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3-0 Against a 2900!!!

Photos by Eric Rosen
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Erigaisi Arjun (2745) – Nakamura, Hikaru (2909)
Tata Steel India | Blitz ( [17] 2022.12.04
E20 Nimzo-Indian, Kmoch variation

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.f3 c5 5.d5 O-O 6.e4 b5 7.e5 Ne8 8.f4 exd5 9.cxd5 d6 10.Nf3 c4 11.a4 Nd7 12.axb5 dxe5 13.Bxc4 Nd6 14.Be2 exf4 15.O-O Bb7 16.Bxf4 Nf6 17.Bd3 Bxc3 18.bxc3 Nxd5 19.Bd2 Rc8 20.Qc2 h6 21.c4 Qb6+ 22.Kh1 Ne3 23.Bxe3 Qxe3 24.Rae1 Qc5 25.Ne5 Rfe8 26.Qb2 Rc7 27.Ng4 Rce7 28.Rxe7 Rxe7 29.h3 h5 30.Qf2 Qg5 31.Nh2 Re3 32.h4 Qe5 33.Rd1 Ne4 34.Bxe4 Qxe4 35.Nf3 f6 36.Qg3 Qe7 37.Rf1 Re4 38.c5 Bd5 39.c6 Rc4 40.Re1 Qd8 41.Rd1 Rc5 42.Qf2 Rxb5 43.Nd4 Bxc6 44.Rc1 Be8 45.Nxb5 Bxb5 46.Qxa7 Be2 47.Qa2+

00:00 Hello Everyone!
00:37 Game Starts!
02:10 Completely New Game!
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12:00 It was in This Position
12:40 TOP 20 BLITZ!
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The Tata Steel Chess India Rapid tournament is a 10-player round-robin taking place from 29 November to 1 December 2022 in the National Library of India in Kolkata.

Players receive 25 minutes for the entire game, plus a 10-second increment starting from move one. Official website:

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Hello everyone and welcome to one of the Most requested games from yesterday's Tata steel India Blitz section uh the The second day it's Arjun eregasi versus Hikaru Nakamura which is uh of course a Brilliant clash as uh both of them are Incredible players Arjun won a Spectacular second place in the rapid Section and now he's playing against the Highest rated Blitz player in the world That is Hikaru Nakamura and he's already Leading by uh by by 2-0 he defeated Hikaru in Rapid and he also defeated him In Blitz with the black pieces and now Hikaru has a chance to at least grab a Point with uh with black so let's see This game features the names of Indian It's it's uh wonderful stuff let's check It out uh Arjun goes for D4 we have Knight to F6 C for E6 Knight to C3 and Bishop to B4 the names of Indian defense Is on the board with F3 the cloak Variation and now C5 we have D5 and Hikaru castles this is all very standard Stuff so nothing new here E4 or grabbing The full Center here and now the main Ideas for black are D6 and B5 Hikaru Goes for the sharper line Pawn to B5 Idea being that if you capture the spawn Then you weaken your D5 Pawn then just D Captures sorry he captures on D5 e Captures on D5 and Rook d8 check and White is already in trouble it's very Hard to defend you have a pawn and F3

You have to play some like Bishop to E2 Or or Knight day two or King to F2 and While it might be playable it doesn't Really uh make sense to give black hole This Advantage so after B5 Pawn to E5 uh Pushing the Knight back Knight to E8 and Now Pawn to F4 grabbing even more Center E Captain d5c captures and pawn to D6 Now we have Knight to F3 and uh Pawn to C4 there are many moves that have been Tried in this this position but C4 seems To be the strongest one uh A4 attacking This expansion uh Hikaru created on the Queen side and now Knight to D7 we have A captures and B 5 the characters on E5 Uh and now Bishop captures on C4 with Knight to D6 now attacking the bishop And Bishop back to E2 and there is a Game where Queen to B6 was played but Here we have e characters on F4 by Hikaru and it is now as of move 14 that We have a completely new game uh so Arjun castles uh his King uh does one Overstay his welcome and now Bishop to B7 here it seems that the best way for a Car to play this is just to push G5 and To defend the F4 pawn and uh make uh Arjun Arjun work for his meal here but After castles and Bishop to B7 origin Just picks up the F4 pawn and now white Is just a little bit better he does have The past D5 pawn and the black doesn't Seem to have any real real counter play Here Knight to F6 we have Bishop to D3

