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Andrea Botez vs Dina Belenkaya || MOGUL Chessboxing

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Andrea Botez vs Dina Belenkaya
Mogul Chessboxing 2022.12.11
London System

1.d4 Nf6 2.Bf4 d6 3.e3 h6 4.Nf3 g5 5.Bg3 Bg7 6.Bd3 Nh5 7.Nbd2 Nc6 8.c3 e6 9.e4 Nf4 10.Bxf4 gxf4 11.Qe2 Bd7 12.a4 a5 13.Nc4 Qe7 14.Qd2 d5 15.Na3 dxe4 16.Bxe4 f5 17.Bc2 e5 18.d5 e4 19.O-O Ne5 20.Nd4 f3 21.g3 h5 22.Nab5 Bh6 23.Qd1 Qg5 24.Nxc7+ Kf7 25.Kh1 Qg4 26.d6 Qh3 27.Bb3+ Kg6 28.Rg1 Ng4 29.Nxf3 exf3 30.Bf7+ Kh7 31.Bg6+ Kxg6

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Hello everyone and welcome to the most Requested game or rather a chess match Or a chess boxing match from yesterday's Mogul chess boxing event that Ludwig Organized it was a spectacular event uh Uh so so well done uh with excellent Support for chess boards it was uh much Much better than I thought it could Possibly be done uh and with support for Multiple languages just a huge Congratulations to a lot because for Pulling off such a such an event and This is one of the gates that you guys Requested the most it is Andrea botes Versus Dina bellancaya uh one of the I Believe there were 10 matches and um Well it's chess boxing for those of you Who don't know the rules of Chess boxing First um uh you play chess there's a two Minutes of Chess and then there is 90 Seconds or a minute and a half of uh of Boxing then we return two minutes of Chess Um uh a minute and a half of boxing then Two minutes of just a minute and a half Of boxing so it's basically uh it's a Blitz game both players have five Minutes on the clock but soon as those Two minutes of Chess Are depleted then the the boxing starts And it's uh I I've seen some chess Boxing Um uh matches but not not in quite a While so uh I didn't know what to expect

From this and this was uh this was such A thriller if you guys have um if you Have the time to check out the original Video on loudly's channel uh you can Watch the entire stream but it's some Five and five hours or you can just Watch the separate matches I think he Uploaded them separately so you guys can Watch uh it's uh really really Impressive so this is one of the games I'm going to show you uh and here uh Just before we we check out the game Here we have Andrea being brought in in Into the ring by his her sister Alexandra it was a very very uh cheerful It was uh you know sort of they said it Was a very Canadian style and here we Have Dina going into the the ring uh Accompanied by some Faceless Men here it Was not as cheerful but also You know quite nice here you have the Stats between them you can see that They're of the same height the weight is Almost the same Dina has a bit of a bit Of a a longer reach although not not That important I I I I don't really Follow boxing so I don't know if one Inch is all that much of a difference But it definitely means something and uh Age Andrea's 20 and the Dina is uh 28. Uh so uh that's uh that's uh basically It ended this is uh uh this is the setup Of basically first uh you you have the Chest and then after they finish the

Chest they go into the boxing you can See that they have headphones I don't Know if they are noise canceling Headphones or maybe I doubt that they Are receiving any information from their Coaches that would be just weird so I'm Pretty sure they're just uh noise Canceling headphones and it's Interesting that uh first move as you Can see that Andrea played with Pawn to D4 and here Dina already paused a little Bit because she knows that as two of Them have played before uh Dina is a Much stronger player I I believe she Said that she's some 500 rating points Higher rated uh but she knew that Andrea Was going to go for the London system Which uh it's hard to exploit with black At uh just beat her really quickly but Okay Dina knows that she is a stronger Chess player and she has been training For for the boxing event as well but as She said she was only invited like less Than a month before the actual event so There wasn't all that much time to Prepare uh where Andrea has been in Into Fitness her entire life as she also Stated so it's uh you know uh uh dean of Course will try to finish it off in the Uh in the in the chess section and Andrea will have the hope for a knockout Or or maybe just a stoppage of the fight In the in the boxing section so let's Check it out it's quite uh quite an

Interesting game Andrea with the white Pieces opens with the D4 as you've seen Knight to F6 we have Bishop to F4 going For the London system setup D6 and now E3 the London system is here and now There are many moves black can play here But here we have Pawn to H6 it's a move That hasn't been played before so Already as of move three we have a Completely new game and it's something That Dean obviously wants to take Advantage of she doesn't want the Android to have a solid position in Chess where she just does nothing and Waits to win in boxing she wants to uh Create Madness on the board and Checkmate her as soon as possible so Okay Knight to F3 uh Pawn to G5 already Bishop to G3 with Bishop to G7 and now Bishop to D3 and Knight the H5 sort of a Uh not the way you would usually play Because it moves the same piece you Already played with in the opening but It creates uh positions that Andrea Probably never had on the board before Knight beta D2 and now Knight to C6 with Ponto C3 this is again just a normal a London system setup Ponte E6 and pawn to E4 now very nicely played grabbing the Full Center uh Knight to F4 now and this Knight is now a menace here threatening To pick up the bishop on D3 and uh Although you don't want to capture this It's definitely better than leaving the

