B2 sorry Knight to B2 offering a trade Of knights and this Magnus should Decline very loudly he should play Something like Knight to E5 or Knights The E1 just declined that trade but Magnus got greedy for the pawn and he Played the queen captures on A3 and like We said you don't need two points you Only need one pawn and you need a rook Behind that pass pawn and now uh Liana Just captures on D3 which also Disconnects the pawns Now Pawn captures On D3 is played and Rook the B2 enough From that position where you had a queen And Knight and like we said Queen and Knight are a deadly combo because for White that Knight didn't really do all That much for black that night was Incredible now uh Magnus really doesn't Have all that much to try here I mean There's a rook on B dude there's a Pawn On B4 Liam they will just start pushing It and at some point you will probably Have to put a queen behind the pawn if You want to block it so Pawn to F3 Magnus will create some further Weaknesses with Pawn to B5 just starts Advancing that pawn even though G Characters on F3 is objectively better This is blitz so Queen to A1 with check King to H2 now comes F characters on G2 King cap actress and queen to E1 now Going for some sort of

Perpetual checking idea uh Pawn to B6 And now Queen to E4 with check we have Pawn to F3 and queen to G6 with check we Have King to F2 and now uh there is only One move that doesn't lose the game for Magnus so feel free to pause the video And try to find it as I mean it's it's a Very lovely position because if you're Playing this if you have a seconds on The clock you know you're you're playing Blitz it's a very very hard to imagine That you will spot this but you are Imagining in your own home very Comfortable watching this on your Smartphone or on your TV or on your Computer and you will enjoy if you are Able to solve this one so I have at it Uh while I give you a couple of seconds So for those of you who were able to do It congratulations on spotting that you Have to put the queen on the proper Diagonal and for those of you who just Want to enjoy the show it is Queen to D6 Magnus did not find this he played Queen To G5 which is similar but not quite With Queen to D6 you gain access to the H2 square and that is the most important Thing here yeah because now if let's say You play King to G2 to avoid this then You repeat Queen to G6 and you don't Care if you try something else let's say You advance the pawn pawn to B7 now you Have Queen to H to check and you will Always be able to check the white king

Uh for example if if King that E1 you Can even check mating Queen to G1 is Checkmate so the King has to go for Example the E3 now you play Queen to E5 Check if King captures on D3 Queen to D6 With check if you go to C2 then Queen to C5 with check if King the D1 then you Repeat Queen to G1 check if the King Goes up the board you play Queen to C5 Check and if King the B1 again Queen to G1 check King to A2 and again Queen to A7 check so as long as you continue Checking along this diagonal you will Always have a check to give however After King to F2 Magnus played Queen to G5 which seems like you will be able to To check the white king also Indefinitely but not quite limit just Pushes Pawn to V7 and now Magnus Realizes what he has done Queen to C5 With check King to F1 and now uh there Are no more ideas for black Unfortunately you cannot reach the H1 Square in that line that we've shown you Were on H2 so King to H1 you could just Continue checking even a nice Perpetual Queen H1 Queen H2 Queen H1 H2 or if the King starts marching then you just Continue checking along this diagram Like we've shown here you have nothing Magnus just played Queen to E3 and he Was in this position unmove 42 that Magnus Carlsen resigned the game as There is nothing more to be done here

Even if you give this check just King Moves King to G2 and that's it there are No more useful checks next move white Gets a queen into the game but after Queen to E3 again just B8 Queen this Could this could be a possible Continuation I know most of you don't Need this but some of you may be new to Chess so you might be interested in how This would be played out let's say queen Captures an F3 with checking G1 but now There are no more useful checks Queen Covers the G3 Square you can't play Queen to D1 uh you could capture an H3 But then white would just centralize the Queen and the black is pretty much Almost if Queen G4 Rook to G2 and that's It that's game over Uh so yeah very nicely done uh by um Quang Liam Lee who bounces back in the Match like I said uh first two games That were decisive in the rapid section Magnus won the first one then Liam Retaliated then game three and four into The draw then Magnus wins the first Blitz game uh and then uh Alien Retaliates uh in the second Blitz game Which forced Armageddon where Magnus had The white pieces and then in in the Armageddon Magnus one with the white Pieces it was a it was a very nice game Uh lilium basically just tried a really Really hard to play for a draw he even Gave up some material just to hold to

Onto a draw from the from the very start But it didn't work out all that well so Magnus wins just not at the full three Points and it was a great opportunity For Duda to catch up to him but he Played against pragnananda and he was Unable to beat him they also went into Armageddon uh which ended in a draw but Prague had the black pieces so frog uh You know wins the match after all and Also before I end the video I would just Like to show you one very nice position It was posted on Twitter by David Lada So this is the position if you guys are Interested in an extra puzzle I thought You guys might be because it's it's Truly a nice one he said I was breaking My head over this position during my Lunch break it's made in two for white Uh obviously uh so yeah that's the Position try and solve it I will not Give you the answer if you are able to Solve it yourselves because it's it's Really nice then you are allowed to Comment on it in the in the comment Section below but don't don't just spoil It for for everyone if you didn't solve It yourself Uh so yeah that's the game and a little Bit of info and a nice extra puzzle for You guys to enjoy uh hope you hope you Enjoyed that as well I would like to Thank Harry Barton Mario Francis air Carmen polyphronium and Sinister Pawn

For your contribution to my channel Thank you a lot I really appreciate it As usual you can check to all my Previous videos here thank you for Watching and I will see you soon Continuing the coverage of this Wonderful event until it finishes so Thank you all I will see you soon and Have an excellent rest of your day


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