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Anish Giri’s Most Brilliant Moves On

We selected Anish Giri’s top 10 brilliant moves on! The Dutch number-one and world number-seven earned his grandmaster title at the age of 14, and reached his peak FIDE rating of 2798!

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Here we go with five brilliant moves From Anish Geary of course we know him As the world's best or most prepared Player also for the draw memes but Definitely right now in this video for The brilliant moves definitely pay Attention this first one is up against Janapamniacci the world championship Challenger second time by the way he's Been there twice so he's on to something But let's see what honest gear was able To do in this game here's example number One Anish Gary is playing Black now of Course in this position very very easy White is black to move of course we make Him move Rook takes B4 it makes total Sense if we do a piece count now one two Three four five six pawns versus one two Three four five blacks up a pawn we're Trying to convert that pawn Knight Versus Bishop in game the knights are Very very strong on the Square that it's On so King to G2 sort of a waiting move Black doing the same making some looks For the game Rook 2a1 and then Rook A4 Hey trade when you're up not when you're Down right very simple process Rook to E1 oh hey you don't want to trade Perfect we're gonna take the second ring Away from you right so or at least put a Rook on the seventh or a second right Here put some pressure here now the Queen needs to move Queen goes to here We go F4 Queen F4 that's a big boy move

For a big fella of course as you're Attacking E5 if F6 maybe Queen takes D4 There are lots of things that can happen Here but that's up to you to find this Move right here pause the video if you Need to it's black to move what did Honest do in this position Here we go guys brilliant move here it Is you ready for it rookie dude oh my Goodness did you even see that Did you even see that and I I didn't Either right of course Rook E2 Yan Didn't either okay Rook to E2 is a very Very strong move wow what does it do With blocks of course if Rook takes E2 Which is actually what happened in the Game but let's just see what happens on Obviously Bishop takes E2 well of course Come on now this is a Family Channel Pawn takes the queen and that is mean GG Start a new game Knight takes Bishop is Coming we just won a a queen there like A um free Queen basically in a way so Game's over not good so of course uh Rook takes E2 is what happened in the Game now after Rook takes E2 Knight Takes E2 again if Bishop takes you're Gonna hang your whole Queen on National Television here not gonna happen so Queen E4 and Knight to C3 and Anish was Able to convert this in game so now Let's move through some moves here Because there is lots of moves left so Lg6 H5 G takes H5 Queen C8 right of

Course uh we're still up some pawns so We're going to actually just go and Convert this is what happened Queen F6 There's lots of moves right so we're Just gonna blow through them here but uh Anish was able to convert this in game After finding of course back here is a Very very nice move after Queen to F4 Rook to E2 and what do you do that's a Brilliant move for my new scary this is Number one let's move to the second one Here we are with number two guys this is Anish giri versus his second if you Didn't know did it Gujarati of course uh Vid it is his second so when he's Preparing the D is actually preparing as Well like it's actually pretty cool to See this and sometimes some of you don't Even know that so that that's a really Cool information now of course what's Even cooler is what happened in this Game all right so uh last move from Black from the dead was Rook a to d a After Rook a to d a Anish goes with Queen F3 a very easy move to make now if We look at this the bishop is also uh Annoying here it's a very strong Bishop This actually came out of E4 E5 opening Shokopiano's Italian game-ish right so Queen goes to F3 we're threatening stuff Like Knight takes H6 or Bishop takes H6 The Knight is it's kind of weird where Do you move it um Black's already in Trouble by the way if Knight H7 I mean

There's even a knight H5 which is Extremely strong these Knights are Looking very very scary here but of Course nevertheless you have to make a Move and a video shows Knight takes D5 With the Tactical complications saying That if you take the Knight I obviously I'm going to take on E1 now of course You do have a queen G4 maybe you can Throw in there maybe do you sack on G7 The United takes H6 well what do you Actually do here in fact that's on you To do brilliant move honest Geary what Do you do Okay here's the move so in fact The movies Bishop takes H6 rip it off The board get the pawn off the board Bishop takes H6 not only did we connect The Rooks here because a moment ago They're disconnected so of course this Pin that's going on it actually works Right now but it is right to move after Bishop takes H6 now we defend the Rook So we can also take the Knight if you Take on H6 well start a new game GG this Is a family channel Queen G4 check and Then moving anywhere and queen G7 and Nating beautiful move okay so what do You actually do well what we did play it In the game which is G6 right so after The G6 move e takes D5 I take a piece You take a piece and now look at your King wide open finish it off here Knight H5 Bishop D4 right we don't want any

