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Anand’s Perfect Game

Kasparov vs Fritz 2003 here!!!

Photos by Lenart Ootes
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Etienne Bacrot vs Viswanathan Anand
Corsica Masters Rapid (2001) (rapid), Bastia FRA, rd 1, Oct-29
Nimzo-Indian Defense: Romanishin Variation. English Hybrid (E20)

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Bb4 4. Nf3 c5 5. g3 cd4 6. Nd4 O-O 7. Bg2 d5 8. cd5 Nd5 9. Qb3 Nc6 10. Nc6 bc6 11. O-O Qa5 12. Bd2 Bc3 13. bc3 Ba6 14. Rfd1 Qc5 15. e4 Nb6 16. Be3 Qh5 17. Rd6 Nc4 18. Rc6 Ne3 19. Ra6 Rab8 20. Qa4 Rb2 21. Re1 Qe2

00:00 Hello Everyone!
02:50 Game Starts!
06:08 Completely New Game!
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08:30 It was in This Position
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The Tata Steel Chess India Rapid tournament is a 10-player round-robin taking place from 29 November to 1 December 2022 in the National Library of India in Kolkata.

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Hello everyone and welcome to a very Nice game that was played in 2001 it was The uh Corsica Masters rapid tournament Uh and it's a game between Etienne bakra Versus vishana tan Anand it's a game From round one of the tournament it was Played in bastia France and it's hard to Say how much of this uh game is is all Preparation and how much of it was found Over the board because all of the moves In the game were kind of played before Like first 16 moves of the game are Known Theory and are still being played Today even though this is uh it's not The pre-engineera it's sort of the the Middle engine era because even though uh Some players didn't even consider Engines all that impressive back in 2001 Some have used them to Great extent and Vladimir kramnik for example used them Uh much earlier than others and it's Hard to say how early he started Employing um ideas that were maybe based On an engine moves and uh I don't know Maybe he even used the you used some of Those ideas in His World Chess Championship match against uh America Sparrow in 2000 in the year 2000 but They were not considered unbeatable back Then the engines for example there is The famous game kasparo versus deep Fritz from 2003 uh where Kasparov Creates a spectacular positional Masterpiece against an engine and even

Though you could not really accomplish That many times it was still possible to Do that if you if you haven't seen that Game uh for some reason I will put a Link to it will be the first link in the Description so it's an older video but The game is still pretty nice so also if You guys maybe think I should redo it I I could redo that video it's also pretty Short some eight minutes uh but yeah so It's it's very hard for me to say uh how Much of it is engine preparation how Much of it is uh known Theory uh without Engine how much of it was found over the Board but what we can say for certain is That after a certain move in the game All of the other moves that were made Over the board and uh I even watched an Interview I I think Judith Polgar said That even in 2002 she didn't really Consider the engines all that impressive Like she knew that some of her opponents Were using engines but when she played Uh some of her attacking moves they just Didn't know how to how to handle that Even though they had a prepared engine Lines for the openings so it's hard to Say but around 2005 uh already you could Say that You couldn't play against an engine like Even Michael Adams had a had a six game Match against an engine and he was a top 10 10 player back then and he only Achieved half a point out of six games

So it was five and a half uh at the half In the engine's favor uh but okay let's Dive into the game it comes as a Suggestion from piyush John so thank you For suggesting such a nice game and it's A rapid game uh so at the end uh has the White pieces and he opens with the D4 we Have Knight to F6 C4 E6 Knight to C3 and Of course everyone's favorite the names Of Indian defense with Bishop to B4 Knight to F3 C5 so the three Knights Variation uh pretty much what you would Uh see today G3 now this is the So-called Romanian casparov system C Captures on D4 Knight captures and here On under just castles Bishop to G2 and The D5 now striking in the center we Have C cappers Knight captures and now Queen to B3 uh Knight to C6 and now Knight captures in C6 B captors and here At the end Castle so this is nothing new This is all still Theory exactly as it's Pretty much being played today and now Queen to A5 uh putting pressure on the Knight here on C3 and getting the queen Away from the from the D file also if Needed you will be able to transfer the Queen quickly over to the king side uh Bishop to D2 and now Bishop captures on C3 again uh nothing new even in in 2010 Uh one beat captures in C3 and now Bishop to A6 putting pressure on the E2 Pawn but now Rook after D1 again it's a Rapid game and the disc was a known move

Back then uh because if you capture now On E2 then uh C4 opens up an Attack Under the queen and on the Knight here And even if Bishop captures on D1 grabs The rook and attacks the White Queen Queen captures on D1 still the queen is Hanging you have to move the queen queen A3 C capture C captures and you would Get something like this where white Would have two Bishops for a rook white Would be much better here so instead I Have to Rook after the one Queen to C5 Was played and now Pawn to E4 attacking The Knight and now Knight the B6 uh Bishop to C4 is considered strongest Today but this is where our good friends The engines finally uh come into the the Story so here Knight the B6 uh Bishop to E3 attacks the queen and now Queen to H5 Uh and here uh you should go for Bishop Captures and B6 and that's pretty much It Bishop cat for say captors Queen main Characters we would see something like Bishop to B5 uh White is up a pawn uh And uh you know the the game contains White should be a little bit better but Nothing spectacular uh but here Rook to D6 was played going after the C6 pawn And this is not a good move and Anand uh Takes advantage of it he plays Knight to C4 uh the idea of course is that he just Wants to go after the bishop mess up White spawn structure and then uh Checkmated the uh the the white king and

