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An Instructive Game From The Magnus Academy

Sahithi Varshini M vs Machteld van Foreest
Magnus Academy Challenge 2022 (blitz), INT, rd 12, Oct-09
Sicilian Defense: French Variation. Westerinen Attack (B40) · 1-0
1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 e6 3. b3 b6 4. d4 cd4 5. Nd4 Bb7 6. Bd3 Nc6 7. Nc6 Bc6 8. Bb2 d5 9. Nd2 Nf6 10. e5 Nd7 11. O-O Qc7 12. Nf3 Nc5 13. a4 Nd3 14. Qd3 Be7 15. Ba3 O-O 16. Be7 Qe7 17. Nd4 Rac8 18. f4 Bb7 19. f5 ef5 20. Nf5 Qc5 21. Kh1 d4 22. Qg3 g6 23. Qg5 Qc2 24. Ne7 Kg7 25. Qf6 Kh6 26. Nf5

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Hi this is mato welcome to my online Chess lecture In this video I will show you a game Between the second division and Merchant One Forest this is a game from the Magnus Academy challenge 2022 and this is a Blitz game machine Headlight pieces and he started with E4 For his played C5 the Sicilian Defense Knight to F3 E6 white to move D4 is the most played move Vashini played B3 B6 D4 C takes on D4 a bishop to B7 then D5 After he takes on D5 he takes on D5 Knight to F6 C4 and black lights can Bishop is out or business back to our Game c takes on D4 was played the Knight Takes on D4 Bishop to B7 Bishop to D3 Knight to C Six Knight takes Knight Bishop takes Knight We should be too D5 Knight to F6 is the most plane move D5 was played Knight to D2 Knight to F6 And now E5 attacking the Knight and Gaining the space on the board it's Something you do against the French Defense into advanced variation Knight to D7 castling Going to C7 Knight to F3 Knight to C5 attacking the good Bishop Should white Play Bishop to E2

Machini played A4 allowing black to take The good Bishop Knight takes on D3 Queen takes on D3 Bishop to E7 who is better the material Is equal What is the space Advantage but black Has a bishop pair it is about equal but It feels that white is slightly better Way to move Bishop to A3 Castling Bishop takes Bishop Queen takes Bishop The material is equal white has an item Break as a bishop but black Bishop is by Definition a bad Bishop So white is slightly better do you agree Now three four attacking the bad Bishop Group from a to C8 saying take my baby Shop F4 it is now clear that white has more Fun in this game Bishop to B7 F5 don't Take spawn on F5 Knight takes on F5 Setting up a little trap Play with the black piece is gonna fall Into the Trap he played Queen to C5 Check what was the threat the queen Takes on E5 then Rook from a to E1 and After Queen to C3 Knight to E7 check Winning the X change Back to our game So we have a queen to C5 check King to H one D4 unleashing the light skin Bishop Black is also threatening Queen takes on

C2 how would you defend the pawn on C2 What would you do in this position if You had white pieces please pause and Find Smooth for white did you pause what did You find This is how player with the white pieces Defended upon j6 obviously Queen takes On C2 Has a tiny downside So G6 was split how would you continue Now Where shiny played the queen to J5 Queen takes C2 Knight to E7 check The G7 Should white take the Rook or maybe There is a better move what to do though For cineplayed Queen to F6 check it is Better to give Checkmate than to win Material unless you want to touch a your Opponent Into H6 white Play the movie and black Liza and then the movies Knight to F5 check probably the black Pieces resigned in view of Discontinuation King to H5 going to H4 check Mate In this game the Knight was definitely a Better piece than the bishop what do you Think of this game And that is all I hope that you enjoyed watching this

Video I wish you would like me to your Test then bye for now


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