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HomeCarlsen wins the Champions Chess Tour: "It's a nice consolation!"

Carlsen wins the Champions Chess Tour: “It’s a nice consolation!”

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen talks to Kaja Snare after losing to Jan-Krzysztof Duda in the semi-final of the Aimchess Rapid. Replay the games:

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Magnus Carlsen knocked out of the Tournament uh how are you right now Magnus Uh I'm okay Um the last game was uh you know It's a Pity that I couldn't really You know put up more resistance I mean I Felt that my position was kind of Improving uh and then Um yeah towards the end I just missed a Tactic and he wrapped it up very nicely Younger stuff dude obviously had a very Good day today what can you say about The way he's been playing Yeah he's he played she played very well Um I thought uh he did a good job and in The first and and third games of Really Um uh defending defending quite well Um and then in the in the second game Um yeah that was obviously the um The decider I mean I am I I felt like I sort of Played two various good sequences in That game Um where I was upbranium and in between I made two major Ponders I mean I felt like the fact that he had Actually I missed Queen B3 I missed that Move twice in the game first in the Opening and also also later Um the fact that he had it later was was

A bit of a break occurrence because I Thought at that point I'd done well Um you know from a from a lost position I sort of refused to to go away Um and I had a winning position of my Own and then you know the after after That in the end game Um it felt completely hopeless but I Kept on playing and actually got a Chance to save it and I kind of realized That um at the time that this may be my My moment I felt that might have a safe So I spent my remaining time I just Couldn't Couldn't find this unfortunately and Making those few blunders that you did Today is that um is that something that Happens when your intuition isn't at its Peak kind of thing Um I don't know I mean I felt I felt like Um yesterday I played in the last couple Of games I played A lot better than I did in their Preliminaries and I felt like today was Um was generally not not awful so Um I don't I don't know what's what Happened I felt like I mean it's There are many explanations but I felt Like it was kind of a um The especially the king E6 rather than King C6 was kind of a a freak thing Really Um it was actually it was just a case of

Trying to be Do accurate as well And uh yesterday I made a blunder Magnus I should have congratulated you Yesterday on winning the tour overall There is no chance Duda can now catch up With you so first of all congratulations With that Yeah thank you uh it's obviously a nice Constellation on um on the day when Things didn't turn off my way so I I will take that with me Um I feel like I've had Um at least two or three very good Events on on the tour this um this era Now Um All the tournaments that I've played From home in in also from my apartment I've won yeah and um all the others uh Well one I did win but I struggled a lot To win at the end and the other side Didn't win Um I don't know if there's something There but it might be I don't know Interesting and the next one will be in San Francisco are you nervous then to Not win that one yeah I mean Considering the information I just Learned myself and It seems to be injectery yeah well no Matter what you win the whole thing with One tournament to spare uh do you think

Competition hasn't been as strong for You this year as it was last year Obviously there have been Um a few names you know uh Strong names like uh like especially so And uh Nakamura was the right job of That were good last couple years and Didn't play this year so that is um Certainly helped me and but I feel like I've been more consistent in general as The tourist canola yeah we are following A Blitz game between mamad yarov and Report I don't know if you're seeing it And can give us your thoughts I see the Bar is way over to Mom diaro's side Yeah he's wearing a piece so uh what Happened in the first so oh that's this Is the first place game oh okay yeah so Uh more likely than not Um that part is going to have to strike Up Magnus you're heading something into Something a huge Fisher fish around the World champion Are you for that Oh I'm super excited uh I've been Looking at a lot of uh Um well literally random positions in There In the uh in the last uh you know a few Days and uh Uh it's been very fascinating so uh I'm uh definitely looking looking Forward to playing some playing some as

Well um Yeah it's going to be uh it's gonna be a Fun event Um so for me the only The only problem is I've kind of been Been calling for events with more of a Classical time control and uh uh and Fisher um and um here we're still Playing playing rapid so but um it's uh It's a great game that I'm you know Eager to seek my my teeth into yeah oh It's gonna be fun to follow Magnus thank You for joining us best of luck in Fisher random Thank you


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