If you capture here with real captures On C6 then you even run into a nice Fork Nice day five attacks the queen and the Rook so you can't uh grab the pawn right Away and what you should do here it's Very hard to actually make a move but uh Probably go back Queen to D1 it was also A known move uh and if he got something Like Rook to D3 it's not gonna be much Easier Knights the five again attacks The rook and once you move the Rook Knight G4 now now threatens Queen Captures and H2 threatens the bishop on E3 and after you kick it away just Captures captures on E3 and you've Completely ruined a white skin side it Will be a very easy game for black so Instead after Knight to the C4 we Mentioned that Queen to D1 is is Probably what you should do but Rook Captures on C6 is what Etienne played And this uh kind of loses the game on The spot and of course it is now only as Of move 18 that this position has never Been reached again and for good reasons Here Anand played Knight captures on E3 As you might have imagined and now you Should react to this by just accepting Okay uh your Pawn structure is all Messed up you're gonna play locate the B8 attack the queen queen back to D1 and Now it's a bishop T2 further harasses The queen black is better here but white Can fight however after this uh Rook

Captures an A6 move uh something Completely different happened Knight wasn't captured on E3 instead it Didn't play the real captures on A6 and Now Anand is completely win winning but You have to find the very precise line That aren't played so feel free to pause The video here and win the game for Anand while I give you a couple of Seconds So for those of you who are able to do It congratulations on solving uh this Beautiful uh well creation dare I say it And for those of you who just want to Enjoy the show it is Rook 8 to B8 uh Such a such a weird move to play in a Situation like this when your knight is Hanging but uh White first must react as The Queen Is Now attacked even though The engines is uh this is so bad for White you should just uh let black have The queen you should capture the Knight And then capture The Rook once Rook Captures Queen but okay we're not gonna Play that you have to move the queen and The problem is Knight covers D1 and C2 So you can play Queen to A4 or queen to A3 A3 is really bad because Knight C2 Just wins a lot of material here so Queen to A4 was played and now again not Reacting to the Knight being attacked on E3 Anand goes for this beautiful Rook Lift to Rook the B2 and now it becomes Apparent what Anand had in mind if F

Captures an E3 Queen E2 and you cannot Prevent Checkmate either Queen captures And G2 will be Checkmate or f2h storage To have to depending on what white plays So instead after Rook to B2 Rook the E1 Was played now threatening to pick up The Knight with the Rook but even this Doesn't help ATN all that much because Now Anand just plays Queen to E2 so he Doesn't just leave the Knight on three He also offers a full Queen and it was In this position on move 21 that Etienne Bakra resigned to the game as there is Nothing more to be done here the problem Is if you capture the queen it's a very Nice Rook to B1 check and now after Bishop blocks just Rook captures on F1 Will be Checkmate as the Knight covers The G2 Square so instead after Queen T2 You could also consider Rook to F1 the Guard the F2 Pawn but then just Knight Captures an F1 and again F2 is hanging G2 will be hanging H2 will be hanging And even if you try to defend Queen D4 Look at this Knight back to E3 Absolutely beautiful now threatening Check plus Checkmate uh if the pawn Captures then its own a matter of of a Nice uh Queen characters and G2 Checkmate and if the queen captures Again Rook B1 is sufficient to deliver Checkmate just Queen captures and F1 and That's all there is to it so yeah Queen T2 uh at the end resigns in the

Spectacular victory for vishwanathan Anand who takes down Etienne in only 21 Move uh and uh that's pretty pretty Brilliant with the black pieces like I Said it's hard to say how much of this Was uh prepared how much of it was found Over the board but what we can Definitely say is that after this uh Rook captures an A6 movie it's it would Be very very hard to imagine that you Have a rook 8 to B8 followed by Rook B2 Prepared at home so very nicely done by Anand and also if you guys are Interested Anand also won this Tournament quite spectacularly uh this Is these are the final standings so uh Anand won the tournament two full points Ahead of Alexander chernan six and a Half points as you can see you can see Joe Lottery with four points in third Diva again with three and a half of Peter Peter leko with three points I Mean any tournament that you win uh with More than twice points than Peter leko Uh that is just unimaginable uh I mean Okay uh It's unimaginable it doesn't matter uh What kind of a tournament it is uh so Yeah that's the game and and the Standings had a little bit of uh yeah You know me talking about the engines uh Uh before the actual game so hope you Enjoyed that as well I would like to Thank the animated chemistry textbook

KGB sellers antibody consultants For a contribution to my channel thank You a lot I really appreciate it as Usual you can check to all my previous Videos here and thank you for watching And I will see you soon continuing to Check up on your wonderful suggestions Such as this one and whatever else Happens in the Chess World ah thank you All I will see you soon and have an Excellent rest of your day


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