Monday, October 2, 2023
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Anish Giri: “Enjoy is not the word!”

Dutch chess no. 1 Anish Giri talks to Tania Sachdev after beating Liem Le on Day 1 of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals in San Francisco. Replay the games:

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Congratulations Anish a strong showing In the tiebreak was it always part of The math strategy to take it to Blitz Yeah I had a strategy and I just kept Following it Was this the strategy yeah I just had a Strategy and I kept following it Five instead of Knight D6 was that Prepared during No it was forgotten old so first game Was 25 then was 96 that was 25 back if There was one more game I would have Played 96 but the caves ran out and we Had to play the um it was it just turned Just the event was over so the day was Over Tell me you've had tough challenges Against Them in the past he won this time Because the man on a mission today uh Got your revenge as you mentioned yeah When you said that they had a tough I Thought you're gonna say that touch House was like somehow I was ready to answer that question and About that no of course as I said some Point I realized I have bad score Against many of the players that I play It's just they're very strong so um Yeah I am happy that I want today Especially because my last two matches Against like one I think I lost two and A half half both of them didn't even Last four games so I was happy today and

Are you enjoying playing here in San Francisco Yeah I have to say um I was thinking About this a lot uh whether like I enjoy Playing chess And I would say that um enjoy is not the Word uh enjoy winning though so today I'm I've enjoyed And it looks like you've come here and You're in shape especially after seeing This tiebreak blitz Hard to say I mean I played well in the Cgc I feel and today is a good day I Think the quality of today's games were Very high but at the same time they were Not too the positions were not too Complicated let's say so it's not not That hard to play them well I mean I saw The games let's say of worst leg as Magnus there like it was much more Chaotic and then in such chaotic chess Of course people make much more mistakes Are you able to follow the Magnus Wesley Match while playing yours as well okay I Clicked through the other games usually Sometimes you don't want to miss Something you know maybe somebody played An interesting opening idea let's say And you don't want to be quota unaware If your opponent had looked at it all Things worked out we hope it continues For you and all the best for tomorrow Thank you very much


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