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Chess Engine Misses Unbelievable Checkmate!

Watch how one of the world’s strongest chess engines, Leela Chess Zero, missed a checkmate against Dragon! @James Canty III takes us through this rapid game from the Computer Chess Championship!

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Dragon versus Lilith zero this is a 15 Minute and three second increment game This is a computer Chess Championship in The rapid Challenger portion here we go We have Knight F3 and then C5 from Leela Chef zero so G3 from dragon and Knight C6 from Lilo Bishop G2 G6 so some type Of Sicilian but it also can be a king's Indian attack it could also be some type Of uh ready it could be maybe even in English if you play C4 there's all kind Of openings that this can transpose to Let's see what happens to castles Bishop G7 and then D3 we do have indeed a King's Indian attack which can be played Against really everything in fact but There are different ways you should play It against certain openings or certain Setups from black so after D3 D5 here From Leela chat zero I mean easy play Pawns in the center thing Shadow my Bishop Knight on C6 develop the pieces Get the king safe right all the same Stuff you do in every opening after D5 Knight B to D2 following King's Indian Attack still you can go rookie one with E4 Knight F1 H4 Knight H2 these are the Usual ideas that you'll see actually in The king's any attack so of course this We have lots of chest left so let's see What happens Um D4 from Leela chess zero this is Actually an interesting move right most People wouldn't push this Pawn twice

Like this like why are you pushing the Pawn twice well the idea actually is After E4 you kind of went on a Passat or Maybe you can also just play E5 and try To play F5 but D4 does grab a little bit More space in the center now the next Move for right here is actually really Interesting what do you think it is White to move what would you do in this Position Here it is right Dragon Place Knight to B3 that's actually really cool in fact It just attacks the C pawn and says how Do you defend it effectively of course If you push the B Pawn it opens up the Diagonal and you always have stuff like Knight maybe E5 or even Knight takes D4 In some cases if you play a B6 so we Don't want to play that we have Queen to D6 from little chat zero defending the Pawn with the queen get it off the back Rank and if Bishop F4 we go E5 no Problems right now next move here is one Move Knight B3 kind of three off guard Can you find the next move as well like To move Here it is right so it means common Moves E3 E4 maybe H3 rookie once I mean C3 is actually gonna hang up on here so We don't want to do that maybe A3 A4 Maybe try to get the bishop out right Bishop F4 making provoke him to do Something or you play Knight F to D2 who Saw that one coming if you saw this

Great job in fact but if you didn't see This totally understand you because Knight fcd2 is like you we put the Knights on D2 and F3 and then you move Them to B3 and D2 it's just a very weird Way of moving the knights but also makes Total sense Knight B3 attacked the pawn With Tempo Knight F the D2 you see this In the Catalan a lot when you can Actually open up the bishop and it's a Monster here you also have Knight to C4 Which you'll see in Reverse structures Of the dragon that you see with black Pieces so it's actually really nice my Roxy bind structures of course the pawns Are different but you do move the Knight Around to the C5 square and Roxy Vine so Here we're maneuvering to the C4 Square Makes total sense and also putting Pressure on this diagonal so very nice Reroute here pretty crafty with the Pieces now now B6 allowing this to Happen can't really exploit it yet but Knight to C4 of course attacking the Queen this is what we wanted to do After Queen the D7 in the king's Indian Defense you see this in the black side When black plays Knight A6 or Knight D7 To C5 and then they play A5 so that they Can keep the Knight on The Outpost C5 And then you see the same thing here From dragon with A4 stopping B5 now B5 Is going to weaken C5 but the fact that You may have to move the Knight it's

Kind of annoying you do have Knight A5 But A4 is actually the move here Stopping any type of B5 counter play Whatsoever E5 from Newland shot zero and Then this interesting and cool move in Fact aggressive F4 I'm castled my Bishop's looking nice I got the two Knights out this bishop is undeveloped But still working undeveloped useful but It is undeveloped and then F4 also opens Up the Rook file with a smile here after F4 Knight G2 E7 black has to start Developing some pieces ASAP you gotta Get your pieces off the back ring and White takes the initiative and does Something right now right to move what Is being done what do you do Here's the move here of course if you Found Knight takes E5 you are right Great job Knight takes E5 we're gonna do So we're gonna open up the file with a Smile if you take with the bishop that's Just not a move okay it is a move but After takes takes the problem here is That especially human standpoint you Actually have the the dark squares are Extremely weak are you going to Castle Your king where is your king going are You going Queen side what is going on Right now we don't want to take with the Bishop right so when Knight takes E5 Actually sacrifices The Exchange we take On AA and we're up in exchange right now But black has some counter play Knight

