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Champions Chess Tour: Aimchess Rapid | Quarterfinals | Nils Grandelius & Laurent Fressinet

Magnus Carlsen tops a 16-player field for the Aimchess Rapid, the 8th event on the $1.6 million Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. Nils Grandelius & Laurent Fressinet commentate live on the quarterfinals.
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[Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Think about it later [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] No no no No no no No No no no Think about it later [Music] Wait for your lips [Music] Thank you [Music]

Thank you [Music] Thank you Air quality isn’t the first thing that Comes to mind when you think about Chess And Esports but it affects our Focus Decision making Health sleep and more What’s in the air you breathe find out With air things I’m ahead of the game [Music] Is always [Music] [Music] That’s what I’m here [Music] [Music] This information [Music] Hey guys [Music] Hey [Music] There are five qualities one needs to Have to master the French defense 1. Safeguarding your king is priority King G8 good move Seven why not a well of course we don’t Take crinky seven we are much better and Very important don’t Castle kingon F7 Perfectly placed two remaining calm in Every situation Oe Oe

Murder Free patience and here people will speak you need to prepare and look at This the apron is running like Alan Frost Four Fast development of your pieces is the Key to success And here you don’t care about the pieces A6 H6 G5 H5 G4 gold pieces and most Importantly never Retreat your developed Units yeah bus talks are going to tell You this and funny joke that with French People we only retreat but it’s not Retreat it’s counter attack Welcome everybody my name is Champion are starting a new course here For chessable a very special chessful Course master your chest with Judith Bulger you know what I learned a lot Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Plays a few good events stops looking Inwards into his own insecurities I like The no expectation part so like that’s Something that has gotten better because Sure it’s like not my full-time job it’s Definitely a good purchase in India and Now there is Olympiad also so there will Be more people following and speaking of Chess as professional sport yeah [Music]

And it’s surprisingly concrete still no Like yeah it takes D4 good move because He takes before the D takes E5 this line Was essential and forced but also not The rocket science to mobile [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] You can download it for free just by Going to say Chill pack in [Music] Hi guys it’s Anish gear here in this Video we’re going to take a look at the Game that I played against the Spanish Hustler on streets of Barcelona it’s a Quick and a very exciting and action Hello everyone and welcome to the aim Chess rapid this is a day of quarter Finals and I’m delighted to be joined by Swedish gunmaster How is life hi hi I’m uh I’m doing quite Well actually yeah a bit tired from Yesterday but uh yeah yeah so yeah we Should we should mention to people that You you played uh you tried to qualify In the top eight but this is not an easy Task yeah exactly I mean I like how you Like mentioned that we have to remind

People that I actually played in the Event no but maybe you know people say Time to forget we are already in quarter Finals and uh tonight we will have we’ll Just think about the semi-finals so Yeah uh we will focus of course today on The quarter finals but tomorrow tomorrow Will be business so my final so four People will be out and uh yeah that’s a Tough event with the best player in the World some Prodigy Uh so um yeah it’s not uh it’s not a Given to qualify Uh clearly But how was the expense Uh well I I mean I I wasn’t really In Contention already after the first day More or less so uh but I mean it’s great To great pleasure of course to play in Such a strong strong field and well I’m A little bit uh disappointed in myself Of course I mean otherwise it would be Strange I mean because I played for Instance last time I played on the last Day I had reasonable chances to qualify Finally I lost uh two in a row and I Didn’t but I mean I was there somehow in In Contention at least and that’s of Course much more fun yeah you you Already played some some events from the Melfordra championship too so I think Few of them actually yeah I think this Was my third in the tour yourself okay Yeah

Um yeah and by far the worst Yeah but they get a lot of training I Mean if you get into top eight and You’re qualified for the next one so you Are yeah exactly I mean I guess for the Very top guys if they have an off day Then the next day and they are again Back and playing in decent level whereas Players of let’s say our level uh if we Have a bad day it can very quickly Escalate to being bad the entire Tournament yeah you start to lose some Games I I can’t I can’t imagine I I mean I’m not sure I want to tie that so okay Let’s see the the matchup for today Quarter finals uh we have Uh of course in this aim Chase rapid Part of the meltwater championship tour We have Duda who won the uh he wants the Preliminary event uh against vidit was Some kind of Miracle yeah to win the Last game and gee had to lose the last Game after like 20 moves it was we Thought with Danny King that he had no Chances but yeah it’s happened and the Miracles do happen in habits so do the Video what’s your prediction ah Nils you Have to now we have to you have to show Your skills and give us your predictions I think dude I will win right and I Think it will not be Ty break it will Not be Thai bike so the winner of uh ah Without ah so you are making it even Yeah okay wow

Um do that with it I think it will be Tablet okay okay so the winner of that Match will play against the winner of The match between Irregazi and Carson was uh the final of The previous event So clearly a match will follow uh Closely because it’s the world champion Against one of the most talented prodigy So Nice Go ahead yes you said the two finalists So it should be should be quite an Quite a close match I think Magnus will Win in tie break no I I mean I I have to Say that Magnus will win without payback So I’m cooking but actually obliged to Do that So uh okay so Magnus Carson is a Favorite obviously then we have uh Oh they played some amazing games in the Preliminaries I mean like with this Style when it’s working this very Aggressive style it’s incredibly Dangerous uh against uh the the rapid War Champion uh nor the back Abdul satov Very interesting matchup once again nice Yeah I think I have to say Shaq mamajaro I mean uh no he played so well in the Preliminaries I mean some really really Nice games so okay I will go for Abdul Satov uh I believe in the youth uh and The last matchup is uh between If uh between gukesh and uh hijad

Rapport Yeah this is tough here I have Absolutely no idea uh she’s my boy but I Believe it I believe in Google I believe In gukesh uh uh unfortunately I’m happy To let you choose first here and I will Take down so I will take good cash Without Thai bikes I would say yeah Okay I take Richie without type Braxton Okay so that will be interesting uh it Starts in two minutes do you know aim Chest uh news Uh I know I know of it of course but I’m Not actually I haven’t used it about Myself I have to admit okay it’s it’s Fantastic tool and I tied it actually With my my poor Blitz games Um And it was showing me that I had a lot Of uh things to improve In tactics time management Um Um let’s say or so how to convert uh you Know how to convert and then it gives You exercises so you can just now it’s Actually an excellent uh excellent tool It’s a artificial intelligence so I mean Um well in general it tells you it tells You the tools yeah I mean it doesn’t Apply now that’s that’s the good thing Yeah because if you have let’s say a Coach or something yeah it’s always Biased yeah yeah it is too nice or too

Harsh it depends on the person but this Is will always be honest Yeah it’s uh Slash Thai so go Ahead and you you can even subscribe to To MJS I think we have a 30 discount So Um yeah you you can you can you can have A look Uh and we see all the players on the Screen of course Magnus Carson as always Is a bit late that’s very normal for him Um To come a bit late But uh we’ll see uh well we’ll be Interesting we’ll start with uh Hey guys The game started already akz against Magnus Carlson And E4 played by Um hey guys who is waiting and you see The small numbers uh close to the Picture of Magnus Carson I have also my Numbers here it’s essence you have this Essence device names I have it yeah yeah Sure you have it so okay it’s just to Control your air quality and uh think Better sleep better Uh feel better I feel better I play better yeah Nice actually very nice yeah so Magnus Came and surprise wow so he’s playing Some Some Sicilians could we expect that from Magnus he seems to play the pits against Uh yeah I think that was for one event

No I mean you’re not going to keep doing It for the second time right actually Play this is a preliminaries and lost I played in the oh okay okay but uh yeah His position was quite okay so this is a Time enough yeah this of course I I had Against magnesium I can’t say this area That’s two this year it was this was This this area very short game ended in A draw okay yeah I remember I remember Uh I hate preparing against Juniors I’m Sorry I can’t I can imagine yeah it was The first successful no We made it wrong Yeah He was lost no he was lost yeah I mean My guess is that he mixed up something Pretty bad yeah I would do anything so We do have computer we do use computers So exactly yeah but now comes the move That I have to admit I’ve never saw in My entire life DB5 here but Knight cb5 is kind of wow An idb5 used to be somewhat fashionable When you were not playing chess yeah This bishop B6 and you can give the Queen and yeah yeah I exactly uh how Does that work I can ah Bishop before Yes I I add some game okay it’s very Good for black actually I mean to my Eyes it looks like back should just be Winning here I mean more like yeah you Have kunji for it’s not so clear but

Yeah okay of course it’s good for black And it’s cb5 what can be so I have to go Queen if I go Queen dates it’s very poor All right this looks horrible yeah this Is probably uh A disaster if queen queen E5 I think provocative but uh very Provocative I mean that’s the downside Of Knight cb5 right Yeah but I can go F4 maybe and yeah I Don’t know something like that can go Yeah you can take on them Knight hd4 and It becomes very messy yeah yeah but I Guess yeah you want Queen B8 yeah that’s Much more normal huh yeah Bishop D3 play Instantly But what is what is this now I mean it’s Incredibly confusing like what is this Night doing on Bishop so if A6 he wants To take on C6 and got Knight D4 is the Idea or what or maybe not history and it Looks very similar to some Um we will show that’s that And with the queen on B8 which should be Better on B8 actually so maybe yeah so Probably all right the idea is to To go Knight D4 right I I would yes so I Am but uh I mean also it’s not so strange to play Something that is not better than usual But much less known yeah to surprise Yeah it’s in Rapid it’s much more Important than actually how good it is Yeah yeah you make some special letter

For those events Uh I mean if I had more time I uh I Would I would have liked to do it but I Came from Club cup with just a few days Yeah yeah you won yeah I won yeah so Yeah I was commentating yeah you were Part of that uh Yeah the team was amazingly Stable I think you lost two board games Two board games yeah and seven yeah so One against the world champion and one In the last round in the last round lost After I read it yeah after six out of Six yeah yeah it was so you should you Should forgive him uh for that yeah so Vdti was really amazing in that uh in That uh competition but all of you Actually Knight F6 okay that makes a lot Of sense this is a normal Square for the Night To show Should be possible like anyway you need The castle I guess yeah Yeah at some point Um yeah that’s that’s I mean it’s just Confusing yeah Spinning a bit Yeah but internal Magnus Doesn’t mind yeah such no no no no it’s Quite uh quite happy but okay Castle Played And now it’s time to make a decision so We continue uh developing or we play A6 Basically yeah but if you wanted A6 I Guess it would be more logical to do it

Before Okay so ah you mean one movie yeah I Mean it’s a bit strange maybe to start With my top six if you anyway want to Play A6 okay why Because maybe this Knight is not uh I Mean maybe Yeah yeah okay exactly F5 okay Bishop E7 and then white will most Probably play F4 and if you go to C5 you Lost one move so yeah and if you go D6 How bad is my shoveling gun maybe quite Bad actually Queenie too and uh yeah I Mean anyway you have to probably have to Pay six at some moment later and I will Always take on C6 and always have nice Version So 2286 yeah again with and always to D4 Right now even to F3 which will come Later and Yeah and this is my eyes it looks like The Knight is much better on F3 than C3 Because on C3 it’s slightly dominated by The pawn Okay Yeah you mean you can’t play C4 yeah and Uh yeah yeah in itself is not doing so Much on City yeah yeah and then Knight F3 uh UI you know you can start some Some attacking business yeah yeah wow Very very very interesting yeah very Interesting concept So which uh which was how much do you Want to see which of the games uh we

Will make a quick quick look I mean Looks like the most interesting uh for The time okay this is exchange love Um okay then scripture could be a Interesting choices This is a very well known line actually You had some very nice game here no or With black Ready Um I mean some quite uneventful draw I Remember in Gibraltars ah okay okay it Was yeah Yeah yeah I remember because I remember The interview after you were very proud That you actually remembered your prep Okay okay wow you’re such a big fan I’m Amazed I got very sharp yeah because in that Game he pushed h3g4 uh-huh okay he came Back probably actually yeah something Like this Knight F6 and HD Yeah but I think I can Um I mean Rook C8 was uh yeah I mean I Don’t think it was exactly this but it Was definitely this kind of idea and After G4 you play nice on Knight E4 Countering in the center and it got very Sharp yeah you can always uh as far as I Remember you can you have to do to do Something like that yeah exactly exactly And can become very sharp yeah it’s Actually I mean it exchange loud but

Very sharp very interesting play Uh Yeah so uh yeah we’re able to connect F6 Uh played by HD with spring uh very fast And we have uh we did against One all these games uh I mean almost in Europe and club club that was very Impressive and yesterday qualified very Last minute Bishop F6 A3 okay some small line can You we were wondering yeah yes yesterday With Danielle I gave some explanation But uh everybody seems to play to play With history this day so this is special I think it’s a bit more special to to This kind of tournaments online and Rapid especially yeah I think so too Yeah like yeah people they don’t they Don’t because you’re set up and it’s Quite easy to to learn and not so many Lines yeah even I played it uh in one Game okay but you know that in my black Camps I faced it four times four times One from eight black games yeah okay you Had B3 I won B3 I saw it yeah okay I’m Yeah yeah I count it as the same like B3 Followed by E3 followed by B3 but same I Reached the same position after some Seven moves okay so it’s really Interesting I thought to to keep the Pawn okay because Queen A5 was also a Bit of a bit of a problem otherwise Okay if I go before you just take him I that was the idea but yeah and you

Pretend that you play the tournament and You calculate everything no but I have Queen C2 what is this Yeah What I was trying to say is that the A3 Prevents Queen A5 Okay like if you make another move then Are we sure ah yeah just uh Bishop D3 And uh yeah Yeah I mean everything is defended yeah Yeah I have to do something very clever Very faster yeah so it didn’t do that You just took on C5 which makes a lot of Sense of course before an 84. uh come Back but visit the spring very fast so I Guess yes Right push but Bishop P2 I guess you Have to Bishop B2 makes a lot of sense Yeah you have to get out at some point But looks very reasonable for black it Looks like a very solid Queen’s Gambit Yeah Played and the last match is the Young Uzbek Um Olympic champion World rapid Champion So many titles so young and so many Titles already against Shakira mamidya Of some quiet stuff yeah okay so this is A good Yeah this is a good line I think to play Against Shah because he doesn’t like you Know this but actually he played this a Lot with white yeah surprisingly okay he Was playing a lot of this G3 I remember

Some games hook C1 yeah I played you can Find in database uh like at least 30 Games so this is my it’s my rapid and Blitz repertoire basically as white okay At least I I know what I’m doing more or Less you’re used to it yeah I used to And I’m not blending anything I mean Like the first 20 moves in general it’s Other smooth So that’s that’s very nice yeah then a Bit more complicated Yeah the problem is how to I mean to Create chances against the strong Opponent yeah who cares about uh That’s already way too ambitious so Queen D5 B5 Looks kind of okay to me for black yeah Sure Um okay well let’s come back maybe so So far no I mean it will be very Exciting I think uh later on but uh Let’s come back to the world champion Who faces night cb5 which we both never Saw so this means Uh quite a lot because uh we are looking At opening so we should So this is just but it’s very logical What they need to take with the Deep Pawn actually I quite like it okay Yeah yeah you get a lot of tempeh on This night at least E5 and it’s very symmetrical actually But okay on the other hand this queen on B8 is incredibly stupid now yeah

It’s a bit better for white that’s for Sure yeah Ah I would be very tempted actually yeah And then Queen I would be tempted to just you know ID is Queen C7 long Castle it has to be So Queen into consistent Bishop C4 and Long Castle something like that so Because what else yeah if you yeah of Course uh when I take on F6 yeah your Idea I mean the option is to play long Castle or stay with the King And if I go Knight H4 so you do the same Yeah yeah and let’s say some Queen F3 I Will just give the pawn I guess yeah Yeah so so nice yes oh yeah I couldn’t Have six of course he wants I guess you Want something something like that yeah Something like that exactly I mean Details are not entirely figured out but Uh you have some conversations that’s For sure I should have yeah yeah Okay so that’s not that tempting Actually but if you get Knight D7 it’s Very solid still yeah Yeah so maybe ah okay I don’t know my Hand wants to play kunito So 97 you have Bishop C4 yeah and I’m Hoping to to be first I will probably be First on the on the D line Yeah you will be uh question is if it’s But two connections it took a F6 and Planet H4 you can’t block these people

You know that just what I noticed with This prodigy that’s okay you cannot give A pawn and see what happens yeah Like on F6 even try to fight yeah If it’s if he thinks it’s uh it’s a poem You will simply take it yeah yeah You’re probably I mean it’s not only Because this other plan was a bit Tempting also to trade the light Square Bishops and play positional game but Yeah it’s not so not so yeah could have Three look oh of course of course the Other idea is uh you you can just uh Uh I mean you can just play Knight F5 And it’s clear that Yeah but quite hard to make progress Probably yeah That’s true that’s true probably we Should put Bishop on C5 maybe Rook J Rook G5 or something like that yeah It’s very solid for both actually it’s Yeah exactly it’s quite hard for white I Think you’re probably right that he Wants to take the pawn if he’s given the Chance But you can’t really defend it yeah I Mean you kind of have to give it yeah Yeah yeah so after 95 he wants uh Clearly Um Much more passive than the previous one Are you mean for black Air like this Bishop should not go to his I mean it Belongs on C5 I guess

Yeah but okay he’s keeping the phone That’s of course yeah and maybe later on He will play Bishop C5 actually yeah Yeah sure To me it looks Kind of okay but probably exciting can You try to make something happen on the Queen side like I mean yeah a3b4 or somebody this is Very slow 51 was played very quickly But that’s I mean it looks a little bit Lazy huh Rook fd1 okay I mean I mean my Impression that white probably needs to Do something quite fast yeah yeah so Okay it’s of course harsh but uh so Putting uh working on in an open line so The most natural move in the world is uh Is lazy according to news okay let’s say It’s a move that is much more likely to Occur in Rapid than In classical chess In classical chess you would think a lot Whether there is some you know concrete Way to Yeah to increase that but but in Rapid You play this Rook fd1 but but you like To think a lot as well In any case yeah that’s a big problem So I should mention to people that we Know each other uh with news very very Well we spend a lot of time uh together And uh Nils is the only friend My only friend who prefers [Music]

[Laughter] Some lost city in the middle of Norway In mountains it’s very beautiful but It’s a bit lost uh it prefers to stay in Cairo other than in Thailand Uh which sounds uh I completely crazy to Me but uh it’s true Let’s mention that we we helped Magnus Carlsen in a couple of matches uh Together and uh yeah yeah so you you do Prefer cargo I don’t know how to Pronounce it yeah probably yeah I mean The cargo is up to Thailand To Sunny it’s too hot I mean it was a Bit uh too hot yeah what to say Okay so yeah yeah the only person in Thailand we should mention foreign But still very happy But look now I’m Breaking Free a bit yeah The phone on H5 could become very weak As well of course yeah actually H5 was Um that’s very surprising now yeah it’s Five H4 I mean yeah and now his Pawn is Uh because now some even opposite Colored Bishop endings can suddenly Become very dangerous yeah because if You lose that pawn on on on H5 and the The Edge Pawn is passed and one It won’t be easy on the other hand he Has more activities maybe like Rook DJ Rook G4 if it’s in time then uh Something like that yeah so probably it Will it will go for that

