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Bloody Bishops | Magnus Carlsen vs Anish Giri | Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Final 2022

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Foreign Welcome to the power play chess Channel With coverage of the fourth round of the Meltwater tour final held in San Francisco at the moment and as you Probably know the world champion Magnus Carlson is on fire after defeating Wesley saw Aryan irigaisi and Um Today it was Anish giri's turn to get a 3-0 loss to deal with Against the World Champ so let's have a look at the at the Most fascinating game in my opinion the World champion playing with the white Pieces against the Anish Girish gunfeld Defense so it's 1v4 Knight F6 C4 G6 Knight C3 D5 and Magnus Goes for the exchange variation All very well-known theory of course and Magnus goes for a very interesting setup With the move Bishop E3 and now after C5 Put a rook on C1 To get the Rook out of the long diagonal Trying to strengthen the center and uh Well it's one of the popular systems to Uh to play as as white Magnus himself Played it in the in the tour against Bhagnananda with with the black pieces So after castling King side Knight F3 Bishop G4 Bishop E2 Queen A5 up to this Point we have been following that uh Aforementioned game in which Park uh Played the move uh Castle kingside ready To sack the pawn on A2 typical uh play

Of course white will try to generate Some activity in the center probably Push the pawn to D5 at some point but True to his style Magnus uh plays the Move Queen D2 not willing to give up the Pawn on on A2 protecting it with the Queen And one of the ideas is that the most Natural move here Knight C6 can just be Met by D5 and after the Knight goes away We are planning to go C4 and white has a Very nice uh Pawn Center and uh that's One of the reasons of uh why it's Placing the Rook on on C1 so that the Rook will never be be hanging In any case Geary played her in move Knight D7 and uh well of course D5 is a Possibility here but black has a very Strong count over response with the move C4 not allowing y to occupy the center With the c Pawn as well the point being That the pawn cannot be taken because of Rook C8 hitting the bishop on C4 if the Bishop goes away then the pawn on C3 Will be hanging of course the the pawn Doesn't have to be taken but then black Is considering to uh to put a knight on C5 at some point with very interesting Counter play in in the center So Magnus doesn't go for the line with D5 instead plays here to move H3 Clarifying the the situation in the Center black is forced to trade off the The bishop for the Knight

So Bishop takes a three Bishop takes F3 And here uh black played the move Knight B6 interesting idea is the Knight is Intending to come to C4 at least that's What I would have expected White castled And now up to this point we have been Following one predecessor game between Spanish players Candela Perez and eskas Cordoba played in Burgos 2003. in that Game they're full of the most natural Move Knight C4 22 and now black want to take the the Bishop aiming for simplifications and Well we have a typical position in which Black is objectively speaking doing Pretty well but I wouldn't be surprised If Magnus had been aiming for such uh Such a game it's it's equal but it Doesn't mean it's a draw both sides have Their their chances and well one of the Ideas for white here is that if the pawn Would be taken then we are ready to play E5 Bishop on G7 is out of Play Bishop on F3 is doing a quite a nice job and given The chance uh White will seriously Consider marching with the d-pawn create A postpone and well a lot of a lot to Play for in such a case but This didn't happen and giri uh had Another idea in mind and Decided instead of playing Knight C4 to Take on D4 Which is a forcing sequence initiating

The um The exchange of of Queens so Queen takes D2 Bishop takes D2 and now the pawn on D4 is is taken White Center is gone but As composition The Rook is now able to Enter On the seventh Rank and the pawn on the Seventh rank will be will be regained Critical moment because still I I Believe black is in a quite okay shape If he would uh decide here to to play a Move like E6 just keeping the the pawn Structure symmetrical black is willing To return the b-pawn Um okay why is Rook looks uh pretty uh Unpleasant but with a move like Knight A4 intending to uh to put a bishop on B6 Knight C5 The Rook is almost trapped After that we are able to offer the Exchange of Rooks and black is black is Quite okay in that case we don't have to Fear the absence of the the Bishops Guarding the King on the king side Because Queens have been exchanged and That explains why that maneuver with the Bishop going to B6 is is quite playable For black But giri had a different idea in mind Instead of playing E6 he wanted to play This active as possible with the move Rook fc8 After Rook takes E7 his idea was to Enter himself with the Rook on the Second rank hitting the bishop hitting

The pawn on A2 and keeping an eye on the Pawn on F2 as well Monk display Bishop F4 Rook takes A2 and now interesting Moment The Pawn on B7 could have been taken Here but Magnus is aiming for activity With the move E5 and I like this this Move quite a lot as it does activate the Bishop Pressurizing the uh the pawn on B7 but There are also ideas based on E6 trying To open up the the seven rank vikan uh The the king side formation And The fact that giri went astray at this Point explains that the position is Quite difficult to to handle for for Black but black probably should do now Is uh play something like Rook Rook A5 And Um Well Rook takes B7 is a possibility and Value you you got to be careful because Bishop takes E5 is not possible uh after Bishop takes Rook takes E5 there is Rook Takes B6 which is a tricky move as The Rook on A8 is hanging and white is white Is a piece up Instead of that Bishop takes E5 move There are other possibilities probably Rook Rook E8 is is one of them intending To to win the pawn on E5 and it looks Pretty uh pretty equal in that case Another interesting idea and very

