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2 Extraordinary Chess Problems | Puzzle Challenge – Find the Winning Moves | Best Chess Stories

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In today’s chess video, we’ll look at some of the most amazing chess puzzles/problems I’ve ever seen. We also have some interesting chess stories to go along. This involves a lot of chess thinking in terms of strategy, tactics, moves & ideas so, try solving these chess problems if you are a Genius and if you do manage to find the solutions, let me know in the comments. Chess Challenge – We’ll be looking at the solutions as well, but you should try it on your own to test your chess skills & talent. These exercises will help beginners to improve & get better at finding the best moves in different positions on the chessboard. These are some of the best chess stories, which show the different perspectives of chess players (Chess Story #1) & also the results of cheating by using chess engines (Chess Story #2). I also have an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video (by Paul Morphy), let’s see if you can solve that.

Video Chapters:
0:00 2 Extraordinary Chess Puzzles & Stories
0:10 Story #1: Chess Problems & Solutions
3:48 Story #2: Chess Problems & Solutions
7:30 About Brilliant
8:27 Chess Puzzle – Can You Solve it?

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In today’s chess video, we’ll be looking at 2 of 
the most extraordinary puzzles I’ve ever seen. I   Found these online & we have some interesting 
stories to go along. So, let’s get straight   Into it. There was this intense game going on 
between 2 club-level players. They are sitting   In a park & we have reached this position, 
the white pawns are moving this way & the   Black pawns are moving down. It is white to move 
& both players are thinking really hard planning   For their next set of moves. And while all this 
was going on, a young couple was passing by. They   Both had just started playing chess, so they were 
quite intrigued by this game. They stopped right   There & started analyzing the position on the 
board. Now the big question is: who is winning   This? Is it white? Is it black? Or is this simply 
a draw? I want you guys to analyze & tell me in   The comments what you think about this position. 
Alright, let’s continue with our story. Now the   Young boy, who was kind of a beginner, wanted 
to show off a little – so he immediately,   Whispered to his girlfriend: “I think Black is 
clearly winning because there is just no way   For white to stop this pawn from promoting to a 
queen.” The girl thought a little harder and came   Back with an interesting line. She said, “I don’t 
think you are right. Look, if I play rook h7,   Black promotes to a queen. Then I can give him a 
check and he has to go back to the ‘a’ file. After   That, I can simply give him another check & pick 
up his queen. Eventhough white loses the rook,   This is still winning because white can easily 
eliminate the pawn & then promote to a queen. So,   I think white is winning this.” The boy was quite 
impressed. They both thought they had found the   Right continuation so they were just waiting in 
anticipation for white to make his move & then   Finish off the game. But surprisingly, that didn’t 
happen. The white player just shook hands with   The black player & offered a resignation. The 
couple couldn’t believe it. The white player   Then mentioned why he resigned. He said, “Even if 
I played rook h7, black could play king a5. And   After I take, he will attack my rook so I cannot 
stop him from making a queen. Even if I move to b8   For example, the king can move up further & again, 
I can’t do anything about this queen. Therefore,   I just resigned.” The black player was calmly 
sitting listening to all of this & eventually,   He smiled & said, “Actually, I was also about 
to resign after this move.” The white player was   Shocked & he asked him, “But why did you want to 
resign? You’re such a strong player, weren’t you   Able to find this line?” The black player replied, 
“Look, after rook h7, king a5, I thought you would   Play rook h8. Now you have this rook to a8 check & 
I’ll just lose my queen. And even if here, I move   My king, let’s say king b4 for example, you could 
still play rook a8 & again I can’t do anything.”   Looking at this, the white player realised his 
mistake & obviously, he was dejected because now   He felt that he should have played on & won this 
game. But anyway, the story does not end here, we   Have one more twist. All this while, there was an 
old grandmaster silently observing the game from   A corner. When everyone was about to leave, this 
grandmaster shook his head in disbelief & finally  