Even just j3 King G2 and then ask some Lazy stuff yeah exactly Some deep profit like this So G3 of dg8 What do you do Yeah I guess something like that okay I Do the lazy Yeah I will ah Okay but could be could be tricky Because okay for Eign Like you are in time maybe bishop E2 Moved the queen and uh Uh No no I mean like one later when the Rook is approaching D4 ah okay but not Easy because also Queen B6 is annoying In some moments maybe F2 and B tool They are a bit weak I’m very surprised too too because we Have uh on my screen we are not using Computer to to show the lines where we Are checking but we have this evaluation Bar and it’s showing quite a big Edge For for white I’m slightly surprised Actually Showing like almost plus one which means Like you’re basically a pawn up uh yeah That’s a bit too I agree it’s it’s a bit Surprising It feels a bit much but he’s probably Just picking up the And they try Pawn somehow yeah yeah and You played B3 wow which the computer

Doesn’t like actually so he wants Bishop C4 yeah Bishop C4 I mean you anyway Don’t want to take an E6 I guess almost Never yeah Yeah so what is then the the point yeah So King V8 Yeah why not okay and now after Bishop C4 he wants Bishop C8 or something I don’t know I have no Very hard to say what he wants I mean Also Rook the G8 is still possible I Guess no Yeah anyway go to G4 Where’s I don’t see what else it could Be for for this reaction the pawn is not Hanging on A2 but it’s very far-fetched Yes it would be weird so let’s see if There’s something interesting going on Uh elsewhere Um Maybe with it What is this They are Yeah what happened before 94 some Tactical uh stuff latex before wow so Sharp uh takes only four takes Takes Bishop takes and now yeah this is Actually a massive liquidation could uh Okay this is boring No I mean I take we’ll show to people uh Or take first it doesn’t one takes takes Takes takes and of course you can Pretense it’s but it’s never it’s never Weak actually no exactly seven and uh

Well it doesn’t really matter yeah yeah So that will be a very likely though uh Here it’s quite solid for for which she But still will be a long game here yeah Yeah it will be a long game could be a Slight push for for good cash yeah some Light squares some Yeah a little bit more solid structure We can come back here and uh attack here Double a bit Yeah it feels a bit more Comfortable it might come to this really Difficult to explain why but uh yeah at Night two comes to this ring but it Feels a bit more comfortable for for a While definitely definitely yeah and Here oh Abdul set off against Shakira Media off At first sight it looks very good for White Because you have this uh Pawn structure Yeah but a file C file some Dynamics now Or you don’t you don’t really You’re not convinced I don’t know Knight B6 let’s say I try some more I think you Have to do something very very fast if You don’t want to end up in massive Troubles here I was thinking that even Some Rook A2 can be Oh this is double pin business this is Treating so I cannot take here because My king yeah please and I can take him I Mean if you take I guess at least I will Not be oh sharp so sharp I mean I guess it’s based on the same oh

It’s based on the same uh yeah like but I’m blundering that but I doubt that uh I will not blunder it yeah it doesn’t Look like a guy who’s been doing such uh Such shippos but how do you then like How do you get out yes Yeah I mean you can move some King F1 or Some but it’s very like to go just out Of the check and then move the bishop But it feels slow It’s Incredibles wrong but at least Maybe King is going on the if it comes To it yeah it’s inside the action I Would say so yes yes No I said before you have to go at some Point yeah ah now you have another trick Here like Bishop A1 you can take and Play B3 yeah ah yeah it’s I mean also Yeah quite useful Taken yeah yeah maybe shop is hanging Here let’s show And if I take here just take here right I mean you take first I’m not entire I guess I can yeah yeah Probably some check is nothing here It’s a check But yeah Yeah I need uh I need to move Syria yeah 94 week date or something like that Would be yeah Which it looks like a clever move to me But some rookie A3 Rook B3 is simply or What uh-huh And you are still defending

They’re defending everything now and Potentially I mean I’m not saying white Is uh is winning especially because the Evaluation bar He’s claiming is the opposite but I’m Saying that potentially could uh I mean Like in five moves it’s why if white is Winning I’m not surprised yes true Although I have to say I mean everything That getting liquidated is much more Likely But if it doesn’t happen then it’s Because White House is winning yeah I agree Like black cannot really Be ambitious yeah Okay let’s go uh talking about being Ambitious let’s come back to Magnus Carson and say guys this is uh the star Much of the day Bishop C4 was played we Did expect that’s who DGA King F1 okay We kind of expected uh such development Yeah yeah foreign Nothing is happening and Uh heightly so it seems Probably uh Although I mean not so much maybe it’s Happening on the other side either Not yet at least But you want to play quite slowly I Guess like Rook D2 maybe double Yeah so I’m lazy yeah exactly Some lazy doubling on the D5 you Shouldn’t you should never do that this

Is way too lazy Outside the position of course here it Looks quite good actually now here I Hear I agree yeah Uh so maybe this hook everyone was not That bad Um I mean like now now black has to do Something they now black has to do okay Do something very fast yeah And also I mean like okay that would be Anyway it doesn’t click on anything but I have Knight H6 as well yeah or take First and later six so that’s just I can Take on G3 Um maybe you can take on G3 and check it So let me take on that I don’t know but That’s much safer yeah for sure yeah Let’s be let’s be safe yeah uh okay so Um like the question is more how do you Create any any real counter player For black yeah that’s just uh that Question I’m happy I don’t have to Answer it uh and I look look at this but It’s what I wanted to mention actually That even these end games I mean the Hook and games is for sure that though Yeah because it’s very good in defense And I think that as well yeah this Should be very easy to draw very very Easy to draw We shouldn’t exchange the Bishops Obviously but we keep the Bishops are You sure actually it’s a Probably but how are you going to try to

I know I’m will try to dominate you yeah Yeah put Bishop on D5 and then if you Get I don’t know dude Yeah do that one for this very very Quickly yeah Maybe he knows yeah could be could be so Now you have to but how are you going to Uh really create some threads here so I Go Bishop D5 you have to go something Like that okay Um No it’s not easy no Um Yeah no I don’t see it actually I mean If you go with the King to H5 like I’m King G7 anyway yeah of course yeah so Let’s uh if I go here you just go here And actually so diagonal of the bishop Is quite it’s not that wrong but it’s Enough to save the bishop probably yeah I cannot force The Exchange so probably Just then you go to H5 King G7 you may Be stuck on F7 and play with three pawns But should also be wrong what do I do I Go like this yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah okay that’s true okay yeah I don’t Know I mean if it’s so easy but uh yeah Sure let’s say if I go here you want This yeah yeah Because my king is actually quite active On H6 Yeah but that King is doing a good job Yeah yeah I mean most probably I mean One should be everyone should say where

To come back to it uh where’s Magnus Carson went V8 Ah that’s a sad move to Play because you played everything to To create some play also how are you Getting the Rook from G4 back now Because H5 will always be hanging yeah Yeah so A4 played by akz meaning that no Hurries for irrigation Uh well better chances here clearly for The Indian Prodigy no he’s clearly Better yeah he’s clearly better also Very difficult for black tour The player yeah King A7 just Actually what what else I’m waiting here For he started to wait yeah it’s clear From the last couple of moves So King A7 so what do we do here we we Pray Yeah I mean so this is lazy that’s the Lazy way yeah oh yeah that’s amazing Huge mistake and occupies a fight so I Probably come back somewhere On C7 but you know even uh Even Bishop takes E6 followed by Knight E3 trading everything is quite dangerous You know sometimes you guys that sound Yeah And I mean it looks so offside on G4 and I’m entering on the other side maybe I Can come here yeah so yeah I mean Actually I I rather meant to trade the Roofs first on the eight Rook D1 and Then later do it okay I don’t know if I Can

Like let’s say here It took And now you Know okay uh if I take here it’s check Which is uh Slightly unpleasant surprise I mean queen B6 is there it has to be in That case calculated but and if I go G8 How do you I want after Queen H5 I want Bishop History after I’m hoping some Knight C4 Maybe would be a Would be strong but Yes because I mean I basically I want to take H5 Yeah or F6 I was not okay but Let’s say H5 that’s a very polite way to To to to tell it thank you Because I like my blenders but I Appreciate it no yeah no no yeah I’m Just it’s very nice of you Um yeah if I get H5 then I’m doing very Well of course Immediately if you want to prevent that Idea But maybe now I take and play Knight D6 Instead I mean could also be I don’t know up And taking as you said I mean it’s Always like E6 F6 and still white king Is much safer than blacks yeah yeah no That’s stable and you your hook is a bit Stuck here Pawn H5

Um I mean it’s so difficult to play huh Yeah But then what that what uh what else do You do like Queen queen f8 or something is Incredibly sad yeah Yeah I don’t know uh maybe maybe I’ve Took over all the jumping stuff cover The squares but yeah I’m coming here and Protecting that pawn if you take here Yeah Simply 93 yeah yeah I go here no even Without taking Maybe It’s out taking huh I need to conceive For wow that’s very big decision big Decision and queen B6 I mean it looks like there is absolutely No Tanto player it tooks how can I go I mean yeah actually I give you Something to play no no you mean like Quincy tonight I mean E4 is hanging yeah That’s the I mean like suddenly Mate I mean let’s say if you take it I I Probably I don’t know here ah here it’s made Immediately so King B8 yeah B6 but I didn’t calculate at all Yeah me too maybe King Okay one is accurate now he has two Against foreign but why This is not uh exactly forced so let’s

Uh I mean you could maybe make some lazy Move in between and protect maybe some Prophylaxis like King G2 yeah exactly And then let’s see what you do with your But let’s say okay I play Queen B2 [Music] I mean we both made the same moves yeah That’s true But I wasn’t sure at all that this is Yeah I mean this was very uh unclear Whether that was correct can I you know Like couldn’t be too I’m very tempted to Go because pausing game like take stakes And if you I mean if I was thinking this Is the only problem otherwise it would Be just game it was just step three and A game over but he phone can go here you Go here and now Rook D7 simply maybe of This seven maybe it’s just completely Winning actually Yeah it’s hard to say what what black is Trying to do here I mean I wouldn’t be Surprised actually It’s beginning to look like He played couldn’t before he played Queen before okay looks very similar at Our game in Isle of Man That’s true I seem to recall I had this Nice Bishop Fantasy Five when you had Some Knights ah you like to ah to remind Some to remind me some some nice not Very very nice that’s a very nice game You should definitely check it out if You haven’t seen it

Thank you At 96 but Knight H6 looks to me like I mean maybe it’s very good but also Like strategically cashing in a bit too Earlier yeah but I mean I told you this Pottages I mean it’s too early I mean like you Kind of blows them I mean this is not a Good idea group D6 just Knight takes F7 Yeah Yeah I think Rook D7 and everything is Um I mean like yeah an idea it is quite Nasty so he played only seven G7 there Is also Knight D6 And also F6 is hanging out I could have six from G6 yeah okay okay Fair enough Um Now Queen B3 no Now I want to exchange Queens yeah now Queen B3 yeah Okay no excellent technique that is just Uh I mean you have to keep Queens Otherwise you just resign Bishop B6 okay like the 596. I mean Yeah Queen C5 you have to try but uh I thought you were going to see Queen E3 But it’s a bit too much yeah I take Everything oh yeah even that’s probably Very good yeah and they pay you get Seven watch Champion Magnus car selling Big trouble big big trouble Losing the first game of course it

Doesn’t take years that’s clever because If I take take play Knight F5 of course Paul is still winning but at least I Have some some place Knight G8 makes More sense yeah because you simply pick It up a minute Yeah maybe oh so actually 98 immediately Yeah why to take actually there’s no RSU Queen A4 is not such a big threat not Such a big threat So here what do we do I think uh Magnus Carlsen is just some F5 takes E4 or something it’s absolutely Yeah and we can see we can see on the Screen is not it’s not happy that’s for Sure Uh it cannot be happy he of course Understand is uh completely bursted in That game but Fighting he’s fighting no I mean at Least now he can pretend to have an idea That King King B6 King A5 yeah take the Pawn and run yeah I would be 8.98 akz yeah if you can Think if you can think of Pawns interest To it yeah I think there will be more than one yeah Uh yeah But also like even after like King B6 is really A way to try to get some counter player You tell me another way uh I don’t see It but you will simply you will collect F6 and then you will get E5 with check

You will actually defend everything at The same time Here so what do you do yeah I check yeah Yeah Knight takes E5 let’s say and this Is just not it’s also Rook A1 you are a Bit clumsily placed there as well I mean oh that’s a disaster that’s a Disaster I have to have to I mean like I Mean you have to play King music what Else no I have to do it at some point I Don’t I don’t know if it was forced uh What other pieces can you even move Yeah no that’s not funny So King B6 okay of course he will take That’s no we played hook D7 I wrote this One that could be even stronger actually King A5 What but why why is it stronger I don’t know He just wants to take him B7 or what That’s a good look S A4 takes here Yeah I mean it’s not uh it’s for sure Completely winning but yeah that’s the Game But it’s very exciting now I at some point you have to collect the F6 right yeah yeah what else I mean now I mean B6 of course attacking both pawns No anyway yeah yeah maybe and now Knight D7 is my best group text F7 is a bit too Much yeah Yeah I know I mean I have one hope here Before you didn’t have any hope now you

Have one I don’t like what did it yeah I Agree no The Rook D7 Rook takes B7 was Very strange he may win anyway I mean he Probably will win anyway but it’s quite A big favorite to win anyway but yeah But uh still Um yeah now there is some hope this can Go wrong A5 let’s say I would not be very sure of Myself here I was just resign uh Let’s see Um what do you do but it’s true actually Your cat on the a file as well if you Get this seriously later on if I’ve Played why not C3 Yeah it looks very good yeah yeah no Bishop’s history is not possible because 95 will be three and take so you have to Go to some weird Square which yeah but Then everything starts to hang yeah so Where do you go actually Yeah so here or here But it’s seven it’s checked no check and Take are you simply check and take That’s true oh I mean excellent shape Um Bishop is 65 Euros a piece you can’t go To Instagram this track yeah so you have To Bishop A3 A3 is the only move and now Look at that That’s a bit uh something should happen Here I mean maybe yeah

Yeah maybe just take it So Knight takes E5 this is just a Disaster I mean I kept 70 thinking C6 Most likely or so this Pawn on A5 is not Winning yeah no no no it’s not quitting No it’s uh like so many moves away Bishop A3 played baseball champion who Will face wow that could be tough Because then through the first game Is still four four I mean three games to Go obviously but uh Well it’s not a pleasant start yeah no No you cannot uh Knight takes E5 Rook E6 Here is his uh sort of attempt yeah and Get to the pawn on e4 I mean he has no Choice here yeah That actually is maybe not Yeah I’m thinking if there was a way to Hold on to it yeah [Music] And then but if I go I didn’t get the Point if I go because I thought about it As well yeah but what is your next uh ah Are you on Bishop C1 King A3 and then A4 Like this yeah but how do you I mean Like you have to create a passport oh You play it to be honest I was actually Thinking a freaking you’re talking B3 Like this Ah f-stricking F2 and yeah yeah So he played uh Bishop C1 would be one Now this is also quite strong actually Uh it simply wins immediately Bishop D2 Knight b60 A3 Knight C4 Knight takes D2

Yeah and if Bishop A3 it’s the if Bishop Ace feedback is very beautiful mate so My name is three but he’s losing the Bishop now Uh not even sure he will take it Immediately yeah Knight B6 no it says 95. Incredibly green yeah that’s incredibly Good yeah that’s incredible but that’s Incredibly good as well also yeah yeah Definitely Bishops B2 but Knight C4 now Yeah But I can even take here Then making sure I would probably take On B2 and go to K1 Play And now it’s like three pawns okay two So Yeah okay okay okay going on Magnus Playing I mean he’s fighting no he’s Fighting I mean we were very impressed But they also a bit odd motor they just Take the bishop I mean yeah Okay fancy but uh taking the bishop was Also not bad Bishop C3 check what’s ah King D1 is okay too and uh King D3 is Okay three okay very impressive Technique by area Was certainly better was the other two Games are still going on I guess it’s uh It’s a door if we were most likely We will have a look after the end of the

Timetable check And now we will be able to to move the Tonight To be still in the game Kind of impressive like D6 Maybe King takes D5 it might take you seven Now Yes should be winning anyway you have to Find the cleanest all the time yes it’s Probably not the cleanest But um Maybe a caps reason okay I don’t know What is this idea okay played But they have 60 something I mean it’s Hard to uh it’s great What can you do Okay now he’s attacking two pawns so Rook F4 or what But then Bishop Bishop detour okay four Played yeah Bishop takes E5 E5 check is Of course yeah And you have two yeah you have a problem Here so Bishop D2 played Okay five and now Thank you one poem Yeah one Pawn but uh Okay and 98. oh that’s painful You will collect while keeping Everything defended yeah oh Okay Bishop before you have to try But he had played I can’t even go ah That should be winning come on ah that Must be better yeah stupid piece in such Endings yeah yeah so maybe before

No he played okay shade You’re always a bit surprised Maybe not bad But they have six okay 50 once yes Yes Yeah then what I mean I don’t even have to give up like Bishop Before even protecting and don’t get Three plates that’s a position who can Shade back Wow Such a defense but that’s not going to Be enough that’s for sure very unlikely Yeah 97 Maybe 97 is one excellent move Then Rook d80 will go And then I can go to soccer yeah Bishop B4 but uh rook and even Rook ending like Even if you let him yeah I mean it’s It’s completely over Yeah this is just game over definitely Three against one Yeah That’s 30 seconds for you guys it Doesn’t seem to be nervous he plays okay Five back okay fate maybe 10 seconds Increment is quite a lot for let’s say Online standards yeah I mean you make one repetition in one Second and suddenly you have 20. so you Play okay five King F3 and he wants G4 I Guess Wants to start pushing pushing yeah but Also what do you do with black I mean

Yeah that’s the problem that you cannot Take here because zoki is actually five Yeah I know I mean Bishop D7 King G5 and Just push H form yeah Hook F7 played materials Looks very strong uh he wants to Bishop By fade then Check should go King G6 4 yes but still not not likely to matter Too much so we’ll see well I mean it’s Interesting to so that we all see what It takes to win a game against Magnus Carlson yes I mean the guys first Defending till till the last That’s the last move and creating Problems asking questions and uh well That’s uh when I was praying this kind Of uh Um Rapids tour once and it’s what I Found the most difficult to win games Yes I mean they’re just skating so many Problems uh all the time you have to win The games so many times yeah I mean to Get the cast again getting good Positions actually was kind of Um yeah definitely yeah it was happening I mean it was not this is the main issue But to win them Was just uh close to uh while it’s never Happening simply Um Basically never happened And ig5 okay so after Bishop C5 what Does he want 90s no it’s just 46 yeah

That’s very simple Okay now so King is misplaced and we’ll Just push just push Bishop is three back okay so okay six oh Okay six I don’t know yeah King G4 is Also possible just to get that foreign Yes even if it was uh on the other side It would still be a rather easy win I Guess Yeah But that would take a long time Yeah so let’s see maybe But Yeah he’s still making moves yeah yeah And the agency didn’t probably show the Fastest way even though that’s very far From the front nothing is spoiled so far Um can I push H5 yeah and if Check Yes Block rookie phone Yes Actually working at five okay one no Rook H1 and if I keep I was hoping Rook H4 would somehow be something but Okay Uh It’s not so easy to defend F4 actually Yeah Incredible Okay some nice Yeah very very tricky suddenly Because how do you how do you actually Defend yeah Maybe check you go here yeah I guess No I guess to it

