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3-minute Chess Chaos on LiChess – To crush or not to crush, now that is question!?

Checkmate ends the game and that’s important to remember today, as Simon takes on the very best from Lichess. Join in the fun and learn along the way from watching these games.

This video is taken from a stream please bear that in mind when watching. – Check it out to improve from your Blitz games!
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Is A bit lower I don’t know it’s about 2600 I mean I’ll tell you what if you try Playing Chess on a on a bad cold or like When you’ve got I mean again I’m getting My excuses in today aren’t I I’m really Am getting my excuses in I I’m not Really a Mona You’d be surprised but Um Oh it’s just castle and try to win Quickly Uh what’s the same I can’t remember Mom Oh yeah if you’re playing chess on a bad Cold or covered Yeah I should have gone F4 last movie That was silly Warming up should I should have just Flung that one in there Should have flung it in there now I can Oh okay let’s open it up and try to do Some damage on chess or covered I mean My brain was so slow on The covids it’s couldn’t think You need it’s hard isn’t it chest you Need to be you need to be copas mentors Uh two two rock and roll but I’m pretty Much fully covered now so I can’t use That as an excuse I’ll find some other Excuses Don’t you worry And actually you know this position I Don’t really like it

Because he’s got two Bishops I can’t really attack his King he can Have attacked mine it’s like he’s got Quite a good black line and what do I do Wrong I played I didn’t play F4 and that’s why That’s what I did wrong I should have Yeah yeah Zen monkey chess is just Bloody hard right Bloody hard game and now he’s trying to Open me up stop it okay now I want to go Here but that loses a knight So let’s get out with that idea so I can Defend that get out of the pin maybe try The only way I can try and attack you is By moving this one up That I can see My king side could be my queen that’s The queen side isn’t it I could be in Trouble let’s just try to attack Let’s just try to attack tacking is what It’s all about eh no messing around Straight for the king Checkmate ends the Game all that corny [ __ ] die die die Die Dive with me Who sung that song Anyone Okay let’s keep going I might just get Mated it looks like my King’s a bit weak But we can try to mate him I think it’s Not die it’s called Dive With me A good little guitar riff no certainly

Not the Backstreet Boys how dare you Dive with me and I think you know that Isn’t that a Nirvana song I might just Singing it incredibly badly I thought that was a Nirvana song we all Know Nirvana don’t we doesn’t go Dive Dive not die dive is that right well am I imagining that I’m sure that’s a Nirvana song No I could be imagining it I mean it’s Possible Right so basically my whole Queen side Is falling apart and I’m just putting All my pieces near his King in the hope That now Something is ready to land Someone tell me I wasn’t hallucinating There it is a Nirvana song isn’t it Not everyone sings their own words Nirvana Dive is indeed a trap by Nirvana I Thought it was thank you Still bear thought I was going blooming Crazy Don’t say anything Right okay now What’s Happening Here Well okay you can take that I kind of Think my pieces are going the right way Do I bring this one over he’s gonna take There do I just take here sometimes you Have to go a little bit defensive Because he was threatening to open my King up and next move I can I can maybe Play F4 I was thinking Queen here but

Then Knight E2 Forks me and we don’t Like a bit of forking do we my king my King looks a bit precarious but I’m Quite well defended by my knight and his King is looking a little bit dodgy as Well I don’t see how he breaks through So let’s go F4 And the real reason is I want to move my Knight without allowing exchange of Queens this can become an attacker as Well and Um can I play something like Knight here Next move and try to open up his King Maybe just take that threatening his Knight all this kind of crap might be Crap but it’s aggressive crap the best Kind of crap No one did he play that that’s really Slow okay So if we keep opening up I still can’t Move my knight how do we do this queen Here Rook here does that help Uh do we take this one what are we doing Let’s take it Okay let’s take that pull What next say I was thinking Queen here And trying to get the Rook over here but He’s gonna oh no he can’t do that Actually take the Knight So very interesting position I feel like I might be doing Okay can we go can we do something funky With this piece Like Knight here takes takes here then

King h8 okay we’re gonna stick with this Plan this Pawn is really well defended And now now this is surely surely a Threat you can’t play a move like that Son You just can’t but why I don’t know I Don’t know Ah it’s probably not because of this Yeah oh Simon you’re so slow Oh I why am I exchanging Queens what is Wrong with me So I want to come in here After the exchange of Queens but This is my next move Rook H7 In we go we’ve got at least the draw but I’m going to try to Checkmate him Because I hear Checkmate Is the end of the game look at this what Madness have a queen mate have it have a Queen have one Well that was a Typical game Typical game there what’s the [ __ ] is Going on there Sam What the [ __ ] I mean if he gets a knight my king comes Back if he gets a queen Rook H4 is what We call Checkmate And I don’t think he can stop this can He if his Knight comes in I whip it off I think he’s getting shock-matted Shock Mott Um okay has extraordinary it was we all

