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Chess in Art – history of chess in paintings 1100-1900

Chess Grandmaster Daniel King presents a chess book called: Chess in Art – history of chess in paintings 1100-1900 by Peter Herel Raabenstein. You can get it here:

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Foreign I'd like to show you a Sumptuous book Chess in art history of Chess in Paintings 1100 to 1900 this is absolutely stunning It's quite clearly a labor of love So it's collated and curated by Peter Harold robinstein Who's an artist and author from the Czech Republic Beautifully produced that the author has Collated all these wonderful images of Paintings featuring chess Um Through the Ages uh you can just you Can see that the quality Of the reproductions there and and your Beautiful paper There are 320 color pages On hardcover Matte paper there we go you can see a Little bit more there Seven years of data collection 15 years Of conceptualization It's very nicely packaged and presented Includes a book well obviously the book There's a dedication card and branded Packaging that you go bookmark It weighs 1.8 kilos Never mind the quality feel the weight Uh 400 images of paintings featuring Chess from medieval manuscripts Cartoons portraits Considering the Aesthetics of the game

Itself the iconography of Chess and Chess pieces Close study one can make of people that Are playing I think it's quite natural That artists have used the game of chess And chess players As subjects in their Works chess has Been used as a metaphor in so many Different ways struggle Life and death relations between people Romance game of chess is rational but it Produces profound emotions and that of Course is very appealing to artists What's fascinating about the book is how One can see the development of painting Through the centers and how the Treatment of chess And chess plays has developed each Picture Tells a Story Some are mysterious Some in some of this clearly a message And some are simply beautiful in Themselves the artist provides a forward Discussing arts and chess and there are Notes on each of the artists as well This is a wonderful gift For anyone really or you can just treat Yourself I know this this book is going To give me enormous pleasure and I'd Like to thank the Publishers for sending Me the book and I'm very happy to Endorse it and publicize it I'll put Details where you can buy it below it Costs 111 Euro I should add that I'm not

Getting any Financial benefit for Promoting this book I'm doing so because I think it's a really worthwhile project And it's simply a beautiful book and by The way apparently there's going to be a Second volume of paintings from 1900 to 2000. Which I have to say I'm very much Looking forward to already If you like chess if you like art This book is for you


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