You pay check first okay let’s see Kingato I guess Makes the most yes I can see two is a Bit far Yeah it’s it’s very weird I mean I’m not sure I understand the Point entirely I mean the worst case I guess you can go Rook H6 rook h496 and then slowly but It’s very weird It’s not the way you’re supposed to yeah I mean here with King on F3 it’s uh but With King on C2 let’s say it was uh That’s interesting So that’s why but but why is there a Concrete reason why I think it always Not Yeah I think he will go kingito I think you have to try it now [Music] I don’t see it okay Okay very interesting H6 H6 you got After what yeah let’s say H6 Rook H4 I Can go Knight E6 Ah that’s a point we’ll catch 694 okay Well done Um that’s why he went to C4 yeah not to C2 because C2 is same Creek aha okay Because here you just check why don’t C4 Okay very clever so he had to actually Yeah and also this is very impressive With Magnus like he has he was playing So fast and he has like two and a half

Minutes and suddenly he thinks one Minute In specifically this moment yeah because He immediately understands that it’s Very important I mean it’s very easy to keep making Moves very fast But you play this avoiding this trick Or the other games are still playing Still going on we have this end game Invited to that should be a door but you Still have to be Precise Are you sure it’s still a drawer maybe Bishop is Donald Yeah okay Bishop E6 Yeah I mean yeah if I go between six It’s Queen yeah yes and it’s lost yes Because the king cannot come here and You cannot really enter like you cannot Reach the F7 Pawn Yeah Yeah that’s uh very trickier because I Want very interesting ending yeah Yeah we’ll have a look but let’s have a Look at the game uh H6 who are following Hookage for H7 now Okay Bishop F4 He wants to Queen his Pawn that makes a Lot of sense hook D7 Okay so what’s um so now you need the Bishop on the long diagonal but you Cannot really reach here Like Bishop C1 I don’t have on Bishop E3 Why not

Yes and Bishop history Yeah I was thinking at least that Let’s say King G6 Bishop D4 I had some Knight F3 move Takes D4 boom ah yeah yeah yeah better Yeah same but better Yes And uh foreign Your predictions are good Uh so Let’s see here Bishop E3 played by On this Carson King G6 he wants Knight F7 and queen I guess no but okay It became so complicated I might have Seven you can player Bishop D4 you can I Guess Can you take it and play Knight H6 Ah oh Most likely you will just I mean Rook G1 I can even play Knight G4 if I want to Have it Wow because I queen with check This is a check yeah it’s nice It’s nice would you really want to have I mean not so nice here with 20 seconds Mvl resigned Not even that yeah but it was like uh 30 Seconds per movie In classical game yeah Yeah you think it’s completely hopeless Yeah To I mean to play Rook against Queen yeah With the 10 second increments I would play it yeah of course but yeah

Well that’s fine you wouldn’t be worried That uh with the queen yeah I would be Worried I’m always worried I mean would you I mean would any guys If you worried that’s more relevant I Don’t think so okay So King C5 hook the eight I know it’s a Queen it’s over I think yeah now it Should be over yeah Bishop D4 again in the game Naiji fights a blender it’s a door now According to the evaluation bar oh boy So what did he miss here What was the winning move I don’t know I Might be three check Because you have to go to C4 then I play Knight F4 And then I will take with check and have My page five But he missed it and look now it’s a Door now it’s a dog it’s what you said Wow unbelievable Yes now it’s a door 92 was the only Winning move according to tadias our Producer Incredible now Wow That’s a big Miss forever guys yeah That’s an incredible Miss but it’s Incredible defense as well but uh yeah Of course But still it’s always so easy yeah like Uh I mean I mean let’s say let’s say for us

It would not be easy at all but if it Was a classical game we would win it Every time Ready I think so No I mean you could for instance the Moment where you could just take the Bishop I mean just take it yeah Yeah but in Rapid of course I would I Don’t know how much no no of course of Course yeah I know very far from 100 I still think one one should be favored To win but no he’s defending uh What is that about Bishop A1 simply yeah and there is no Way to you can get hookah Knight against Rook but at this level it’s very lazy to Defend and here it’s very beautiful to Die against with it I feel it’s just the Way to defend you just waited here oh That was beautiful H6 King F6 and now You simply wait yeah yeah bishopper Seven Bishops even Bishop is even here And if of course H7 I just take on H7 Takes and stain mate Trick is always working so this is a Door That’s really beautiful that’s Impressive yeah yeah let’s come back to Uh Magnus Carson Was defending probably he will have to Play a bit more Yeah this is a very long game Incredible huh you would I would type Something easy why not no of course of

Course I mean still it’s very I mean Anything can happen here yeah But Okay actually the defensive strategy is Not that hard yeah I mean Bishop as far Away as possible and then Rook Gives checks and blocks on H1 So it will be some More checks on the chuania king G5 will Be played And Yeah but the only way to try to play for A win is to block with an idea on F6 or J7 And then the Rook will give so many Checks Yes that’s a problem yeah Yeah looks like it should be not so Tough Yeah actually it’s quite easy yeah for Black okay trying not to to spoil it Like the moves are easy at least and if They work they work if they don’t anyway You can’t do anything I know okay fun even Why not yeah you know you don’t have Options yeah that’s true I mean also the bishop has far away uh From the night as possible on every move And That’s it yeah Tonight we are going to bed at midnight I think minimum minimum minimum midnight This is

Spent a lot of time on in the time camps And uh Nilsa is to go to bed early we Spent many months together and you never Saw me awake after 12 yeah We spent actually literally months Together this is amazing yeah many Months yeah Very incredibly good company Ah thank you you honor me yeah And you know people who knows me uh they Know I can be mean at times and uh yeah So it’s such easy to to deal With that yeah I mean you mean that I Survived many moms yeah yeah I know You’re always very kind then or is very Kind and very polite to me and to Everyone else actually So but what is I mean he’s not really Doing anything yeah he’s just hiding From the checks on the Yeah Rook H1 he wants you yeah he’s just he’s Just trying to continue to game like That’s as simple as that uh G6 and now Some now King comes back to G8 and then Maybe you promote and pay Rook against Rook and Knight yeah Yeah Maybe I can I can prevent that Can I I you want to be even more Precisely yeah just to you know if you Move the Knight now I just come back Here and uh what feels like to do Um

Oh Kelly it’s strong but Yeah so let’s see how Magnus does it 45 Seconds for the world champion why it’s A draw between visit and do the very Good defense by the the Polish Grandmaster who probably knew Um are you think he knew this is the Whole Landing yeah four against three Maybe maybe I mean on the other hand It’s something like if you see it once You will never forget it so yeah I’m not sure No but I mean it’s Bishops here like It’s not that many options some Rook Ending there can be so many options for Both sides that’s true Bishops are not So true yeah it’s good to know actually That’s four against three yeah Construction it’s a door so Magnus Sprayed King D5 Bishop C3 okay Um why not Bishop B2 we don’t know uh But anyway it makes so much difference Yeah no it doesn’t you have to pick one Square no of course over the board it Used to be you should pick because That’s where closest to the clock yeah But okay He’s playing okay one he wants to of Course he wants to end the game as soon As possible uh to avoid any blunders and Start giving checks on the other side But it’s getting later and later in India no I mean he should want to play It latest Monster brother

Let’s talk turning good point I don’t know even if she is in India Currently so they are not waiting for Each other so we will have always some Some games uh going on uh I guess this Is not uh because they already started In uh See them game but yeah no but let’s Let’s stick to with Magnus 100 moves Played Approaching I mean he’s winning the pawn Yeah Because it’s pinned you cannot move the Rookie I would last trick and Knight G5 Because it’s been amazing defense by World champion Magnus Carlson Yeah very impressive That’s too too so resilient this is Amazing Last try Ah checks yeah is that he’s winning yeah We’re looking at foreign In the end take on H7 okay so so why I Go here But this is the same yeah Yes it’s the same Okay maybe it’s a four straw there yeah And it took only seven Another 15 minutes yeah I think he doesn’t want you to go to bed I heard rumors yeah To be something that he would think is Very funny yeah yeah yeah it’s kind of Humor yeah yeah I could think it’s funny

I I would also think it’s funny so um I Can see this interface you’re already Thinking it’s funny And I think Magnus is generally funny so Yeah So it’s probably it’s likely that he Thinks it’s funny but I think he’s quite Happy to to save the To save the half point in that door oh Clearly clearly it’s clearly um extra It’s a it’s an extra half point No definitely I mean it was so lost well Magnus uh So much must happen for you to lose Yeah I mean I’ve had it in a few games The first time I had it I think it was Actually against hammer Okay and and uh I didn’t know actually Like I knew of course that it was drawn Not so difficult but uh I was still Surprised by how easy it was like okay Not a single decision basically for the Entire ending so Because this European Bishop against Rookies can be quite tricky it’s Possible to uh to go wrong oh for sure I Mean we saw many players do it of course Yeah even when they knew it let’s say Yeah you can be and generally of course It’s at the end of the game so you get Tired and yeah it’s more chances for Excellent Yeah what is this okay foreign But you are going into the fork which is

Not a move We have to make that move if you are Really really confident yes he just Wants to show that he’s very confident Yeah so he went to get trades this is Already they already played oh they Already played they played only 10 moves Yeah I mean it’s like one move is 20 Seconds yeah so three moves is already a Minute I mean It sounds like 50 minutes yeah for the For the entire uh sequence Okay we’ll keep an eye on that but a Second game between Rapport and cash Started it was a door in the first game And the student game Richie boy is Playing some mighty Not very ambitious as almost always in The opening yeah just time to get a game And well Yeah okay Some Small issue on E5 yeah you don’t really Want to play F6 Yeah you don’t want to play F6 I mean Here probably D4 is even very good even Without D4 F6 is a bit uglier Yeah [Music] So how do you defend it otherwise I Don’t know I was hoping that you tell me Yeah I mean

Queen D5 looks a bit shaky let’s say Knight fd4 is the simplest I mean that’s Not none yeah I thought Knight fd4 was nice but this Is of course yeah yeah that’s the Simplest I guess so It’s it’s not by Pawn I don’t care I go Here yeah Bishop D5 is the other Sotological yeah because it’s 95 and I Just take take and I can yeah check and Things Yeah maybe first take here Okay he played yeah What do you have to take yeah yeah I Have to take but this to my eyes looks a Bit better for white This bishop on G2 is very strong Yeah That looks very dangerous yeah I know I Mean it’s Toby shops and yeah I mean Square on D4 but it’s not enough to Equalize here like Knight F5 you would Probably have to try Magnificent still playing this who can Light you can talk but Should be should be fine Okay it’s not so clear yeah Of course I mean there is a square but Okay white should be white should be Better I guess C4 I guess will be played Anyway right yeah what else I mean and it’s the way to make make use Of this move uh we played C4 he plays C4 In the second game between shakirov and

Uh started He’s playing a benoni which feels a bit Early right yes I would also say whether It was Hard why would you prepare I mean you’re Playing mom jarrow with that I mean why Would you prepare banonia It’s a surprising choice to my so Bishop District B5 okay that’s a solid one Actually yes Now white can take with either piece and Both are very solid therefore white yeah Magnus Carson defending that hook Against 20 moves to go actually yes But King on one side and Rook on the Opposite side yeah that’s yeah okay so King and you just pin and give checks And uh you either pin or give check and Just annoy the the white king yeah Enough enough is enough it’s a door Yeah yeah fantastic save by super Champion hey guys of course very very Disappointed one hour and 10 minutes for That first game that’s Poof how long how long is their break They are it’s like 10 minutes I think I Think it’s 10 minutes yeah 15 even 15 okay very informed 15. yeah I mean now people realize that you never Made it To the top eight Yeah

Yeah I mean it’s not nice to lose many Games but actually the bigger pit is That I missed this opportunity to play a Match ah yeah it would have been very Interesting actually and fun yes and fun Also yeah Yeah many different it’s rare that we Get these match opportunities We used to mock a little bit Nils with My my friend Jan Gustafson Because for this uh chess is always fun And interesting and Wild Force member of The chicken chess club uh we I don’t Think it’s always fun and interesting we Really think it’s um Interesting something went wrong yeah With Yeah exactly Yeah so um Yeah no matches is different yeah of Course it can be actually I agree That can be it’s actually yeah it’s more Like also preparation is more Interesting yeah than playing these 15 Different games against 15 different Yeah and 15 different random openings Yeah exactly exactly so like one match You have some ID or even it doesn’t even Have to be about opening them or like Stylistic thing or whatever yeah so You’re going for some kind of position And you will see if it works So they will come back at uh in like 13 Minutes uh my name is but we have that

That games going on and this benoni It’s what you said so he seems to know Maybe prepared actually for the yeah I Mean if he plays B5 it’s not because He’s tilting yeah it’s because he has Prepared it yeah And this is some outline yeah like where Black is trying to liquidate everything Yeah exactly I’m sorry I don’t remember How it how it comes but it used to be That it always ended up with two Rooks Against Queen yeah you probably remember That No I mean you remember roughly how it Looked not the specific yeah That’s not better to avoid no for black It should be some easier he probably has An easier way to make a draw here yeah It’s playing everything super fast but Actually even though it’s not his style But I mean it’s such a bad result no Sure I mean I’m not sure if it if it’s such a Bad result for of the sator of either Yeah I mean it’s after all black and He has another white So Bishop E5 played Knight or Knights Yet versus nothing okay see eight okay And he knows what he’s doing so yeah if You don’t know then it can uh yeah clear Conversations here From black yeah Okay and good cash

Uh once so it took Bishops H4 that knows it’s very normal to to Watch for when you can yeah Yeah no it’s just uh Improving the Constructor creating some Some ideas Yeah H5 he wants G5 I guess he wants Yeah you think so right bishop and his Mission Yeah yeah Yeah he has two he has to go F5 next Maybe I can go I mean something like That that’s what I was thinking but Apparently you can just move yeah Okay Queen E4 I’m stopping at five but Uh Maybe you go back to these seven even Yeah Yeah you need one more Tempo to to have Then I would be doing very well But I’m also curious and careful careful Careful exactly like when is e for uh Okay apparently yes but at some moment It will uh It will be be there as possible it Breaks too So if are the not winning the bishop Because uh The queen is hanging on the seventh So Yeah what is the What’s the point of 98 996 and two but It’s very I mean even probably don’t Want to take on B5 yeah like I just

Recapture CB And then B7 will be weak yeah Yeah that’s a good point but yeah this Knight is very annoying on before but Also on the other hand like it was an E7 Yeah where where else should It Go Because Knight F5 probably didn’t work So Yeah that if I was going to I mean basically I don’t know it should Be it should be and after your sweep it H5 Wow which is quite a decision Yes even this That’s clear And here Queen D5 I guess you simply Don’t have to take it yeah like uh no I Mean sorry after Bishop H3 F5 25 check Your movie Yeah because you should take takes and Then C7 is anything so 57 I learned yeah And take but you take take D4 something Like this but maybe it’s not enough Maybe it’s just I have to close yeah Yeah what else and your Pawn is a little Bit weak sorry yeah I’m not in time for D5 because my Bishop on B2 is hanging Yeah So Okay Yeah Um It’s not not so easy for for white after All yeah yeah looks nice but yeah

Actually it’s a different thing yeah It’s very concrete yes and um Another game another match was started To do that against with it Polish player it’s white Queen’s gamit Accepted E4 which is the main test In Queen’s gamit accepted most ambitious For white E5 One of them or maybe the main line I Don’t know it’s amazing I mean B5 is Also very popular nowadays There’s some cool very fast lines By the scripture before check Bishop D2 Takes takes And takes only four quintix D4 played by Duda very quickly Okay Um so I guess we have to take He’s thinking but yeah I also don’t Really see an alternative yeah because She’s amazing and you don’t want to yeah Yeah exactly to lose your eye to Castle Yeah so takes I mean white is usually Very slightly better I guess in this Sentence But I can’t say I’m an expert on this Specific one Me too So um yeah Okay and That’s more surprised by Duda okay it Will be interesting to Yeah some idea like he checked this Ending

Where do you want to go Hard to say Yeah She’s the more most interesting Currently okay Foreign Richie boy is thinking now Yeah So he’s definitely calculating this Queen D5 to see if there is something There but At least we can’t see it yeah No and Queen Seven is next Saturday Yeah Yeah I mean yeah it would have to be Taking and playing D4 I guess what else Foreign Or something like that yeah exactly yeah Yeah so yeah I mean Yeah yeah I started to like black so D4 E4 it’s not D5 evasive threat yeah so Bishop let’s say if you go Bishop C3 Hobby shop I don’t know Bishop somewhere Because of the D5 I can also move I mean I can play Knight E5 after D5 yeah Exactly I mean not clear at all whether Yeah exactly So it takes six this default doesn’t Work anymore just taken simply take it Yeah yeah they are very concrete yeah so King of it looks uh more risky but might Be us better it was also considering the Same lines Probably yeah

I mean D4 immediately is also another Move but I don’t know if it makes a difference And what’s the point if I take you just Take only eight right but then you take With yeah and it’s just good for Yeah I guess it’s at least not Queen C5 was the Question right yeah then I take and take On C7 wow Showing my tactical skills exactly Yeah yeah and actually it could become Very I mean this is okay I put the Knight on D3 I’m just much better yeah So yeah so King f8 what was that so Different before immediately but uh We can take with the night as well Maybe much more solid yeah Maybe Quinn yeah Queen C5 is still there B7 makes sense as well what’s that Now here Bishop takes D4 Ah that’s nice if it takes You played another move very much his Time I’m not uh I don’t believe in it Wow that’s my boy I believe that it’s Very likely that he would play it but uh That it’s a good move I didn’t even Think about it I didn’t see it was legal It’s very much in his style Finished one with a straight face yeah He doesn’t have to care because it’s Online so that’s good at least yeah But I mean What is the point the bishop G2 but

Anyway you don’t want to take on C6 Just fancy come on exactly that’s what I’m yeah that’s my point there like it Just looks fun that’s it yeah That’s what stress is all about right Yeah no but it’s also about winning yeah It’s about winning I think it is come on I didn’t know you’re so so cynical I’m Sorry sorry No but what is actually like what is he Intending or it’s just hard for black to Make a move as well Yeah Maybe at some point the B4 will be A possibility Maybe While in uh um let’s have a look at in My video of Abdullah of very very solid Performance by by both players it would Be a door and it will be one and a half For Shakira made of yeah and the young [Music] Um Let’s see I mean last time we said it Would be I mean I said it would be a Door and it was not So but that one it’s very very likely Um hard to imagine that something will Go on for for is our player and here why He played something very surprising to Us Knight F6 takes takes I played Knight F6 wow yeah not to give a Tempo Bishop B69 is seven and actually as the King is doing all right on e7008 will

Come yeah and the white takes the bishop You take with the pawn I guess yes I Guess yeah And he plays F4 oh do the It’s always very enterprising huh yes Quite ambitious yeah no no no jokes yeah If Yes Trying to to crush him completely That’s okay it looks also uh I mean Uh yeah I’m not sure how much I tried if I go C5 you want to go here Also hard to say then you’ll play just Simply Knights a knight C6 F no It Prepares this is much more clever Actually okay long Castle will be played I guess Long Castle played Okay now maybe C5 yeah because now you Can take a check So what should they okay if I go here Yeah I guess I take you have to Pick with the King probably yeah Anyway it looks weird yeah I mean it’s not so weird what he’s doing But Maybe it works yeah maybe even a six Yeah Knight C7 or K7 If F5 I play B5 yeah yeah probably black Is just much better Yeah C5 really feels like I mean after C5 so he simply wants to take an E6 or What is the

