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Can Caruana Beat Naroditsky In A Crazy Bullet Match?!

The third highest-rated player in history, Fabiano Caruana, took on speed chess specialist @DanielNaroditskyGM in a match of over-the-board bullet when they met up for some late night chess in Toronto!

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Yeah Jen exactly exactly exactly Jen Is there is there a set of guys this Also is not meant to be like serious Like people can talk and chill and like Yeah no this is more serious than the US Championship it's not I have absolutely Um all right all right ready all right Ready all right let's go Okay I didn't press it it's okay To be honest Zero one variation I can't live after this I didn't even know there's Aviana knew How to play bullet oh over the board Worse worse yeah definitely worse if I Had to guess He's already up five seconds Either Okay that's a pawn This might be even better Close attention to how the power to play With the Knights yeah you did You see them Ah all right okay All right we can't end on that it has to Be well now Yeah this is a drawing and bullet game This just officially became video no it Can't be Time games that's that's a lot We're gonna be we're gonna be shaking After yeah All right all right ready ready I want to play I want to play Doug chess Eric I actually don't know how to play

Duck chat swing too yeah it's just by The way to complex leaves [Music] Back to Harrison attack look at John you Rising to the occasion against Danny's Prediction completely done you're Welcome Donia Because here this is completely done Okay all right it's still bullet it is Okay Bullet indeed down 15 seconds it's still What this bullet That's what we've established Okay this is uh this is done the Knight F6 line yeah maybe not maybe I'll be Right okay dania's up one and a half I'm Keeping score technically even because Baby before we started okay we're even No they didn't count Picks or it didn't happen [Music] All right Levy's here I don't know I don't know I'm just playing playing moose If only a fool What does it make you if you analyze It's so hard to make a move yeah I say IRL bullet is that a thing IRL bullet you know that there is an Entire generation that is getting into Chess now is it touch move oh no it's Okay but it moves it anyway yeah there's An entire generation getting into chess Guys who actually will call chess chess

IRL versus online and OTP is there Something here no it'll be a phrase it's The truth This is the truth you have heard that Here that was Daniel's best Alex Jones Sorry to make you waste your time Well at least I didn't lose Probably you can only go with some of Them What were you about to say Clear Johnny's a monster at this bullet stuff OTB ain't got nothing on him Yeah good moves came to me that fast Look at Tanya put on the Ritz here Okay so don you're up two games follow Me I said you were the favorite for a Reason buddy he's not doing well so far You put a chip on myself I did I put a Chip on down your shoulder again I was ready I couldn't like waste a Second I was ready to spend the night I Had to move the knife I guess What am I doing oh no the Greek gift This is crazy What is this Is so funny the first day of commentary Just two casparas on set It was like I actually got the real one Sitting in I really want to use the videos What's the nodding going on air Conditioner Well that means it's going to get super

Hot in here It's already gonna get hot in here no no Don't be colder though I don't see them Oh no I'm getting killed Tanya continues To roll My prediction is Your position changes It's changing because Dania has already Reached three the health points All right ready My viewers were okay Thank you Yeah Wait are you watching basketball the sun Should be playing right now nobody cares They won yeah they did there it is There's a game game for Bob it's a Rebound game I'm not even rooting for Favi over Dania but it sounds like well I have to now like I have to believe That the guy I predicted to get 7 out of 10 is going to get one win And screaming down with him this is Helping right Bobby this is What I'm doing Okay so many of them Yes All pawns and no hope oh my God I did Not even see that that was also awkward For me Levy What happened what happened Wow I have impression of this game

Oh very much a trick Yeah oh yeah very nice Yeah Jen exactly exactly exactly Jen Yeah Are you not entertained I was thinking Dirty Rose All right I'm gonna you guys are gonna Keep playing I'm gonna learn how to play Duck chests It's a variant that exists on my site And I've seen a lot of videos and I Don't know how to play it it's very very Simple it's normal rules in chess but There's a duck Okay and what does the duck dude I hope I didn't mess up the mic Yeah fantastic Thank you [Music] It blocks diagonals correct okay got it It even blocks on passant I just killed all your hopes and dreams It's okay I can still develop that duck Seems like a jerk okay but that's not Check for some reason I keep thinking The duck moves like it kind of looks Like a knife Does that count as a lawsuit oh my God Okay this is Very interesting I admit this okay I'm gonna play F4 Yeah we're rocking the Kings Gambit Delayed okay how you doing Bob you need Anything let me get you anything I only

Made one illegal move this game in the First one okay Why are you continuously blocking Might be upon I don't want you playing D5 That's what's going on here man tell you What all right I don't want you playing D3 okay I get it I feel you dog I feel You Foreign I'm starting to get it yeah Explosive it's explosive in my head Are you ordering butter chicken yes Please you're ordering do they have um This is amazing do you want in your food Too I just ate a ton of pizza but I Regret it now the Indian food in Toronto Is so good there's a huge Indian Population in Toronto where is this Mind-blowing information coming from I Need it tomorrow we're doing Indian guys Do they have the butter chicken pizza Next time Okay this is So tricky it's very confusing is that Gonna be on this one My mom's gonna see that it's like the Translator I guess I'm gonna develop this typical Strategy and think that at some point Here that's going to pay off Wow how did you do against him and duck Chess he's like oh you deleted my game I Did I deleted it it's right from the

Server actually I think I can remember The position because I want to finish The game it was interesting yeah yeah it Was very interesting what am I thinking I think game was like you know Vikings I'm gonna develop The game ends by capturing the king So there's no there's no chance there's No official check or checkmates right go For check for checkmate yeah okay got it Makes sense Bobby are you finding yourself well yes Okay I will plug you try Why didn't you take us through the chips I think it was a rare weirdness from Favi Foreign [Music] Can anybody [Music] [Music] All right [Music] Thank you


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