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ACO Best Game Prize | Fortagne vs Hehn | ACO Crete 2022

Chess Grandmaster Daniel King examines the game Fortagne vs Hehn, ACO Crete 2022. Support on Patreon: 🔥
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Foreign From the ACO tournament held in Crete in October these SEO events are great fun They combine a chess tournament with a Holiday they're held in five-star hotels Conditions are wonderful you know There's a beach there there are swimming Pools Food is great I really recommend these Tournaments I'm in attendance uh doing Post game analysis giving lectures Giving simultaneous display and you know Sharing a beer at the bar afterwards and They are just great fun and the next one Is on the Greek island of Koss in May do Check out the details there are two Taunts there's an over 65s and there's Um an amateur World Championship ACO World Championship so do check out the Links and if you book before the end of November you get an early bird discount Okay let's have a look at this game so The three grand Masters there Um we all chose a best game and this one Was chosen by Spirit on skemberis Greek Grand Master and it's between Andre Fortune and heart mutin both from Germany And it starts out as a benoni And white picks I think a very nice System Against the benoni if you looking for Something that gives a fair bit of Control without too much you know very

Sharp analysis then this is quite a good Choice so the bishop comes to F4 Excellent Square looking at the well That's perennially the weak Pawn in Black's position the question is how do You get it A6 prevents a piece coming to B5 and A4 of course shuts down B5 Bishop G7 now there are some lines Involving E4 but here's the twist white Plays H3 So that gives the bishop a bolt hole on H2 if it's over pushed by the Knight And then instead of E4 white plates E3 So this is super solid there is never Any danger Of this Pawn Becoming weak on e4 because it stays on E3 And now Black's problem is well how do You bring this Knight into play of Course if the Knight comes here this Gets taken so Queen E7 And now the normal move here is Bishop E2 Um because sometimes the Knight is going To come to H5 and then F5 and it's Useful to have the bishop lined up Against that Knight and as I said I Think this is a very respectable system White Will play the standard maneuver of Putting the Knight on C4 and press on The queen side And white can get some positional

Pressure here without too much Danger on The king's side But here white played Bishop D3 I think That's inaccurate Bishop is simply better on E2 in this Particular variation And here I think it's best if Black just goes for it Um With Knight H5 And then plays Knight E5 and just to Swap some pieces off you notice with the Bishop on E2 this wouldn't be possible Uh because you know in in positions like This I think black is pretty comfortable here You know there is a little bit of Pressure here potentially you might be Able to advance on the king side That's why the bishop needs to be on E2 But blackplayed B6 Think it's not necessary basically to Play like that Rookie one Yeah well it could we could get a build Up Um and later on play the pawn up here But sometimes it just gives the bishop An escape Square On F1 support the pawns Here and Now Black goes for it with Knight H5 And then Knight E5 and I think you know This is a reasonable way of freeing the Position for black

And white now plays Bishop takes Knight And I would anticipate here Bishop takes And Knight takes and queen takes and and It's similar to the other variation I Think it's a balanced position But black played Pawn takes and Now We have a very interesting middle game On our hands so Um Player of the black piece is hard to Want to hate and obviously decided he Wanted to keep his dark Square Bishop Very understandable that dark squared Bishop it's unopposed and if it gets Into the game if it finds a good Diagonal it can win you the game The problem is what happens if that Bishop gets blocked out but also White now has Potentially dangerous past Pawn so this Is a very double-edged decision but it Shows real ambition from Black And here I think well I mean white Played E4 it's not not a bad move Um I would also consider playing Knight D2 to put the Knight on C4 And then push with D6 That looks like a reasonable way of Playing to me But E4 played well that means that white Doesn't have to think about black Pushing with E4 because it's the E5 Pawn Is solidly blockaded

And here I think with black yeah rub d8 And just go for it on the king side Knight F4 But Bishop D7 played Bishop F1 Knight F4 in fact with the bishopon F1 There's not a huge amount of danger with That Knight King H2 And the Knight gets expelled And round about here I think I would Feel very comfortable With white Um I think a good move is Bishop C4 With the potential to push on And then Queenie too now this is a key Idea because That pawn is vulnerable And if it advances then white conquers These light squares you can see once the Bishop is exchanged then this Knight can Come in this night may be able to switch Around C4 And well no doubt D6 will come I think White is it a beautiful has a beautiful Position there So Bishop C4 looks like a good move But B3 played well it's also not bad it Does prevent black from playing C4 Knight comes back to F6 Again I think I would look at D6 and Bishop C4 Knight D2 played Knight E8 so that Knight has found Somewhere to go to a good blockading