Um I don’t know Yeah because most likely And then hope for some good um scenario So takes takes let’s say takes Bishop Will take Knight C6 something like that Yeah and E5 okay I give check and like I’m 95. Yeah It’s hard to believe that black is doing Badly yeah I thought yeah no it’s not what I Um yeah black is okay actually yeah Black looks perfectly okay to me Okay Magnus Carson will soon start this Game I guess Yep Yeah interesting Um what are the options actually 444 black Bishop G4 with Bishop Referrals to bits too much huh You mean Bishop E2 and some Knight F5 Check will be there if you take it yeah Yeah Looks like a disaster Yeah Anyway take back at some points yeah A knight C6 I guess you simply take it Yeah it’s a bit yeah Let’s check takes and at some point We’re Yeah probably you take on the one In between but uh yeah Takes while a door will be okay in my

Middle of Abdullah That’s for sure by now Maybe it’s considering that actually Because if you go F5 then I just go Bishop C8 yeah and then the Knight comes To E5 yeah exactly and maybe it’s not Such a big deal with response yeah but Also why would you do it You do it only because you believe the Other one is worse for you I guess yeah Yeah that’s true but he’s taking his Time and it makes a lot of sense while Magnus Carson started this game And he played Knight F3 D5 somebody G3 C5 Bishop G2 Knight F6 Material should also be big expert now If you’re playing like 3g3 and all your Rapid and beats games Yeah but um I have to pretend not to know anything So 96 I know so that Hi sister that thing’s upon I remember Some game E6 E4 short Castle was the Line yeah Uh-huh some Pawn sacrifice that looked Pretty interesting yeah Or quite solid I would say rather yeah Like things were disappearing So just take and you pretend that you Have night before and you are right Before Bishop H3 and so on yeah yeah Let’s say it takes takes Like before shopping for Shoppers three

Yeah yeah Rookie eight and so on yeah it looks Pretty yeah let’s see if Magnus will go But okay what else if not E4 I mean what other moves can be can be There even Some Because if you don’t do anything I mean You will actually just be worse with Whiter yeah just castle and yeah it’s Very simple It’s very I played this many times with the with Colors reversed Oh and look at that after if I want D4 Area and E5 Was played a Tempo by the world champion Detects history both players splitting Out their moves they take F6 uh so they Are both actually prepared here I don’t think you should take on B2 Because I trade on d8 and take back and It looks very okay Yeah It’s a minimum I mean I can very easily go wrong at Least no no of course I wanted to you Know to type my logs there but at this One yeah no I mean it’s fun yeah no Probably it’s not probably Yeah this is Queen So Knight day one of Jason yeah Should be fine so It took with a bishop here okay okay

Bishop B takes C3 Okay testing Short Castle I guess Bishop A3 will be Playing yeah Bishop 86 is also possible Yeah It looks like could be some some Pressure for white that’s Bishop on C8 might not get out very Easily you know yeah exactly Okay Do the I don’t okay let’s let’s stick with uh We spank this why it’s a door between my Middle and Abdul set off Still Still Officially playing but okay students to Same side and though is agreed I agree So now it’s up to uh if you can create Something in the last round Sorry And what happened to Richie That’s the pawn he lost upon you know How did that happen Quinnish 197 Bishop C1 Bishop F6 okay Oh yeah [Music] I am not great That’s okay it’s also down to one minute Yeah Yeah Unfortunately my prediction Was kind of better than yours yeah here It seems you are crushing me but let’s See let’s see it’s not over Richie will

Have Anyway black or white for him it doesn’t Tell you it’s so important yeah a bit of A sad blunder yeah Just giving up opponents this is she Don’t make any presents that’s for sure Yeah what can he do now yeah no that Would be 15 seconds also it’s completely Hopeless We’ll come back to it while do the uh Did it played uh something along the Lines we gave Yeah very similar right but to me I mean Black looks very pleasant Yeah okay I would probably pick black if I had to choose Yeah visit is very well prepared You think this is all uh yeah maybe No I mean you know generally systems and Yeah it’s not exactly that he probably Saw similar positions that’s true Is thinking here the the interesting Yeah I mean Bishop page six and Bishop A3 are the most I guess Queen F3 plane [Laughter] I I will I will leave you alone yes for Five minutes and you could do the same I Will make a short break I will give you The control of my of my beautiful Computer so don’t do anything to to Special please wow Um Now

I’m giving it to you That way yeah also he says we can take Actually I yeah maybe we should just Simply go for everything oh we can but We’re missing the action okay we can go For uh yes yeah three four miles back Okay we’ll be back thanks for watching And we we come back in three four Minutes sure oh the second part of the Of the day air quality isn’t the first Thing that comes to mind when you think About Chess and Esports but it affects Our Focus decision making Health sleep And more what’s in the air you breathe Find out with air things I’m ahead of the game [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I’m ahead of the game [Music] Laughs Foreign [Music] Hey [Music] There are five qualities one needs to Have to master the French defense one Safeguarding your king is priority King G8 good move yeah just King E7 why Not a well of course we don’t take seven We are much better and very important Don’t hustle King on F7 perfectly placed

Two remaining calm in every situation Oe Oe Murdered free Patience and here people will speak you need to prepare and look at This the apron is running like alarm Pause For Fast development of your pieces is the Key to success And here you don’t care about the pieces A6 H6 G5 H5 G4 go for the dog pieces and Most importantly never Retreat your Developed units yeah Busters are going To tell you this and funny joke that With French people we only retreat but It’s not it’s counter attack Welcome everybody my name is former World chess champion are starting a new Course here for chessable a very special Stressful course master your chest with Judith bulgar you know what I learned a Lot Hello everybody I am gun Master David Anthony Haro and I’m Magnus Carlson my Name is Ange giri I am a top Grandmaster I’m Grandmaster Nils crandellios from Sweden I am Grand Master Hari Krishna Pentala from India [Music] Foreign [Music] Plays a few good events stops looking

Inwards into his own insecurities I like The no expectation part so like that’s Something that has gotten better because Sure it’s like not my full-time job it’s Definitely a good purchase in India and Now there is Olympiad also so there will Be more people following and picking up Just as professional sport yeah [Music] And it’s surprisingly concrete still no Like yeah it takes D4 good move because He takes before the detect Z5 this line Was essential and forced but also not The rocket science to map out [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign We’ll make a smaller cup My dear friend Nils for the viewer who Are coming now So uh Magnus Carson made the duo in the First game but that was that was a very Very nice defense but he was he was he Was completely lost Um against Sega so that was a miss While uh two games already played in Mamidya of Abdullah once the first game Is black and didn’t take he was Surprised in the second game and didn’t Take too many risk while Um gukesh just won while we took a break

I mean Richie Just Brenda the pawn and Uh Well that was that was a tough game uh To to be fair and uh we have two games Going on so world champion Magnus Carson As white against Playing clearly playing for activity in That position he wants here Queen F3 we Left here And um Queen F3 Bishop G7 Bishop A3 Okay for kb1 I think Knight C5 I guess Uh Queen F6 takes takes And not even Knight C5 what’s wrong with Knight C5 news Probably nothing yeah I don’t see it maybe bishop is seven Pinning though Yeah exactly Yeah that’s um very annoying so Knight C5 what was that’s a bit old yeah That was a deal here I have no idea Maybe just something like that and uh But Knight takes B7 I mean things are Hanging yeah Takes takes and hook C8 but yeah Something like this yeah probably Something I think he believes that this Position is great yeah like there is no Need to uh and no need to shock everyone But uh you give a Pawn Yeah that’s the Thing if Bishop takes history do you Have anything better than Knight C5 yeah Exactly

Now looks very very tempting I mean Probably you don’t yeah Yeah okay and we have uh do the against Visit it was also Um very fighting first game and second Game uh very interesting also quite Fighting yeah wow the night before night Jumping around he’s jumping a lot with The Knights yeah yeah that’s very scary He’s threatening actually Rook takes C4 I guess a liquid is everything in the in There yeah yeah that’s true yeah a night Ending pandon is not that guy here okay There is Knight A4 so we are I mean it’s Too early to start but uh okay Yeah I I have no idea what is uh Interesting yeah So it should do something about it maybe Hooky 2 comes to mind because yeah yeah Definitely you just go out of the of the Fork as well B5 is also it should be careful about Rookie too is nice but actually it’s uh It’s a very weird blunder yeah yeah just Uh yeah no no most Quests for the bishop So it’s not that nice let’s let’s face It Um what should I do I’m confused No but I mean this uh A3 move I mean if that line Works maybe It’s not so stupid yeah Yeah that’s totally because first I Wanted to suggest H3 but then Knight F2 Yeah I would say they scared about that

Like 93 Knight takes H3 are both threads And uh yeah so maybe it’s time to I mean It’s great yeah I mean it’s clearly time For white to bail out yeah Um if you can it’s not so okay I mean Also Knight D3 check I guess has to be But Tech Stakes can see twice F3 maybe Yeah No because who knows you know yeah sure Is a bit it’s a bit weird here So Yeah let’s say Yeah like this freaking D2 91 King E1 Knight H2 At night Not forced either because let’s say you Play a move like King D7 So you want clearly to protect I mean You have to stop your ID Ah that’s nasty and it’s still hanging Yeah Hanging here I have to I have to but Have to calculate very very precisely Because King C6 I’m hoping for an IG Fight but it’s very best I mean yeah Knight C4 Knight takes A3 yeah Yeah I mean it’s coming from from Both sides actually I also had maybe Could I play B6 instead of a king C6 Stop playing and my point is like if You’ve got 92 you’re protect but I take The other one yeah Yeah that’s uh That’s not good

Probably not yeah so he has to find Something else which is not easy not Easy at all I mean if you just can keep some Stability maybe you can give one Pawn But He played King B1 this looks uh also uh Because you give so yeah you give a lot Now yeah like you just grouped it too What is his ID All right Yeah Yeah I’m always tempted to go here But yeah also possible I mean this is Probably just fine yeah So that is his idea why There’s two maybe yeah Knight H2 Immediately also makes a lot of sense Brooke H1 you want Knight F3 yeah no I wanted That Bishop B2 I didn’t see Bishop it so what can I say Yeah I mean I don’t know Rook C2 or Maybe maybe This yeah maybe this is my lucky day Finally finally yeah ah this is nice Yeah yeah that’s nice thanks takes and I’m protecting my yeah if you take care Of course there’s a check nasty So that could be trouble from From for Duda here but simply okay let’s Say you take I can also play me show it To immediately All right take Bishop P2 and you want to

Catch one Yeah So anyway yeah anyway hoping for the Same yeah I actually don’t have to have many Options yeah yeah if it was reason I Would start doing some nasty like D5 Maybe even maybe 95 yeah takes takes and Not easy it’s not this bishop is hanging And he played B5 first I thought it Would be five so I guess after Bishop Ito his idea is not to take an edge too No no no which one is sales but you can Jump in yeah he wants to jump somewhere Probably Two different ways actually how to say Which one See yeah what Sorry Night He goes to F2 he goes to F2 I didn’t Have time to mute myself I apologize to The viewers That was very sudden Um and uh let’s see yeah that would be The interesting 140 for video but it’s much easier to Play for blacks that’s for sure yeah but Also not without any risk at all like if Things can can go wrong if yeah because This response could be exactly exactly And uh let’s have a look at Magnus Carson because he finally uh Bishop c395 Came so it was actually pure

Transposition Bishop F6 Knight B7 takes Six hook ah no not okay Knight D4 And yeah it’s clear that white is Pressing with two Bishops uh so on the Seventh But it’s unclear how much how much is a Is a big question I mean C4 looks like The most natural movie I just pushed Upon yeah you don’t want to Rook ac8 I guess I continue I see 592 maybe it’s an issue C5 let’s See two yeah it’s It’s a bit funny for for yeah it’s a bit Strange yeah So can I try to collect your Pawn here Let’s say hook somewhere I attack your Hook I’m just giving the concept here I don’t Want to calculate Um and then I get this iPhone I mean Like action first of all go after Rook D7 what which move do you play as black Because I mean Rook is hanging and Knight is hanging yeah I guess I would do that you have to play This yeah I can’t take here because There’s some some check my hook is Hanging So you have to now first Yeah then it’s not so nice yeah he Played C4 he played C4 yeah okay so but I mean after Rook C8 you mean maybe just Take an A7 yeah yeah and my point that This iPhone is so always very dangerous

When you you control the supporting Square Yeah I’m threatening Knight before Yeah it’s very dark actually And hook C2 as well is very active No Difficult to find a nice Square for the For the bishop actually Is a bit stupid I don’t know exactly how to solve it and Actually all the matches uh they are Playing so I’m just set off as white Almost in a must win situation was Always between the situation it goes for This symmetrical again Yeah but that’s a bit surprising in my Opinion yeah but you still have still Have one game as black but yeah by the Way Richie uh must win uh okay he has White in the last game but he’s going Clearly for the So the match could just finish here but The match could definitely finish but Also yeah Yeah it’s not like he’s getting crushing Advantages with white every game either Yeah But that’s easy this end game and Especially maybe it’s also do that game Uh which is very exciting be sure very Sharp Knight F2 A3 Knight D5 takes takes And now you see as response but It looks like the black pawns are more Dangerous than the white bones but uh

Computer seems to think it’s all very Equal Which that’s surprising I would also be Quite worried with white So we played C4 this Hook is a bit weird Though Um should we take I don’t know I mean it’s hard to I mean Take it do I I mean normal would be to Take with d but can I even take with I think yeah yeah but then would be one Maybe We’ll find out very quickly Yeah it was interesting Uh And also computers even Favoring white moderately favoring white Yeah that’s a bit Odd I guess Actually what if I play now Uh King C3 I guess he already was to go Rookie for and now I go back to dito Yeah I cannot even make a door no no and I’m I mean some Rook F1 you will have C3 yeah you cannot Play C3 immediately but if I go then you Have that Uh so let’s uh play a move yeah A5 or Something all right yeah C3 is just to show and this bishop is Hanging King 183 it’s a bit awkward but Actually United States like maybe I can Play some Rook C1 or something like that He doesn’t know any of this no no he

Went for After DC4 what happened look at one look At one ah okay fun yeah 94. 94 only move And only one yes Maybe white spawn some more Yeah and that’s oh sorry Like Bishop every King will come up here Actually looks very safe for white no But also should be possible to make it Yeah too many problems like I guess Yeah Yeah so let’s let’s exciting should be a Though yeah should be at all why mine Was kept his uh sipon Uh by just playing okay said Bishop F1 Wow that’s a nice move okay d8 1383 and Now King G2 and Bishop F1 is also a move That shows a lot of confidence yeah We will do it we would feel quite stupid Yeah like it’s too primitive But when he does it it’s great What’s happening after Knight C2 I guess That’s what I think it’s a bishop I Guess Ah but uh I will be pinned yeah let’s Say Bishop B2 I cannot take because hook B8 Okay Six yeah it’s his game over actually Um so yeah two pawns uh I mean one pass Pawn with two Bishops Yeah Bishop 183 is the problem man like It’s so stupid the rugby eight and look At the clock amazing

Can I play Bishop A6 simply About that beautiful if it works I mean If you take it at this time I’m very Happy I don’t know if you are yeah yeah So it’s now like c67 Yeah no that’s not acceptable for black But yeah I mean I mean K8 maybe it’s Still some more but And it’s not clear how much I gained Maybe maybe you gained a lot actually I Mean if I go yeah I actually didn’t see This look Basics yeah Um maybe not I mean it’s always very Complicated of course Yeah and he played the B6 Magnus cards And very quickly And apparently it’s a mistake but I Don’t know if that was the move but it Looked very very tempting yeah So now his idea is to play Bishop B2 I Guess if he’s loud Yeah That’s correct So what’s what do we do now So difficult is a blender according to Z7 is too too slow looks too slow in Mind yeah it looks a bit too cool Bishop B2 he will have to play Maybe it’s not even uh even really an Issue You just play Knight F5 Are you sure it’s not an issue it looks Very dangerous it looks like I’m

Quinning though yeah X takes takes takes C6 Bishop A6 C7 Rook C8 I put it on C7 And I go Knight D4 Huh Yeah maybe I mean but now in a much better version Yeah I think this king G7 is not so Useful yeah Yeah and today is telling us that yeah Bishop AC is the only winning move and He found it Quite natural Today’s winning how how came I mean how Come he has his spawns They used to be not so far yeah yeah uh Like this oh G5 a G5 is too much yeah You have to make sure that you stop that Is response if I guess Yes you should visit with some kind of Song I guess even the king can come okay Yeah Just totally lost For for visit oh that’s such a pts such A great position actually such a great Position yeah also in the first game Very close Yeah but now it will be one and a half Half while Magnus Carson is clearly in Control seven games so let’s see if gazy I managed to put as much resistance as Magnus did in the first game so far it Doesn’t look like it yeah Yeah uh no it looks like I mean the CC

Phone looks like it will work quite soon So take we just even cv6 is Bishop D6 Oh boy I mean it’s just winning yeah yes But what else aruke hate is a bad Version compared to before yeah or even C6 immediately as possible oh C60 meters Yeah why not yeah I might see okay now He’s starting some okay okay so he’s Doing a he’s doing a Magnus yeah yes Fighting Bishop B7 Yeah maybe not for very long yeah if Night before I can simply take a b and C6 and it’s very hard to stop the zip on Here yeah So what does it do after Bishop B7 I Have no idea and he didn’t do that he Paid room B5 Attacking on C6 Yeah I mean I really have to take on on BC what else is that this is the only Move both yeah I mean now B7 even the point on A5 will Be dropping here I mean looks completely Over to me It is I guess so it must be I mean also like How do you intend to Put any resistance I’m not let’s see if you guys emerge I Mean like in the previous game yeah it Was not looking very good for Magnus and He did manage to to create some Unexpected problems so Rook D2 or what

Try to from behind Mm-hmm But okay B7 even Anyone’s that sound yes So now okay some E4 and Bishop D4 try to Last Yeah that’s actually it’s a bit tricky But if all right away so this is the Same very similar very similar idea Can I call C5 Maybe That looks like an excellent mode Okay Knight B8 Huh Okay what can I do yeah I mean so first Of course the first instinct is to Dominate that night yeah Rook D2 maybe Simply Bishop C1 yeah Bishop C1 uh preventing any kind of it’s Really if you take here I will just Collect your Yeah but Bishop D4 is coming yeah Can I even play it simply Bishop I know Bishop E3 is a bit too slow on the Previous move yeah Yeah Yeah so Bishop C5 uh he played instead Okay So obviously two will come at some point What else But who could be like B7 hook A2 Actually we don’t take the we just play The bishop on C5 you cannot see us play B8 yeah

