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Brilliant Miniature by Humpy to Start Women’s Candidates!

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Koneru, Humpy (2574) – Muzychuk, Anna (2534)
Women’s Candidates ( [1] 2022.10.25
D27 Queen’s Gambit Accepted, classical, 6…a6

1.d4 d5 2.c4 dxc4 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.e3 e6 5.Bxc4 c5 6.O-O a6 7.b3 Nbd7 8.Be2 b6 9.Ne5 Bb7 10.Bf3 Bxf3 11.Qxf3 Bd6 12.Nxd7 Nxd7 13.Ba3 Qb8 14.dxc5 Nxc5 15.Qc6+ Ke7 16.Nd2 Rc8 17.Qf3 Bxh2+ 18.Kh1 Bd6 19.Nc4 Kf8 20.Rad1 Be7 21.Bxc5 bxc5 22.Rd7 Ra7 23.Nd6 Qxd6 24.Rxa7

00:00 Hello Everyone!
00:56 Game Starts!
02:45 Completely New Game!
07:40 Pause the Video!
09:50 It Was in this position
11:25 Contributions

The 2022 FIDE World Fischer Random Championship is taking place in the Berjaya Reykjavik Natura Hotel, Iceland, from 25-30 October. The 8 players include defending Champion Wesley So and World Champion Magnus Carlsen. The players are split into 2 groups of 4 players, with the top 2 in each group advancing to the knockout stages. All games are Chess960, with the players given 15 minutes to study the randomly drawn starting position before play. At stake is $400,000, with $150,000 for the winner.

The time control is 25 minutes for 30 moves, plus 5 minutes for the remainder of the game, with a 5-second increment from move 31. In the group stage players play a 2-game match against each rival, with 2 points for the winner and 1 point each for a draw. In the knockout stages each match is over 4 games, with a tie decided by a single Armageddon game, where White has 15 minutes. The player with Black only needs a draw, with the player chosen by a bidding war won by the player bidding the lowest starting time. Official website:

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Hello everyone and welcome to a very Nice game from the fide women's Candidates tournament it is humpicanero Of India versus Anna music of Ukraine And it is uh quite quite a brutal game 24 moves uh in in modern chess that can Be considered a miniature it's uh it's a Very very uh top level game up to a Certain point where a slight inaccuracy Is made that leads to uh uh a complete Deterioration of one's position you'll See what I mean by this it's uh it's Really a wonderful game and they are of Course battling it out for the right and Privilege to challenge the reigning World Women's Champion Jew engine uh These are the d8 participants And Alexandra costenuk we have the pool A and the pool B and then they they mix It up so let's dive straight into it With the white pieces opens with Pawn to D4 we have Ponta D5 C4 going for the Queen's Gambit and the D captures and C4 Anna accepts the Gambit Knight to F3 With Knight to F6 and now Pawn the E3 Ready to recollect the opponent C4 upon The E6 and now just Bishop captures and C4 we have Pawn to C5 and here castles We have Pawn to A6 and none are the First sort of an offbeat move of the Game is spawned to B3 only the sixth Most popular continuation uh aimed at Obviously confusing um uh Anna music and Trying to get the most out of the

Position so here we have Knight B to D7 And now uh you would expect something Like Bishop to B2 or just continuing Development but this should be back to E2 so this is now already very very Weird it has been attempted a few times Uh but it will be very very strange if Anna was actually ready for this so here Pawn to B6 preparing to Finca to the Bishop and now Knight the E5 offering a Trade of knights but also ready to play Bishop to F3 to go after the rook and A8 With Bishop to B7 you could also trade If you go Knight captures for example Pawn captures n9d5 this is also I have a Very nice for black but in the game we Have the chapter B7 uh Bishop to F3 Offering a trade of Bishops and now There are a few games where that reach This possession for example Harry Kadrona Valley had this against Kanimbalaliva in this year's fide Women's Olympiad where Knight the D5 was Played in that game ended in a draw and Also Queen to C7 is a known movie also This year was played in the shardock Masters between American and Manuel Petrosian where American won the game After Queen to C7 was played by by Petrozian but here we have Bishop Captures on F3 by muzicook and it is now As of move 10 that we have a completely New game so let's see what happens Queen Captures an F3 with Bishop to D6 putting