Square I still think white has the better Chances here Queen F3 I think is a good move to take Away that Square from the queen And once the Knight blockades then if These Knights are exchanged Again I think white is doing pretty well With this simple idea of attacking the Pawn on A6 But white misjudged it it looks so Tempting to play the Knight C4 Attacking the pawn looking to play D6 But Queen F6 Covers the B Pawn Threatens that pawn And now Rook A2 white believes black And defends the pawn but now B5 comes And this is getting very tricky So the Knight has to push back Black has this Well typical Queen side poor majority That you get in the benoni and once that Starts rolling then things start to Happen The night goes back and night D6 so Black has achieved the dream blockading Position And this is already very unpleasant for White Look at that beautiful queen Side Pawn Majority F3 That one kind of makes me wince because

Now these dark squares are even weaker I think white should play Bishop D3 here And then maybe Queen E2 But after F3 oh That looks unpleasant H5 excellent move I really like how black is combining Play on two Wings here so this is a very Healthy majority but instead of pushing It straight away And you know maybe it gets Diamond gets Blockaded well let's just hold those Pawns on the queen side and just press On the other side of the board Now here I think that pawn has to be Blockaded But even so the bishop comes to H6 That's a beautiful diagonal and then Maybe we'll put the king in the corner And go G5 And try to attack the king also very Interesting But instead white played A5 and now H4 Oh Softens up these dark squares And now the bishop comes in this is Looking so unpleasant for white now You can see that that decision ages ago To exchange off the dark Square Bishop Well it might have been okay if White Could somehow push through in the middle And Conquer those lights goes on the King's side but here you can see it's Gone horribly wrong and black is now in

Control on both sides of the board That was exchanged off but now the queen Takes its place and finally black Decides okay time to push on the queen Side B4 This is a really difficult position for White uh the Knight just doesn't have a Good Square to go to Knight A4 Of course before the Knight hops in here That gets hacked off Now the queen invades on the dark Squares Now black could have pushed on And just created Um well just a past Pawn on the queen Side Um But doesn't rush it this is interesting I mean I guess after C4 You know it's not it's not completely Clear I mean I think black is probably Doing very well Um Looks fantastic actually and the Knights Will will come in but instead Knight B5 Drag is taking no chances at all let's Just invade with that Knight first there Are two beautiful squares I mean D4 is Really the square to go to and then Let's squeeze again let's create a past Pawn after that so I mean I really like The way black does this it's very Controlled

And there's an appreciation that Black's Position can only get better here There's no need to to push it too Quickly Rook B8 very controlled very measured Just getting behind that B Pawn Queen D3 Queen pops back to F4 just keeping an Eye on that Rook so the queen doesn't Take Rook comes back rugby five Just blocking the queen out Having a look at that pawn Rook A2 And now the queen comes back So black is enjoying himself he can Decide when to break open the position Queen d8 okay he's having a look at that A pawn White defense Black's Queen comes back Yeah why not You can just massage the position here You can take your time This bishop is so bad and these dark Squares So weak It's it's just got to be a winning Position the only question is How do you break through Uh it's not it's not if you can break Through black always has this option Going Whether you sacraporn or just weather Here

Actually it's just an exchange So we've got the Breakthrough and the Rooks are going to invade and the pawn Can be pushed B3 Rook takes and pawn takes so that's Pawn Is just one step away from queening and The Rook invades as well White decides okay doesn't want to just Defend passively he knows he'll lose He goes for a counter-attack But black He's not bothered Rook B3 If Queen f8 check Actually the king is completely safe Here Indeed if it's keeps getting checked it Can just wander up the board Totally safe And then at the other end black will Break through It just shows you know the weakness of Those Dart squares and and white can't Do anything There's there's just no attack there So rugby three plate Queen takes Pawn And now Black breaks through on the other side Of the board finally I love the way that Black is switching back and forth Between the two sides of course if Queen Takes then there's a discovered check To win the queen I mean probably this is what uh White

Should do actually and Try to make the best of this position But I have no doubt that black is Winning here Because you know these these dark Squares are just too weak you know Queening to invade Whip off another Pawn By Rook C1 yeah and now it really is Absolutely fatal Queen of vades looks at The Rook Rook D1 and Final move Queen E3 check And here white resigned of course if King F1 Knight H2 mate Useful positional Victory from heart Monteen who uh was playing in the C Group players in in this tournament are Grouped according to rating that's the Nice thing so you're always getting you Know a decent game Um Someone of about your level that's That's the the ACO system Yeah really nice game but I think you Know after this exchange this is where Strategically it gets very interesting White should be better but didn't find The right moment to play through the Middle and play on the queen side and Then once it got to this position then Black was in complete control and I Think played it very nicely switching

Back and forth between kingside and Queen side So I just repeat do check out the links To the ACO tournaments next ones are in May on the Greek island of course it's Absolutely beautiful beautiful time of Year to visit uh wonderful Hotel Combines chess and vacation do check out The links below But before the end of November to get an Early bird price Thanks for watching


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