To G4 and then H3 our King is weak at The fact that of course these pawns are Pushed up the queen can take on H3 but We're up in exchange though and this Bishop can come back to help us in Certain lines black goes all in with Knight to E3 Um forking the queen in The Rook Obviously it's not a fork that can be Useful because we're gonna snap that Knight off as fast as it got there Bishop takes D takes E3 and then we have Queen to C1 not carrying anything about This H3 Pawn I actually had to look at This I was like what if he just takes The pawn now of course you do want to Calculate calculation over everything as Much as you can calculate and calculate In this position obviously we could Defend the pawn something like this King G2 King H2 but Queen to C1 is even Stronger because it attacks this Pawn I Looked at a sample line if Queen takes H3 we take on E3 which this was the Whole idea to defend and okay you need Multiple pieces for a successful attack You only got one over here right so not A lot of work you're going to get done With through this with Queen H3 the Knight cannot move yet King still in the Center you have no pieces to help you The bishop G4 what does that even do Right so it doesn't really help you at All in fact so after Queen takes E3 it

Defends and then a move like Bishop Takes B2 nabbing another Pawn obviously Bishop D4 is going to be responded with Knight takes D4 we don't have to take Twice because we have to defend this we Can play Queen F3 Rook A2 hits the Bishop after the bishop moves away we go Back with Bishop G2 kicking the queen Away and just being better moving the Queen maybe advancing the E Pawn we're Up in exchange we're feeling great so This didn't happen of course after Queen To C1 very strong engine move because The engine's playing Queen E6 Queen E6 defending the pawn Right so defending the pawn here and Then after uh Rook to F3 which attacks It once again finally cashing in on a Pawn want to just kind of misplace The Rook in a way there's no Bishop G2 Anymore right so clever I guess black uh Leela chess got you know a move from you Hey you were able to move the Rook you Can't go Bishop G2 anymore makes sense Rook takes E3 Bishop E6 developing and Also I need to be able to Castle it Possible here Queen F1 get the Queens Off I'm up in exchange why not let's Trade pieces Queen F1 and then we have Queen two F5 getting out of the way no Trading we don't need any of that we Come back with Tempo makes a lot of Sense and the queen goes back to F6 you Have to move it B2 is actually hanging

Here but we let him take it we don't Care anything about that Rook D1 do you Think Leela chest is gonna take this Pawn we set a trap right right So he takes the bun and there's no trap In fact he won many humans probably Would actually do something like C3 Which makes total sense or C4 C4 is uh Still hanging upon Rook B12 as well but The pawn does not matter that much based Off of the counter play you're about to See right now Okay Rook to D1 Queen takes beef B2 and Then D4 on the board wow what a move Here after D4 if you see C takes D4 the Idea here is just playing Rook e to D3 We're gonna double in Knight takes D4 is To move here it's pretty nice how this Is actually opened up Um for for right here but after the D4 Move it's very very strong I also looked At what happens on Bishop takes D4 Miss Is pretty obvious you can just take on D4 C takes and with the same idea Rook e To D3 doubling on taking the taking the Pawn here Bishop's defending C2 there's Also decisive results if Queen takes C2 Obviously this is just annoying this is Going to be easy to convert for white Okay going back to it actually after the D4 move from White um black just said I Have to get the king out of the center It's time to Castle so that's what black Did Castle get out of the center D take

C5 B takes C5 and King H2 right now Everything's equal everything's equal According to the engines we are up in Exchange right as a human you play this All day but obviously you know you can Play Both Sides like you do have the Bishops there is some play left but I Would definitely take white because I'm Up the exchange but of course it says Equal here we go we got some moves Knight F5 saying I want the bishop pair If you take this I get both the Bishops Yeah you have the Rooks but the Bishops Can be very deadly especially if you end Up giving an exchange back Bishop takes F5 Bishop takes F5 and Knight takes C5 this Looks really scary really scary because Like what did he just hang a fork what Is this bishop D4 but Bishop D4 any type Of moves are always going to run into Rook to B3 which is extremely strong I Looked at a sample line obviously the Queen is hanging you have to move it if You move the Queen off of this um of This defense and we're gonna snatch it But Queen C2 is possible attacking the Knight Rook takes D4 Queen takes C5 and Then Queen F2 which just defends The Rook this should be an easy and not easy But easier way to convert obviously Because you do have the the extra Exchange here it's going to take some Precision but it is very very good for