Like a bit of chaos hello Sturgis Um there’s always a knight of seven plan As uh uh catapus pointed out whose King Was weaker there Zen monkey it wasn’t mine was it it was My opponents And Bishop E1 oh I didn’t see that don’t Start suggesting moves which are good He might have been able to defend if he Didn’t have like Half a second left right okay Bishop E1 All right you’re all suggesting good Moves stop it Stop it we’re over 2600 whoa Hello DJ struggle MC what what why I don’t know why I’m making that noise Isn’t that the DJ noise When you’re turning those decks I did see a band when I was down in Living in Brighton a very cool place on The south coast of England Called the scratch perverts That was a really good night it was at a Club called The Funky Buddha Club I don’t know what I’m doing here let’s Just Castle we don’t care for pawns the Funky Buddha club and it was a scratch Purpose and all they did was like Maybe a little bit better than that Actually They scratched they were scratching Around okay now what about what is Happening here Um

I don’t mind being a couple pawns down Because I just don’t care really but only if I Get compensation somehow this seems Correct because he’s probably gonna Castle Queen side Now if he does can I take there and take The sack a piece and take there It’s so tempting but I think it’s Probably [ __ ] Um but I need to get some pieces in the Game here don’t I this one he goes Bishop here We give up another Pawn yeah why the Hell not we’ve already given up so much It doesn’t matter if we lose another the Good thing about being two pawns down Is it doesn’t matter if you’re two pawns Down or 20 pawns down right Because You you’re gonna lose anyway two pawns Is enough to lose so who cares if it’s Two pawns or 20 points That’s the way I That’s the way I think about things Anyway What is happening here very confused Still About this position I don’t think I’ve Got enough play whatsoever But we might as well align some line Some stuff up right just cross your Fingers and hope to hope to mate

That is my that is my uh My Philosophy cross your fingers and Hope to mate Queen D4 is a bit annoying It defends everything yeah he finds it Bastard Do we go here not sure about this it all Looks a bit loose maybe he’s going to Come in This way I need to okay he’s coming in This way Am I scared yet is he gonna take there And just try to win That’s not very gentleman-like is it Right so I need to do something about This and this Very Very annoying actually Um yeah my whole my whole Idea is not very convincing is it let’s Let’s just say that we’re gonna have to Go in Desperado mode and just grab here And Cross fingers and hope to uh hope to Cause a little bit of Havoc but I am a Lot of pieces down now well I’m one Piece down but you can grab another one Then I go Rook here I’m hoping I’m going To get some Messiness around his kick Uh I haven’t actually been watching the Champions tour at all guys you know I Normally commentate on it But I wasn’t able to do this one So I haven’t really been watching it I

Mean I’ve been doing other things I went Mushroom picking today Didn’t find any mushrooms but I I looked For mushrooms Like forest mushrooms trying to get in a Bit of foraging You know but it was a nice walk it’s a Nice day I found Um a stone circle Uh well I didn’t find it but I know Where there is one but it’s quite a Modern one anyway what matter okay What’s going on here this is just a Check isn’t it Okay let’s let’s do something like this Have I got enough play here I don’t Think so Because he can stop all of my threats And it is only one check Yeah I was trying to find some Um Not even I I’m not even you know Mushrooms to eat but I just like Mushrooms Um Uh so I was trying to find just I was Just looking around I I mean What’s the mushroom I think it’s called Lion’s mane mushroom does anyone know This one And this mushroom is really beautiful I Was trying to find this but I couldn’t Find it basically Yeah I don’t have enough here guys I

Don’t have enough so I’m gonna have to Desperately Um Just trying to hustle a little bit here But I haven’t got enough time either I Can’t swap Queens I think it’s lion’s mane mushroom oh I’m Falling to this that’s enough that was a Bad game didn’t really get enough out The opening there unfortunately Didn’t really get enough Yeah I mean my opponent my opponent uh Played pretty well huh I mean I thought I got some open lines might better get An attack but it wasn’t quite enough was It not really Not really enough Um I mean I think Lawrence is doing a great Job on the champions tour I mean what I Have been watching I think he’s a very Good commentator I like him this is Lawrence Trent he’s Practicing to be the next Rocky I’m really looking forward to seeing That fight and man Hamilton versus Lawrence Trent now who’s going to win That one guys Who’s going to win that one anyone Who’s going to win that one Who’d you want to win it So Lawrence Trent is doing a chess Boxing fight with Amman Hamilton