He spoke up, “Gentlemen, both of you are wrong. If 
you both would have played this perfectly, then we   Would have had rook h7, pawn promotes to a queen. 
Then rook b7 check, king a3. Then rook a7 check,   And now the key move here is king b4. The point 
is that if rook takes queen, believe it or not,   Black is left with no legal moves so that’s a 
stalemate & the game ends in a draw. And here,   Even if white does not take the queen & plays 
rook a4 check, then after all these exchanges,   Ultimately both sides are left with a king and 
a pawn & again this game is a dead draw unless   Someone makes a big blunder.” That’s the beauty of 
chess. Just like in life, we all look at things in   Different ways & many times, we give up easily. 
So, keep your mind open, and just look to improve   With every challenge. That’s how you become the 
best version of yourself. And who knows, someday   You might also end up becoming a grandmaster. 
Anyway, let’s move onto our 2nd problem. So,   Here’s the story. A young boy who had just started 
playing chess was challenged by his father,   Who was an IM. The father setup this position 
on the chessboard and then he said, “Son,   In this position, it is white’s turn & you need to 
find the winning move continuation for white. And   Keep in mind – the black pawns are moving this 
way. If you’re able to solve this, I’ll get you   The new iPhone 14.” The son got really excited. 
Well, I think the father was pretty sure that   His son won’t be able to solve this otherwise 
why would he offer an iPhone. But anyway, the   Son started thinking & he immediately responded, 
“You’re kidding, Dad! How’s this even possible?   I mean black has so many pieces, but white has 
just a queen. How can white win?” The dad said,   “This is possible, but you’ll need to give it a 
deep thought. And if you find the first few moves,   You should be able to solve this easily.” After 
thinking for a while, the boy said, “Dad, I think   We should take this pawn.” But “Son, the problem 
is that black can move out his king & make way for   His pawn to promote. So, then you are just losing. 
And even if you keep giving checks, black will be   Able to shuffle back & forth like this, and it 
will just end in a draw.” “Okay Dad, so then   What about queen a5? Black will move this pawn & 
then we can bring our king closer and then deliver   A checkmate.” But “My Dear Son, after this, 
black will be left with no legal moves. That’s   A draw by stalemate. And even if you try something 
like Queen c3 to free up some space for the king,   Black can move his king away & again promote this 
pawn. Therefore, queen a5 also doesn’t work.” Now   The boy was really confused, he kept thinking 
about all the different variations. But the main   Issue in every case was that after the first 
move of white & then b3, black is left with no   Legal moves. And even if you allow the black king 
to come out, he is always threatening to promote   On the next move. So, you have to keep checking 
with the queen. And therefore, there is no way   To get this white king into the game. Meanwhile, 
the father got a work call so he went to another   Room. The boy wanted the iPhone desperately so he 
immediately took out his phone & quickly looked   Up this position on the chess engine. After the 
engine analysis, it came up with the conclusion  

That it’s a dead draw in every variation. 
After seeing this, the son got furious & he was   Convinced that his dad was tricking him. And there 
was actually no way for white to win. So, when his   Dad came back, the boy angrily said, “Dad, I know 
you are just fooling me, there is no way white is   Winning this. So, I’m not going to waste my 
time on this anymore & thanks for giving me   False hopes of getting an iPhone.” The dad said, 
“Wait, my son. I’ll show you the solution. Okay,   We’ll start with Queen a8. At this point, black 
has only one move, that is b3. Now as you can see,   He has no other moves left since this ‘a’ file is 
covered by the queen. So, what do you play here?   Yes, its king a7. Now black is forced 
to come the ‘a’ file. And from here,   The idea is simple – we’ll just give him checks 
by moving the king zigzag, just like this so he is   Left with no time to promote. So check, king goes 
back. He moves out, and then again, a check to   Push him back. Now here, you cannot just take this 
pawn because that ends in a stalemate. Therefore,   You’ll continue with king a3 allowing the 
king to go to the corner. And after that,   You can take this pawn. It’s a check and after 
king b1, we have queen a2 & that’s a beautiful   Checkmate.” The boy was shocked because he lost 
the opportunity of getting an iPhone despite   Taking help of an engine. That’s why I always 
feel cheating is never a good option. And even   If you try it, ultimately, you’ll end up losing 
in some way or the other, just like it happened   Here. But I hope you guys must have solved this 
by yourself, and not using a computer. Say, ‘Yes,   I solved this’ in the comments. Alright so its 
puzzle time. But before moving on, I would like   To thank for sponsoring this video. 
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premium subscription! So do check it out. Alright,   So its puzzle time. This is a famous problem by 
Paul Morphy. In this position, it is white’s turn,   And you need to find the mate in 2 moves. Do share 
your answers in the comments section below. Guys,   Don’t forget to like and subscribe, 
and I shall see you in the next one.


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