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Anish Giri: “I should stop strategizing and just play chess!”

Dutch Chess no. 1 Anish Giri talks to Kaja Snare after missing out on qualification to the quarterfinals of the Aimchess Rapid. Replay the games:

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Scary wow that was a dramatic finish Shanice how are you right now Yeah I played so many of these Tournaments by now I’ve experienced the Multiple ways of not qualifying that Exists Yeah today was another one Um I think maybe I was It’s hard of course I was kind of maybe Too much looking at the standings in the Last few rounds I should have probably been strategizing Less and just playing more Um but I don’t know I I think I should Have tried taken more risk with the White pieces maybe yesterday and today But I thought that uh I thought that the Way I play should be a more than Sufficient to qualify but the last round Yeah somehow things got out of control And although I think I had a good Position to various points but it was Never obvious and got out of hand and I Had too little time and in the end yeah Didn’t didn’t make it are you annoyed Then by by a quick draw against Richard Yesterday on that draw against the Narditski no with three shirts I was Black so that’s okay I didn’t expect him To do that either I think that was a Good thing uh with narodeski of course I Was regretting it already yesterday Because obviously I didn’t realize I was Better

Um but it’s yeah I think it should have Been anyway enough but somehow it wasn’t Hard to say Um I I think that maybe subconsciously I Was kind of playing it a bit um More safe because I missed out on these Qualifications a couple times already And I didn’t want to do it again this Time I wanted to Uh be smart about it and uh qualify sort Of by force but it’s always difficult Because if you try to strategize then Things can go out of hand and then like In the last round everything can go Against it so maybe I should have just Um Yeah just done what I usually do just Play all the games Um without looking back and then I would Have probably scored more points also With the way the system is the like if You win two games it’s like you made six Draws Yeah so basically I should have um Probably played more ambitiously with Both colors in the last like six rounds Now we are very used to seeing you go Through Anisha it’s been maybe a little Bit of an up and down 2022 for you how Will you summarize the year Yeah it’s far from overdue But so far Yeah I think last year was a little Better I think I had higher Peaks I

Think I’ve beaten um I’ve won the smartest imitation Tournament which was nice I think Kennedy’s was also last year I Think I was also playing there pretty Well at some point But this year I think I’ve had an okay Performance in the tour although the Year before was better for sure so Judging by those standards it wasn’t so Great I I think I missed out on a couple Of qualifications uh very narrowly Already in the season I think maybe Three times which is um not nice but I I’ve played the ability olympiads and um I mean it was okay I didn’t play too Much classical I’m hoping to play much More classical tournaments next year but In terms of online rapidly in terms of The tour uh yeah for sure it was better Last time but though last time I have to Say it was really exceptionally good for Me I managed to win this marvelous Invitational and I’ve been in the final Also a couple of events the suggestible Masters and so on so that was really Quite exceptional this is this year also The field got stronger I think we have More young players and even though maybe The average rating is not um Has not improved much the strength Definitely has because most of these Youngsters as you see they qualify while The Outsiders from the last uh last

Season didn’t qualify at all they were All at the bottoms so yeah I think the Tour became stronger and um if you look At the Players you’ve got let’s say Magnus you’ve got a player like duta You’ve got like uh for you I don’t know By the how they qualify these youngsters I just look at their games they always Look kind of messy and then somehow in The end they qualify by like Five Points March I don’t know how it happens but They always qualify yeah I think they Are much more used to Creating fights because they’re they’re In all these murky fights because They’ve played a lot of opens recently So they are like really good at um Handling this it’s a messy business and Then there have they score much more Wins and uh even though they score uh Some losses as well at the end of the Day they just um outperform Um Well me in particular well is it Something you can take inspiration then How these young stories are yeah for Sure for sure you have to learn but it’s Hard of course I’ve already compared to Last year my results have been with a Lot more wins and losses Um because I’m trying to I’m trying to um you know roll the dice A little more but it was hard like again This this time I was kind of looking at

The standing and it’s kind of hard to Understand the standing because I’m used To seeing the standings in the Traditional way And usually if you are up by a lot and There are a few rounds to go then you Can sort of just be solid and cruise Towards the end But here uh of course if somebody wins Two games in a row already they’re Completely back So maybe I should have just uh yeah I Should have not paid attention to the Standing perhaps although anyway you can Always get unlucky I I mean last time I Did some anastery losses and I thought I Will avoid that because last time I won Five but I think lost four so I thought Last time looking at the standing and What happened I thought that okay maybe I had overdone the I had overdone you Know the risk management maybe I should Uh still go back to my usual self and Play a bit more solid uh but this time I Missed out because I was too solid so it Started it’s hard to understand what Time should I should do I think I should Stop strategizing and just play chess Always a good idea and each we hope we Get to see you in the tour final as well Thank you for joining us thank you


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