Who do we think is going to win it so Curious chimpanzee says Trent Um Got very nice position here by the way This is a good Dutch I’ve got two pawns These pawns a week I’m not really Worried about this let’s just go Pawn There to make sure A man will uppercut Lawrence a man Hamilton is a beast says DJ struggle One thing I know for sure Is that Lauren says um Uh Training very very hard So uh you know I obviously hope neither Of them get hurt I suppose mainly I know it’s boxing but you know what I Mean I hope they neither and get badly Hurt at least Now sorry one Have I have I allowed this annoying Movement yeah I kind of have I wanted to take with my queen there It’s not the end of the world but I Didn’t want to allow that I didn’t Really want to develop put my knight Back so this bishop here was a bad move Was a bamboo Trent no doubt I think Maybe Lawrence is going to be the better Boxer but Amman is Well the better chess player isn’t he Really Being a grand master so I think it’ll be

A very interesting Very interesting chess boxing fight okay Now what is this position like I am Pulling up but I’m under a little bit of Well I say a little bit of pressure Quite a lot of pressure his pieces are Kind of frightening to come in This is the move I was worried about With this one As a next idea but I think I have to try And get my queen here maybe I can grab This Pawn over here as well if his Knight comes in can I grab that one when Is the chest boxing thing I don’t know You can Google it it’s all over Google It’s all over Google just Google Google It that’s what December maybe is it December Maybe December something like that Now what is this position like Centralizing seems natural now let’s get The queen into a nice Central Square but His Knight is very strong We’re pulling up okay now these past Pawns must be pushed So let’s just this gives me an easy plan At least I can just throw them up the Board and see if my opponent can Generate anything okay so he’s got a Little bit passive But this Knight is very frustrating Okay I’m gonna go here just For the sake of it I guess And I don’t know how I’m playing this

Position it’s a little it’s certainly a Little bit uncomfortable I’m gonna give My king an escape square but it does Weaken this Square it just feels like my King might Need this Square okay now let’s Have some ideas potentially okay so he Has come in but Oh [ __ ] I’ve allowed this okay Not the end of the world okay he’s only Taken that one that’s surprising he Could have come in and won the exchange Which would have been stronger because I Know it’s equal material now But really my outside pawns should be Better here Especially in an ending outside past Pawns are generally very good in an Endings if they and they’re connected That’s the main thing they’re they’re Next to each other so they can work each Other Up the board Okay now I will take here because I’m on His night And he might be able to win one of my Pawns but I can never lose this position Because even if I lose both of my pawns I could I well actually I can lose this Position but I shouldn’t lose this Position If I lose this Pawn then It should still be okay Now the king must come I do have this

Past Pawn Let’s bring the king and King can’t come because of this check at The moment And I want to support this Pawn with my King because then my Rook is free to Move It wasn’t free before because I was Defending this and I can also maybe pop In here Which looks all right because I’ve got C3 Square And like look at that King that King has Done a tremendous Run I could have taken that pawn but I’m Only interested in queening really Because This Pawn is so strong let’s go here I Don’t want his Knight coming to this Square so we’re just stopping his Knight From coming in and King C2 is winning Next move so probably winning well it’s Definitely a winning position for me There Uh Have I done boxing chess no I I’m too Unfit I used to do boxing Kickboxing and Karai actually got to Brown Bell crying when I was a kid and Judo But these are all when I was a kid I’m too unfit now too heavy and unfit And um Boxing is really hard I mean it’s so

Tiring I’m 42 overweight drink too much Beer And it’s not easy you need to be totally Dedicated So I would like to get back into the Training Because it’s really good exercise but It’s really hard and I admire anyone Anyone who gets into A boxing ring I think is to be a mind Really because it’s very very brave it’s Very scary To to Spa So I’ve got a lot of respect for both Amman and Lawrence for giving it a goat Um Alex say mckayo guy yeah I’m certainly Not I’m certainly not uh I’m more of a slugger than a um Then like you know tie them out kind of Guy probably last about 10 seconds at The moment before getting out of breath Unfortunately for me Anyway let’s concentrate on the chests This one is rubbish isn’t it is Bishop’s Coming here my queen is my queen so I Lost my queen some Some This is really weird because if I come Here he goes Bishop here Then I come here and he goes Bishop here What the hell is that all about

That doesn’t look there’s my queen in a Lot of trouble because this Annoying move where do I put my queen I can’t come over here with it maybe Let’s try that Really weird position Okay Um yeah I probably do box like I play Chess I have to go for The Knockout Right if he goes Bishop here I’m going To bring my queen over here Certainly this is the way to go This is just a weird position right all The pieces are everywhere But we have a threat But I’m I’m kind of thinking he might at Some point better put something in there I really don’t know it’s a very Confusing position do I take this one my Bishop’s quite a good defender of the King I think we have to keep going Forwards And Try and Maybe bring the rook in next it’s very Slow what a position okay that’s a good Move I missed that one Uh I have to come back don’t I have no Other option Maybe I should oh why don’t why don’t I Take that Rook because I didn’t see it And my Bishop is really strong anyway I’ll tell you what we’d do we’ll try to Get rid of that Rook I like my Bishop

