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Brilliant | Jan-Krzysztof Duda vs Anish Giri | Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Final 2022

Chess Grandmaster Daniel King examines the game Jan-Krzysztof Duda vs Anish Giri. Support on Patreon: 🔥
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Foreign Against Anish giri from the meltwater Champions chess tour of finals taking Place at the moment So it's an it's a rapid play game Uh starts out Very regular opening this is a ragazine And this actually leads to a real Imbalance Loads of ways you can play this with With white but uh Duda I think he puts His finger on one of the problems of the Ragasin is that this bishop has come out Here Instead of E7 and that means that this Pin is a bit annoying So black has to find creative ways of Dealing with this And Gary goes for Knight D7 Rook C1 Supporting that Knight dude knows what's Coming next because here is where black Gets very creative In pushing that Bishop away so the pin Is annoying but you play G5 and then the Light Knight leaps in to the E4 Square So there's a bit of pressure here also Looks of this bishop So black is very very active here However black has advanced with pawns G5 And that weakens Black's King cider oh Yes watch out watch out Queen B3 So this Solves the problem here so this you know

This pin is very annoying so white Solves that problem Gary takes gains time in exchanging and Now black has another move and Knight B6 Looks very reasonable supporting this Looks at the C4 Square E3 So this is all very regular for whites You know nice Pawn structure But there is one problem and it's that Bishop on G3 H5 So we've got a really sharp position on The board black is chasing down the Bishop And if it moves to E5 then F6 will win It So How should white deal with this So I think this is a very typical kind Of position for the ragazim You know it's really dynamic Um White's position looks very solid Black's King is still in the middle you Know these pawns look a bit ragged However if you win a piece all well and Good Now why it could play Just H4 here But you can see that once that pawn is Advanced then this can be taken And black has a little something to bite On here Um but this is playable for white but You know I think I would be happier with

Black here because that King is about to Escape Looks pretty cozy on the queen side And then these pawns look a bit ragged So this is where Duda starts to play in A you know um Very bold way C4 in fact it turns out he's played in In this way before it's interesting I Don't know if Geary realized that Actually So C4 and here's the interesting bit What happens if this is taken Well not Bishop C4 but Queen B5 check is A sneaky move And if Bishop D7 Queen E5 whoops Double attack So instead of that Geary plows on And wins this piece now it pops into E5 F6 that Bishop is trapped But Watch What Happens Pawn takes Pawn Takes Bishop Knight oh well sorry check First beg your pardon check first Um you could throw the bishop in the way I mean that That's possible but King f8 Now Knight takes porn so I mean this looks like an amazing Center For white Uh black is a piece up though Now previously Duda has faced Queen takes D5 This was against you Young Yee And well the game careered on like this

Um I mean this this looks like it could Be fun for for white but Yu yangi Managed to actually Draw that one But instead after this one Geary played King G7 so he wants to keep His material he wants to keep his extra Piece But this starts to get very tricky Bishop D3 Attacks the night Knight comes back and Now Castle's King side So let's Try and take stock well first of all Let's compare the two King positions Whites King completely safe Behind These Pawns Black's King well I'd quite like to move Both those pawns back actually Um what about the center beautiful Center for white beautiful Pawn Center And those Bush the the minor pieces also Very good The Rook Looks down at C7 I would like to position is absolutely Beautiful the only problem is black has A knight But white is two pawns I mean just on a Very strict material basis but I mean White's pieces are just wonderfully Placed here I mean it's fantastic compensation And yes I'm gonna say it blacks Rooks Are split

And this is the real problem How do you get that Queen's Rook into Play It's very difficult because that Queen Is tied to defending the sea Pawn This bishop doesn't have any very good Place to go to Gary staggered on with G4 trying to Create Some counter play on the king side F4 Excellent move now if that's exchanged Off Well now we can see the benefit of Keeping your Rooks together Then they are going to invade on the f File And these Rooks simply cannot challenge It won't be long before the queen comes In as well So up to F4 that wasn't taken Rook f8 That stops F5 for the moment But wow this is what a pawn storm They're just rolling through the middle Is there just it's just a steamroller G3 again Geary trying to stir things up But of course white is not going to take That would allow the queen some fun Instead just F5 and if that's taken well The king can always just pop in the Corner And what if black tries Bishop D7 trying To sort of connect here Rook F4 Followed by Rook G4 the the second Rook

Can come to F1 and it must be way So after F5 Queen G5 played Allowing Rook takes C7 check So giri trying to get counterplay very Cool move now Bishop B1 The queen covers here and the queen can Switch over So now how many pawns is it three pawns It feels feels like White's got about six pawns for the Piece but anyway Um I mean it's just a beautiful position Queen F3 Good move The queen switches over Into the Danger Zone of course if this is taken then It's going to lead to Checkmate very Quickly Supported by that wonderful Rook on C7 Queen F3 just played Gary desperately trying to bring the Queen's Rook into play by giving up his Extra piece Check Ing here once again Queen E5 Will lead to mates in exactly the same Way Um I mean there are some nice variations Here the Geary Brings his Queen's Rook into play okay Over to you Time For a quick slurp t Time for you to think how does white win

From this position White to play How did Duda continue from here this is Absolutely spectacular And this is the reason we're looking at This game okay here we go are you ready White to play Boom This deserves a boom definitely King takes F6 check Now I'm just going to go with the game Continuation key H6 White as a whole Rook down Watch What Happens check Because of that Bishop The King has to come up the board Boom Queen F5 check played by Duda Takes takes If King takes G4 H3 is mate Beautiful stuff in the game Geary put The king back on G6 But it's mate anyway Rookie five check Here Geary resigned to pity He could have gone to mate let's just See how it works check here Check And Rook H7 again supported by that Bishop tucked away at the other side of The board Spectacular Checkmate frankly I wish Geary had just taken on G4 I think that would have been very

Generous to dute but in any case Watching this dude I had a big smile on His face in fact he had a big smile on His face right from this position Rook G7 check Let's just dot the eyes and cross the T's what about King h8 Just F6 Unleashing this one Um protecting the rook and then You know it's all winning basically And if we come back here If the King goes back then check That's a nice winning move Check And what's the mate what's the mate no No but I'm going to leave it in that Position Because that's how it should have ended Really Um but many congratulations to youngster Soft Duda to find this In a rapid play game I think is Incredibly impressive I mean in a way It's a fairly straightforward piece of Calculation but still you have to go Very deeply and you have to have real Confidence To explore this variation with the Rook G7 because it could just be a massive Waste of time and there are plenty of Other ways to play but yeah beautiful Stuff I'll leave it there Hope you enjoyed that thanks for



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