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ACO Best Game Prize | Gerlach vs Rewerts | ACO Crete 2022

Chess Grandmaster Daniel King examines the game Gerlach vs Rewerts, ACO Crete 2022. Support on Patreon: 🔥
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Foreign I'd like to show you my choice for the Best game prize played in the ACO event In Crete at the beginning of October Before we take a look at the game I want To let you know about the ACO events Taking place on the Greek island of Koss In May in 2023 so the ACO that's the Amateur chess organization So first of all there's the world super Senior Championship that's for those age 65 or over and following that there's The ACO World amateur Chess Championship And I'll be attending that one these Events combine chess with a holiday a Vacation They're in a beautiful five-star hotel I Mean it really is an absolutely stunning Location by the Sea there's a really Friendly atmosphere apart from the Tournament itself there are lots of side Events like Blitz tournaments uh simmel There's an Excursion on the free day There's game analysis and seminars from Grand Masters including me And really I can't recommend these Events highly enough They're really well organized and They're very good fun I'll be there so you know come and say Hello and there is an early bird Discount if you book the hotel before The end of November so do check out the Links Below in the comments section

Right on with the game So this was Played between uh Andreas Gellar and Ingo reverts to German players And it starts off fairly gently with a Reti opening I have to say what I like about this Game is that the winner basically Decides from the start he's going to Attack and Fortune definitely favors favors the Brave So white employees a double theme Kettle And of course this is very solid Certainly not not bad at all But it does Grant your opponent More attacking options if you don't sort Of claim the center right at the start And this setup for Black is very Respectable of course It's a kind of reversed Tory or London System but really solid and nice Development of pieces Now the you could say the normal move Here is to play E6 and then bring the Bishop out to one of these squares but Black plays something A little different Queen C7 I think it's The first Indication that black is intending to Play very aggressively So the idea might be to play E5 but just Bear in mind that it's possible now to Castle on the queen side

White decides to prevent black from Playing E5 And again black could play very solidly Here with with E6 But no Bishop takes F3 to voluntarily Giving up Bishop for Knight looks a bit Strange but there's a clear idea behind It The game's afoot follow your spirit Upon this charge cry God for Harry England and Saint George yes good old Harry makes Its presence felt And you know I really like this idea it Is totally Brazen but it puts pressure On your opponent And if you put pressure on your opponent Set them problems Then often mistakes will appear so Already white has something of a dilemma Do you allow the Rooks Pawn to advance Or do you block it with H4 or maybe play H3 I mean all these moves are plausible But you know if you play H4 then there's A danger that black will be able to use The G4 Square You know in this kind of situation With one of these Knights heading in Here and you can see that is a little Bit weakened if you go back if you play H3 again E5 and maybe Castle's Queen Side and once again you know after this Exchange it's just a slightly weakened And black always has the chance to open

Up the diagonal with H4 It's Tricky so White decided in the end just to play Knight D2 Just to allow the pawn to advance but Well you need strong nerves to allow Your opponent to attack like this so you Know already we're only on move nine and Black has brought this Rook into play It's very dangerous Now white decides to open up the center And I think this is a good Counter Just open up the center while black is Attacking down the side So white has a space advantage Now have to say I think if I were black I think I would probably just exchange And castle queenside And keep options open but Black decided to take on G3 now I think it's it's a Also it's a very interesting strategy Normally I would say you know if you Don't need to exchange then just hold Back but actually here It presents might with another dilemma Do you recapture with the H Pawn but That leaves the H file open can black Use that it's not not quite clear Or do you Try and sort of block out black on the H File by keeping the pawns like this it's A really tough decision for white Decided to recatch with the F Pawn

There are pros and cons to to both Recaptures One of the disadvantages of recapturing The F Pawn is that this diagonal is Potentially open against King and also Well much later on you know the second Rank is also open But the H file is more closed so It's really really hard to weigh up What's best now black exchanges on e4 And place the Knight across to F6 and Then E6 So this prepares to bring this bishop Into play probably on D6 C4 white pushes forward in the middle Stops potentially that night coming here Bishop D6 so already we can see there is A threat To sacrifice on G3 And white decides okay I'm just going to Nudge the queen across to defend the Pawn on G3 also the queen steps out of The D file as well which is probably Wise because after Castle's Queen side Yeah you don't want the the queen to be Sort of in in the the Rooks Beam on the D file Right well How would you defend this as white You know black is playing in such an Aggressive way that the H file Well it's a semi-openh file now Like has castled on the opposite side of The board