Maybe I should be taking that one But I don’t know okay now it’s time to Take this What is this position like guys what is This position like I’m gonna get my king out of the line of This so we have to do some defensive Moves occasionally We’ve got this one okay we might have to Go for the ending don’t re didn’t really Want to have an ending here because it Felt like this fret was quite annoying For him but my Bishop is so strong It feels like an ending might be okay Now This Pawn is also weak though right Because this bishop the light his light Square Bishop isn’t a good structure to Take it shady graves you’ve been Subscribed for 34 months That’s incredible thank you very very Much For your long Describe ship I’d actually like to get The night there now Uh let’s just see where he’s gonna put That one And what about I don’t know anymore guys I’m very Confused by this game Um okay we’ll go here we’ll go here I Think this is I think my Night Belongs On that square not the bishop and at Least I can try and take a pawn back

This is really confusing though I’m Going to take with a pawn and hopefully Use this guy Very strange but if I go here here I can Win the exchange that looks alright Let’s try it why not Let’s win the exchange thank you very Much and try to swap the Rooks off Because that will make the conversion Easier hello Captain Barnett alrighty How you doing mate you’re right haven’t Seen you for a while You’re not coming over to London are you Next week for the Crypt unfortunately Which is pity Um okay now I think I’ve got good Winning chances here because my Opponent’s past pawns are not very good So I’m gonna try to bring my king in Front of this Pawn first now I can come This way so his Pawn can’t move And now I should think about activating My Rook How do we do that though okay maybe I’ll Come in front so The Rook can come this Way because I can’t get in any squares There okay let’s let’s go activation Like this is he going to get another Passport am I worried about that I have to thank you for the donation Thank you Oh Coppell Ah 24 seconds I’ve gotta just move am I Bloody hell no point thinking about this

Now Thank you for the donation but it’s move Time thank you Simon it’s move time Oh I nearly blundered there It’s a weird position this Ah I’m worried about this Pawn But I think I can take it now because he Hasn’t he can’t move this one Is King coming in Should be winning this Could take that Pullman check Getting my king in front of his Pawns And this should be a win right now my King come oh no this is a draw but it’s Very hard for him to draw this And he’s losing now oh my God Why people so quick Oh I thought that Was me lost on time there Our people are so quick at moving I Don’t understand Oh yeah Jerry you did say you were in Spain so you went there to meet make the Crypt Um that’s a Pity real pity but enjoy Enjoy Spain I’m sure Spain is is going To be good as well Uh Aldo hello mate you’re gonna be in The Crypt aren’t you if you’re wondering What the Crypt is This is like Basically Ginger gem party the Crypt Um I don’t know you can you can basically

Uh Google it or something like that you’ll Find some reports of it it’s a mental Event yeah I forgot about the streaming Stuff as well I fancy playing a bit of Blitz down though so I thought I’d Stream a bit of Blitz why not hey I I’m here from your YouTube tutorial London system helped me gain 200 points Vanessa was good to hear isn’t it It’s always good to hear that it works Always good to hear if you wanna Okay let’s let’s try and play some more So B4 E4 And is he gonna play the black line Against me he is well I do suggest this In my Grandmaster gambits course I know You swapped the Queens off Uh and I know I can’t even remember what I’m supposed to do here but you get a Little bit of Peace play because their King’s misplaced was something something Winning ask Jenny’s chess And you know what Jen’s chess I have no idea the game is gone the game Is gone I ain’t thinking about it anymore That’s my general Uh philosophy Um Probably probably he was winning you can Find the game somewhere if you want to Look at them but I can’t be bored I’m Playing a new game man

Can I play you need a mental game am I Not playing mental enough for you Gaucho Is that what you’re saying you’re saying I’m a little bit too calm and collect it I have to say this game is is a bit calm And collected isn’t it I think I’ve got a nice position here Because I’ve got a little bit of space Where does he put his Bishop the bishop Would like to come here but it never can So for that reason I’m a little bit Better this bishop has a better diagonal Um I might even better come in here now Because he’s weak in the Square let’s Take that square he’s going to give me a Check I don’t care let’s come back Kick him away soon Why Knight D2 and the camera Khan That’s a very weird question Confirm Confirm or disconfirm I was trying to Work out Thermal disco fan what I’m not really Sure whereabouts you mean why Knight D2 Well Knight D2 in the camera card is a Main line I don’t think I played that Here though did I Didn’t play that here Okay now I was hoping I could go B4 and Just I’m trying what I’m trying to do in This game is make all of his minor Pieces suck In that technical term A sock man