Knight F6 check Queen to F4 attacking The bishop here goes Bishop B2 and queen G5 wow ouch nice check there King H7 Bishop G7 with threats of this if you Take there's made on G7 I mean there's Knight F6 coming at some point so he Plays F6 6. Queen H6 check King G8 we Take on F6 I mean decisive threats Everywhere Bishop takes A1 and instead Of just taking back with anything I mean You just deliver a check and a Resignation on the spot after that ouch That was sweet very big stuff from a big Fella Heine scary it was very very Strong after you see the move uh Rick a To d8 Queen F3 Knight takes D5 Bishop Takes H6 and that ends the game that was Number two let's move on to number three Here we go with number three this is Anish Geary versus Salem AR Saleh he Peaked at 26.90 fee day very very strong Player obviously of course it's right to Move here pause the video if you need to Anish Gary on the Move what do you do Here we go well first let's take stock What's going on we have the two Rooks That are doubling on the G file you have Knight takes G6 maybe an eventual Sacrifice or Knight takes H5 you have E5 Queen C3 I mean you got so many things That you can do here and it's very very Scary for the black position with a weak King but move from Anish here after Bishop F7 was E5 open up the bishop Line

This is not a brilliant move this is Just a move you gotta play one of the Three moves from the engine Queen D4 and C3 were moves given by the engine as Well E5 was actually super strong though And it's very practical it just opens up The bishop get your most of your pieces All your pieces as many as you can into The attack so after E5 we're attacking The Rook we're also attacking G6 cool Perfect D take C5 because we kind of Have to do that after d takes E5 well What do you do next it's on you pause The video you know what we're gonna do Here but how where and with what piece White to move what do you do Here it is right okay let me easy move Knight takes G6 come on easy we know That's coming next right Knight takes G6 Bishop takes G6 right okay and it's on You this is the brilliant part this is The brilliant part hopefully you got Some brilliant moves today if not this Is gonna be your first time to get you a Brilliant move on it's right To move what did honest Geary play in This position right here Here it is are you ready for this it's Brilliant moves brilliant moves so Bishop takes G6 right raise your hand Yep you have wrong absolutely wrong put Your hand down okay Rook takes G6 right Gotta be Bro put your hand down you're wrong in

Fact here's the move Six oh my goodness just look at that for A second look at this move Queen H6 Fancy huh yeah what happened to all the Draw means right says Anish has he puts Queen H6 on the board Wow that's a scary movie Very Frightening you forget about all the Draw memes after you see a move like That Queen H6 check is absolutely Amazing well let's see what happens well King takes because he kind of has to Really I mean he could obviously go King F7 that's just gonna prolongate rotate G6 in such a beautiful move He's like yo bro I'm just gonna let you Take like hey man that's beautiful King Takes Rook takes G6 Rook takes G6 and You do the honors here Rook takes G6 and Mate absolutely brilliant of course Brain moves from honest Gary this was Number three let's move the number four Okay guys here we are with number four This is Anish giri versus Shaq Mimadiroff and white to move so right Now let's take stock Bishop takes F3 um It just happened and the Rooks are in Trouble but white has some serious Conversation as you see a seriously weak King you're thinking about sacrifices You I mean bring a rook over how do we Do this like it's something here right Has to be well of course you know what Time it is it's on you to figure this

One out why to move what did honest Geary play in this position Here it is so first move here is Starting with E5 and we live open up Shop we need another piece just like in The last one we saw right with the Pushing and using the bishop line and Sacking right so of course he's very Cool with this uh see his name knows He's done this before he's going to try It again E5 hitting the Knight of course If you do D takes E5 there's lots of Problems that can happen I mean you can Even go Bishop C4 check but Bishop takes G6 isn't our Our intention so we Probably should go this route but E5 Happens and Shaq goes for the piece cool I'm gonna take the Rook because I'm Getting rid of something makes logical Sense practical right I'm getting rid of One of the pieces that are that's Attacking the game like it's the king is Being attacked we're gonna get rid of This Rook it kind of limits the damage Okay after Bishop takes H1 well he just Took a whole Rook from us okay just Wanted to tell you that right you're Down material took a whole Rook that was A piece you were using for your attack What do you do now like to move Brilliant move by the way why it's a Move what do you do Here's the move here the move is in fact Bishop page G6 I don't care about none

Of that I don't care about none of that Says I'm just Geary as he sacks the Whole rook and now the bishop Bishop Takes G6 what a move Google Rose well uh The intention is after uh obviously Pawn Takes takes King h8 Rook takes H1 now we Take it back because it's made next move Beautiful absolutely beautiful okay so Shaq sees this he's like that was fancy Cool stuff whatever cool story bro Bishop back to F3 so he backs up he Moves the bishop back to F3 next move e Takes F6 eliminating what defends the Mate which is H7 gotta defend where and There's also made on G7 by the way too As well so two mates there now he Defends both of them with one move can You spot the next move here Why to move once again positive if you Need to Can you spot the next one Here's the next move the next move is Rook to G1 very simple move Quiet maybe not that quiet but quiet Enough there they let you know it's not Sacrificing or F7 it's just Rook to G1 Very nice move Bishop H7 being a threat Bishop check here like I mean there's All kind of threads Bishop H5 Rook G7 Right lots of threats black plays King H8 Right and with that in mind I gave you a Few moves to look at right some moves to Look at Do we take do we move the bishop do we