Knight on F4 so Bishop captures an F4 G Captures and here Queen to E2 nicely Developing the Queen Bishop to D7 and Here comes Ponte A4 and here there were Six seconds left in the chest section Before they turned to boxing uh we have Pawn to A5 and now Knight the C4 and Here Queen to E7 and this is the first 30 moves of the chest section and now They went into 90 minutes of boxing so As they they said the headphones come uh Come off the gloves come on and um uh The the the the the the boxing match Started so if you guys want like I Really suggested do watch it on a lot of His channel as I I don't really watch Boxing I watch some MMA but um I can't Really comment on the boxing but to me It seemed like uh Dina was uh mostly uh Mostly waiting and uh looking for that Opportunity to throw like a big punch Whereas Andrea was just poking around All the time she was like like a like Like a stinger like a bee stinger she Was like just poking her and then uh When she got tired of receiving those Pokes then she opened up for for a big Hit from from Andrea that's how that's How I saw it ended the first win was Definitely going to the the first uh Round of boxing uh definitely went to Andrea uh she uh put in a lot more Energy like she was jumping around all The time it was uh it was uh well it was

Obvious the cheat uh she had a lot more Stamina but okay then the the boxing Event uh or rather the the first round Of boxing ended and then they returned To the chess and here uh Andrea Andrea's Position is objectively better she could Uh Castle here if she could go upon to E5 but she goes Queen to D2 she just Puts pressure on this F4 Pawn which Isn't all that impressive as uh well uh Black wants to attack on the king side It doesn't really make sense to allow Black to open up a more more past the Path path towards the white king um uh Unnecessarily so here Ponte D5 Knight to A3 and now D captures on e4 with Bishop Captures on e4 and now Ponte F5 Attacking the bishop Bishop to C2 and Now just Pawn to E5 this is how uh the Pawn is defended but uh this is an Attacking move uh so the pawn can be Captured the white king is still in the Center of the board so you should Definitely Castle here and you will be Fine but here we have Pawn to D5 by Andrea and now Pawn to E4 uh saying that If you capture on C6 it's gonna be uh Big trouble because if d c captures on C6 then he captures an F3 opens up a Discover to check King to F1 now F Characters on G2 with check King Captures Bishop captures and C6 with Check and after a move like F2 3 which Already you don't want to see on the

Board Rook to d8 attacking the White Queen and now after Queen captures an F4 Finally grabbing that Ponder's Bishop to E5 and that's just uh that's just the End of the game for the white King The Rook can come to D2 the queen can come To H4 Rook can come to G8 uh there's Just no hiding so instead after E4 Andrea just castles and here uh we have A knight to E5 and Dina played this uh Incredibly quickly uh some of the Commentators thought that she probably Should have captured the Knight but that Would be a mistake because if he Captures an F3 then Andrea is completely Winning D Caprice and C6 Bishop captures And now Rook F to E1 of course you don't Lose the queen you can block with either A bishop but let's say a bishop T4 then Bishop captures F captures uh and now Queen captures an F4 threatening Rook Captures here so finally Queen side Castles and now Rook captures on e4 will Either both of the pawns immediately or After a few moves for example Queen F6 You're going to trade Queens captures Captures G3 and now white is up a pawn But you're gonna win the other Pawn as Well and then being off two pawns it's Gonna be completely winning for Andrea But okay after Castle's Knight to the E5 This is the absolute strongest move for Dina and uh it's not easy to defend now With white knight the D4 of course not

Allowing any in any unnecessary trades And now Pawn to F3 and here uh Andrea Probably knows that capturing is is a Must because if you play G3 then you Just open up I mean uh too much space Here it's very easy to checkmated the White king also the Knight can come to G4 you can put pressure on the H2 Pawn But I think uh she wanted to survive as As long as possible uh to get a chance At another boxing round and here if you Play G3 there was five more seconds Until boxing Ponte H5 uh and now we have Knight 8 to B5 going after the C7 Pawn This is move 22 and here another Stoppage of the of the chest and again The gloves come on uh so so boxing Boxing starts and Andrea has much less Time on the clock in chess she has two Minutes on the clock Dina has uh more Than four minutes on on the clock and uh Andrea should really look at the Finisher the uh the match during the Boxing round because if this continues She will probably get the checkmated and It was uh it was uh it was a it was a Pretty much the repetition of round one Of the boxing uh Andrea again went all Out with her uh Stinger punches and she Even Um uh got the referee to intervene uh The referee started counting if Dina Could continue the fight uh he got like The maybe six or seven seconds and then