So let’s not allow that Knight to ever Come back so let’s stop that night Coming in And if he pushes this one my Knight has A lovely Square I probably want to take over the open File at some point Uh instead of Knight C3 it’s the same Okay I’ll let Aldo answer that question Because I’m getting very confused I’m going to Come back now because it’s night his Night is now terrible My knight still has a little bit of Pressure here and I want to get my Rook To this Square now I could also play This oh this is a lovely move right Because his discombobulated love that my Favorite word What I mean by that you can’t take take Because his Rook is discombobulated Because of his bad Bishop which we’ve Mentioned they’re not coordinating and Now this move becomes a major threat so He is slowly getting suffocated And he’s got to now go even further Backwards this is horrible for him he Wants to break free here I’m enjoying this a bit too much I don’t Think he’s going to get much ground by Moving this Pawn What are you you’re a wasp or are you a Moth you’re a wasp aren’t you bloody Wasps nest is

Really got it I thought the winter comes Jesus Leave it out wasp And I thought the winter comes I don’t Need to get a like wasp exterminator in Is that what they’re called nowadays I don’t really want to kill all the Wasps what have they ever done to me not Much but when they start dive bombing me Like that I’m thinking man I might need to call them have I been Stung yet Um I’ve been stung before in my life by by Uh wasps I’ve been stung in my mouth as a kid but Look at this he can’t move anything can He and he can come back here now I mean Let me just think this night’s not doing Anything I like where do I want to put This Knight here I think Let’s troll let’s do that let’s maneuver Around look at this lovely dialogue I Haven’t been stung in this office yet Thankfully So I’d love to control this Square so Maybe we can even take that night off Let’s do that that night might want to Be removed so my knight can dominate on This square look how bad Well do I want to do I mean that okay I was gonna say look he’s got a check at The end does that do anything I’m gonna Go for this

Mass exchange now because I’m trying to Say you’re you have A terrible Bishop Forevermore And I’m gonna try And swap off these nights So let’s take for the Knight and try to Win the Knight versus Bishop let’s do That Wasp but don’t you don’t even think About it wasp Don’t even think about it I know you’re Trying to dive bomb me don’t even think About it so I can win this Pawn by Getting my knight to this Square so I Want to get my knight to the square why Is he offering me a drawless even very Rude or it shows that he has absolutely No understanding That his position is Probably completely lost it because he Can’t do anything I mean I could even go here and probably Win but it closed yeah let’s let’s see If this wins I don’t know if this wins Everything’s very closed But maybe this is a draw now but okay What is this position There we go I’m just gonna flag him Because you shouldn’t offer draws when You’re clearly worse it’s just a bit Disrespectful I mean the end position is A draw but by that stage I was just Angry so the flagging came out the

Flagging came in well wherever it is Wasp just fly out the window the Window’s open for you son I’m gonna open It more Foreign Let’s just do the I’m gonna I’m gonna make a route for the WASP to eject himself from the room So we’ve opened a window open the Curtains the wask can now hopefully find His way out either that or another 10 Wasps was going to find their way in Who knows who knows something will Happen Okay now this is the so-called Trompofsky Um Why is it actually called the trumpovsky I’m not I’m not entirely sure was there A chat called Uh trompostky Uh my opponent’s name is is quite funny Log Harmless Patza I like that because So many people call themselves like the Champ or the destroyer and I think it’s A lot better to be a little bit the Opposite isn’t it the opposite How are we getting into the [ __ ] boss Well you need to email my friend Blair Or something like that give an email Send an email I don’t think Blair’s been Streaming for ages has he I quite like

My position I’m threatening to win his Win something by taking here Because his Queen is on pre so he’s Defending his Queen but now he’s got What looks like a horrible structure I might better just come in and I might Better put a rook over here can we come In here he will take there Check King here check Oh it’s too much fun let’s do it now if He does Defend this one I’m going to Castle Queen sided and another piece Finds some great Um Great lines Okay so he has gone here now I think I Must Castle he’s got Bishop here But then I take their check on F7 So if he comes here this is my idea and Now he’s discombobulated I’ve got it in Again beautiful beautiful word because It’s nice defending his Bishop so his Knight takes there I take the F his King Comes here that’s a big check and his King can’t come here because this is What we call a rook I would like a bit of rocks don’t we we Love a bit of Rooks and now I’m a pawn Up with the attack and I’m threatening Checkmate I mean come on what more do You want in life what more do you want Do I want anything else in life thank

