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An Illusion Of Control Of The Centre | Guerrilla Chess Strategy | Van Geet vs Versnel : NED 1950

Dirk Daniel van Geet vs Wim Versnel
Youth Tournament 1950, NED
Van Geet (Dunst) Opening: General (A00) · 1-0
1. Nc3 c5 2. Nf3 d5 3. a3 d4 4. Ne4 e5 5. e3 f5 6. Ng3 e4 7. Ne5 Bd6 8. Bb5 Nd7 9. Qh5 g6 10. Ng6 Ngf6 11. Nf5 Nh5 12. Nd6#

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Hi this is mato welcome to my online Chess lecture In this video I will show you a game Between the Dirk one gate and Vim verse Now this very beautiful chess game was Played another NC 1950 one gate has White pieces and he started with Knight To C3 some people call it the dance Stopping and some call it one gate Opening C5 inviting the Sicilian Nightwear 3 D5 why tomorrow A3 daring black to push The pawn and this is what happened D4 Chasing the Knight Knight to E4 E5 E3 F5 this looks like a legend defense Reversed doesn't it Knight to G3 E4 who controls the center Now What do you think Why tomorrow should white play Knight to G1 or Knight to E5 One git played Knight to E5 Bishop to D6 Sometimes the White Knight sitting on A5 Is a monster Knight How about this Knight Is this a monster right or a dead Knight Why to move how would you continue now One get played Bishop to B5 check Knight to D7 white to move how would you Continue now did you find this lovely Check Queen to H5 check

G6 blocking and attacking the queen What is the best Square for the queen What would you do one gate played Knight Takes G6 Back to F6 if H takes on G6 then Queen Does not take the Rook but the pawn will Check If the King goes to f8 then Queen takes Bishop and let's go back How about saving the bishop is this a Good idea The Knight takes on a five check And after King to f8 Queen to j7 check King to E8 Knight takes bishop checkmate back to Our game In this position we inverse the played Knight to F6 Attacking the queen And white must move the green now Maybe What to do though One gate played Knight take spawn on F5 Is this blunder or a brilliant sacrifice Let's see They take screen Wait more and to check mate in one Knight takes bishop checkmate wow Absolutely amazing attack isn't it what Do you think of this game And that is all I hope that you enjoyed watching this

Video I wish you would like me to your Test then bye for now


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