Pressure on the Knight and not Knight Captures on D7 this force is uh uh on at Uh well I put the knights to a to a less Optimal Square you can't capture with The queen because the rook and A8 hangs So Knight captures on D7 okay it's Nothing special for white Bishop to A3 Uh putting the bishop on on this long Diagonal and queen to B8 now with tempo As the H2 Pawn is hanging so D captures On C5 and now you're not in time to Capture on H2 because you know from your Own games when you capture an H2 white Just wants to play G3 and trap your Bishop then you have to play something You have to move the bishop back so that Doesn't happen and then already white Has a pass Pawn on C6 so you don't want This to happen so okay Knight captures On C5 Queen to C6 check and now King to E7 and this is the best way to play of Course you cannot block this or move Anything if you move the Knight then the Bishop just hangs so King the E7 Uh Anna will now not be castling in a in A traditional fashion but uh Rook the C8 Is coming then you can put the king and F8 the G8 and you can sort of Artificially Castle later on so it's not A big deal Knight the D2 continuing Development also getting ready to add More pressure yeah to Black's position We have rooked the C8 attacking the Queen and the queen back to F3 and now

Okay the pawn on H2 is now hanging it's A free Pawn so we might as well capture It Bishop captures an H2 King to H1 and Now comes uh the moment where uh Anna Takes a sort of a wrong turn she plays Bishop back to D6 which is a move anyone Would play you would expect this to Happen uh you do not want the slide Square this dark Square Bishop um uh Sort of x-raying your king so it makes Sense to bring it back to D6 best would Be to put it back to E5 uh point being That now if let's say rotate the C1 you Go after the Knight now you just start Running with the King and if Knight E4 Adding more pressure to the Knight here You again run and you you give back the Pawn and you you hide your king to Safety and the game continues something Like captures captures the white wins The pawn back and okay the game Continues uh not nothing much for either Side uh you know chances for both sides Basically but okay after King H1 Bishop To D6 was played and this allows this a Very very beautiful Knight to C4 move And now the problem is uh there's too Much pressure uh how do you how do you Get out of this point is if you play Something like B5 okay you you think you Might be able to trade here let's say Knight captures Queen captures there's a Roket to C1 and okay you have the Knight Defended by the rook and by the queen

But the other Rook is coming to D1 and If we're okay to B8 and also notice that If white starts capturing here then the Rook and A8 will be hanging so you have To play something like Rook 8 to B8 now Rook have to D1 attacks the queen and if Queen E5 you still have to defend the Knight now Queen G4 with ideas of Queen B4 and also on to F4 and now if you try To unpin it seems like there's an There's a chance you might be able to Pull it off just Queen before now if the Knight moves you just get checkmated if The Knight doesn't the move you just win The night And if you play A5 you can just play Even Queen captures on A5 they're still Not all that much uh for black to do if Knights the E4 just King G1 you defend The pawn and you don't really care uh You've just won another Pawn a black can Never move an inch with the King and It's just completely winning for white So that's the problem it's uh how do you How do you untangle here how do you get The king to G8 without white doing Anything uh so okay King to f8 is is a Move that Anna chooses King the E8 is The is the only mood that's possible Here white would still have a slight Edge but King the E8 keeps her in the Game but after King to f8 which is Closer to the G8 Square it is now that White is completely winning and it's

