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Anish Giri: “Usually with Magnus either you get crushed or it gets close!”

Dutch chess no. 1 Anish Giri talks to Tania Sachdev after losing to Jan-Krzysztof Duda on Day 3 of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals. Replay the games:

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A tough day today against Dura tell us About the match Yeah it was uh difficult today for sure I made mistakes in every game The first one was a pity for sure I got Kind of ambitious at some point I felt Like he misplayed it a little bit I Could win a pawn but as soon as I won The pawn I realized that I'm stuck and I No longer saw how to Um how to pull the emergency brake Properly and I got worse there was kind Of strange because like I saw multiple Ways where I could play safe but I Thought like winning a pawn should be Good and then when he plays an item Before I realized my Knights are kind of Stuck and uh yeah it's kind of went very Quickly from me thinking I'm better to Be thinking I'm worse and I didn't Really notice like Um where exactly that moment happened And in the second game I got some Chances Maybe I was a little slow and uh in the End that told so I wasn't able to push And the last game I don't know like I Think this I was not really remembering My stuff very well but if I compare These variations to what I know I think I should have a decent version of these Complications But uh somehow it yeah it was very Difficult to play my king is very weak

And he's got a few pawns for a piece and The way I played it he's got the spawn Block it's over I should have um at Least given back the exchange and then I Don't like my position at all but uh I Should have done it because actually What I went for is very bad and I kind Of realized it's bad but I you know There's always the materialistic side in Me hoping that maybe you know something Will happen but I just had to trust them Yeah the gut All right but despite having this very Difficult uh these difficult games we Saw in game three there was this Beautiful finish that happened after F6 And both you and yantra stop Duda had a Smile on your face it felt like you were Also admiring the beauty despite it Being difficult for you yeah at that Point I saw multiple wins for him but I Didn't see this first one it was very Pretty I think it's a it's a very pretty Variation somehow the way I don't know the way the rule goes to E4 E7 I think it's very unusual and it's Kudos to him for finding it I mean I Thought for example just take on C8 and F6 something like that it was completely Winning but uh Yeah I appreciated his efforts of trying To find a beautiful Checkmate and I think rookie 5 is a movie that some People would struggle with if they're

Very new at just but after that I think Agad Mater will show them how it's done And uh tomorrow you're playing against Magnus Uh your thoughts on that Yeah it's going to be very very tough Um but I will definitely try my hardest Uh to give a good good fight because Usually with Magnus either you get Crushed or it gets close and uh yeah Let's hope tomorrow will do one of the Matches when it gets close we look Forward to it all the best get some rest Thank you


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