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Bobby Fischer Would Be Proud

Photos by Lennart Ootes
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[Event “Fischer Random World Championship | Group Stage”]
[Site “”] [Date “2022.10.25”] [Round “1”]
[White “(A) Abdusattorov, Nodirbek”] [Black “(A) Nepomniachtchi, Ian”]
[FEN “rnbbkqrn/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RNBBKQRN w GAga – 0 1”]

1. d4 [%clk 0:24:57] d5 [%clk 0:24:59] 2. Ng3 [%clk 0:24:55] f5 [%clk
0:24:09] 3. e3 [%clk 0:24:40] e6 [%clk 0:23:56] 4. c4 [%clk 0:24:22] c6
[%clk 0:23:45] 5. Nc3 [%clk 0:23:41] Nd7 [%clk 0:23:03] 6. Bd2 [%clk
0:22:42] Ng6 [%clk 0:22:34] 7. Bc2 [%clk 0:22:25] Nh4 [%clk 0:20:32] 8. f3
[%clk 0:20:34] g5 [%clk 0:19:15] 9. O-O-O [%clk 0:19:46] Nb6 [%clk
0:19:00] 10. cxd5 [%clk 0:19:44] exd5 [%clk 0:18:30] 11. e4 [%clk 0:19:41]
f4 [%clk 0:17:02] 12. exd5 [%clk 0:18:56] fxg3 [%clk 0:16:45] 13. Re1+
[%clk 0:18:16] Kd7 [%clk 0:16:42] 14. hxg3 [%clk 0:17:44] Nf5 [%clk
0:16:36] 15. dxc6+ [%clk 0:16:41] bxc6 [%clk 0:16:32] 16. d5 [%clk
0:16:40] Bb7 [%clk 0:15:09] 17. Qd3 [%clk 0:09:38] Nd6 [%clk 0:15:06] 18.
Ne4 [%clk 0:09:36] Nxd5 [%clk 0:14:33] 19. Nxd6 [%clk 0:09:35] Qxd6 [%clk
0:14:12] 20. Qxh7+ [%clk 0:09:10] Be7 [%clk 0:14:11] 21. Bf5+ [%clk
0:08:22] Kd8 [%clk 0:12:41] 22. Ba5+ [%clk 0:08:10] 1-0

00:00 Hello Everyone!

The Aimchess Rapid is the 8th of 9 events on the $1.6 million 2022 Meltwater Champions Chess Tour and takes place on chess24 from October 14-21. The 16-player field will be cut in half by the 4-day round-robin Prelims. The total prize fund is $150,000, with $750 for a win and $250 for a draw in the Prelims. The quarterfinals and semi-finals are 1-day, 4-game matches, while the final will feature two such matches over two days.

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Hello everyone and welcome to the second Game we'll be showing from the official Random World Championship 2022 it is Neither of them needs any any Introduction uh as heian um uh it always Sounds funny when I say that and then I Do some sort of an introduction but uh It feels like I shouldn't be doing it And then you know maybe someone is Watching for the first time and they Would like to know a little bit Something but yeah just in short another Back the the reigning world rapid Champion and also uh like Peter leko Said by the time he was 18 he was Already the world rapid championship and He already uh won the Olympia with his Team so that's I mean quite an Outstanding Result for for someone so young and the Yani punishi the not only the the former World Series Championship challenger but Also another uh uh well a second time in A row World Chess Championship Challenger only this time he will not be Actually challenging the world champion He will be playing against the dingling For the world Championship so both of Them truly incredible players and well This is official random this is you know Gloves are off no no openings no no Preparation no Theory uh this is just You know we start fighting from move one So let's see now how the game uh

Uh how the game is different from the One that we've seen uh that Magnus Played so okay another Back start with Pawn to the four same as Magnus but now Just a nice symmetrical Pawn to D5 by Any promise you we have pawned a knight To G3 and now Pawn to F5 uh already yeah Creating some sort of a funky position We have Ponte E3 and pawn to E6 now we Have Pawn to C4 and C6 sort of like if You would have a Queen's Gambit declined Uh and some sort of um uh well uh funky Defense against uh I think it's called What's this defense cause I'm the the Stronghold or no the uh Stone stone something with stone Stonehenge defense or yeah something Like that but yeah it's uh similar to That and it should be very solid but Does it work in this particular setup Well it's up to Yan to show it to us With Knight to C3 uh Knight to D7 and Now Bishop to D2 We have Knights the G6 Double player just putting pieces on Optimal squares Bishop the C2 another Bit clears the path for his King the Castle Queen side and now we have Knight To H4 Jan putting some pressure on uh on Another Beck's King side we have Pawn to F3 and now Pawn to G5 we have Queen side Castles and now Knight to B6 Uh we have C captures on D5 e captures On D5 and now uh the immediate Pawn to E4 his another back says okay your king