White now back to it after Knight takes C5 we can take C2 without doing Bishop D4 it was unnecessary we didn't want any Of that a lot of Chess left I'm going to Show you what happens in these next few Moves Knight to D7 attacking The Rook Right so the Rook is attacked of course You can be captured on D7 but we don't Want to give up the bishop pair makes Total sense to play Rook to C8 Can you Spot the best move on the board for White right now take your time right Pause the video if you need to why to Move I don't think anyone is going to Spot this one but let's see if you can Can find it white to move what do you do Okay So here it seems I mean there's the last Move that you're thinking about is the One we're gonna play here I mean maybe you thought about this Great job if you did But also what is the plan and the idea Hey you know only the engine knows Queen To H1 guys wow what a move here like What are you doing I mean you can't even Move the queen in the net without the Rook cane now of course you could go Queen B7 it does Hit The Rook here and If you take mine I take yours but I mean This is just such an obscure move like Queen H1 all right Queen H1 of all the Moves on the board here Wing takes A4 Right so oh keeping an eye on the rook

And we still go Queen B7 because again That same idea we take we take him with Check we're actually mating and of Course Queen takes D7 so we play Queen To C4 to just defend the Rook we don't Want any of that trouble we take a Pawn On A7 it's double edge right now it's Actually closer to plus one but that Says a lot about Black's compensation I'm up in exchange here but black has Compensation by a lot with the Bishops My king is weaker than Black's King here You know you gotta you have to tread Lightly here and on Ultimate precision In every line here after Queen takes A7 Queen to C2 which attacks The Rook watch This move Rook D6 there's a rook on D6 The Rooks look what what is this right King on H2 who's winning I don't know Right now of course a white feels like They're on the edge of messing this up But also there's a lot of pressure we Have a queen here the Rooks like it's Not I mean this is defended very well Let's pay attention here after Rook D6 We have Bishop to G4 attacking the E2 Pawn queen to A6 makes total sense to Defend the E2 Pawn twice it was attacked Twice we defended twice makes sense Queen to C1 right attacking The Rook Rook to E7 here Rook E7 puts the Rook on The seventh ring and puts some pressure On the seventh uh on seven ring right The F7 Pawn is kind of a loose as well

So okay Rook E7 we have the move here it Is right are you ready guys ready for This after Rook to E7 Right rookie seven black plays Bishop fa Seems like everything's fine right Seems like everything's okay here's a Side note Leela chess zero did not Understand understand in fact that the Move that we're about to play here is Absolutely winning for white in fact It's white to move what do you play Hopefully you did your puzzle rush today Or any day or every day okay hopefully You did some puzzles this one is crazy In fact Leela chess zero as I got the Notes for this this game Village has Zero did not actually see that the move Was winning until after the move was Played wow this is insane right here's The move in fact okay Leela chess just Missed mate I mean Leela chess is some Type of human right maybe like 0.1 Human but definitely a human here after Missing a Checkmate now of course Hopefully you spotted it if you didn't I Totally understand this one's a shocker You ready for it Oh my God It's a family channel oh my goodness he Has a family Rook takes G6 is ridiculous If you spotted this great job you've Been doing a lot of tactics that's a Nasty move can you find the follow-up Well let's look at all the lines in fact

I'll show you the line that happened in The game was Bishop to G7 after Bishop G7 Rook takes G7 really crazy we're Gonna look at all of this in a minute King h8 Rook takes I'm just going to Show you what happened game wise King Takes Rook takes check this is a nasty Mate Queen H6 and queen H7 mate what Let's rewind that after Rook takes G6 Right Rook takes G6 well why can't you Just take the Rook why did he block with Bishop G7 that doesn't make any sense Right well let's look at it but H takes G6 because you want to maybe keep things Close that's cool oh smart man smart Smart you're a smart fella over there Right and then Queen takes Jesus right Second queen that is mean after F takes G6 Knight F6 King h8 Rook H7 mate and Have a nice day and have a nice day oh My goodness right that is just beautiful Absolutely disgusting okay what about The other way cool right sack the queen Right I mean you could for kicks and Giggles here if you refer you know you Want to play around Knight F6 is just Made as well King h8 and Rook H7 mating Oh my goodness there was no way out of This so that makes sense that why you Can't take it so Bishop G7 perfect Bishop G7 Rook takes G7 well what Happens if he takes the Rook let's see King takes G7 Queen F6 that's going to Be easy check mate King G8 F7 and H7 and

That's mating as well ouch Okay last line so after Rook takes G7 That's why King h8 was played hoping That you don't see Rook takes H7 I mean If I'm a second King G8 you had Knight F6 right Knight F6 and then mating anyway would you like Here of course beautiful checkmates you Can take with the other Rook as well and Then this move here actually after Rook Takes H7 King takes H7 boom Rook takes Rook takes F7 check no matter where you Put the king I'm gonna check you next And the next one's gonna be mate King h8 Check and check mate beautiful game from Dragon Leela chess missed it Unbelievable right Um hopefully that makes you feel a Little bit better about your own games Right missing mates it does happen even To Leela chess zero this was an amazing Game if you like this one make sure you Check the ones right above me we'll see You guys on the next video


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