Just beautiful how yeah how humpy does It you can play Rook 8 D1 or Rook after D1 it doesn't matter but the Rook must Come to D1 so here look at this rotate The D1 and now how do you defend this What do you play here uh it's uh the Problem is okay the the bishop is now Hanging if you move the bishop let's say You play Bishop E5 which we said was a Better Square than Bishop to D6 not in This position though because now Rook to D7 and look at this the Knight cannot Move of course so Checkmate is being Threatened and once you block Checkmate Look at this Rook B7 it wins the queen Ah absolutely incredible uh so there's That so you can't do that so now that The bishop is saying Bishop to E7 is Played by Anna but now again the Position is completely winning but there Is only one line and it's a very very Specific line that you have to calculate Uh that wins the game for humpy so feel Free to pause the video and win the game For whom B while I give you a couple of Seconds So uh for those of you who are able to Do it congratulations as this is not a Simple one to calculate and for those of You who just want to enjoy the show it Is best shop captures on C5 the point is That is a free night there on C5 and you Can just capture it in the black cannot Recapture or rather black must recap for

About whatever black recapters with uh Loses the game for her so the problem is Now okay big captures on C5 was played In the game uh so also congratulations To everyone who spotted this it's not Really the first move you look at it's a Capture I know but it's you know it's Not something that we expected that will Solve all of our problems uh point is That if Bishop captures okay the bishop Now again move from E7 and now Rook D7 Is winning again you have to block Checkmate and then this wins the queen Uh all over so after uh this move you Can play Rook captures on C5 another Possibility but now look at this Knight Captures on B6 again there's the problem Of the hanging rook and A8 if Queen Captures just Queen captures on A8 so Row K7 can be played now Knight to D7 Check with a monster Fork here a forking The king the queen and the Rook on C5 And now after Rook captures on D7 just a Rook captures on D7 and you're up the Exchange uh uh you know it's uh Completely winning uh possession just Queen B7 you don't really care uh Everything is winning here uh so Anna Tried B captures on C5 and now Rook to D7 again a beautiful beautiful move uh Preparing Knight to D6 and there's just No good way to stop this Rook to A7 was Played but the other moves don't help Anna either here we have Knight to D6

And again what do you play uh mate is Being threatened Knight and queen are Now attacking the F7 Pawn if Bishop Captures then rook and queen get the job Done then again Queen captures on F7 uh What can you play here Queen captures on D6 was played by Anna it was one final Attempt at giving up the queen for some Material but of course uh humpy doesn't Go for the queen she just plays a rook Captures on A7 and it was in this Position on move 24 that Anna music Resigned the game as there is nothing More to be done here now once you play Anything it doesn't really matter you're Just down too much material D just Queen B7 you will win the A6 spawn Uh nothing nothing to try there And if you're wondering why not uh Capture the queen here instead of The Rook well then okay uh I mean you have The bishop and The Rook now for a queen You have the seep on the a pawn it's not As clear white will probably win this in The long run but it will be a very long Long uh game here just through captors On A7 and now you just resign uh so yeah Uh really uh uh uh nicely played by by Humping uh I don't know what part of the Game was uh preparation and what was Found at the board but uh okay she did Out prepare Anna definitely in this one But finding all of this like Rook 81 Just bishop p7 and now Bishop captures I

Mean absolutely absolutely stunning but Even after King the E8 which is the only Move that saves the game for Anna sort Of it's still a terrible position for Black uh I mean it's hard to say if if She would be able to to get out of this One so really really interesting line if You if you guys played uh the Queen's Gambit if your Gambit gets accepted a Lot you can try this idea starting with This Pawn to B3 and the bishop back to E2 weird stuff but it worked like a Charm for her uh so yeah uh that's the Game I hope you guys enjoyed it really Really a nice one thank you thank you For suggesting it uh we'll see what Happens uh in the other games I will try To simultaneously cover both the world Fisher random Champion Japan the women's Candidates tournament so I will see how It goes uh I would like to thank Stephen Pryor as the shadow subramanian John Shirtleff And Jeff Morrow for a contribution to my Channel thank you a lot I really Appreciate it as usual you can check two Of my previous videos here thank you for Watching and I will see you soon Continuing the coverage of the women's Candidates continuing the coverage of The world Fisher random championship and Whatever else happens in the Chess World So thank you all I will see you soon and Have an excellent rest of your day


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