You Mr dodgy Hello Mr dodgy hope you’re doing well Sir I hope you’re doing a grand even Grand Um I hope you had a good stream thank You for that the raid We are trying to Discombobulate As many Of our opponents as possible the other Thing about the Crypt if you’re able to Come to the Crypt Rumor has it that the infamous Mr dodgy Will be there in person That’s worth it that’s worth it just for That I will try to have some fun okay now This Knight needs to come here as well Doesn’t it this is what we call some Blooming Great night action this is like a good Night look at this oh this game is Smooth that is that is actually That was smooth Alvo in the chat elbow is going to be at The Crypt Um Aldo What do you sir have planned at the Crypt tell us about it please in the Chat Now if you’ve seen my YouTube channel You may have seen my film film It’s not really a film video that yeah I Think videos are fairer where I did I’m

Playing the hippo because I can’t I don’t I don’t generally like Thinking too much until it gets Interesting Where I did a chili challenge with my Friend Blair If you haven’t seen it go to my YouTube Channel Ginger GM That’s all you need to do Just sing that to Alexa and Alexa will Find my channel for you just sing Ginge GM Ginger GM oh bloody hell Did you see that it went for my eyeball Wasp you are pushing your luck now son Don’t generally mind you’re going up my Bloody This is getting a little bit I don’t Generally I say I don’t mind being stung I’d rather not being stung I mean That wasp is really pushing his luck now I’m saying I don’t mind being stung I Would I would rather not be stunned but It’s really going for me that wasp now But I don’t really there’s two places I Don’t want to be stung one is on my Eyeball Can imagine that would be a little bit Spicy and the other one is up my shorts And the WASP has gone for both of those Areas Can’t you just fly out the window fly Out the window

Bloody wasp okay anyway There is the chili video so what do you Have planned with the chillies at the Crypt now though Come on tell us tell us Uh all right so I thought I was doing a Lot of things on the queen side but I’m Actually am I actually doing anything Here he’s gonna go here and what’s he Doing next I don’t know this Bishop’s Not doing anything maybe I want to come This way and Target that pawn maybe also Come over here this looks like a decent Maneuver Should we go here first and then come Back or hear that night not going Anywhere because I’ve got it covered so Let’s just try and I’ll take that with The Knight so we are playing Okay it’s defending that now I could go There but then his Knight comes in Let’s just get ready hopefully I’m gonna Get in on the queen side at some point I’m glad that he’s got a pawn here Because otherwise I’ll be in a lot of Trouble but I think I’m doing well here Because he hasn’t got quite enough Pieces to to come at me Um okay so he’s trying to do a little Bit of ranging but let’s now Bring the queen over It looks like a good Square because it Stops his Knight coming in here I don’t know what’s next though I don’t

Know I don’t want to play this move Because it weakens this Square But I can now come this way wasp I can See you the WASP is going mental Okay so Can’t I no I can’t take that one because That’s what we call a night Simon let’s Go back so I’m trying to really take Control of both areas of the board And this bishop wants to come in this is A bad piece so let’s get the bishop on a Better diagonal I’m just trying to get All of my pieces to better squares my Knights they look really nice to me I Don’t need to do anything with them so Let’s get the bishop in And Now what’s next It’s very tied down do I use this Pawn Next to try and Stimulates His Do you like what I did there stimulates Stimulate his King side it’s like I’m Trying to stimulate his prostate By doing that which I’m not I just want To just want to clarify I’m just Thinking of stimulating the king also it Could be A little bit Uh Frowned upon Could get I’m sure you can get executed For stimulating the King still can’t you

That’s probably one of the only crimes In in the UK where you can get executed Stimulating the king This night is really annoying okay I’m Gonna oh I’m gonna move my king out of The way of this one because I can see See myself falling for that And I’m still trying to stimulate the King Has he moves where did he move I don’t You say okay come on let’s stimulate it Stimulated in we go Yes are you threatening any Thing you’re confusing me with that move Oh it’s what the Queen’s off [ __ ] Okay I’m really confused I’m going to Sack The Exchange because of It should be good compensation this my Nights are fantastic still got one Pawn I haven’t got much time oh my God why Are you playing so slowly man Like my position but my time Is not As juicy As wanted I hoped I can’t multitask Ah why am I so slow No So slow 20 hour Oh I’m so slow ah that was very annoying That game seems like I was kind of Winging that game most of the way Through And

I can’t play slow I can’t play slow I am the slowest player in the world oh We have another raid thank you so much Alexandra I’m Alexandra chess cheers to all your Viewers Um good thing you didn’t come a minute Ago when we’re talking about stimulating Um the king And that was not the timing you should Come but thank you very much and hello To any new viewers that have come over Just playing some free miniatures And lost that horrible game to this guy A second ago I’ll blame it on the WASP yeah I’m Getting attacked by a wasp in my room it Must be the worst fault yeah but thank You for the raid Uh Alexandra chess that was Very nice here hello laws Cooper hope You’re doing all right there good too Good to see you in the chat as well I hope everything’s going grand for you Now this position we have here is your Typical what you say isolated Pawn That’s what this little guy is called And I believe oh oh I can’t this might Be a terrible move but the sun moves I Just can’t resist It could just be losing a piece but how Can you say no when someone offers you a Gift like that it’s very rude to turn it Down you need to just grab it and be

