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Anish Overcomes Surging Radjabov In Thrilling Armageddon

In the most dramatic match of the Global Championship finals so far, former candidates Anish Giri and Teimour Radjabov battled for their place in the CGC semifinals! After blunders and time trouble, the pair reached an incredible 4-4 score and could only be separated in an intense Armageddon tiebreaker…

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Two friends and former candidates Anish Giri and Timor rajabov met for an Intense quarterfinals match in the 2022 Global championship Geary entered the match coming off of a Win against Pavel pankradov who had an Incredible run knocking out players such As Vichy Anand and notrebec abdusutorov Rajabov came off of a victory over World Championship Challenger Yan nipponishi Proving to the world that he should not Be deemed an underdog In games one and two of the eight-game Match both players appeared hesitant to Take chances and the games both ended in Draws by repetition after game two Anish Seemed to storm out of the playing Hall Frustrated by the initial results The third game brought excitement Raj Above offered upon sacrifice early in The opening and he succeeded in Activating his pieces however he was Never able to achieve tangible returns And his initiative slowly dried up Forcing him to sacrifice his Bishop on H3 That's it oh my God he missed Queen D7 Cutting off him over 95 hits Queen F7 Route 94. four Bishop D3 trapping The Rook either move wins Anish calmly took The piece refuted the sacrifice and Claimed the victory Storms the castle and gets the first win In his match with Timur rajabov a final

Draw in game four closed out day one With a 2.5 to 1.5 lead for Anish Geary Contrary to the relatively peaceful First day day two saw lots of dramatic Chess in game 5 Geary used his time Wisely to gain a significant positional Advantage and to capitalize with the Very pretty final move Queen takes E4 Check anishkier wins his game we just Saw that flash on screen so Niche takes The headset off he extensively doubles It from one to two and he is also gonna Be thrilled with how this day has begun As he wants to eliminate Timor rajaba From the competition so the score now in Geary's favor the number one player from Holland leads three and a half to one And a half rajabov swung the momentum Back to his side in game six as he Played a beautiful game where he gained A winning Advantage before allowing Geary counter play with his past C Pawn Ultimately a rook in game emerged that The engine deemed equal But Gary's task was difficult and after Subtle errors rajabov gained the full Point [Music] Game seven was perhaps the wildest game Of all Geary started strongly but Resourceful play from Raj above Overwhelmed him and gained a decisive Edge Raj above had turned the course of The match with what appeared to be a

Certain Victory but then he blundered With Bishop captures H5 Bishop takes H5 But wait a second after Rook about TK Bishop D6 oh no he's gonna take on B4 What did Timor just do why did he allow This yeah what is it he was a four Minutes I was hyping it up for a side Match Rook G5 but just rookie this is a Draw it's like match's not over though The move did keep a material Edge but it Allowed a fortress both players clearly Knew the draw was imminent and then a Tactical oversight in time trouble Caused Gary his Bishop well yeah it's Not over it's not over it's not over it Matches not over no but it is over I Mean this is a fortress no no but the Match is not over there rookie Mission Brook C3 Oh I'm gonna jump out of my chair oh my Gosh Oh my gosh Anish giri That is devastating devastating that Might be the most devastating defeat of This entire event for anybody that Roller coaster of emotions all he had to Do was do nothing keep the Rook on the First rank Timur has no way to make Progress no get his King to B3 it Doesn't help oh my gosh after a quick Draw in game eight the players headed to Armageddon with high bids both players Indicated a preference for the white Pieces but anisha's 13 minutes and one

Second proved the winning bid as you Receive the black pieces and those Treasured draw odds Even with the lower initial time a niche Managed the situation well instead of a Good position and even soon had a Time Edge I don't see a single move and neither Does Timo or a Java maybe bishop B5 and Then a rook goes to C5 there's like zero Threat but it's an idea after 31 Bishop To B2 Anish started bobbing to the music Knowing that he had all but closed out The match there should be two on the Board yeah that's that how do you win This with you he's a couple of moves Away rajabov tried every last trick but After Anish permitted him to capture on F7 his position proved overextended and He soon resigned as there were no more Chances F3 check and Rook takes D4 oh And Bishop thanks G3 that ends it Officially oh that actually does end it I'm sorry to cut you off no no no if not If no 94 I think that's it resigned Resigned he resigns he resigns oh my Goodness Anish breathes a sigh of relief And he has punched his ticket to the Semi-finals in the most dramatic of ways With a huge smile Anish surged up and Went in for a bear hug with Daniel Wrench to celebrate his victory In anticipation of his next match Against young Indian star nihal sarin

Ani said that he has been quite lucky With the opponents he's had to face so Far considering the lineups he gave Kudos to sarin for the youngster's Abilities at speed chess but Gary Believes he has a favorable Advantage Going into the semi-finals fighting Words that make the upcoming semis all The more exciting getting him in the Semi-final is uh what is an opportunity For me um And I'm really eager to play because uh He destroys me in a quicker time Controls he's a total beast and it's Impossible to handle him in a bullet Match for me but I think that this time Control is maybe I I don't know of Course him well enough but I think this Is the time control where we probably Match our strengths I I hope so at least I think probably in a classical I would Think I'm still stronger in a bliss he Is stronger already but maybe this rapid Format is where we are evenly matched But maybe I'm wrong and I'll get uh Smoked you know we'll see but I I do Think that I should have a good shot Foreign [Music]


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