Is still in the center of the board it's Time to open up some lines uh even at The price of some material and the Answer is all right let's see let's see Uh what you got so Pawn to F4 attacking The Knight and G3 and now uh node ribex Sacrifices the Knight E captures on D5 Now can the Knight be captured not only Should it be captured it is uh the only Way for you to continue the game Otherwise what what are you really doing So F characters on G3 Jan of course will Capture it and now it's up to another Bit to show that it doesn't work Rook The E1 with check and King the D7 so now Jan has to figure out how to Artificially Castle or or maybe even Keep his King in the center of the board But that is really hard to believe H Characters on G3 attacking Yan's Knight Here Knight to F5 and now D captures on C6 we have B captures on C6 and now just Pawn to D5 beautifully done trying to Open up the lines of attack toward Towards the black king and even though It seems like you could just capture Here you really can't the the bishop Pair is so dangerous here and if you Allow the position to open up I can just Show it real quickly for example Characters captures and captures uh Queen B5 check will be a forced mate in Five let's say King C7 Bishop D5 check You have to go somewhere uh Queen to B

For checking to D7 and now Bishop to A4 Will be Checkmate look at this Uh absolutely absolutely stunning it's Okay after D5 we have Bishop to B7 and Now Queen to D3 uh preparing to open up The uh the the D file with the Characters and C6 but also just Attacking that Knight on F5 so Knights The D6 and now we have Knight to E4 and This is much much cleaner than going D Captures and C6 which is also possible But after Knight to the E4 uh it is just Uh what do you play what what can you Play here as black the problem is if you Capture a first D captures and C6 comes And after King characters The Rook Captures on e4 and there is uh there's Really nothing for you to play here it's Uh it's very hard to even figure out and We'll probably start running away with The King then the bishop comes to B4 and Then I mean it's maybe possible to Survive but uh not uh not not if you Play against someone as strong as no Other back so okay after Knight E4 uh we Have the immediate Knight cap actress on D5 by nipple but now Knight captures on D6 and now what do you play in the game Queen characters on D6 was played but I Will just show you what happens if King Captures on D6 because it seems like you Should play King captures on D6 uh maybe Even King to C7 but uh Why it's better to capture with the King

Because now you have to be extremely Precise with white there is only one Winning line and it's uh it's a Beautiful one look at this bishop to B For check okay the Knight is pin so you Have to move the king or do something if You move the king then you lose the Queen so you're not gonna do that you're Gonna play C5 now you're gonna give up The bishop captures on C5 King captures On C5 and now you cut off the black king From going back to the sixth Rank and Now you will just start attacking it so How do you play this Uh if you if you try something like Rook The G6 it's possible but then Queen to A3 and now uh if the king moves the uh The queen will just hang but also you Don't even have to take the queen for Example if King the C4 you can just Checkmate the black king Bishop C4 King To D4 and now Rook the E4 will be Checkmate so even ideas like these uh Are possible so what you would probably Have to do is block with the Knight and Then the king hunt continues just Queen The C3 with tracking the B5 A4 with Check King the A5 Rook the E5 check King To A6 and now Queen to C4 checking the V6 and A5 with Checkmate so something Like this if after Knight captures on D5 Nipple decides to play King captures on D6 which seems like a much better move Than Queen captures uh but he played

Queen characters uh maybe this works Maybe it doesn't uh okay and now he There's really no way out but not Everybody just plays Queen captors and H7 with check Bishop to E7 and now now Bishop the F5 with check look at this King to d8 and now not even grabbing The Rook or you know playing something weird Bishop to A5 with check and he was in This position unmove 22 that yaniponishu Resigned in the game and what a stunning Victory by uh World rapid Champion Another back Abdul satro of against a World Chess Championship Challenger or Not not even a challenge or World Championship contestant uh so yeah here You resigned because uh if you play a Weird move you just get checkmated and If you don't play a weird move you will Still get checkmated only uh well let's Say Knight B6 you block check then Rook To D1 now the queen is hanging you Cannot save the queen The Rook is Hanging uh it's it's it's such a bad Position you you don't even want to look At it I know ah but the after Bishop A5 Jan resigned and a brilliant brilliant Victory the start of the match by kablo Satro we'll see what happens in the Other one like I said in the previous Video they will play two games against Each other in a match and then we will See who wins the uh the mini match uh so Yeah uh that's the game I hope you guys

Enjoyed it very nice start by Abu satro We'll see if he can take it all the way I would like to thank Joshua Baker Derek Alex Williams Stephen Pryor Mr Subramanian and John shortly for a Contribution to my channel thank you a Lot I really appreciate it as usual you Can check two of my previous videos here Thank you for watching and I will see You soon continuing the coverage of the Official random World Championship until We have a a random Champion so thank you All I will see you soon and have an Excellent rest of your day


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