How do you play as white I'll have a little slurpity You have a little think with white What's the best way to counter Black's Aggression Well white decides to break in the Middle Trying to open up Black's King which is I think a very understandable reaction But probably not best Actually I think playing the pawn to B4 Is a good reaction And looking to advance at some point With B5 perhaps C5 and then B5 To try and open things up on the queen Side E5 well it's quite typical also looking To to get this bishop working also opens Up This diagonal too But actually Black reacts very well first to check There you go that shows that the king is Just a little bit exposed here once the F Pawn recaptures e takes D5 And now here is White's idea to exchange On F6 and then take on D5 looking to Open up the C file so this is extremely Dangerous And for the moment White's King looks Fairly secure on this side of the board So it's an interesting idea But I really like Black's next move and

That's Queen to D7 so a nice shift of Diagonal So with the Devastating threat of checking on H3 so The H5 looks like it's coming good And I had quite a long look at the the Game afterwards with the players I thought it was a really interesting Position because here white played H4 But we were we were also looking at G4 Which looks a bit loose but it was we Found it very hard to crack but actually There's a very nice idea here I just Want to show you this so this didn't Take place this didn't happen but let's Let me show you this idea Rook E8 Attacking the queen now if the queen Comes here then Bishop D6 is very nasty So the queen just comes back to D1 Queen D6 another nice shift of diagonal Attacking here Rook H1 Yes if if H3 then I think that is Absolutely crushing With this idea And then Checkmate here So Rook H1 now beautiful move because it Looks like white is getting counter play Here But black plays Rook E3 this is a Fantastic idea And the point is that if white continues On the queen side with dtec C6 Rook D3 Attacks the queen and then on the next

Turn Rook D2 check and that is a Devastating attack on the king so it Just shows there are consequences to Recapturing with the F Pawn that that Second rank is exposed Only You know that the evidence of why it's Weak only comes much later in the game But you know that is a danger So this is the game Queen D7 threatening Here white plate H4 And here black could have actually Played Rook takes Pawn but white can put Up some kind of Defense with Rook H1 Instead Rook G8 was played Also looks very threatening just looking At that weak point on G3 White exchanged on C6 Black recaptured so this is really Tricky neither King looks particularly Safe in this position suddenly you know The Sea Fire looks really creaky and That Bishop might be coming into the Game And white played what looks to me like a Very natural move and that was to play Rook C1 you know trying to get in on the C file but I'm afraid this was met with an Absolutely crushing move Incidentally for for those of you uh who Would like to know in fact Bishop B4 my Computer tells me that Bishop B4 and White is still in the game there but

Anyway Rook C1 the very natural Rook c One was played and now Rook takes Pawn Is absolutely crushing Obviously there's a pin there And the threat is Queen H3 and there Really is no good defense to that If Rook takes Bishop then this is nice The queen swoops in Check and well That wins the queen for starters and Then there'll be a horrible attack after That Uh I mean there really is no defense Here Rook H1 was played but after Rook Takes That is the end if Queen takes H1 Then Queen D2 Is crushing again the second rank is Exposed The king comes back then the queen F2 is Mate If the king comes up there Rook h8 looks pretty bad After Rook takes well white tried Bishop G form this is just hopeless Queen takes King takes Queen F3 check and mate next move well Let me just show you that obviously the King can't step here because the bishop Is there and if the king comes up That will do nicely That was a classic Harry attack on the H File it's kind of fitting that you know That would be the final move Rook h8

With mate on on the Rooks file Uh yeah classic Harry attack but with Some really nice touches along the way And I think most importantly black never Flinched black never hesitated about the Attack you know if you back down And defend on the other side of the Board then you can get into trouble but Black always maintain the pressure kept Making threats and white cracked in the End so yeah I think A very nice best game price as far as I'm concerned Uh so again do check out the links for The ACO events in costs in May 2023 Thanks for watching


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