Like okay Thanks my friend Thank you son Okay let’s friend check mate because It’s normally a good idea to do such a Thing and do I have enough play here or Is this nonsense The question Now I need to open up more things so Let’s diving he’s moving very quickly Isn’t he does he actually know what he’s Doing or is he bluffing this seems like He should be doing very well here But he could just be I mean do we take This now he’s confused the hell out of Me again This one he takes my queen is there Something beautiful there I’m so tent here Takes check Absolute [ __ ] isn’t it King here No I need a couple more Tempo I think oh It’s still quite tempting okay let’s Take that let’s take that one we don’t Lose any was that working was it was it Possibly working there people Now this check you can’t block because I Take it and he’s pinned all over the Shop So now Can I come in here I think I don’t like Going backwards I’m going to go forwards And if he takes here I’m gonna check him Here

Now this check anyway is my idea right Looks so dodgy for him can he survive This I’m just taking here next move Right oh look at this King here Queen F7 Doesn’t work And it was a nice idea Okay hang on a minute if I go here this Is surely I’m surely winning here Surely or do I take it I’m getting Confused don’t get confused take peace Take a piece now Knight takes I still Can’t see the wind I still can’t see the wind Knight F7 If I check And then take here even Is that ridiculous That’s a bit I mean is that is that Clever taking and taking here Knight F7 is I’m getting so confused People okay I think this is The way to do it check and take here Is this the way to do it I’m gonna lose Some time again though aren’t I And then we get this ending Which is two pawns up for me so if I had Enough time This would be what we call Clockwork But I don’t And he’s gonna Blitz me So I got 30 seconds come on Simon 30 seconds is a lifetime In the hands In Hans Neiman’s case Okay just don’t lose on time you map it

You’re Gonna Lose what you’re doing You’re playing this like an absolute Nunty Okay come on I’m so slow So slow Ah Still winning I think but Maybe not so simple My paws are good right My poor should be bloody good here Threatening mate Yes no I’m yes yes yes boom boom boom Boom That’s more like it That’s more like it that was actually Maybe was that on all right game I dare To say that might have been an okay game I don’t know It might have been tragic and horrible As well I don’t know Who knows it felt it felt okay right it Felt like a game of chess funnily enough Back to the Dutch we love the Dutch Defense Um this is one of my favorite openings Where we get this setup called the Classical Dutch and the whole point of This opening I’m going to play an old Line Knight E4 is better there but this Is an old variation which I used to play My dad taught me this This is going to show my age now my dad Taught me this line God

How old am I My dad taught me this line uh I mean I’ve got to think like 35 years Ago probably is that right Jesus No maybe more maybe more 36 years ago Can you believe it and I’ve actually I’ve actually played this position quite A lot and it looks terrible for black I love having a sexy little Pawn here You know it looks fun doesn’t it having This party and I try to keep the center Closed And a common Theme is to go here now I think I have To play this can I now I’m just trying To think if he takes it can I go here This might still nearly Be Theory I Don’t think so because he comes in here So I might have to take this one and the Point of bringing my pieces like this is Very quick isn’t he but I don’t think His moves really Have much purpose always but okay you Should probably bring this around now It’s a weird position I need to get this One around my knight is on a very bad Square maybe I have to go this way so I’m just trying to think of ways to Improve my pieces can I go okay it’s Trying to come in To stop that Okay well let’s let’s do it anyway It’s interesting This is good or bad on this Square I’m

Threatening to trap it but he can go Here and come in this way so it’s a Really Bizarre position but now I’m going to Continue Oh he’s got Bishop here And he can come here now And of course I can take that one it’s Really just what a weird what a weird Setup we have but he didn’t do it I Think he had to come to G7 this should Be fine for me what’s he actually Threatening here nothing I can even Bring my Bishop this way now Which I probably will because I might Have a chance to get it in later on Via This route D3 And Now moves like this are starting to get Okay let’s starting to get very tempting Let’s attack him And I might better use this Pawn so We’re just trying to go forwards Forwards forwards now yeah he is winning That but Doesn’t Strike me as that should work somehow With this idea Let’s see let’s see so I’m gonna Rely on the fact that my Bishop is very Strong and I’m going to aim everything At G2 In this position do I play the Dutch

