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Anish Giri: “It’s true redemption for me!”

Dutch Chess no. 1 Anish Giri talks to Tania Sachdev after beating Wesley So in Armageddon in the final game of the 2022 Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. Replay the game:

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Congratulations on winning that Armageddon what a crazy day and a wild Game at the end uh how are you feeling After this no I like today I've Accomplished all of my goals uh first of All I didn't lose the match in three Games secondly I played one good game And third uh the goal that I couldn't Even have dreamed of is that I won the Match so I've accomplished everything Today it's the You know through Redemption for me today It really did uh it was just thrilling To watch but it's been a tough event for You Anish what do you think went wrong In this one the thing is that you know Some small things went wrong on my part There was nothing huge like I was Sleeping well I was eating well I Was Preparing well I was feeling all right Everything was good but I was slightly Off like very slightly but of course When You Face such opponents and they Are like bloodthirsty they they sense You know there is no weak opponent so if They see that you are in bad form they Are seeing you as an opportunity and That's how it works so um you know like I had a very bad streak for sure I lost Four matches and I think in three games All of them and the problem was I Started with the loss in first game that Was so difficult and that you know if at First you're not worried so if even the

First match against Prague came back but If it happens every single time it Starts at some point a bit frustrating So I was just the other stuff but I'm Really happy that it ended well I didn't Even expect that I'm finishing on a high Always feels good Anish so many fans Across the world what's coming up next For you after this Yeah Um you should check my Twitter and Instagram for updates but basically Um I'll probably maybe play that I will Drop it down Blitz although it's quite Hard to get to the um to The Venue which Is in Kazakhstan But I I think there should be our Flights available so I'll try to get There before that I play an online Tournament Chinese tournament and speech Championship is the first thing thank You Tanya for helping me out because uh Maybe Utah will also you tell everyone Uh what is my what are my plans and Ambitions and so on because I'm not able To focus right now well you don't have Much time because you start with a big One tomorrow it's solve the speeches Championship does start yeah I mean but It's not how it works so the tournament Starts there's not like everybody starts At the same time so my match is in a While um so I'll prepare really hard Because I'm gonna play any hustling and

He's that I believe he's maybe he for Sure is in top five Um in the world in blitz so it's going To be really really hard and I'll have To prepare extremely hard to make it not Embarrassing All right well apart from the chess have You enjoyed playing here in San Francisco Apart from the chest so you enjoyed Playing here in Samsung Cisco okay Because that's a bad question there's no Other games I played uh your time here In San Francisco how's it been the Experience yeah great Um a place is really really um Spectacular very beautiful views and Some people you know they ask me like This view that you are that they see is It real you know they can't they can't Believe it they think it's some kind of CGI or whatever but it's really The View And a beautiful place for sure and Um yeah I'm looking forward to to be Back here hopefully again definitely uh A city that loves chess yeah and Congratulations on finishing on a high And we look forward to seeing you back In Action Anish thank you


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