Typical for search positions is to play The move E6 as I mentioned After F takes E6 I wish I could play here to move Bishop G4 and then things start to look pretty Uh dangerous for for black but Fortunately for him there is still the Move Knight D5 Attacking both the rook and Bishop if You do take on E6 King h8 and because of The Knight Fork White is forced to trade Off the bishop for the night but then Black has no problems uh whatsoever the A pawn is actually quite a force to Reckon with Instead of playing Bishop G4 probably Bishop D2 is an interesting alternative Hitting the Rook sidestepping the Knight Fork on D5 and well at the moment you're Two pawns down but there's quite quite Some play here still if you manage to Get in Bishop G4 anyway This didn't happen and Um instead giri played here to move King F8 but as it turns out the king is very Poorly placed on on f8 but we will soon See why first the pawn on um on B7 is is Captured and here rookie 8 was Black's Idea attacking the pawn on E5 but very Likely also preparing to consolidate its Position with Rook E7 initiating the Exchange of Rooks So okay Bishop takes E5 is one idea White can never really play Rook E1 to

Protect the pawn on E5 because of Bishop Takes F2 but now critical moment of the Game and this is certainly uh Fascinating maneuver which had been Underestimated or just simply overlooked By by Anish As Magnus came up with a incredible Resource of uh activating uh the light Squared Bishop to another diagonal Because Frankly Speaking the bishop has Done its job on this diagonal there's Nothing else to gain there but Bishop D1 Is a fantastic move with the idea of Going to be free attacking The Rook on A2 and of course at the same time Hitting the pawn on on F7 and well as it Turns out there are quite a lot of Problems to to deal with here for for Black because first of all if you would Take the pawn on E5 There is Bishop to be free and uh well You cannot simply uh take on on F4 Because we are going to take first on F7 With the Rook with check King has to go To G8 then we take the bishop with the Discovered check as well And now we have the king h8 we take on A2 and uh White is just a full Rook up So what should black do instead well There are a couple of other moves and uh In the game Geary decided to uh to play The move Rook B2 to cover the the B3 Square so that the bishop cannot go There but one other interesting move

To to discuss here is to move Rook to E7 To uh try to force the exchange of Rooks Neutralize the the potential pressure Against the pawn on F7 but there's a Forcing sequence now Bishop H6 is the key move trying to Deflect the king from protecting The Rook King has to go to a to keep the Rook defended and now Rook be a check King D7 and now Bishop G5 the bishop Hits The Rook Rookie 8 is not possible on account of Bishop G4 and the King has to release The protection of the rook and of course F5 is not a way to stop the check Because of the ampassan rule So after Bishop G5 Rook takes E5 is is The only move but now Bishop F6 again Very annoying pin to uh to deal with as Uh for instance if you decide to defend The uh the bishop on D4 bit with Rook D5 There is simply Rook d8 uh with a nice Skewer After uh King C7 you can simply take on D5 Knight takes D5 and Bishop takes D4 White is a piece up And if you try to keep the Rook defended With the King So that after the exchange of uh Rooks The the king also defends the bishop Well then we can take on D4 for instance Uh which does win a piece because after Rook takes the eighth there is Bishop B Free check

King has to go away King F5 and rather Than taking the Rook on A2 because the Bishop on D4 is hanging white first Takes with the bishop on B6 removing the Bishop from the threat now both Rooks Are just hanging and whatever uh black Does on the next move one of the Rooks Can just be can just be captured so White remains a piece up So that's basically what happens in case Of uh in case of Rook E7 Apart from Rook B2 Rook A3 is another Interesting move but then again we will Get to see the same maneuver as in the Game as the other Bishop comes back to C1 uh to hit the bishop and try to gain Access to the B3 Square so for instance If you would play Rook A5 There is Bishop H6 check first king goes To G8 and now Bishop B3 is a very Unpleasant move to to face because Bishop takes F7 with a double attack is The thread if you try to to neutralize That pressure against F7 with Knight E5 We have Rook D1 and black is simply Unable to um to cope with all the all The threads So instead of Rook A5 maybe Rook D3 Could be considered but now Bishop E2 is A very clever move as The Rook is Running short on squares let's say if You go Rook B3 there is Bishop C4 and White get exactly what it wants Um by setting up this double attack as

