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Anish Giri: “I was of course very lucky!”

Dutch Chess no. 1 Anish Giri talks to Tania Sachdev after pulling off an incredibly comeback to beat Praggnanandhaa on Day 2 of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals in San Francisco. Replay the games:

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I need a smile on your face a tough Tough day can you take us through the Match No I mean I was of course very lucky Um I think I played a good third game But coming back from 2-0 is really hard And in the fourth game I was just lucky He had um Um I'm slightly worse in the end game And uh winning that is just impossible Without his enormous help I want to ask You what was your mindset after that Game too you're down by two match points Did you still have faith that you can Come back in this match I was not that Focused on the match situation Um I knew to be honest up front that Today Um I'm going to play risky stuff and I Could it could end badly but I thought Um the circumstances were good I played Uh well yesterday he played bad Yesterday so I thought if I'm ever going To go golf try and do something Different it's going to be today But it didn't work out but at the same Time I knew that well I had still an Idea to play with the white pieces so I Wanted to play a good game in game three I didn't think necessarily of coming Back all the way but I just wanted to Play a good game because what gives you Confidence is most mostly your games not Your results

You mentioned you wanted to play risky From from the very start was that part Of the plan playing against Prague yeah But of course it's backfired Um and the second game he Okay at some point I was defending Already and then in the end he found Some very dirty stuff this knight h8 uh Like I already thought it's already draw And then found 98 and then I have two Different checks with the Knight I Thought mine is miraculous but then I'm Missing age six and it was uh it was a Resource on his part we both um he even Had less time but okay his position was A risk-free and easier to play and Finally uh the fact that I had like I Don't know 30 seconds against 10 wasn't Of enough help with that game yeah it Was good on his part um the first game I Was first and third game but the third Game is normal to take risks Anish now We were talking a lot about the shift in Momentum you were down by two points and Then you made back-to-back wins coming Back taking it into tie breaks we feel That as an audience and commentators but What is that like for players do you Also feel that there is a shift in Momentum after getting these points I Don't think there is that uh if you look At the history of the event very often People after coming back lost anyway but I think what we can see time and again

Is that people play quite poorly in uh Mastro must not lose situations and even My last game I played very poorly but uh I think that's just it's really hard to Get that out of your system even Carlson Has some sometimes falling at this Hurdle it's just really difficult to Play with that mindset What would you say was the turning point In today's match I mean of course the fourth game uh I Was not going to win in terms of the Match but in terms of like I would have Been okay at that point uh even if I had Lost at least I played good game three I Was very happy with that all the way Um so okay I wouldn't be happy but I Would have something to to enjoy today But of course after he lost the fourth Game then I'm in business Too much wins both in Blitz you're Making a bit of a business out of that Well it's good to have just 24's Partners otherwise I wouldn't be it Wouldn't be a profitable business All right well congratulations once more Thank you


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