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A king without a crown | Carlsen vs Nepomniachtchi | Fischer Random World Chess Championship 2022

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Foreign I'm catching up with the Fisher random World Championship taking place in Iceland In the semi-finals we have Hikaru Nakamura playing Noddy back abdisator of In the other semi-final Magnus Carlsen against the anime she Carlson Playing with real intent in this Tournament he has of course abandoned The classical World Championship So he's a king in search of a crown he Really wants this title First two games in the match between Castle and nepo it's one all they traded Wins so this is the third game and it's A really dramatic game so quick recap of The rules in official random chess For each round The Baseline is shuffled And in this round well let's have a look At these pieces you can see them the Knights In the corners Wow that's really bad night's on the rim Are very Grim indeed And in the corners they're even worse Um So you know that's the big issue in this Position Carlson started with Knight G3 now this Is really interesting this just shows How treacherous

These positions are when the the pieces Are just kind of dropped on the board If black follows suit with Knight G6 Then Knight F5 How do you defend the pool in G7 wow Credible could be all over after just One move with two moves Nepo played G6 I gotta say it's a really ugly move yes It stops this Knight in its tracks However What is that now night now think I mean Both these squares are covered Bishop also Well it was pretty bad to start with and Now somehow with the pawn here it's even Worse B4 from Carlson very logical Seizing space But also potentially letting the queen Out maybe looking down that diagonal F5 Nipple going space in the center C4 Carlson gain space so this is very Logical these pawns supported by Queen And rook and then and the queen now Strikes down this diagonal as well E5 nepo Advances into the center the center is Still very important of course but also Potentially lets this bishop out as well F3 And that frees this bishop Bishop H4 okay a mischievous move Pinning

Gotta watch out for F4 so therefore Bishop F2 but the real reason behind This move is that it allows Potentially castling well I was going to Say queen side casting but long casting At any rate We'll we'll see castling in action in a Second Knight B6 I mean this is such a Provocative move from nepo Already Carson has gained a lot of space Here and he provokes another Pawn Advance and this Knight is getting Kicked around And this porn move also looks very Pleasant You know if that's taken well then Queen Takes is possible actually hitting Bishop and pawn Knight takes also Looking good position he just looks Great for white The Knight comes to F4 attacking this Pawn is it a problem no Because here is where Carlson castled And actually White's position is Beginning to kind of straighten out it Almost looks like a normal chest Position These pieces are slightly oddly placed Nevertheless white seems to be doing Pretty well just compare the two kings Black's King's still in the middle White king tucked away on the king's Side Compare the two queens

[Music] Black's Queen Just blocked in White Queen looks very Healthy down here Bishop came out to support this Pawn Reasonable and it does Give like the chance to Castle short Although that would be very very risky Considering these pawns are advanced Knight B3 very logical brings the knight In from the corner Likewise from nepo Knight F7 And now kid considering the placement of Black's pieces Carlson decided okay I'm striking out With D4 And it does look fantastic for white Already this of course is a clear threat Therefore C6 oh yes I should say I mean If that's taken Then this looks absolutely Dreadful the Night comes in Really really menacing C6 Stops D5 and opens up the queen a little Bit Pawn takes pawn pawn takes Pawn well Carson grabs a pawn for nothing Basically and it looks desperate for Black Bishops exchanged here I think understandably nepo gets rid of That strong Knight And now he manages to Castle

Queenside okay I mean we need an action Replay that was good fun So when you're castling fish a random Chess The pieces always end up on the Traditional casting Square so for Example if kingside castles there you go The usual casting squares But in this case we had Queen side Castling And that does look a lot more secure Than the king side obviously because at Least these pawns are around the king Moment in the game Have a think how would you play with White Carlson to move Carlson with white To move What would you play here it looks Fantastic for white How are you gonna press forward [Music] Carson played what looks to my eyes like A really sensible move Steps off the back rank allowing The Rook To perhaps come to E1 or D1 and it Strikes down this diagonal It's actually a big mistake incredibly You wouldn't think so considering why It's a pawn up and looks like just has An excellent position But in fact here is where white really Needed to strike and I I think I mean the computer suggests two moves