Queen to D4 is even stronger just uh Pure centralizing move with the queen Forces Bishop captures on C3 but okay uh This is Blitz after all Bishop D3 with Bishop captures and c3b captures and now Knight captures on D5 and Hikaru is back In the game he eliminated that beautiful Pass Pawn okay he uh White still has a Past C Pawn uh but uh you know the the D5 Pawn was very nice with Bishop back To D2 as the Knight was attacking it Rooked the C8 and now Queen to C2 Putting pressure on the H7 Pawn so Pawn To H6 and now c4 Advancing that pass pawn and Hikaru goes Queen to B6 with check interestingly Hikaru doesn't spot Knight captures on C4 it's just a free Pawn because the Ones white captures it you're gonna play Knight to B6 and you're gonna win the Bishop now uh but okay cargo's Queen to B6 with check we have King to H1 and now Knight the E3 forcing a trade as the Queen and Rook are hanging so Bishop Captures an E3 Queen captures and now Rook 8 E1 uh very nicely played by Arjun Grabbing the open E file for his Rook Queen back to C5 blocking those pawns if You allow C5 and C6 then black is just Lost so Knights the E5 now and Rook F The E8 we have Queen to B2 and now Rook The C7 preparing to double up on the E File uh Knight the G4 uh we have Rook C The E7 and we have a trade captures

Captures on E7 and here you should play Queen to F2 or for a queen trade and the Game just continues so maybe he called Trace maybe he does doesn't either way It's good for both white and black but In the game H3 was played and H3 loses The game on the spot why this is so I Mean yeah okay you you create some Bringing room for your king but I'm sure You guys realize it now but just in case You don't feel free to pause the video And win the game for Hikaru while I give You a couple of seconds So for those of you who are able to do It congratulations on spotting that the Knight has no squares and for those of You who just want to enjoy the show it Is Pawn to H5 Knight the E4 is also very Nice because the G3 square has been uh Freed up by the the advancement of the Ponte H3 but H5 is even stronger so Congratulations if you found either of Those moves pointers uh that now after Uh let's say you move the Knight and There really aren't all that many Squares you can move the knights too Like you can go to F2 but then comes Queen G5 and the queen from G2 from B2 Is no longer defending the maiden G2 so You have to move the Knight again let's Say Knight D1 and now Queen G3 and white Resigns that's the problem of H3 now You've set up uh this Fork basically the Queen is attacking the bishop that's

Undefended on D3 and also Queen captures On H3 is the threat as the G Pawn is Pinned so here you would just resign and Also at night the H2 isn't all that Better you're just gonna play pretty Much anything The Rook can and come to E3 you're gonna be able to capture here The Knight can come to E4 to G3 uh a lot Of stuff is winning here but in the game Uh Queen to F2 was played now Arjun Offers a queen trade and it's a very Nice offer because now if Hikaru trades Then the Knight Will capture and the Knight no longer has to be worried about About the H Pawn but here Queen to G5 by Hikaru absolute strongest move Knights The H2 and now Rook the E3 Hikaru with The only winning move attacking the Bishop and the H3 Pawn so Pawn to H4 Attacking the queen now Queen to E5 and Here we have rooked the D1 defending the Bishop and Hikaru goes Knight to E4 Which is not winning for him the the way To win this is to play Rook H3 and it's Uh you you have to see a few moves ahead Which is not easy if if you're very low On the clock which which both of them Are uh point is that now Checkmate is Being threatened and The Rook is still Uh not hanging because the bishop just Pins that G2 Pawn you're gonna have to Move the king to G1 and now Rook G3 and There isn't all that much you can do Rook D2 maybe to guard the the G2 Pawn

But not just Bishop captures on G2 and After Rook captures Rook captures on D3 And you've completely uh busted open uh The white King's position this is no way To defend your your king uh so black Will win this very very easily but in The game Knight the E4 was played by Hikaru and now look at this bishop Capture Sunny four Queen captures and Now Knight to F3 and now everything is Defended the H4 Pawn is defended the E1 Square is defended and no longer you Have to worry about this diagonal so how Can Hikaru play this well it's uh it's a Position where uh Hikaru should force a Draw with Rook captures on F3 uh you Can't capture it right away if capture It right away then black just wins as You win that uh Rook on D1 but what you Can do is after Rook captures an F3 you Can move the Rook with Rook to d8 with Check and out after King to H7 now you Take the Rook uh G captures an F3 let's Say queen captures on C4 and the game Continues uh with uh chances for both Sides of course this is Blitz they they Have a very little time uh but uh you Know with with uh some decent play Should be a draw Hikaru goes for F6 Instead and now he allows Arjun to start Advancing his pass Pawn but he doesn't Do so just yet he goes for Queen to G3 And now we have Queen to E7 uh Hikaru Doesn't want to allow any any Queen to