Because then the bishop is defending Against all the threats yeah That’s true Yeah exactly so this is Very very quick okay I mean you have an Extra Bishop here And do that one and game yeah So it will be an uphill battle for uh For we did now Played by a gazy So what’s the plan after uh B7 will Probably find out we will find out very Soon yeah yeah because I don’t see much What did you do after might be it I didn’t do anything Okay try it Yeah Rook takes A5 Rook D7 was my idea Okay I want to take and take on B7 now Even if you play I like you’re not in Time for Bishop A7 yeah I will anyway do It so that’s the idea Knight B8 is a threat And how do I do it actually Yeah here probably you don’t play B7 no In that case yeah yeah okay okay Foreign What should I do then Bishop but Bishop B7 is also I don’t like it this is absolutely not What you want yeah No no we want control So can I go Bishop P3 maybe yeah I still have the same problems actually Same problem

I mean you can actually play uh it’s bit Stupid Yeah maybe not maybe doesn’t make sense Hi to the chat Yeah they are offering some A4 Bishop E3 Stopping any kind of contemplation Simply A4 yeah Yeah He played B7 Okay Knight B8 has to be tried I guess And now we’re missing something What are we missing This final position is of course Incredibly good Like Rook takes A5 Rook D7 just move the Bishop yeah Yeah but 98 played we’ll find out we’ll Find out okay I mean Rook D7 Bishops Say Rook takes B7 Bishop D5 oh It’s played it’s played it’s played oh I Was expecting more I was hoping for more And now maybe I would be five even Seven Foreign A2 like normally you have excellent Winning chances when it’s equal material Yeah And now you have an extra Pawn but still Sometimes some nice fighting from uh any Guys here definitely Should be fun while but yeah it’s nice Fighting No I mean now it’s over but I mean from

Before like foreign We thought that he should resign Immediately basically okay still Fighting which of the four type two And Bishop before of course you keep the Bishops even if it’s very likely that This is completely winning but why not Why to do it why to do it there’s no Point there why not to keep the Bishops And to have six Knights nice Bishop pair actually Loops is what you Want to train yeah if you trade the Rooks it’s completely over okay now we Play okay seven Okay But actually I mean I think it’s just uh Out of necessity because yeah it was Such a massive threat uh basically not Collecting the night but very close to It yeah so Um he’s playing okay so now we will just Uh wow Push Yeah I mean you can win anyhow you can Bring the king you can push you can You probably want to prevent the king to Come so you play Bishop D5 just to make Sure that is using another Pawn if he Comes with the king the disaster yeah Knight day6 has to be tried And I go I can go anything Yeah of course the bishop uh I mean Bishop D6 you’re probably not a

Fan of Bishop C5 yeah because you would Simply trade Yeah I played Bishop D6 yeah Bishop C5 Take take you play A5 and that’s it this Is famous you know this famous stuff He’s from the sun takes a six yes in the Six just in time if a b king C7 but Yeah you are right I know this trick You are not the only one Bishop B6 Bishop C4 I used it in one of My game Maybe many of my games one I remember I’m not sure I actually ever got to use It but I used it A5 and now Yeah just push here it’s very easy for Of course a player with a technique Of Magnus Carlsen not a problem to Convert Quite easy to uh Yeah but we’ll stay with the world Champion it’s very important match Very important game well I don’t know The opening phase in the other game so Uh-huh I mean kind of 98 so he’s jumping F4 Is that what will happen Oh therefore it’s nice oh it’s just nice I mean okay yeah why not but it doesn’t Matter So Bishop

D6 here to make sure it’s 98 now Bishop B8 and A7 so where do you go with your Knight maybe you have to go to A8 yeah But it’s not I’m not so impressed by This fan Bishop D5 Bishop D5 Knight B6 A7 right yeah Yeah and it’s designito yeah he will Resign yeah he will resign against it Is taking the lead when he’s taking the Lead in such matches in general it’s Very difficult to take it back yeah but Also I mean fire guys it’s super tough This last game to not win it I mean it’s Very hard to come back from that I guess We’ll see GG for Magnus Carson yes making my Positions even more Um let’s say likely to happen yes Um This one though this is my big chance Prediction wise yeah Office already and tadas is telling us Our producer Actually if Magnus wins a match he Secures win in the two already wow Mathematically I mean yeah Yeah But it’s always a bit the same story Yeah in this I think he didn’t play one Of them But he’s winning I mean you want all of Them I mean like he didn’t play one but the One he played in I think he won all of

Them yeah So you just show up uh play some games Complain uh generally complaining about The quality of his games But actually like he plays better when It’s knocked out normally so let’s see He wants essings Masters uh accessible Masters Then uh uh Magnus wants better Russian Cup said he was a chai tea cup then he Won ah no it’s a Miami probably so the Only one Indian play it or didi I can’t Remember uh 1191 Austro Esports Duda Cryptocup it was Magnus Carson so I Didn’t win all of them I skipped one uh To Miami so he won basically all of them Except chelseable Masters where dignor And who is actually one number two and Chandra for the world championship match So not Uh yeah not anybody and he’s in uh in The contention for the M chess rapid and It will be the last major tournament Uh November 14 to November 20. That you will be able to follow on chess 24 obviously Yeah meanwhile Abdul Satora found Nothing better than to go for this Ending which which looks like uh uh that Though I guess quite easy drawer I mean they can play and you play f65 or How do you do it it’s what’s I would be it’s the first thing I would

Consider F6 E5 yeah yeah but I wouldn’t Be 100 sure yeah because white king is Much faster yeah yeah it’s much faster But I I like this as well yeah just no The thing is hacking E3 King F6 you Cannot clicking before yeah that’s the Problem yeah exactly yeah because if I Could then E4 E5 um I mean ah of course I mean I will play at least but yeah you Will pretend so if I play E4 First Yeah but No I understand but what can you do yeah I understand and I I understand you Understand so it’s all good we’re good News don’t worry F6 yeah F6 I have to play E5 yeah yeah Um take take Bishop C4 let’s say and uh Yeah yeah Making sure My pumps the Fisher Pawn yes maybe you Can see I I take it come on Actually Yeah okay I mean e for F6 E5 I think the E6 Yeah you think it’s I’m not going to Play for the win in this with three Pawns yeah I think you are right I’m afraid I think I will get to better Start than than Fisher yes in that game But uh yeah I don’t have to take it but Actually Bishop C4 then uh Yeah it doesn’t make such a big Difference actually I I anyway I have

Play A3 let’s say I go here yeah can you three King D4 Yeah it’s hard to believe something Korea But yeah You’re a bit higher I’m let’s even move forward with my king Yeah check you have to go back yeah You have Pawn on B6 Bishops yeah I would Just play e167 actually And yeah nothing is happening here Actually I mean let’s be let’s be Realistic I can take take a D6 come here Yeah the only cry would be if I can Somehow manage to But how would I get them I need too many Things no you play Bishop C8 okay That’s also a nice touch here You think so yeah Why I had to provoke the but because sorry You can block it a bit more easily maybe Well I like my opponent No but I just played very cynical here I mean the problem is you have response On G6 and H7 yeah but I don’t care If you’re adding nervous about it I will Play F6 G5 Yeah that would be more comfortable yeah And when you come to default with the King I will play E6 yes we’ll be good No I was playing Bishop B6 but yeah it’s It’s a door anyway

It’s harder to believe that anything can Go wrong Yeah so we’ll follow of course but let’s See to to my boy Ichi wow he has a good Position unbelievable from this cheese Too and that was a bit yeah that’s very Well Yeah it should go to a F3 because you Always want some some E5 plus yeah I Mean actually the E2 square is Incredibly bad in the benoni for the Night yeah So A5 hook B8 H3 okay And P5 excellent excellent version for Black yeah Wow Playing I guess on the Yeah wow Richie Richie is playing very Well yeah this is very good for my bet Of prediction Yeah that’s great So Knight F6 of course protecting the Pawn Yeah but also yeah maybe starting some Activity later I’ve I think I have to go G4 at some Point or something like that because Otherwise if I go watch five Bishop F5 Hook B8 I mean you I mean Bishop F2 First makes sense because now if you Gain one move maybe if you want to yeah Yeah five G4 well it’s three years yeah Even even this should be it should be Considered takes takes we gave back a

Pawn but we have so uh we have this dark Square yeah yeah as well yeah I’m not Sure if he wants it but Let’s see what which she will do yes Eight minutes against three oh that Could be quite to come back actually for Which Yeah with the banana I mean in good Style and a bit more interesting and Then this is Liquidating into my immediate draw I had a training camp I mean I shoot I Think I’m Swiss Richie 10 years ago I Remember I was chasing him He was he was checking in he was hiding To check the search stuff as a benoni so I was But he was not listening and he was Right then you played chiggers Yeah yeah I had uh yeah As a dinner I was a bit you know it was In Paris and so You know I was a bit uh it was a long Dinner let’s say and then I I didn’t Have any time to prepare or decide what I will do and okay he told me the Chicken and I said that’s it yeah I was Very enthusiastic after the dinner so uh That was Weird but That was good a queen B7 I didn’t Consider at all but it looks quite Strong yeah but we see it yeah Wow yeah of course

Okay two what do we do Yeah again I’m considering this bishop F5g for E3 but uh oh probably similar to Before Yeah it’s a Pity is Italian is not Indian places here focusing on Candidates we focused on the candidates Yeah yeah mvl as well so I’m I taught Exclusively for for Magnus No French is uh to yeah Exclusivity for for Our friend Magnus I see Bishop F5 played and yeah that’s Incredibly dangerous and they’re so D5 Is hanging Uh could I mean it’s a wide position Otherwise what’s the point Yeah You can even think back on F5 if you Want to Yeah I can even start so those funny Stuff yeah look but no no it doesn’t Work but because there is okay three so I guess it doesn’t work but yeah but It’s just taken yeah it’s such a Disaster I mean Pond down I’m very Waking yeah uh maybe yeah 94 Bishop I mean the bishop is a monster It will come to 2d4 and I touch fire Okay whatever works but uh very very Good position for Richie will come come Back because he’s uh it’s one and a half Um half for cooker so that’s I mean it’s

A huge win if you manage to win yeah oh That’s amazing could you two back for Good cash two minutes as well And actually he’s not even threatening Really to take on e4 I guess because of Something And actually it’s I control it more more More times than you As well yeah I mean I can watch five if You only want to take if you promise if You promise me that you want to type I Go I go at five I would think but I will Take on A6 not on A4 ah okay But Edge fight might be not the most um Not the most accurate if I anyway I mean I want G4 I guess yeah one is strong but Okay I’m intending G4 Some play and visit I started this game Now is Hades Should win yeah in that game he has to Win yeah yeah That’s always very well prepared and Default some idea and look look at the Evaluation bar yeah the evaluation bar Is now very I mean yeah Bishop F1 13 C4 C5 or C4 D5 Uh what do we do actually as black here It looks very awkward for for black and The computer doesn’t like it so At night D7 let’s say would be a very Normal move to prevent but actually you Play C4 anyway Ah because I mean it doesn’t have at all Looks like a complete disaster I mean if

You start to move You cannot really move yeah Bishop F7 or something Bishop G8 Maybe Yeah but then you don’t have you have Zero conversations yeah I can even There’s nothing I don’t see any compensation yeah That’s a disaster so could be yeah we Have so we will have so many tie bikes That’s amazing Italian strikes again yeah Um and Richie thinking but it’s the Right time to to think well Duda didn’t Yeah Nothing to think a little bit too late Yeah yeah it’s not too impossible this Position Let’s see Okay I mean what do you do if you don’t play H5 Yeah maybe I was considering of course Knight takes different Knight T4 and Ideas like so it looks very uh I mean Yeah you don’t need that maybe it’s Still good for for black but maybe but It’s very hard to go for it yeah you Don’t want to do that switch five I mean maybe G4 is not such a big threat Perhaps I don’t know but what’s which Move yeah Because let’s say Rook E8 I mean would yeah now he has to move Back Bishop D7

Ah so I still can’t take yeah it’s just Yeah exactly Possibilities yeah and and actually Played he played okay yeah Yeah and then the Indians were not very Important so I guess we have to try to Escape yeah Yep this This this Takes actually you give me the option to Go here Ah yeah but that’s my Pawn strange Decision but it’s okay but yes it took Immediately yeah Okay it makes sense it makes a lot of Sense yeah So let’s see Rook takes B2 What’s going on here but now I play I Take and play G4 and I take an E4 yeah So you take here take here and G4 I cannot uh I was hoping at least there Would be no tricks but I didn’t check Very carefully So Bishop okay then Knight takes E4 And yeah actually use I’m somehow yeah Basically yeah Now here I saved So let’s say Rook text B2 Queen takes B7 G4 I mean you can give a piece for a couple Of Pawns in various ways but never so Impressive yeah Not sure Okay I have to take yeah

I mean it’s three pawns but [Music] I’m small But yeah but there is also E3 intimate So I’m not yeah it’s real yeah okay no Okay and if I if I take you take many Pots no yeah it’s three pounds it’s a Lot yeah it’s a lot so one two probably Quite good three Yeah bookish is getting dangerously long Time as well yeah And Magnus Carson started what could be His last game is leading one and half Half and it was just a surprise in General he doesn’t care yeah like if He’s uh when he needs to draw he still Plays some sharp yeah to be a sicilian Or whatever Yeah I mean he’s doing very well in the Tour as we yeah calm down so not too Much I just uh playing some time to play Good chess yeah that makes a lot of Sense and Android is the process I guess So yeah that’s a famous line It’s like uh Because I had a game actually here with White Exactly H6 is how they play nowadays Yeah and now he’s E5 yeah Yeah So it’s like uh Really I should remember I played the Happy Kitchen I think I think yeah I Think there’s some some games like that

I hope I’m not going to give away Anything but yeah I mean because in my Game it was some this you can even take Here I know take and play Bishop yeah Like this yeah yeah and this is just uh This is those kind of fun games are just Very comfortable for black history yes 7b5 and When you go Knight D5 I will just take And Block and it’s very comfortable let’s See if I gave away his Magnus pep Maybe No I took with a queen I took with the Queen because he knew this Fe Bishop E6 Yeah yeah but this is very well known Like it was played uh in some games They don’t remember exactly how Yeah I haven’t checked in a while And now okay but now it’s just a normal Position yeah it looks quite fine for Black completely fine for black hair yes Only problem is this G6 okay of course F4 will come at some point maybe So yeah but before I Just flavor anyway Yeah yeah I think we shouldn’t we Shouldn’t have it to Castle actually as Black and the spring Bishop I don’t want To uh I think it will Castle now You think not okay I mean what that’s are you on Rook Did Rook D2 looks of it lazy lazy yeah Again no I don’t know and no probably if You want to double but okay W I would

Simply protect and then what do you do What do I know I mean because I think You are right that F4 must come at some Point yeah B5 and so on yeah Looks perfectly fine Yeah Agreed Let’s see what uh which boy how is he Doing So okay Nice move excellent move Oh okay three and now Bishop C8 and you Cannot take on e4 yeah Kazuki is free Okay okay and now it’s time to finish The game which Knight takes G4 yeah that Looks quite convincing Okay for let’s be careful these kids are Fighting till then Hey Can you just move maybe Rook f8 That’s what he does that’s what he did Yeah If takes takes some Pawn up and yeah but Also yeah like everything is hanging Yeah this looks over And maybe they’re still playing this is Weird never look but it’s beginning to Look Actually I’m not sure how it looks yeah I’m still very dryish I guess Yeah he’s taking his chances is Like let’s say how do you Because Bishop C6 I will always be able

To go to the pawn ending So you mean like If I go Bishop F3 so you cannot have it Take because King C5 so you go Bishop is C6 huh yeah but okay let’s say you take King B How do you do it that’s funny huh but This is I mean not so not so nice yeah Yes take care and mate in the end Take here take care of the importance Otherwise Swiss check On each one No You mean like yeah yeah sure [Music] Nice Yes Okay so oh I play Bishop C6 yeah 20 Seconds left King D5 King B6 Here yes It’s played it’s played yeah Okay Now it will be true yeah Can you see six give me five King C7 and Some triangulation from both sides Exactly Congratulations from both sides of going In triangles what can I say That’s A New Concept to me but it’s okay it’s fine I Like it It’s nice to learn to run new things yes Apparently someone is complaining about Visits in the chat do that fun but it’s

Not I know do that fun but it’s not very Objective he’s a problem member by the Way you can go you can go Pentium You know we have a code You’re already a premium member on this Of course uh uh with the code aim chess Three years For 149 euros how cheap is that so what Do you get so uh do you know what you Get for the premier membership I get Access to a lot of Great Courses for Instance one on the Berlin defense one Of the Berlin defense yeah and you get Access to unlimited access of course to All the uh course in every languages Even in French you have more than 100 Hours of lessons even in French yeah Yeah even in French in Spanish Even into I mean there’s no there’s Nothing in Chinese but that would have Been so full access of Chinese Restaurants so uh also uh full access to Banter Blitz against The best player in the world you are Doing some bantera from time to time yes Definitely um At times as well also tactics trainer Unlimited access to the charts so this Is a very very good deal go ahead M chess 149 3 is amazing amazing deal Um and this this uh pawn and game How is it it’s still a door Triangulation Both sides of course

Um and okay so do the fun I remember Complaining about Uh hi Monkey King yeah Monkey King hi Lawrence thanks for reading our chat Yeah of course I’m reading the chest 24 Chats we cannot read every chat so if You come if you want to come To the chest 24 chat you are very Welcome And to create an account on chess 24 is Completely free it’s just one email Address And you can come to to our chat so go Ahead Bishop F1 and Bishop F5 and apparently This D takes E5 looks a bit uh wrong Yeah and I did before I probably missed That text everything is uh I mean It’s like a complete disaster for right Yeah oh boy yeah that’s a Pity that’s Game yeah If he loses this he’s out Yeah So but I did expect aduda is very good In this uh he didn’t play did he play Many of them I don’t think so because He’s generally doing very very well yeah I don’t think he I have never played him Before In these events yeah I remember some Some final uh he played last year I Think against Magnus Carson it was very Very close he gave a Magnus a hard time Which is

Uh not not a given for For everyone and how is uh why uh boss Um Maneuvering but hey I’m gonna bring a Lot with the Kings yeah I think actually Chuck maybe was the one bull Continued the game rather than repeat But it will be it will be though and Itchy and Richie is a piece up that Should be enough Should be enough But little time yeah I mean it’s not Impossible to go wrong here yeah no That’s for sure But why not just Bishop I should be one is a bit weird yeah I Was thinking like Bishop D3 but he wants to play with the Roka So check You cannot go you cannot go here because It’s a check So here Bishop but what is why why why Is he giving all these checks And also he’s now down to not that much Time no it’s clear that he’s a bit you Know Yeah so convincing let’s say That was let’s face it yeah uh so how You do it Checking it for uh four is much better Yeah Okay that’s nice you just prevent here And you want to take here okay G5 That’s right

I try G5 ah you have some Perpetual here I mean I don’t know you can run but But where actually huh yeah if I go to a Trade That’s true it’s funny I mean I don’t know if you are losing But yeah it’s not and you have to go Shopping Check is winning a peaceful forward That’s not good Can you I can go King G7 ah king j7 that’s much Simpler ah of course and if and if you Go and if you go Bishop D4 then I I of Course I come back here okay so he’s Winning I would really think so yeah okay yeah It’s really now extra Bishop Yeah and tomorrow we have a potential Actually do the do the cars in the Semi-final it will be semi-final if they Both That would be uh really an amazing Matchup Um Yeah but let’s see uh it’s not let’s Percy if they actually acquire but I Think somehow I trust Magnus in this This game like It’s one and he’s incredibly safe and Yeah then white in the last game Of draw was a great so that means that Our young uh Uzbek fan is in a must-win Situation as black in the last game