Against the London sister I play the Dutch against everything when they start With D4 C4 or or this kind of stuff Generally I played the Dutch against everything Now here he takes my Bishop And if I don’t he’s going to move the Bishop back so takes takes check I think we’ll do this anyway we can come Back after he takes the bishop And I’m again just relying on the power Of this right This is This is a really Horrible pin theme But he can take and he’s got this one He’s playing like a bloody computer I’m Not saying he’s computer before you jump The gun This is the only way to save him if I go Here Okay but he hasn’t done that so let’s Keep him completely tied up now And this is a big fret For example I think this is just winning Rook takes Queen F1 is Checkmate Queen Takes I win his Queen And Simple win I don’t have any problem with The clock here Um so that’s pretty easy so I may be a Good Dutch game maybe maybe that was Working all right that’s that old Old Dutch variation that I used to play

Um a long time ago but I I first started Playing that when I was about six years Old like I’m 42 or 43 now how come I Can’t remember how old I am someone said They wanted a king’s Gambit about an Hour ago so I’ll try to get a king’s Gambin okay stop that now I don’t know The more a Gambit very well at all But I know it’s a lot of fun I I know where You generally put your pieces you Generally put your pieces like this Right And you put your Bishop here And then you put your queen here don’t You and you put a rook here this is About as far this is as far as I know Now this is probably a good move do we Now go positioning and try to take this Square I think he’s played like the one Of the better defensive ideas he’s Actually now threatening to come in here Which is a bit annoying Which would be a very hard move to me do I have enough compensation against this Pawn I think if you want to know what to Do against the Maura Gambit It feels that what my opponent has done Here is one of the best defensive one of The best defensive lines definitely And he’s still playing very well here This is another good move Um Because it’s all about this Square he’s

Fighting for this Square I didn’t really Want to take that Knight because he Loses defend with that square and I’m Kind of like need a couple more moves Before I take over maybe I should be Taking his Knight To get rid of the pieces defending that One Mark suggests Bishop blondes on E3 Says chess riddle okay that’s Good tonight and probably probably Correct so thank you I’m going to put The bishop on E3 oh no I’m going to get Accused of cheating now I don’t think You meant in this position I hope not Um and now we Which Rook put this Rook here and this Thing’s pretty normal now I know you went I know you meant put the Bishop on E3 before I understand that I don’t think yeah early on it makes a Lot more sense actually because the way I played it the bishop just didn’t look Very good now this is the move I’d like To play but it doesn’t work he’s got it Covered so I have to try and use this Square as compensation And Try and play it a bit more positionally But yeah I mean it’s still Mark Esserman I Mark Esserman is an international Master From America right and he is the He is a legend in in the moragambi he Knows everything

That should be known about Morgan but my Friend Aldo who was in the chat Um Uh actually brought me as a gift at Someone’s book on the Murrah Gambit and I’d love to say that I’ve read it But I haven’t so I I basically flicked Through it thought yeah this this looks Like a really good book How many people do that you know you get You basically you get a chess book and It just stays on your your shelf and you Might have one little flick in it’ll Think yeah I’m Really Gonna read this Book this book looks fantastic And then um and then you’re like You never get around to reading it Because you know there’s something on Netflix or You go and play a game of lead chess or or Have a point down the purple you know Life life gets in the way I’m telling the story of your life yeah I mean I think it’s a it’s a lot of People’s life my opponent was Threatening to take and take that I’m Just trying to keep a bit of pressure Obviously kind of Bishops maybe means That the extra pawn my opponent has Doesn’t matter I want to try to move my Queen here and win one of my pawns back And Let’s do that you can go Bishop B5 which

Holds things Together I think maybe then I can try to Displace his Knight Um he’s got Knight here Then do I have this one that looks a bit Too ridiculous actually Do I want to be tempting his Knight to Come here it’s like okay let’s get the Bishop to a better diagonal that’s a Much better move and my queen is now Defending the bishop so he has to come A little bit offside and he’s got this One Kind of he’s got good control of the Dark squares doesn’t he let’s get on the Light squares him let’s see if we can do Anything on the light squares there’s Another light Square we’ll try to do That There’s some more light squares Let’s try to aim for that okay I’ve run out of light I don’t know what To do I’ve run out of light squares it Was a nice idea where it lasted I’m just gonna play here because I’m Thinking like That is a light square but how do I ever Get my Bishop to this Square without Looking crazy like this okay The light squares there is another light Square And I don’t even want to take that one okay Whoa hello this is a really annoying

Move I missed this one I’ve got a nice time Advantage but I Have I’ve Don’t like what I’ve done here I’ve I’ve Totally missed that pawn And I’m groveling here The light he’s playing he’s played very Well I have to say my opponent With bloody light squares who who said Play on the light squares which idiot Said that What were they going on about Bloody light squares We don’t we don’t need no light squares No light squares Leave your squares alone Probably the worst rendition of Pink Floyd That we could imagine there Yes I’ll take that one thank you okay We got her in the ending we It was a struggle but we got it Okay guys I’m gonna call it a day Because I Um I’m gonna go and have some dinner and Maybe a whiskey [Music] Foreign [Music]


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