Be a check idea so he goes Queen to E7 And now Rook to F1 we have rooked the E4 And now Pawn to C5 Arjun says all right Capture my pawn and I'm gonna play Queen To B8 with check but this doesn't really Do anything and the Hikaru trust Sergeant here because if he captures and Queen the B8 with check you can just Block and I mean black is just much Better now so instead uh Bishop to D5 by Hikaru he doesn't want to get his Bishop Trapped and now we have Pawn the C6 Rooked Rook the C4 now putting the Rook Behind the pass pawn and now Rook the E1 Going after the black queen on E7 and Here you have to play Queen to C5 or Queen to B4 but after Queen to d8 by Hikaru now Arjun just plays Rook to D1 And now the bishop can't really move and The queen doesn't really have many Squares uh from where she can defend the Bishop here Hikaru plays Rook to C5 uh To defend the bishop here and now we Have Queen to F2 going after the Rook Now again this is all Blitz and I will Show you a winning line because it's Just uh too spectacular not to show but The winning line is Queen to G6 and it Looks odd but then you realize What's Happening Here uh White's next movie C7 Uh pretty much regardless of what black Does let's say you play Queen to B8 as You really don't have many moves and you Want to get your queen away from that D

File look at this C7 and now if the Rook Captures you lose the bishop on D5 and If the queen captures well then you have The back rank Queen to E8 with Chuck King H7 Queen captures an H5 with check King j8 queen to E8 with Chair King H7 And now Rook captures on D5 Rook Captures and now look at this queen to E4 with check that's the that's the Whole point of of the queen having the G6 Square uh you can just you know Triangulate however you want and now After King the h8 queen captures on D5 This is not actual triangulation in Chess you just moved in a triangle That's why I called it but this is not The actual triangulation in chess uh It's okay I have to look at the C5 we Have Queen to F2 by Arjun and now Hikaru Can bounce back a little bit he should Play Queen to E7 which gets the queen Out of Harm's Way from D file and also Defends The Rook but he goes for Rook Captures on B5 and now we have uh again Queen captures on A7 is winning but Arjun plays Knights to D4 first he goes After The Rook uh Bishop characters on C6 Hikaru says all right you can have Have your Rook I'm not having any of That but here Rook to C1 now just the Uh really threatening that because as Long as the Rook is on D1 and you Capture then Queen capture Sun D1 Happened so Rook to C1 and now Hikaru

Plays Bishop back to E8 what you should Probably do is play Bishop captures on G2 but none of it is like winning for Black it's just that maybe it's going to Be very hard for for white to defend now Queen D5 check King G1 and now you move The rook and yes whites up a piece but The black king is white in the open it's Not gonna be easy against the queen king And a queen rook and maybe you can start Pushing your past Pawn but in the game Bishop the E8 was played and now Knight Captures on B5 Bishop capture Sun B5 Queen captures on A7 and now this is a Dead draw pretty much because the the White king is so wide in the open but Hikaru played one of the few moves that Blundered the game on the spot he played Bishop to E2 and now I'm sure you guys Know what's happening here even without Pausing the video as I mean look at this Uh this is the the price of playing Blitz and being the the highest rated Player in the world sometimes you you Will just Crush everyone but sometimes You will miss a nice Fork like this so Queen to A2 was played a check was Delivered and it was in this position on Move 47 that Hikaru Nakamura resigned to The game and Arjun arigasi uh one not Just one game against Hikaru but three Games like we said at one time in Rapid And two times in Blitz which is Absolutely incredible as Hikaru is the

Number one he's the highest rated Blitz Player in the world the only player uh Aside from uh alirez affiruja who is Over 2 900 at the moment now in the live Ratings list this isn't um So anymore if you guys are interested This is the live ratings list of the uh Of the world Blitz rating so now you can See Hikaru dropped 25 points he is now In second place and now alireza is the Only 2900 player in uh in the world in In Blitz uh then we have Hikaru karwana Carlson only in fourth place uh uh Arunyan Artemis In the Arjun education climbs up to 10th Place uh so he's world number 10 when it Comes to Blitz at the moment on on the Live ratings list then dude grishock Martirosi and Wesley so Enrique and Anand Uhmediar those are the top 20 currently Uh so yeah uh that's the game hope you Guys enjoyed it uh it could have gone Either way I mean uh Hikaru had a Winning position but uh you've seen how How Arjun just persevered and and uh Hikaru could not uh you know just take Him down grab a full point and that's What uh what Blitz chess is that's what Uh what uh what kind of a fighter you Have to be in order to win games uh at This level Uh so yeah once again hope you guys Enjoyed it I would like to thank Zoltan

Sarkodie Eric Adams the animated Chemistry textbook uh KGB Sellers and Ante booty gun for a contribution to my Channel thank you a lot I really Appreciate it as usual you can check two Of my previous videos here and thank all For watching and I will see you soon Continuing uh well not the coverage the The tournament is over but I'm gonna Show a few more games if you have any Favorites do you do use hashtag Suggestion and I will go over it and Basically whatever else is happening in The Chess World so thank you all I will See you soon and have an excellent rest Of your day and in case I forgot to Mention Arjun won the blitz section yeah In case I forgot he got second place in Rapid won first place in Blitz uh second Place in Rapid only half Point behind Nihal sarin uh see you soon


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