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An Absolutely Amazing Tactical Game From The Aimchess Champions | Rapport vs Mamedyarov: 2022

Richard Rapport vs Shakhriyar Mamedyarov
Aimchess Meltwater Champions 2022 (rapid), INT, rd 7, Oct-15
King’s Knight Opening: Konstantinopolsky Opening (C44) · 0-1.
1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. g3 Nf6 4. d3 d5 5. ed5 Qd5 6. Bg2 e4 7. Nc3 Bb4 8. Ng5 Bg4 9. Qd2 Bc3 10. bc3 O-O-O 11. O-O Ne5 12. c4 Qd4 13. Rb1 h6 14. Qb4 hg5 15. Qb7 Kd7 16. Bb2 Rh2

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Hi this is mato welcome to my online Chess lecture In this video I will show you a game Between Richard report and shakirier Mamajarov this is a game from the aim Chess meltwater Champions tournament 2022 reported white pieces and he Started with E4 mamajaro played E5 Knight to F3 Knight to C6 white to move G3 Going for a surprise in the opening Knight to F6 D3 this looks like a king’s Indian Attack structure but you can call it the Inverted Fielder game D5 E takes on D5 Queen takes on D5 Bishop to G2 Bishop to G4 is the most plane move in This position Mama gero played E4 and This looks like a risky play by mamajaro Doesn’t it like to see three Bishop to B4 pinning the Knight G5 Bishop to G4 is that a sharp game or is That a sharp game Quaint D2 Bishop takes on C3 Pawn takes Bishop Mamajaro Castle Queen side and the Report Castle King’s side black to move Perhaps some players would consider Moving the queen to a safe spot Something like going to D7 comes to mind

Played a knight to E5 The 90s perhaps on the way to a juicy F3 Square maybe who knows Why tomorrow This is the critical moment of the game Perhaps Queen to E3 should have been Considered C4 was split let’s take it back If Queen to E3 one line goes like this Knight to F3 check Bishop takes Knight Bishop takes bishop and then C4 This seems like a good line for white Back to our game Report paid C4 and that allowed the Blackwind to go to D4 Report was not very worried about this Move he played out to be one H6 attacking the Knight but now instead Of moving the Knight Queen to B4 Threatening to take on B7 How should black defend what would you Do if you had black pieces Instead of Defending or playing B6 Page takes on G5 let’s play let’s take It back in B6 then Bishop to B2 And white stands better back to our game H takes a G5 Queen takes on V7 check Into D7 Bishop to B2 Attacking the queen this is now the most Critical moment of the game it is black To move please pause and find the best Move for black

Did you pause What did you find I will show you Quite a logical move that black can play In this position Queen to D6 and after Queen to B if I check the Black Ink can Hide only six But after Rook from F to E1 Things are very complicated Back to our game So Queen to D6 is not a bad move But majero played an absolutely amazing Move in this position Please pause and find the best move for Black Did you pause What did you find Did you find this amazing killer more Rook Takes porn Kaboom Believe it or not in this position Richard report player with the white Pieces resigned Let’s see why if Bishop takes Queen what Happens then The Rook takes on G2 check Forcing the white king to take the rook And then check the bishop King goes to G1 And then Rook to h8 is deadly white can Tie something like Queen to B5 check After C6 screen to B7 check into E6 and Black means let’s go back How about then taking the Rook

Then Rook to h8 check after King to G1 Knight to F3 check Bishop takes Knight Bishop takes bishop and again if you Check the black king can go to E6 but The king can go also to C8 and then the Best move for white in this position is To resign that was an amazing tactical Game wasn’t it what do you think of this Game And that is all I hope that you enjoyed watching this Video I wish you would like me to your Tests and bye for now


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