Dina said she could continue and she Basically survived the the chess section Of the of the fight and then the third Part of the of the chess match continued Uh and here you could just easily castle And protect the C7 Pawn but Dina just Played the story after Knight a to B5 uh Dina played Bishop to H6 going after the White Queen here Queen to D1 and now Queen to G5 now that you can play Queen To G5 as the wife Queen was guarding That but now getting rid of the queen Now Checkmate is coming queen G4 Queen H3 and then either Checkmate or if you Stop that Knight to G4 followed by Queen Captures an H2 Checkmate uh the the Problem for for Dina is that um uh There's uh two minutes of Chess and Andrea has like two minutes and six Seconds on the clock so if if Andrea Wants she can just let the entire time Uh run out on on her chest clock uh uh On on the chest section clock and she Will still have six seconds left on the Clock to go for one more round of boxing Before uh she she succumbs to Checkmate So here at Knight captures and C7 check Was played and now King to F7 you have To be very careful here if Dina goes King to fade then just Knight the E6 Check will win the black queen it Captures captures again you lose the Black queen so after Knight captures on C7 King the F7 was played again the the

Strongest move the only good move for Black and now King the H1 Andrea knows That once the queen comes to H3 you have To put the Rook on G1 to stop Checkmate But again the Knight is coming to G4 and Both checkmates uh uh who will be [Applause] Um uh available to Black so here Queen To G4 and now Pawn to D6 and here okay White is making some progress but it's Actually a forced Checkmate in eight for Dina and he goes she goes for Queen to H3 we have Bishop to B3 with check King To G6 and now Rook to G1 stopping Checkmate Knight the G4 and now comes Knight E captures on F3 as now uh trying To give back some pieces and here you Can see just how shook the players were Uh Dina actually has a mate in one Knight captures on F2 is Checkmate in One but she went for the automatic Capture with Knight captures on F3 she Played e captures on F3 and now Bishop To F7 check Andrea just playing moves uh And not allowing herself to get Checkmated to survive to one more round Of boxing here King the H7 by Dina now Whatever Andrea does it's checkmating Too but this is where the time of of the Chest ran out and now again she has 90 Seconds Um a minute and a half of boxing to Knock out the Dina in order to win the Match and it was it was quite brutal the

The the the those 90 seconds were so Brutal like the the first two rounds uh Andrea went all out with her Stinger Punches and now in round three she Continued with the Stinger punches Throwing out so much energy Dina was Just uh she was basically running around The ring avoiding those those punches And the referee had to intervene twice And I think uh Dina knew this because if The referee interwe interweens uh three Times then the match is over but she Allowed the referee to intervene uh two Times and every time she waited for him To count to those eight seconds uh you Can't reach tend to see if she was all Right to continue the match and I think She was maybe doing that on purpose to Win more time just to survive uh the Boxing part and then to get back to Chess because she she knows she has Checkmate in too and she was able to Survive it there was no third stoppage And uh even though she was really Getting knocked around uh she managed to Survive the the the the boxing part and Return to the board here once they Continued the the chess Andrea played Bishop to G6 check D not captured then G6 and he was in this position uh Unmoved 31 that Andrea both has resigned In the game as there is nothing more to Be done here uh whatever you do it's Checkmate in one Queen captures on H2

Will be Checkmate and there is no way Uh to solve this even if you try Something like Rook here again Queen to G2 will be Checkmate so it was a really Really an incredible fight Um uh uh here uh I mean uh like I said Dina knew that she was the stronger Chess player being 500 rating points Higher rated but she thought that this Was a good opportunity for her to get uh Into the best shape of her life and try To try to do something in the boxing Section uh but she was unable to do that Like if the if uh if the referee did not Stop the fights as as much as he did it Would be I mean it would be a massacre But that's why this is not chess this is Not boxing this is chess boxing and you Have to uh utilize both of those in Order to emerge Victorious which Andrea Also did actually didn't allow herself To get checkmated she just waited for The time to run out in order to continue Boxing where she is better and that's Pretty much what Dina did basically what The Dina did she was playing chess During both chess and boxing and in the End emerged emerged Victorious and Andrea was not happy with this she after The match the uh the the commentator Asked her to give a give a comment on The match and everything and she said That she thought this was a chess match And that it felt more like playing

Um uh hide and seek but yeah it's uh All In All I Do I Do suggest you watching a Ludwig's Channel really uh definitely I Haven't seen all the fights yet I will Check him out but this does appear to be The the the the fight of the of the Entire event uh so yeah that's the game And the match hope you guys enjoyed that Sorry about the poor commentary unboxing As I'm not uh really an expert or you Know I'm not I'm nothing when it comes To boxing so I can't really offer any Insight on that but do check it out you You will you will enjoy it uh so yeah Once again really hope you enjoyed this I would like to thank Lucia basic Croatia Nikola pokrovsky dervin the Hagler and PG master for a contribution To my channel thank you a lot I really Appreciate it as usual you can check to My previous videos here and thank you For watching and I will see you soon Continuing uh to check up on your Wonderful suggestions and whatever else Happens in the Chess World so thank you All I will see you soon and have an Excellent rest of your day


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