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Carlsen: “I was doing poorly then I shaved my beard & I started winning!”

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen talks to Kaja Snare after beating Arjun Erigaisi to reach the semi-finals of the Aimchess Rapid, the 8th event on the $1.6 million Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. Replay the games:

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For another semi-finals congratulations To have a rough start to this Quarterfinal match but after the first Game two wins how will you sum it up Yeah sure I think he charged the Position a lot better than I did in the In the first game I thought I was I Thought I was fine and then at some Point I realized I wasn’t And he played that quite nicely up to a Certain points and obviously he should Have he should have won that game Converted the advantage and when it Didn’t the match turned off very Differently yeah we’re used to seeing It’s you that push in those long grinds Do you find some joy and also saving Those those long runs Sure I mean it’s uh just as uh just as Important to to save them with some It was just a bit surprising though and Uh maybe that’s uh that’s the uh Last turnaround I needed for um She finally um you know start playing Well yeah We’re pretty good yeah we also noticed You uh changed your clothes from the Hoodie to the Blazer did you just need To change things up a little bit after a Little bit of a rough start Yeah I thought this kind of continue so Let’s change something at least yeah I seem to be an expert in never staying In the funk for too

Much they follow when you are struggling A little bit Not It depends I don’t know uh I just kind Of always believe that things will turn Around but as you say some sometimes Doing some something a little bit Differently like just changing up some Kind of routine really can be helpful uh Like for some uh for one Worldwide championship in 2017 I was Doing poorly then I shaved my beard and Better winning so I don’t know Nice and those two games that you that You won here Um do you feel that you’re back to your Great self now Yeah I feel like those games were up to The standard that that I should play Obviously you didn’t They didn’t have his best games but um That’s that’s the kind of level I should Should be out close today It makes me very happy that I managed to To wake up in time And tomorrow a semi-final against young Christoph Duda who’s played great chess So far this tournament what do you Expect when you face him Well I mean first of all I was shocked That he’s uh Already in the in the summer is Considering that 30 last time I checked I thought he lost a piece in the opening

In the in the third game but some nice Is Mr Um Under his treatment before so it’s not Gonna be easy so I’ll try and try and do Our best decision and are you also aware That if you win tomorrow’s match you Will be officially the winner of the Meltwater Champions chess store 2022. Yeah minus we wish you best of luck both Fighting for that and in the semi-final Tomorrow thanks for joining us


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