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Anish Giri: “Today was the day I found out what’s broken!”

Dutch Chess no. 1 Anish Giri talks to Tania Sachdev after losing 3:0 to World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen in Round 4 of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals. Replay the games:

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And you should tough match for you but It felt like you got good positions out Of the opening but then something went Wrong very soon what happened there Yeah I think today was a very important Day for me and uh I think You could tell it's a bad day but uh You know like let's say your car is Making a lot of noise and then You don't know what's going on you bring It to like different To different uh car dealers and you're Asking what's up and then finally you Bring it to dealer and then he tells you You know like an engine is broken And you think okay it's a bad day but It's not really the bad day yeah it's Maybe the good day because you finally Discovered what's the issue uh so then You're probably gonna fix the engine and Everything's gonna be fine so I think Today was the the day that I found out the Sports broken what is broken I mean Um Honestly I at some point I was thinking That maybe Magnus is uh because my Results were not so good against him my Result that maybe he's just Superior Player Um but today I realized there is Definitely more to it than uh than him

Being a superior player uh I think it Was useful for me and I hope I'm sure Next time I'll play better because I Think it's not possible to play worse It's very nice to see you take the Positives from this I want to ask you in That third last game it felt like you Got your chances out of the opening and Had a better position there was this one Moment where you can capture an E5 with The rook in the pawn and this is Something we were just talking about why Did you make the decision it was like it Was really funny so I was about to like Remove rookie five and then I thought to Myself like you know if I were a noob I Could consider taking with a pawn as Well But obviously any normal person takes Two on five bedroom immediately and then Somehow like generally like my whole Thinking process today like throughout The games it was just so messed up like It's I've never had that like normally I Think something during the games and Okay I miss certain things but today Like it was really like something Really special I have to say I mean it's Really remarkable it's like also uh I I Knew up front the moves I was making Were bad and it's it sounds like a weird Thing but it's It usually doesn't happen to me but it Really did also the in the other game I

Could play Knight C4 then I played King Of f8 and when I play King f8 I'm 100 Sure this is a very bad move But I don't know why I'm making it and The same with this I mean I I literally Paused thinking that a weaker player Than me would pause here to consider Different captures but a player like me Will take the Rook instantly and then I Take with the phone it's really like Next level I mean okay I went very deep With my thinking but it's just so messed Up uh like I I don't know like I'm going Like instead of making a move that comes To mind I'm going like meta and it's Really backfiring do you think it's Something to do with playing a player Like Magnus that has this effect Yeah of course it's Um it's something within me and not Within my opponent but um that said I'm Um yeah I think um I'm looking forward To my upcoming games yes so are we good Luck thanks Anish


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