That’s not easy against but maybe Shah Is not the worst opponent for that It’s not really it’s tied to to To play for those you can actually play Quite solid yeah he really wants to From time to time he decides to be very Solid and then yeah it’s tough so Booker Still fighting but now Bishop if I will 25 is the end of the fight yeah now it’s Uh it’s completely over I just just a Full piece so uh Richie will come back It will be one and a half and a half so We have that game of Magnus cars and This I did after all two play King E7 Which is very typical in such yeah Position right Okay That’s very risky actually from a Positional point of view because somehow It feels like black is So he wants so He wants to take yeah I guess Um yeah this looks okay even here some Nights at 94 there is Queen A7 or queen B6 this is not I also this is Yeah I mean yeah 100 clear it’s not 100 clear But yeah three is there for instance That’s a disaster Take it yeah And that’s that Knight is uh hanging so Of course I was 25. Yeah because if you’re just better That’s for sure

But also in general No reason why white should be okay Dream position Let’s see Yeah very tough Um yeah I don’t know I mean you have to Accept the queen Trader yes yeah what Else I mean what can you do king H1 Queen C5 Queen E1 or yeah that’s coming I mean That’s not the most active uh most no I Mean it’s Why would you do this to yourself Exactly Something will be there yeah or even Bishop B556 makes sense yeah no that’s a Disaster But also trading quenches sort of not so Not so nice yeah okay misplayed the Opening clearly Yeah Um you cannot just improvise yeah Against the world champion you have to Have this Knight cb5 at least was some Sort of idea Yeah that’s so Uh and also it worked very well He did tried and look at Duda against Visits oh that’s nice It feels like the end for uh we did what Plays such uh Let’s say uh some sequences where you Just play because you have to play

Something but I mean because I have to Do some time yeah yeah But it’s really about 94 just probably Wins some something yeah I mean 93 as Well oh Yeah if it moves and we just we just Take on F1 King F1 and other various Bishop of this three maybe one even Better yeah but both yeah yeah 91 Bishops hey actually they are same yeah Because they are both perfectly women Yeah but that’s more precise so I expect Duda to go to be the first yeah I think Maybe he will actually refinance yeah Why to keep making moves yeah so it’s a Very open position uh so for the hooks It’s uh yeah That makes it even worse and guess what Yeah What else and the magnet sprayed B5 B4 But okay I mean That could be we could we can have in Like 10 minutes or first to me finally Stand out for my our first matchup Really Yeah sure because Magnus uh is not going To play for though here Here uh no no no it’s already uh Ambitious in that game that’s for sure Yes No I’ll say in Rapid it’s not so easy to Have making I mean the margin is even bigger in Nothing

Oh boy okay 91 93 he was jumping huh is It a pawn is it a pawn You just want to take a NATO yeah as Always Have a nice way out so 93 you want just Bishop C4 yeah yeah they pretend oh you Want beefy actually B3 C3 and push a Pawn Actually Maybe maybe because you are so Never do it in a game no you have to go G forward No yeah Especially if we manage but actually After my D1 you know King f8 followed by D5 is makes a lot of sense as well we’ll See he played it’s it’s a game Yeah okay what else so you want key f8 Yeah simply I don’t know I mean you’re Saying that playing for D5 also it’s Very reasonable now Can I go here yeah I guess I have to Take it but yeah no it’s it’s more Correct to take the pawn earlier I don’t know I mean I’m still in the Game yeah but yeah maybe just let’s see Because if Magnus here also likes to Take bones so Let’s see If it takes but what can I even It’s very hard to imagine what should Happen yeah You have to play some Knight E3 G4 and H4 or what

Um Bishop takes A2 Knight E3 let’s say you Go back Yeah you have to go yeah you have to go All in there Yeah you’re right yes that’s the only uh I mean yeah of course H4 G5 and uh Well hope for the best I hope for the Best I mean as black I’m really tempted Always to try to get D5 to work but okay Yeah that makes a lot of sense actually I mean if it will at some point work it Will just win the game So if I go D5 right away you go India Yeah now can you put that already it’s Unclear why you should calculate such Yeah so and C4 came immediately wow so The obvious Point Bishop C4 B3 no it’s just completely Missed that on a good day we should Actually spot that PC 93 Type of thing And Titan Knight D5 so that could be Some kind of troubles here Yeah I mean queen A5 there is B4 yeah One I mean after Knight takes E3 I could Play Queen A5 Rook A1 also also seems to work so but Before and before yeah and uh but okay So I should play what B Bishop B3 Immediately or what And I mean you would be forced I mean

Like it’s the same kind of stuff yeah That’s you yeah you just that’s the plan Yeah but now okay Knight D5 you can play And take with the Rook but it probably Gives absolutely nothing yeah Close the points yeah there is no point Yeah okay yeah I know I mean the point Was to play I don’t know but I cannot Even play C5 because uh yeah something Like that no I like your plan I mean Like what else let’s go let’s go let’s Go and uh A4 I’m not sure this A4 A5 A5 is the most Accurate yeah So what should I do seems to be a bit Slow but I don’t know what else to do so We’ll see see for event testing by uh Yeah You think he missed it as well yeah Uh yeah no I wouldn’t be surprised yeah Bishop between 93 played Maybe like that yeah yeah For G4 Bishop C6 And you have nothing time to Yeah and that’s the point here on 94 95 Takes takes native to light So that’s kind of Um It seems to work very well you know Hop showing skills yeah but I mean there Are so many uh yeah yeah This is completely winning and talking About uh being completely winning young Case of Duda is a pizza against

Video that should be uh uh we should see And he’s already plus one yeah so that’s It and we see from uh Um from visit uh yeah it does not look Like a winner yeah Yeah that’s that’s actually way too yeah It was going to to resign the game and The match so that will be the first one To be in the semi-final but this one We’re actually both predicted yeah Yeah we predicted before You said Blitz no No I don’t think so I mean you know the show is recorded So you cannot you cannot make makeup Lives like If you say so I’m probably all right I wouldn’t I really think I should do That without Ah or maybe you did I don’t I can’t remember maybe I’m lying Actually I think uh I don’t as it Happened yeah I don’t know Okay whatever yes okay here you have to Because if you start to defend I mean if you defend the e-pawn like how Do you even You know black can also just play H5 Or at some point I mean I’m stopping Everything yeah yeah that’s nice Actually but because Also let’s say yeah That’s true too H3 let’s say I pass and You go you cannot go G-Force that’s the Point exactly because now hop check King

G1 and G4 it’s a disaster Yeah but Bishop A4 looks even more um no No of course Bishop the bishop should go To C6 uh it’s a nice Square the most Important thing and you won’t do that so It’s official congratulations to that Yeah and Kristoff Very solid performance even if he was Somehow dominated in the openings Yeah but doesn’t matter so much in Wrapping down yeah and then he was Playing he was taking his chances that’s For sure Yeah this is so like It looks completely hopeless yeah this One It is for it no I mean it’s hopeless in The sense that he’s also looking for Chances like maybe you can try to Survive into a draw somehow But also very tough but it’s like One can imagine yeah such a scenario But to play with this for a win with White But how I mean you’re upon down so you Have to find some Rook A1 and Rook takes A6 uh do I have Some trick in the end It’s a rook takes I mean I was hoping Like Knight takes E4 Rook takes C6 or Something like this and that is a nice Trick yeah this is good for white Actually so and if I take with a bishop You just take here 95 yeah okay like you

Simply collect but if I if I just go Here maybe yeah then my position is not Great because you took back the pawn but You gave me the file I gave you inside You still didn’t solve the the issue With the if upon and you will have to Remove your absolutely no counter play It uh yeah and C4 might fall as well Looks like a disaster to me No this is lost I mean practically I Mean you can never I mean yeah you will Lose this at least nine times out of Time But what else I mean Bishop C6 is coming Yeah No I don’t see it I really don’t see it while uh you Should find something that we have Missed yeah and clearly okay one played So far we didn’t miss anything okay she Explained so far we are okay it played So we are not surprised 95 played okay Bishop takes yeah Bishop Takes but what happened you are happy no Not to miss such lines But it’s like uh even worse yeah This is completely lost probably this is Just completely lost But and it’s even more lost in Rapid Yeah it’s not that we had very good Advice is to to give uh engage here just To play a move So at some point you just have to press The clock yeah

So how do you how seven minutes so but Yeah I don’t know you should not trade Queens The king is much safer than much safer Now white king is going to he he wants To go Queen before that’s four win Before and then Rook C2 yeah Before Rook C4 also makes sense yes Winning the E4 Pawn Yeah so King G2 played I think would be I would be very Surprised I would be very surprised to See another move than uh quit before but Maybe Queen A5 Maybe But couldn’t be four attacks just a Better Square no I mean yeah Queen Before is played by Magnus Carlsen and We’re about to see I think Um I mean So you should play some waiting move and Hope for Queen takes D2 or Rook C2 and Then you have Queen F2 on your fight Uh-huh so you play here thanks okay yeah Of course The queen D1 maybe was more and this This which is not even sure you are Saving today because not much probably You are still lost but I mean at least Here you are hoping yeah Yeah it’s quite tough I played Queen E3 With the same idea Okay But with an additional ID to go Queen A7

Oh Okay Yeah it has to be you have to be a Member of the chicken just love to be Scared here thank you so oxy too I I Don’t see it yeah I mean because this is Only one check yeah to play it by Magnus Carlson Can I can I just I mean I was also very Attempted by Queen D4 and then I will Get my hokitu played by a gezie I would Really consider 24 here I mean because now I take take and D3 is Coming I really don’t see a move for you yeah This is quite tough yeah But well It feels like uh anyways yeah many many Ways yeah And shoot out to uh Queen C4 even simply This is a chat Have you ever played with no I actually I don’t think I ever met him yeah yeah You don’t know how it looks Different Yeah Yeah it’s been a while I didn’t see SWAT In the Transformers actually It’s a pity So Queen C4 yeah what can you do Rook F2 Or what No but you can do nothing that’s the Whole point I mean I mean yeah no if you Want even just 97 Knight C5

Yeah now that’s just completely over Yeah So it will be Duda against Magnus in the Uh yeah that’s really very exciting Tomorrow same time Um that would be amazing that’s for sure [Music] And did they start the last games yeah They did Nothing back is going now for Uh Hedgehog here Yeah It doesn’t look very impressive so far Okay yes to do something yeah Okay it’s not yeah no I thought it’s Time to punish I guess 96 is a typical 95 right look at 95 looks very good I Play 96 yeah What is this because you have a point I don’t see it yeah me neither but you Play it immediately or dude oh I will Pray humility I’m afraid I’m so wait Wait we’ll fight that the guy is just There’s something else but let’s let’s Maybe look at the end of Magnus cast and We’ll have time to to come back to that But that’s yeah yeah so the main match Of the day and Could be over in a Actually Rook takes E2 is a very big set Yeah Takes it one plays the same kind of end Game with support now Rook F2 was the

Only move yeah Who came to us maybe the only move Now you’re still on this queen before The queen is already so I would probably Play Knight D7 24 play I play 24. Yeah because if it takes some place Bishop D1 you are in time you are crazy Yeah I will play this way I think F3 Knight takes E4 huh All right Foreign Like the first game basically just uh uh It’s very very tough yeah suddenly you Have to play twice with black and uh Okay That was Um that’s just spoiled the mood of uh Guys you played very well so first game Tips on point and but Magnus just kept On asking questions and that was Just amazing 97 of course you want to go To E5 or even C5 I don’t know but yeah It doesn’t really matter because Bishop D1 you always have this uh D3 yeah so King one I guess Knight E5 you cannot Play Bishop D1 anymore like this would Check I think it’s not too early to Resign yeah no no it’s not too early to It and that’s for sure But you play Bishop D1 and you wait for D3 and then your assignment You go King you want them Knight C5 for Night yeah okay what what is there too

94. I know okay I do yeah you will resign We’re waiting we are waiting for him to Resign yeah 23 degrees in uh Magnus Place isn’t you know where is he’s in Sweden yeah I heard he’s in Sweden yeah For skiing probably he’s in typical Skiing place in Sweden yeah are you Notice you know the place yeah yeah it’s Very famous okay in Sweden I mean you go There for skiing basically that’s it Okay do you like skiing I’m from the south yes or like south of Sweden let’s say yeah north of north of The world but I’m not uh it was a long Time ago many years ago last time But I have I have done it of course Yeah Bishop D1 D3 and now I I predict The science Yeah King U1 played Knight C5 welcome All night E5 probably but that’s if I was so good Because the other thing Knight takes E4 That’s just yeah he’s enable obviously Too maybe last [Music] I mean it’s really time to resign yeah Like because time already some time ago But now it’s even more I got the bishop C2 BC and uh It’s very sad that would be a nice sense F6 and now it’s City we see a gazing and Then what are you like you don’t have Many options left

Yes Still still not wet Whatsoever so Yeah I mean Rook C1 is also interesting Yeah No point but uh I mean another tokens Just I would just yeah but now you give Him potential no GH4 and G5 I think I will be first Thanks Yeah ah did I screw it up no not yet Not yet no I think you have some margin Here I mean yeah it’s a game king of six Games if I keep if I played by what Champion H4 King F4 will come maybe even Seem even better And King E3 yeah minus smash Not very void Magnus Carson It’s a position Maybe H4 you just go F6 you want to be Even more professional Actually very professional yeah that’s a Very professional move Not very professional yeah that was a Bit a bit of a Pity after such a nice Game yeah Foreign Take Busy again yeah I mean we have had this For 15 moves already yeah yeah It’s over Going to be over very soon Yeah let’s see let’s say something yeah

Yeah let’s see a little bit of other Oh that’s fine I mean 10 of the match But we are very wrong with this Resignation G5 No if you have made so many moves you Will also play G5 yeah yeah I would play Take an H5 of course King E3 yeah I Don’t know Oh thanks Okay I’m not so easy Three takes on F6 now It’s small It’s nicer Yeah It doesn’t design yeah it’s amazing Actually I’m very surprised to be honest I mean GF Knight D7 even yeah Check Okay okay Mate and Magnus Carson is the winner of The match congratulations to him Congratulations so tomorrow do the Carlson very exciting do the cards and Very exciting and we’ll find out very Soon maybe who will be in the other Semi-final between Um Uh he has to win as black that’s not Going to be easy but who knows who knows But how did he end up not being much Worse Because it really looked pretty bad at Some point yeah he played 96 takes takes

I took 25 yeah and you couldn’t just Recapture I don’t know maybe it couldn’t be six Bishop F6 maybe it’s also cleared Um yeah maybe maybe because the pawn is An F4 normally it’s on f2l okay not so Many already not so many pieces left but Uh it feels if it’s playable I will take A short break now that Magnus one I will Give you a control and then okay I think I can uh can I yeah you can You probably can oh you can okay Can I sure I should just give me a second I should Mute myself first sorry excuse me I can Do it Mm-hmm Yeah okay but the the problem uh for of The software here is that Like he’s making very logical moves A5 A4 getting rid of the weakness but uh He’s also just liquidating the game Trading uh trading off more stuff And uh Basically bringing it closer to a draw So At some point he has to uh stop playing Let’s say the most objective way and try To just keep more material on the board I guess In order to fight for the win Um But not being much worse is of course Already not a bad start

For uh For trying to win As Jack I’m not sure whether Before maybe I move But also I would be very tempted just to Let black take take back with the a pawn And then try to trade it for the C Pawn And continue in the in the spirit Another move that Sometimes could come to mind here is the Move F5 oops Uh Just to play F5 F6 Try to get some counter play and Normally I mean it’s not going to be a Very dangerous attack but ID here would Be more to get uh get Perpetual check Later on Which Yeah it does also seem reasonable but of Course if you don’t need to then Probably you don’t uh Uh you don’t want to move the pawn from F4 too early because it also creates Some play against The king so Queen D3 is very solid but Okay you should not play too passively At least That’s uh that’s the main main danger Here So I don’t know he will Like with black here after like normally Speaking I would probably say that a Takes B3 makes sense he has to create

The pawns but here probably Due to the much situation you could Argue that Keeping the possibility of playing A3 One day just to mix it up and keep the Tension a bit uh A bit more makes a makes more sense Which is what he does like rookie eight Now also F5 can be met by Bishop f8 Not uh Not allowing the opening of the king Side And yeah last couple of moves have Definitely gone in in update Direction Here uh I think he’s doing yeah He’s doing quite fine I mean of course Draw is the big big favorite still but Uh Uh there is some tension white has some Weaknesses to take care of the king is a Little bit weak long term so What uh is Bishop takes C6 and I did Sometimes Bishop takes C6 In order after Bishop takes C6 to play Queen C3 with a double attack Doesn’t work currently because because Of Bishop F6 so But it’s it’s an idea to keep in mind Let’s see Uh But as of the Satora what should you do At some point this queen on C7 should Probably move because it’s It’s a bit loose

[Music] Um I don’t know like a text B3 a b Rook A2 Is possible but I don’t think the Rook is actually Doing that much on A2 and also it’s sort Of what’s White But Mama Jara prevented on the last move Okay he takes once Possibly not so much with the idea okay Too but rather to put the Rooks on the B5 to put pressure on the pawn on B3 and Yeah definitely some Um some issues for for white to take Care of in order to to secure the road Let’s see Start the game Report gukesh Um let’s take it from the beginning so Again he plays How do I So instead of playing G3 immediately he Starts by B3 Bishop B2 and puts the pawn On E3 Now G6 And this is the position that I was Mentioning to uh too long earlier that I Had this position actually no less than Four times in the preliminary stages With black Uh Did not score too well but actually my Positions out of the openings were uh Were generally speaking very fine so uh

Quite a solid setup Most of my opponents played either C4 or Bishop B5 check So G3 is a bit new But it’s basically just to get a Position This is another very normal way for White to play if you want to avoid old Theory I think I even played it a couple Of times in Blitz myself with white but Of course playing like this position Arises more more often with the pawns And back on E2 and Y to play and then Playing the move e to E3 is far from the Most critical way so I mean it’s Definitely not an attempt to Get an advantage that’s why but Richie Is usually quite content too to just Develop calmly and play an equal middle Game So Knight A3 is also a typical Richie Move I guess the point is if the Knight Goes to C3 then black can easier Make some uh some trades with for Instance Knight D4 Is up on the pressure a bit last Knight A3 you keep simply more pieces on the Board and the Knight can be rerouted Later on into the center So Yeah they develop quite normally He decides to change the pawn structure In the center quite interestingly And

Again It goes for the move E4 I guess here Black is intending to play E4 and that’s Why what prompted him to To advance himself Richie here Uh Of course you give up the square on D4 Which is the main downside of the movie Four but we should note that the Black Knights are very far from D4 so that’s a Good argument for for why E4 should be Okay in this position I guess okay if Like we’re already with knights on C6 And E6 let’s say then E4 would be a big Strategic error but here the knights are Not that strong And white has quite easy uh easy Play Active pieces but the downside is that It’s quite hard to achieve a good Pawn Break here like you can move the knight From F3 and try to play F4 but Uh it feels quite unrealistic with all Blacks pieces in the center So they placed through caps Rook fc1 Intending to play B4 maybe someday Although B4 is also a bit uh let’s say Double-edged because it also gives some Square so but I think Richie is quite Happy here It’s the sort of position he usually Enjoys playing But yeah also for black it’s hard to Create the plan because B5 is not really Something you want to play I guess