D5 and B5 Certainly not obvious With this time control when you have to Play reasonably quickly I should say the Time control A little bit different it's kind of Rapidly it's 30 moves in 25 minutes And then you get five minutes for the Rest of the game plus five seconds Increment per move starting from move 31 So first time control 30 moves in 25 Minutes no increment So D5 or B5 let's look at B5 The idea is just to open up the king so For example if Pawn takes Pawn here then you take on C6 And Bishop E2 Now that looks pretty strong so Knight Takes Rook takes White is very harmoniously placed there You can see that it'd be very easy for This queen To switch back here The Rooks Could also switch very easily to the B File it looks Perilous for black Okay what else what about taking That allows C6 And the king is horribly placed and Beautiful coordination night check Coming white must be winning And yeah well you can kick the queen Away Knight H6

Queen comes back white is just very well Coordinated here let's just play Queen D2 And you can see how white can turn very Easily to the attack here Bishop C2 also looks very good But Watch What Happens takes on D4 And here well nepo played a sensible Move rook de8 in fact Knight H6 is even Stronger And that just kicks the queen around so For example well okay Black to play and win now Fairly easy tactic there we go Pin and win Or if Queen takes Pawn then this queen Enters the game beautifully If Queen takes Knight Queen E3 [Music] Ens The Rook also threatens Knight E2 Check picking up the queen I mean Everything works for black here Or in this position if Queen E4 Queen G5 Threatening Knight H3 With a fork there but also the queen Looks of The Rook it's incredible Black's piece is just flood into the Game it's amazing how this queen shut Out of the game for so many moves Actually becomes a really important Piece That wasn't played it's very strong but Instead Rook E8 also very strong just Taking control over the E file

Rook D1 Knight E5 I mean this is just a Huge initiative now Queen is in a bit of trouble Queen takes Rook h8 hitting the Queen the queen came Back Knight C4 A knight's leaping in and of course This starts to open up the diagonal as Well Knight takes C6 from Carson be careful Pawn takes Knight Queen takes Pawn is Mate But nepo well he's Pretty sharp calculator he'd spotted This of course After a little check Night here Check Rook takes yeah if the king comes here Then that's Spells the end so Rook takes coming back Here And watch out The queen swoops down with check Another check and lots of checks Another check black has broken through Another check I mean there really is no Defense For white and at the end of it a very Calm move just get rid of that night And this king is left Well climbing up a tree and there's Nothing good at the top I'm telling you So black just needs to do the biz with

These pieces Uh that Rook is in trouble Um if it moves then I dare say Check there is going to be very nasty Queen E5 Attacks that one Rook H4 check Bishop B4 and I think that was the end of the game I Think Carson actually resigned here Because after Queen F2 well that King Is just getting checked pieces well in This position black of course is is a Rook up Um that's that's going to be enough And that one cuts out any nonsense check Here Thing is Black is a piece up The attack is deadly and crucially there Is no Perpetual check because after this Another check King is safe on B7 and Then it's Black's turn at the other end Of the board basically So I think this game is a really good Illustration of how Fisher random generates Such unusual positions that normally you Know the the Good Sense the good Judgment of even the strongest player in The world Is Disturbed So we have this position Which looks fantastic for white

But within the space of just a handful Of moves Nepo had completely seized the Initiative And we had this position and already Incredibly this is desperate with this Queen entering into the game even when It was stuck on the other side of the Board Brilliant game from nepo an amazing Recovery And after that so he was 2-1 up and Actually in the fourth game where he Only needed a draw but well made it Actually won the game Um very smoothly very convincingly So Magnus Carlsen out that will be a big Disappointment to him He will nepo will meet Hikaru Nakamura In the final who convincingly defeated Who is a real Superstar So interesting to see Nakamura coming Back into Well not the classical Chess World but The Fisher random Chess World so I'll be Recording a video telling you exactly What happened in the finals so watch out For that Nakamura against nepo


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