Move the Knight what do you do here of Course a few moves here left let's see If we can find this move too white to Move Here we go now engine games actually Best move is Bishop H5 plus 10. actually An issues is plus three that's a huge Difference but still completely winning Practical chances playing a human the Move here is Bishop to E4 now of course You could have played Bishop H5 you Could have played Bishop F5 all these Other moves this one actually threatens The bishop very strong and of course uh Now a bit engine one and Bishop H5 but a Bishop E4 still works and after Bishop Takes E4 instead of Rook to G7 which Actually loses to a nasty sequence Rook Takes F6 ouch oh my goodness if Queen Takes then Queen takes G7 GG start a new Game so we back it up instead of Rook G7 There's Queen to G7 which is much Stronger nasty check here and after uh Queen takes G7 F takes G7 and there was A resignation right here but I mean Reason being is after the king moves I Mean it's easy you just take the rook And you take the Knight and like you're Just completely winning I'm up a whole Piece here right and this is gonna be Very easy Um for for I need to convert so going Back here in fact from the beginning it Actually looked like this playing E5

First letting him take the Rook Sacrifice Bishop takes G6 brilliant Brilliant okay Bishop three Pawn takes F6 Queen defending Rook to G1 King out of the way to not being on that Line anymore Bishop to E4 very simple Move takes and then Queen G7 get all the Material back and go up a piece in the End this was very very beautiful that Was brilliant now let's move on to the Final Brilliance here we go with the Last brilliant move this is Hikaru Nakamura the man the myth the legend of Us chess champion many times right Streamer we all know this guy of course Half man half everything else and then You have Anish Yuri with the black Pieces playing this game brilliant moves He played it even against Hikaru let's See what happened in this one now of Course last move was Queen to H4 in this Position very very Dynamic stuff I mean Pawns on F3 this bishop could be Extremely strong feels like both Kings Have some weaknesses and whites might be A little bit safer weirdly enough but What do we do well okay on the shares Hey I gotta make a threat Knight G4 why Not say threaten mate let's see if Hikaru misses it So after Knight's G4 Rook to F1 he Defends F2 which is very smart of course We were expecting him to defend the mate And Rook F1 defends it nice move now

We're threatening uh something else he Goes Rook F6 so we can put the Rook on Eight six with some type of threats here And just be annoying it's also a very Nice Rook lift we do have Rook H5 in There but of course trades may actually Help black especially if we can blockade This Pawn but okay nevertheless after Rook F6 Bishop to C1 from a cargo here Bishop C1 allowing Queen takes D4 to Happen so he said I'm gonna defend it Tactically Queen takes D4 does happen in Fact and then tactically he defends and It says whatever Bishop E3 my Bishop's On a better diagonal now well I mean Maybe we can open up this is probably The best diagonal to be on because it's The king but for right now we just want To make sure your queen goes somewhere And also defend the Rook at the same Time so okay it's up to you now but uh Chat now you're playing Black here Anish Geary is playing ikaru what is the Brilliant move here can you find it Here we are Hikaru Nakamura is even half Of a human just half after Bishop E3 the Move here is in fact if you found a Great job to you here it is Oh my goodness What is he doing Whoa that is unreal this moves what is This it works in every line absolutely Stunning move to find that one right There Knight takes F2 is beautiful in

Fact it's brilliant Knight F2 brilliant move after Knight Takes F2 K is a few things that happens If Bishop takes F2 well this is actually What happened in the game but let's just Show obviously what happens on Rook Takes F2 if Rook takes F2 we do queen D1 And he's done right after Rook F1 Queen Takes Bishop G1 hitting with the matey Pool would it do there pretty nasty Stuff okay cool so what if I move the King come on now this is a family Channel Queen takes E3 right this is a Smothered make hot type stuff I mean There's everything here and and the Rooks hanging too by the way okay not no Good so Bishop F2 perfect show me what You got then since it's such a cool move Since it's so brilliant well what's the Follow-up black to move what do you do Here it is I think Geary finds the Follow-up minus 26 after this move right Here boom Queen takes F2 Queen sack for The win Queen SEC or the win my guy Beautiful right beautiful now let's try Uh of course uh if Rook takes Queen Obviously mate Rook G1 doesn't work Because Queen G1 believe it or not King Takes and we can go F2 and the check and Check Beard for me let's put it on the board Here check and then we're mating I mean Really everywhere like you're getting Walked up King E3 Queen E1 is actually

Made two so mates everywhere very strong Stuff so um after after Um after Bishop takes F2 well really it Kind of ended here Bishop takes have two Games over Queen takes F2 last move is Actually Queen H3 and that's it Resignation here but this is over right Game could continue Queen takes rook and Then this would have been done here but Coming back to where it started was Right here after Bishop to E3 nasty move Knight F2 Hikaru even missed that one But giri was able to find it so of Course Um this is brilliant I mean this is just A super cool stuff to see five three Moves from um Anish giri there yeah this Is beautiful Knight F2 and then Queen Takes and he's he's done four here Queen Takes Rook will happen afterwards and Obviously we're just gonna convert that So this was five brilliant from anise Geary hopefully you guys enjoyed it if You enjoyed this one make sure you check The videos right above me or to the side Guys we loved it and we love you and We'll see you on the next video


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