I’m back you are back yeah so what’s Going on I mean I guess uh Richie is quite content here was my Guess Yeah I mean it’s a sort of position he Likes I mean this maybe some Queen B2 Will be there some B4 at some moments Yeah Also yeah some slight like a lack of Harmony for yeah maybe at some point And I should go here but yeah but then It’s a bit slow yeah you did to this Time with Oak yeah like should you go to E7 which also looks strange Yeah that’s so so I think I would prefer To play White Dragon Yeah I agree and while I saw on Twitter That Magnus Carson won the two as we Announced and So fifty thousand dollars bonus Wow Which is uh nice Pisces in this Tournaments How how much is it 150k yeah uh for that tournament but It’s overall say some uh two two Pisces As well So he’s all right he’s a winner Which is amazing because there is uh Haven’t this event is not over and There’s still one more to play one major Event where I think The points are Um

They can’t double this is the double Points so that’s very very impressive Yeah I mean many games left that’s quite yeah Yeah so it feels a bit like his last Last World Championship match against Nepo Uh I just wins With too many games to play but left but Yeah yeah okay let’s see I mean he Played B5 I think it looks like a very Shaky move yeah Yeah no No I really think he enjoys very much Here yeah before of course before would Be logical but Bishop before yes small Tactic uh And the bishop on C6 is just lost but if You don’t play it then okay you have the Option of taking the bishop also playing B4 is still very much relevant I guess Yeah Yeah So I should go Queen B6 remains that before will be I Was thinking before it makes a lot of Sense So let me take Yeah now well I guess I should just take Back yeah you take back a nice Ah What can I do Yeah what can you I mean here I am maybe I’m worse but I’m fighting yeah yeah

Definitely fighting no no I mean a white Is not like winning or anything it’s Very far But I think white is satisfied Yeah no that’s for sure No itchy could make a nice nice comeback By winning this queen A2 will come also Yeah maybe in this final position and Then Knight G5 suddenly from the other Side I lost games like that So what what I mean let’s say before the The line we had yeah take take Rook ac8 I mean I play a move like Queen A2 yeah Threatening Knight G5 That’s nasty I mean it could be very Unpleasant yeah he played okay B8 Instead but I guess maybe B4 comes Anyway ah he wants to take here yeah he Wants probably to take an iPhone that Should be an ID so it took on C6 first Queen C6 I guess you can actually take on B5 and Play B4 but it’s a bit less ambitious Yeah But it whatever it doesn’t be takes A4 I mean like now he has the option so Probably is thinking about that yeah Yeah to include to include before to Include ab5 or not before playing A4 so Before bit more ambitious B takes A4 has To be addressed Yeah I don’t know yeah if I can Too much

I would just take here yeah way too much That looks wrong Yeah I was hoping that I would somehow Be able to give another before Yeah oh it took on B5 first very Cautious actually And now before is has to be expected Definitely And well there’s no rush I mean black is Not going to stop it I guess That’s all but you can move the queen Yeah and then stress Less dangerous yeah but after you can Make a move with white I don’t know I don’t know and we are being told Bishop H3 or something just increasing Pressure yeah Magnus Magnus made uh 100 92 000 dollars Ah we see so this is a nice nice one you Are not there I mean what happened I know that’s you cannot finish last if You want to win the big prizes yeah Even Jordan our friend Jordan is top 10 List wow that’s a surprise to me Uh at least but uh also why is Everything Looks uh yeah so a lot of uh amazing Prices actually uh in these two uh well This is good for for because for chess Sanchez players no it’s excellent it’s Excellent it’s completely uh Changing yeah the way it works yeah no I

Mean like this Um yeah since 2012 20 yeah 20 it just uh The tournaments just became Well this Championship too which was uh I just start Magnus Carson Invitational Became the military championships to uh Just became one of the Well they’re just with the biggest price Fund except no yeah it’s fantastic Except world championship match Basically Yeah otherwise it’s uh It’s uh it’s the biggest simply Yeah Um so what do you do we didn’t go Bishop Actually it went before 26 played by Gooker so what is your point is if you Take and pay Bishop before then Queen Takes D3 is there that’s clever from our Boy cash Yeah now the game turns around a bit Yeah A lot Yeah So what do you do what is the rich way Of doing it Foreign Expert here [Laughter] And then you give like time for B4 I Guess that’s not what you want no And also I mean Depends how you defend it yeah if you go The one it’s okay but then it’s

Everything is wrong yeah because you you Want I mean the only thing is the only Argument would be some uh you know Bishop takes E5 on the next move yeah But yeah but this is not happening I Don’t know I can play here Okay then I play D4 you played before I Take uh Knight D4 you have Knight A4 or What I didn’t see but I just wanted to Move you know so let’s PC says on the Board so and this is to keep track of Them Couldn’t be 694 yeah I mean now I have Rook ab1 yeah and Bishop A1 I I don’t know but it can be it could be Something I guess yeah yeah Yeah maybe I should go ah no 25 is maybe 25 is a bit risky you know Knight takes B5 Yeah that sounds good no no your knight A4 I’m buying it on the table actually I Can go and 84 Bridge yeah I can go Immediately yeah because G of Knight C3 And like yeah everything is hanging yeah I’m doing well here yeah Um so yeah nice Nice I mean not clear how to what to do with It yeah yeah no I defend it well I think Uh good cash so let’s see uh how We left them here and it was very solid For white And Shakira shows that he he knows

Actually how to play Sorry Okay some slides you know you would Perform A little bit yeah you would prefer the Pawn F2 and the bishop on this one then It would be a dead dog it’s still Possible to go wrong here I guess yeah Very possible but can you do it Yeah Queen A6 there is Queen d8 yeah I Mean Queen A6 is the first mode that comes to Mind but uh Just to liquidate everything yes so if You exchange Queens then it’s very odd Though yes So let’s see we’ll try something but It’s hard to imagine actually yeah Impossible Okay Okay he plays Rooks Rook so I guess he’s Threatening Queen A6 Rook the queen d8 Rook C8 years later And there’s no checks on the yeah on the Seconds Hunk At some point also you want to play like That where I mean if the queen was on D1 Let’s say yeah you could take Rook takes H6 Happens What’s up you need some Perpetual like That but it’s but it’s never going to Happen yes there is Rook takes E5 and Everything yeah yeah

That’s a bit it’s not the way to play For a draw normally One oh don’t move You move the hook To verbanos Can you play Rook C1 Well then you are starting yes I’m rook D8 and slowly 48 Yeah no C1 looks a bit so you your Context B1 was there the queen A6 is uh Now Cheeky yeah yeah no shake here ’s gone good gone Definitely Could also still be fine but uh I mean It’s for sure fine but Um Foreign That’s a good move that’s an excellent Movie That’s that’s a very surprising and very Very good move yes Okay so watch what should what I’m Supposed to do I mean I guess you have To make But how do Rook d8 Yeah but they go here say okay it’s a Lazy way Yeah I think the lazy way might be uh Just enough yeah I’ll see one played by I think especially Black cannot play the latest way yeah Because one two moves and consolidate

That’s it yeah yeah No Queenie two you go Queen G2 next yeah This looks tight Yeah I don’t even need to But you would Not that knife I know you are not going To take conjito [Laughter] You’re going to around and this looks Very solid Yeah that’s hard to imagine something Going on here but who knows as you said We’ll keep an eye on it let’s go to Richie against six milliseconds two That could be also uh decisive Factor no What’s his point Queen takes D3 Rook D1 or queen takes E4 Knight takes E5 something like that is it is it Forbidden to And also possible also possible take six And uh you have a problem here no I was again hoping some tricks but like Rook takes in 97 but Yeah Still uh yeah Bishop takes A1 Maybe should be foreign First was quite interesting Okay keeping yeah if you want to go to C4 but that’s also super risky yeah yeah Now now it became really really twisty Yes I mean I mean even take it maybe or but Queen E7 also uh I’ll maybe take it yeah I don’t know

Could be Again this pawns completely is coming But uh so it took first on before uh Gukesh and took on these three while Knight G5 happened You have to like yeah yeah H6 is really Nice yeah King F7 Queen A2 only way to I Mean Keep some material and now oh Oops yeah this is tough Knight f8 I can Just take you have to play bb6 but you Don’t like doing that Uh I can’t even take and play Rock C6 Looks so dangerous This is absolutely I mean if this is the Way to hold uh it’s not going to happen T8 Queen A6 oh Checkmate to the queen Checkmate yeah oh that’s Sadrook ac6 No chance for our young uh Prodigy from Uzbekistan here That’s hard to imagine by now now it’s Beginning to get I mean you can even play let’s say you Know F5 or something and try to play for Domination So I go here Yeah I mean Bishop B’s uh Bishop B6 is a bit Too risky because of rugby six yeah yeah No he just went okay first first first Yeah yeah King F7 I can even go

Anything here Yeah But yeah okay okay you will keep making Some moves yeah yeah maybe a five okay Actually a five Rook BB one How do I lose it Because it’s only checks yeah It’s not it’s not the Dharma yeah I mean Yeah maybe you might even go to flea and My my Contour attack is quite yeah King F3 Ah so let’s let’s show yeah okay one two And now Yeah So then in that case you have to trade The Rooks yeah but with one Rook yeah We’ll uh be a big favorite yeah I know Um this is gone for uh We’ll qualify so you will hide But this one is the deciding one no yeah Yeah it’s a very very important moment Now in Harper 39 seconds for the young Uh Indian Prodigy go cash So Bishop f8 played But a good move probably huh because you Give a square to G7 for the king and This is not mate you know Yeah this is not even I mean there is Rook D1 Rook takes D7 but uh How’s this you know oh you have this you Know Seven you simply taken episode yeah take Because it’s made Takes takes but this is fine basically

Yeah It looks Yeah even okay I don’t know Um I don’t know yeah hard to say But uh what else I mean you have to be Careful also as white because after all This game can go either way definitely Definitely Now Bishop uh Let’s say Bishop uh F1 you play Queen D4 Waters Bishop C3 you can play but then Queen B6 And you are somehow in defense again Yeah what’s what’s not to like Queen B3 Oh That we don’t like right That looks quite okay rookie rookie Seven is not going to be Bishop B4 yeah Okay you can start the same business Yeah but uh yeah it’s not the same Firepower Yeah okay to just protect everything so We have to be careful here Bishop F1 okay uh Queen D4 is the only Available only is only Square Bishop C3 now and now you have to find a Clever Square to go to E7 Maybe Yeah And after queen b39 of Queen is seven That’s right Bishop B4 You take it Because now there is no Rook here Rook D1 root takes D7 yeah

Yeah and some one move away from winning Yeah actually I think you are already winning Yeah I went from you yeah Losing hope yes I understand yes let’s See Uh Questions It’s one apparently it’s one a.m in uh In India yeah that’s a problem yeah I Swear yeah it’s like not experience I Mean yeah alpha or yeah we we didn’t Know that we are supposed to know that We will believe Even here it’s super late So but I mean that’s um Uh that’s the charm of playing online That you can play all uh all day long I’ll tell you the name of Chess 24 you Can play 24 Um hours per day but uh well that’s the Point that you cannot find a time which Is uh fine for everyone because of Course of course yeah So uh yeah 1am it’s not I remember doing Poding it was really pudding three or Four a.m yeah I was sleeping it’s the First time I saw thing very annoyed I Mean like annoyed and leaving the call You know after I was thinking okay And it’s the first time I saw something You know like some uh You know emotions I mean like yeah no But but the emotions you know like yeah

I understand first time I saw things Showing some bad emotions because it’s So kind and so polite super tough I mean Come on yeah so he should like it was Very annoyed he’s starting like 2 A.M Yeah Like let’s say he plays Armageddon it Comes 6 30 in the morning yeah and when You and when you blunder the last second Yeah it’s a beautiful sighting we can I Think we can understand maybe you want To go to bed yeah And Knight C5 here 95 yeah and you’re Hoping for blitz news I think we’ll get Them Liquidate everything yeah Queen takes F7 Or what is the plan I don’t know I can take here ah no no no no no I mean you can yeah you can take an E8 And play Rook B1 And it’s uh It should be a drawer why on Earth it Should it’s not a door It’s a door And what else if we take on F7 it looks Incredibly risky to me Then if I will come like C4 Maybe I’m just lost yeah yeah yeah Knight takes you or so now Yeah I mean I don’t know I can move the Bishop but yeah it doesn’t make any Sense no no of course you’re not playing For win here yeah yeah so then I might

Have taken E7 and uh nice defense by Good cash with few seconds on the clock While it’s um according to news Actually It’s uh it’s the middle of the night in India 1am for news it’s clearly the middle of The night I mean there is simply nothing else yeah I remember I had a shocker when I saw You you were streaming during the Pandemic I saw you sometimes at 11 p.m I was very very shocked I quickly Stopped [Laughter] I was thinking a long time but then he Will just liquidate everything no he Doesn’t yeah Knight cd7 I played instantly G5 now Bishop C5 Who’s better and why we don’t know we Have no idea but it’s definitely See evaluation by showing some Equality yes that’s usually what it is Very surprising it’s the function of Evaluation Point why it’s although it’s Official is the third Um the third player so this is the last One yeah yeah so we have Carson Duda and The winner of Rapport gukesh will play Against shakirama mediaov I mean you have to play before yeah like You don’t want to play before because You give C4 Square for the bishop but uh

Yeah what else what else if you ask okay Actually H6 yeah At six first Okay yeah it’s played Knight F3 played oh Knight takes E4 now yeah we Pawn Let’s take it But Bishop p194 played Bishop P1 played And now it looks to me that black is not Risking anymore But maybe I’m wrong actually I mean uh if you don’t get anything I Mean if I’m in time to collect let’s say 96 is a blender according to my Channel Attacking here careful careful Knight F5 No what’s wrong with that five I don’t See it probably Knight F5 yeah that’s Very exciting quite H4 I play Maybe Oh I mean no this is super tough to Defend with nothing for played maybe Knight D4 who knows but 94. Actually 94 Bishop D7 Knight Ah like this yeah okay you’re upon down Yeah take on B5 and then on G6 Ah that’s not pleasant that was very Unlucky yeah because it’s also it’s just So random but still I think I make a Door here which is G6 yeah Two yeah of course Bishop takes F2 is His idea it’s completely obvious you Can’t take with the bishop because To please check so it’s not it’s not Completely clear why why it’s bad I took An F5 instead maybe he just wants to

Move the Rook now I was a king Maybe he just wants to take still it Takes on a five what’s wrong with Bishop F2 will come right yeah yeah King takes Rook takes C1 Bishop takes D7 And we get some incredible sharp uh so Check yeah has to play And that’s on the board actually Bishop Seven is on the body is thinking now I Saw check so I gave a check but But he’s a bit more subtle yeah yeah Maybe no no he’s not versatile he’s Giving a check as well he’s just slower Yeah yeah maybe another check oh yes Are you sure F1 yeah okay what else D8 yeah but 200 something myself huh Clever it doesn’t look very Actually The Rook A7 there here yeah I Thought about that but But some e-force b b for B for B4 B for Yes before Can I go yeah no I don’t like no I Played King is three okay Don’t go into the PIN F1 now I’m simply escaping yeah Bishop Before Bishop somewhere D6 sorry Later But this is the sort of thing that I Would expect just to lose with black With no time now He’s taking a pawn Which makes a lot of sense actually Yeah probably I will do same

Start to collect here is it winning or Not I have no I mean is it winning if we Remove the Rooks yeah like it’s probably Draw Must be a draw I guess Actually gross probably favorite now Okay fun okay My hand wants to go Bishop C3 Bishop C3 Here It’s on the board 20 seconds if he defends that one Bishop Yeah Like Rook G2 Bishop takes E5 Rook E1 Ah no it’s you’re not in time yeah You’re not in time to get fire yeah yeah Yeah you cannot get a g Pawn King F7 Played okay good move Maybe yeah maybe I mean looks it looks Good yeah it’s actually good Yeah because okay you get out of the box Yeah yes This was very scary now if I take yeah With the bishop here I don’t know yeah Maybe Yeah that was a bit tandem but Um but you’ve played it with three Seconds huh Wow but I mean it’s actually so used to This uh Blitz online problem yeah I mean They are like when I played and I had Three seconds As well yeah yeah yeah sure [Laughter] It’s not it’s a lot I mean you can do

That I was busy winning the club cup ah Yeah sorry No but you’re right no but actually That’s my point I mean it requires Constant practice Yeah Yeah like if you If you play every day some Blitz I mean You have no issues with this seconds Yeah I mean I’m playing every day I I’m Playing every day But uh I still have some issues okay for Me it helps a lot like I play regularly It helps out no I’m not playing Everything I’m actually lying but more Often than than before okay uh Bishop D5 Check okay this is all a bit weird to me Why did this bishop go there and so on Tech Now it’s a He missed it He missed it according to the computer Bishop B5 now is rookie one so yes yeah That’s the point he missed probably now The king is very active no he but he Simply forced it to be active yeah from Passive position Because it’s hanging okay yes Another Square That’s it Probably made Foreign And G4 M8 to follow so G7 but that’s so Sad ah Bishop Of So G8 and what’s what now

No just check here eh5 3 yeah [Music] I sprayed King G4 I didn’t see King G4 Now it’s a door [Laughter] Incredible stuff yeah But no what is this No now he’s upset look at Richie he had To play Bishop F3 I guess or something I don’t know it was hanging so what what Should you do here What is this Um But he had some winning uh stuff uh so He played Bishop E7 King G4 maybe we’ll Have a look after the game because It’s like almost impossible now What was the move Bishop D6 instead of Bishop E7 check And what’s ah I mean you just collect I Guess yeah the king is uh yeah King ji Foreign Bikes yes Are you going to leave me alone no no It’s too exciting okay good For uh 20 minutes yeah that’s true Pro Nails no no it’s fine no I already Have some sympathify [Laughter] For me just a normal you know it’s the Middle of the day for me yeah yeah I Know Rook G6 and I think we will get Through cambishop against Rook yeah

Of course what’s not to like No that’s of course but I mean like White black cannot prevent like both Phones would simply be lost I would Highly think so because Bishop F3 is Coming Okay okay let’s say They played Orchestra Okay too hello What did you want But this is where no this is uh you Didn’t take my Pawn I mean This doesn’t work no no Bishop F3 played King F5 Bishop E4 winning a bit of time H3 is much smarter yeah now it’s not so Easy to even get the pawn It’s defending while and ah I think it Should repeat actually No I’m I How can you repeat okay appreciate it Yes an extra Bishop Small check first and then King comes Yeah yeah I don’t know no he will definitely win The win the Pawns yeah So check now King G6 only move of course Bishop B4 Rook F5 something like this Huh yeah let’s do it and you cannot go And see Edge line because check A disaster so King G7 only moving okay Five attacking both pawns and yeah We should collect at least I’m Collecting them down No but we’ll create both of them yeah

Okay English seven will be on the board And look F5 That’s all played Yes Yeah it would take the pawn and we’ll Have who can be shot against hook For 20 minutes First it will take five minutes to take Them No I don’t know The king is cut no Another king is Captain huh Both kings are cut Yeah but one is less Captain under yeah Quite quickly come on I was really think so But we discussed okay earlier that it’s I mean why did he go And this is hustling now Bishop D3 now Now he’s there Bishop D3 and then King E3 stinky Style No need to take this Pawn Yeah Better play 40 moves first It’s playing with G6 okay Yeah why is not going for Bishop District he’s freaking quite a bit King situ oh my That’s incredibly hard I’m sorry But you have to be careful when you’re Turning around like that uh be careful Definitely Now you cannot even cut them in uh

He goes there when the king is no longer Cut yeah but why That’s very odd no But through catechi is not it doesn’t Enjoy such such stuff I mean yeah He was enjoying more when he had some Knight takes F7 tricks yeah exactly Exactly In his element But what can you do it’s part of the Profession Is it What do you mean to place these Positions of course it is Okay so you can go before because There’s check So now you give a check I’m gonna change The evaluation so much yeah yeah also Let’s actually I guess now is thinking That maybe he won’t have to defend this Um Since who can we shop against hook The key was cut behind the camera I don’t understand anything yeah but so She’s not showing exactly um But maybe he’s doing it on purpose Actually To get some more time but no you know he Knows it’s 1 30 in India No but really how do you but actually Not now it’s not so simple yeah the king Is not good anymore yeah I know is is it for sure that we take The pawn or not I’m not sure

I’m not sure as well Like how do you okay let’s say king and Nobody cares actually because nobody Cares to check because Actually even if you take support you Don’t win so I mean this is very this is Really not um very useful information And news and high oh yeah Very simple guys so yeah I mean you Would also just give the pawn immediate Yeah No I would just give the point really I Don’t care I know I I don’t give things For free okay That makes sense as well Why I mean just take my porno it’s okay I can defend yeah I mean it’s not it’s Not it’s not that late we can play a bit A bit later no worries for me So No but he’s not he’s simply enough to Take the pawn now Yeah but it’s I mean like I don’t know How to do it I’m not going to blame him But it’s going I mean It must have it it’ll be possible still No no No I would be very surprised if it’s not Possible How many moves is a play Since he last uh he took on G5 on move 63 where I move 85.