The Knight is paint cannot take the Bishop on C4 as The Rook will be taken If you play Rook C3 instead we have Bishop B2 and that's another skewer Hitting the rook and the bishop Rook Gotta move away Rook C2 counter attack Against the two Bishops Bishop takes D4 Rook takes E2 and now Rook A1 is a very Very nice move with the idea to take on A7 with massive threats against the pawn On F7 very difficult to defend Rook E7 Will be met by Bishop C5 Very nasty pin And if you instead play let's say Knight To C8 then we switch our mind by not Going for the a pawn but rather put a Rook on C1 intending to enter on C7 and If you put a knight on E7 then The Rook Comes in to the seventh rank the Knight Is pinned cannot move as otherwise F7 Would be hanging and then well Bishop C5 Will be played at some point well first Probably we got to defend the pawn on E5 So that Rook takes E5 is not a defense But in any case black remains under Pressure in this end game Let's go back to the game but I thought These lines were too cool to uh to not To include them so After Bishop to D1 they're followed Rook To B2 Protecting the um the B3 Square so the Bishop cannot go there but uh of course Not Rook takes A7 there will be Bishop

Takes E5 with a pretty even uh game But instead Bishop to C1 how fantastic Is that two consecutive moves Bishop D1 And then Bishop C1 Back The Rook is in Trouble Um If you would play Rook to B4 to keep the B3 Square covered there is Um Bishop to A3 with a very unpleasant Pin And if you would play Rook to B5 also Trying to keep the square covered there Is Bishop to A4 with another skewer as Uh black cannot take with the Knight as The Rook on B5 would be hanging well Basically the same happened in the game They're followed Rook B1 but we start With the move Bishop to to C2 uh in the Game they're followed uh Rook to B5 and Then Bishop A4 is a possibility just Want to mention that Rook A1 Is also not possible on account of Bishop H6 check King G8 even now the Rooks can just be exchanged and then Bishop to B3 and look how helpless black Is covering the F7 Square what a black Species are out of Play Bishop takes F7 Is a big threat cannot be protected by The Rook or or any other piece so why it Is simply winning here Rook to B5 And now first check on H6 to make sure The King goes to uh to the corner cannot Get uh as uh escaped any any time soon

But now Bishop A4 is played and the loss Of material is simply inevitable Knight Takes A4 Rook takes B5 Black is not even able to take the pawn On E5 here Rook text E5 is met by Rook B8 with the background mate which now Clarifies the the point of inserting That Bishop check on on H6 So that's not possible if Bishop takes E5 then we can simply play Rook E1 with Another very unpleasant bin Bishop H2 Discovered check doesn't really work Here because of take the bishop Rook E1 And Rook B8 is made again Instead you you could play something Like F6 but that's a that's a really Weakening move of the king the simplest Move here is Rook A5 with the idea to uh To take the pawn on A7 the the seventh Rank has been weakened so that looks Like it's a game over There are Fallout Knight C3 instead Rook to B7 A5 so black is looking for counter play But it's way too slow rookie one is is a Good move With a point that after A4 Magnus is Aiming for simplifications with the move Of Bishop E3 Um Bishop takes E5 run runs into Bishop to D4 with an attack on the bishop Bishop Cannot take on D4 as uh there's a pin Bishop takes C3 is also a threat if you

Do take on D4 the simplest way to Convert is rookie 8 King G7 and Rook E7 The a pawn is not dangerous at all and One interesting line could be let's say Black tries to run with the pawn you Take the pawns on F7 and H7 And then we are ready to give back one Exchange so that after Bishop takes A7 Rook takes A7 well black and plays The Pawn on A2 but now the Knight is unable To move Why does The Simple Plan of bringing up The pawns on on the king side and uh Well eventually black black should crack So that's Bishop takes E5 if you do take With the Rook on E5 by the way there is Rook B8 check forcing the king to go to G7 now we can safely take with the Bishop on D4 as The Rook is pinned no Time for black to take the Rook on E1 Himself Anish therefore decided to take on E3 But after Rook takes E3 now the bishop Is gone Um Vice threatening to take the Knight the Knight got a move went back to uh to D5 And after Rook F3 well Anish had seen enough here like Rook Takes Um F7 is uh is a huge threat with two Rooks on the seventh it is likely Leading to mate and after let's say uh Knight E7 probably the cleanest way here

To proceed is Rook F6 with ideas to go E6 put a rook behind the pawn well it's Pretty much a game over it's something You don't really want to uh to test the World champion to uh to see if he's able To uh to convert So I thought this was a fantastic Victory 3-0 Clean Sweep in favor of the of the Real champ and um well doesn't happen so Often that he's defeating his uh most Strongest opponents in the world in such A convincing manner thanks to these two Fantastic moves Bishop to D1 followed by Bishop C1 hope you enjoyed it and see You soon again on the power play chess Channel thank you bye bye


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