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Best Queen Sacrifice Ever😳 | Checkmate Trick – Chess #shorts

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Here’s an Amazing Chess Trick where Black uses a brilliant tactical idea. He makes an insane queen sacrifice to trap & checkmate the white king. #Shorts #ChessTalk #Chess

Yeah playing this game on the chess Universe app it’s it’s real fun okay so He’s threatening our Rook but you know The bigger issue is this nasty little Fork so I’ll play Queen G4 first and Then let’s try this Checkmate Okay so now we can save our Rook it’s Defended so no problem with this All right now he’s attacking the Knight So let’s let’s move it away we need to Be a little fast You want to check then let’s exchange of The knights Can I take this Pawn no The Queen Is There so let’s let’s go right in then [Music] Wait what What was that wow I think I should resign just resign Anyway guys our favorite chess Universe App is now on web3 they’ve started with The free mint round of nfts you can also Get it for free by joining the Discord Server so go check out the link in the Comment


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