It goes quite fast yeah compared to uh In classical chess I thought it was more Moves but okay Ah but it goes quite fast because gokish Is gaining Time by every move like he’s On three and a half minutes yeah yeah so Once uh intricacies of the group can Bishop against rookie will have like Five minutes to think yeah and good cash Is not like the It doesn’t look like the Kind of guy who will uh he’s not giving Up his spawns that’s easy yeah I’m not uh no no no jokes no jokes Let’s see if my Ah Bishop C4 I mean he’s soon cutting Again no he’s approaching oh wow It’s okay you have six oh do you want to Catch six D6 Yeah what can I say Now they are really getting full value Check check check King F6 I’m cutting You here okay King G5 And look F6 here Yeah And I’m uncutting myself again Yeah that’s funny Yeah Bishop D3 Rook F6 Yeah it’s hard to not to be too uh let’s Say yeah No but I actually I don’t know it’s Really time to

To take that pawn but yeah I mean at some point he was trying not To take it that’s for sure Rook F5 now Rook takes D3 yeah yeah I thought you were kidding Yeah that would be a way to to make a Door Anyway yeah exactly That’s in a sad way Anyway yeah Okay How many moves finally 96 they started on the Move 63 so it’s Just in time for our boy Richie That’s great stuff If he wins it it’s uh it’s very funny Actually I mean it’s not entirely impossible I Guess yeah No It’s not maybe now also with this this Side defense I mean this Pawn on E5 is a Little bit In the way yeah maybe he was right not To take it okay King H2 so he knows Actually what he’s doing Yeah So which of it okay which is three He actually knows everyone huh Yeah he’s playing very fast you know But I mean like ah I mean this obviously Fine thanks opponent doesn’t we see I would just

I mean why to take it out because there Is not entirely sure how many moves they Made at some point they actually has to Take it I mean you can check it out move 63 one move uh hundreds so this is like 37 moves so yeah so now actually has to Uh I mean it should be taken at some Point Okay I guess you will take it away oh no Appreciate first first yeah But at some point he was struggling to Take it and now he can take it he Doesn’t want to take it Yeah With this thing sir One repetition Okay opening H3 but this is not Happening because What is he doing I mean like I mean he’s enjoying that King F2 will come Yeah I mean you have to be like now you have 10 moves yeah but To give some hope to your opponent yeah What was the point King H2 played Yeah I mean there is no point So now he gives check No what does he do It’s 12 moves to take the pawn Now it goes from the other side Also there is not the second ranked Defense is not there yet because there

Will not be stalemate Yeah there is no no Rook G2 check Stalemate But he’s a bit somehow In the corner yeah with the King And Luke is uh Closing his eyes yeah clearly trying to Remember In that nice setup or stay awake That’s an option when you will see uh Nails Crossing his eyes uh it’s not Because I’m trying to remember I can Promise already now yeah King history nine moves yeah but soon King F2 yeah Poof Not E4 you have to play at some point Yeah but then it’s but it’s tough no I Mean you try to hold on to this Pawn for Such a long time yeah yeah I place it For her E4 ah Now 50 moves But they managed to quite well no like More than 40. I don’t think she’s going To take the pawn I mean like I’m I’m I I was completely convinced that he Is was not going to take the pawn that Was just hundred percent Sure I mean it’s just so tempting do you Think he will be able to I know he’s Really trying to force yeah That is getting annoyed King F4 Yeah check Bishop Chief I like this yeah yeah maybe

I don’t know you you hope it’s stuck Yeah No maybe uh can you fall No King F4 is just too funny you have to Play king of all and and actually uh Yeah it actually has this artistic Approach I mean it’s for sure he likes He likes Beauty interests so I mean king Of Falls Just 100 sure because this is because this is Your definition of beauty inches No he’s an artist No I agree I agree Let’s see But I think I don’t know if you should Agree but I mean Steiner No no I’m not saying I agree with his Title I’m agreeing that with your Analysis of his time I know my boy okay but what can you uh What what else Take Okay but then you let the king out yeah So It makes some sense he’s trying to to Disturbukesh in his uh defensive setup Yes So that’s also when they finally reach Here I saw some it’s at some point and okay It’s getting very very late Uh in India Foreign

[Music] Yeah why is that Because it’s funny yeah [Music] Yeah 50 moves now at 124 uh 54 sorry This is all I think I think I need to go For a quick break Sorry I think I need a quick break at some Point sure sure you can go you can go Out I mean we take a bike after the end But uh it’s clear Yeah I mean it’s clear that it will be At least okay okay you can go you can go For a bike please Yeah when we look at that uh taking his Time to correct the pawn but it makes Some sense because you know Um I’m sure because knows how to defend This uh But it’s a bit confusing with this Pawn In the middle you know Um you don’t know any what to do you Should you push it because then I mean You your king is a bit stuck and is Thinking and look 130 I mean it’s not It’s not uh it’s not hopeless Okay shade okay so he clearly wants to To start some some checks Um On the eight sank How do we keep the the king in the Box I don’t know

Probably we we don’t actually Um Let’s see let’s see what he does King History But I think we just come from here Can give a check Here I think he will give a check Because just kind of forcing I mean it’s Never forcing but Um Yeah because now if you don’t want to Take the pods then I will have Yeah so he will come back of course And now it’s uh Richie has to prove Something But yeah it’s a bit too much Um Bishop G4 Told you But okay f8 will come and if you go Bishop F5 Oh how it’s three now then can it could Go Uh could go a bit wrong actually Let’s say uh you give a check I go King A phone I’m already starting to take an E2 And I think that’s just at all so after Okay he has to take the pawn now it’s Blinking history okay Yeah thing is clever actually I mean so Is it clear I mean there’s no more Shakes yeah so you are just this Pawn is Um

Protecting you From the checks But of course at some point you would Have to take it but you still have Parties 42 moves to take it So that’s uh that’s plenty of time Obviously And you see my studio is quite Comfortable I have these air things Device thanks to your things for Sponsoring the tool the meltwater Championships too this is my device and You see it’s 26 degrees which is kind of Comfortable So everything is green except the Humidity which is 60 I don’t see the Number 60 something 65 percent Which is not ideal actually But the rest is fine so it’s it’s yellow So it doesn’t mean I should Um I should worry Um so it’s a good good Tool uh this uh Things device to I mean I know also you can you can Connect it uh to the internet and if you Have a Secondary house needs you can you can Know if everything is uh Is alright or not and and the the Something is very nasty there it’s a The Um I know the world in fact but something

Is very nasty though if it’s red then It’s very bad you should You should leave your house you made That thing but you have I’m sure you can Find all informations on So so what happened yeah his uh somehow Stuck Not that tall you mean good cash yeah Yeah of course it’s compressive stuck no No it’s not stuck at all she knows what He’s doing I mean it’s clear no now I Think he is going to win that game you Think so yeah yeah I see the French is not coming into the Chat Hi it um Yeah I’m making this I’m mocking me Because I used to to make a lot of you Know This is they were claiming that I could Sell a lot of Of stuff It’s very good it’s very useful I have It at home and it’s nice it’s actually Nice yeah yeah Okay Oh G5 good move On on dark Square Yeah you just different on dark Square So it cheats move 118 he has to he has To take the pawn at some point no no no No no no no it’s 154 moves I’ve moved 100 154 it will be low but I Mean he still can play maybe he will get

Flagged yeah no I think he should force Good cash to push E3 that would be a Great achievement foreign It’s too much Yeah It’s very hard to Say nobody has 28 seconds so is there Any I mean Funding hard I mean like it’s looking For Just or you think he’s playing on the Moves Yes Okay I’ve been trying not to make sure This thing about the repetition but I’m Trying to to build up a story and you’re Not really helping here No it’s all hanging a bit loose yeah Yeah that’s done on purpose to give hope To your opponent I know I know I know I Mean it’s you it’s pure psychology I Think it’s good okay because it’s just Fine there is not so much yeah no but It’s pure psychology I mean look at the Guy the kid will be totally awesome by By our financial but what if he plays E3 Now yeah how shocking would that be History why not I mean yes Okay we’re short E3 King G5 Ito Yeah G5 King F2 and it’s a Yeah But it’s anyway though and I can take

This one I understand that and he didn’t Didn’t want to oh oh oh oh oh Bishop Before Oh my Okay I mean Yes thank you but I’m saying that for For 50 moves yeah exactly we’ve been Saying that for 20 minutes so in this Small Actually yeah if you move now Yeah why not it’s a great move Yeah Yeah [Laughter] Do not rush do not hurry yeah this is Sharashevsky Too wow Okay spring for a win I think he has to take it some but he Will not take it’s a matter of Pride Also yeah to take as late as possible Now Yeah I don’t know Nobody will ties Oak and Bishop I guess Seven seconds but I mean That’s amazing actually what he’s doing I mean like you lose the connection I Mean you lose the internet for 10 Seconds it’s uh yeah It’s an excellent move yeah Exactly as good as all the others Check check repeat

Once Then maybe the H3 yeah giving black the Move Why not okay we don’t like the move now Yeah Bishop C4 now Rook D4 Yeah default looks very very sensible Maybe E3 also huh Or very similar value Yeah but something happened between These two or I mean like no I am what I Don’t believe so yeah because you Probably don’t know each other basically No Um now King E3 I will start to take it a Bit personal actually You think so yeah Not to get Richie because he’s my boy 136 18 moves to a will never do that to me I Think you don’t think so yeah You would be too afraid of The postmortem Of my WhatsApp messages I don’t think he would uh he would tie His luck there But now I mean he’s also well aware when He has to take he also positioned his King so that he uh hey It was tricky by the way yeah king of Foreign He was very optimistic Aha King F4 hook F3

Bishop S3 up nature Yeah and King D4 gets three anyway We’ll continue Bishop B5 That’s the favorite scenario yeah yes as A favor it’s an IO because it’s the most Difficult to to imagine actually I mean How do you even force him to push her I don’t know that we are going to find Out that togetherness E43 Oh no He did it voluntarily yeah oh he took I Took no that’s fairly disappointing 140 moves played already and It won’t go Over 190. actually players they don’t Have to claim you know so I think so Play Zone will just yeah it’s automatic It’s automatic yeah yeah and there’s no Bugs Uh-huh I hope there is no bug for this ending It’s not so right your Hopper or you Know I hope Okay that’s a world defense toy Yeah let’s see So Would be one now Bishop C6 is a big one But I mean it’s difficult to miss it Actually it’s difficult to make a move That still allows it yeah yeah And then we have a 15 years bike yes if It’s a dog otherwise we just

Got it today got it tonight even only 10 Finally Okay so we have 10 minutes break because It’s uh 10 yeah that’s a good idea And what’s the time control for the Bridge five plus three I guess huh two Games yeah I guess two games yeah to Make it more fair you know yeah that’s True otherwise it feels a bit unfair Like one guy is white and [Music] And his color actually is the first uh Rapid game And maybe it’s the first Bliss game but I’m not sure I’m making that wow And the talias is telling us exactly as Ron says yes amazing I was making that Up I’m in fully yeah But the thing is now I mean he would not Even be in time to find the win if Somehow Yeah but see I think he knows such He knows yeah yeah No she is um it was very classical when I met him it’s very it’s very strange he Was studying all this we were studying Nimso Some headache stuff I mean very Classical stuff yeah but then something Something happened I don’t know what But Yeah now he came back to it actually a Bit in this country and uh Um you know spring a bit more uh

Mainstream uh Theory and it went better while in Candidates his preparation was just Too poor I guess yeah because that game Has white against nipple basically Uh in the opening yeah that’s very Painful I already forgot which one it Was a bit halfway ah yeah I mean it’s Basically a fours though and um yeah and They decided Maybe I don’t know I decided to play and Uh Because probably made too many dollars But yeah losing is not really um An improvement of the situation okay King F4 And here we go how many moves Uh 148 so 42 moves to go who’s seven Okay so that’s a weird move but maybe It’s a good one okay because if checking You when he wants to have yeah Yeah okay So checking you want I know Yeah and you should go check I will just Give check and that’s fine If you have three I go this side And if King D3 I go the other side And if King D4 And if King D4 So we’ll be talking one p seven King D4 I give a check now King C3 Did I squeeze up No that’s it no not yet and I like your

Spirit yeah Okay check I need to I’m thinking you are thinking yeah I should place it no Yeah maybe I don’t know Okay we’re zero zero six Kings is free This is Freeze on the board okay Let’s say Rook B8 Foreign [Laughter] Yeah And now you see the eyes of knees we Should throw the eyes of nails to see Bad time approaching I think actually This is rookie seven is a good move Huh Did you get some foods huh did you get Some food I will I will as soon as we Finish I will you didn’t even get food Before come on we started six I had Early dinner of course 5 30. Ah okay I was very disappointed I didn’t of course But you did I mean lunch uh you’re in Time for lunch yeah with 5 35. I was in time for lunch yeah good a good Okay Okay now you see yeah 18 seconds 16 Seconds Oh it’s not don’t like it I mean who does Okay I mean very few people actually Enjoy this scenario with defending here

Very much Is a big fan Uh Yeah Brooke Eatery that’s a very strange Movie But now it’s winning yeah Bishop E4 Wow To thinking his friend mate it would be A nice nice lesson for all the kids here Like how to win such yeah you have to Push the pawn some three times to make 150 extra moves and he knows because he Played it immediately now it’s winning Kingston oh it’s non-winning Oh it’s So Yeah hook d8 so now we go okay too right Usually you got this rookie to um But why Yes But he played already yeah yeah I know He knows for sure King yeah F1 Rook G5 Yeah this is the point I think F1 of G5 Bishop D3 next and mate Yes And now the oak yeah exactly now he Knows the technical F6 Bishop D3 okay Six Bishop B4 hook F6 and now Okay two Incredible So where do we go now okay It’s a minute it’s over Like this One it’s the same position come on

No no I mean uh Yesterday She’s too tired Can’t remember I know I mean I know it Was Bishop G6 is very important I know To put the book on the sixth Hank yes You don’t know Here here I’ll check first either But check it already then King upon came Okay let’s put the engine we will cheat For the first time I don’t know check Oh oh I want to cheat oh I got finished Oh boy no oh boy but what like you go Look uh Oh boy why did you do this I mean we Don’t need it I wanted to switch from I’m very sorry about that I will close It and uh come back That’s what you get when you uh thank You you want to cheat yeah yeah Exactly so he plays 170 moves okay two Moves before mate you managed to freeze Them okay That’s actually uh incredible yeah Foreign Maybe I guess take some time I called the system okay It’s it’s uh soon soon It will be there I’m very sorry about that They are still playing of course and I

Will share my screen Uh Apologize to Everyone Now uh it’s over yeah No I’m still playing okay too Are you sure I’m sure Just 24 website it’s just one zero Not on my screen I resigned But uh so sure sure King D1 how do you Win All right let me I can show you the No you won’t you you know some time Just on time yeah I clicked on auto Update No but okay final position is uh Rookie two King F1 Rook H2 No no King F1 Rook C2 sorry can you find Rook Cito Okay King G1 yeah King J1 but now you Give check G5 You played King F1 King F1 Rook G5 this is the point yeah And now between the one Bishop F5 They’re resigned Okay yeah yeah you can give check and uh It’s if you go here it’s made if you go Here it’s mate Yeah actually uh we should be both yeah Bishop F5 is a so that’s why the Rook Needs to be on F6 because uh yeah Exactly yeah so it’s beautiful technique And if I would go here King D1 the other

Side Yeah but now he has Rook B2 or okay Right Rook B2 sorry Yeah very clever very clever Um Um congratulations How many moves finally what was the 167 Yeah for a master class in psychology Psychology and who can Bishop against Hook wow amazing amazing I didn’t update So now ah yeah identic okay so what was The final yeah okay so 167 moves uh Congratulations so he’s joining off in The semi final which I will cover that Would by the way be a completely crisis And finally yeah Yeah Very very entertaining back here against Each other but yeah anything can happen But that will be very exciting and we Have another very exciting matchup of Course the world champion Magnus Carson Against The Talented Um and very strong top 10 player polish Gunmaster Jan Christoph Duda Well that was quite uh quite a day on This yeah quite quite the doctor I mean I can only imagine how it is for the Players yeah yeah but you are right I Mean probably uh it was a very made a Huge difference that he spent this Hundred moves before taking the pawn So I mean if we are getting so tired yes

From commenting like Because it’s it’s absolutely clear that He knows exactly how to hold it yeah I Mean no doubt about that yeah but it’s Not the same as doing it in Practical Play Um thanks a lot uh it was a pleasure Yeah it was our first time our first Time commenting together but I hope There will be many more yeah me too me Too Uh thanks to tadas of course I’ll Produce uh did an amazing job as uh Every day Thanks to all of you for watching and See you tomorrow same place same time For the semi-finals Bye bye Bye bye [Music] I am going to talk about my games from This season of the meltwater Championship The idea of H4 is very direct I want to Play H5 open up the clean side and Potentially choose my team Alana Continue to trying to put some pressure Here on the E6 Pawn It’s a five nights doing a great job Here both potentially for some attacking Ideas but also defending the E6 spawn The Rook V8 still doesn’t spoil anything But turup takes the G7 is a gross Mistake now

Because the Rook C8 is still Easy Living Winning [Music] The aim chess retry mistakes lesson Shows you positions from your own games Where you made a mistake and gives you The opportunity to make a better move And learn from your own positions


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