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12 Year Old Miaoyi Lu Shook The World With This Game!

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Lu, Miaoyi (2273) – Mkrtchian, Lilit (2380)
1st Serbian Women’s League ( [11] 2022.11.01
C11 French, Steinitz, Gledhill attack

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.e5 Nfd7 5.Qg4 c5 6.Nb5 Nc6 7.Nd6+ Bxd6 8.Qxg7 Rf8 9.exd6 Nxd4 10.Nf3 Nxc2+ 11.Kd1 Nxa1 12.Bb5 Qb6 13.Re1 Qxd6 14.Bg5 b6 15.Ne5 f6 16.Bxf6 a6 17.Nf7 Rxf7 18.Qg8+

00:00 Hello Everyone!
00:55 Game Starts!
02:20 Completely New Game!
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17:15 It Was in this position
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Hello everyone and welcome to an Incredible game from the first Serbian Women's league it's a game between a 12 Year old miyagilu and she's playing Against 40 year old uh Armenian International master and the woman Grand Master Lilith mccritchen and this is uh A game where you you will not believe This game this game is so good it's like It's it's like watching uh like Paul Murphy playing against uh uh Anderson on A bad day or something like that it's It's such a such a beautiful attacking Masterpiece uh and coming from uh from a 12 year old um here it's uh it is best For me to just show it to you and then You guys can be the judge of that now I'm not gonna call it any mortal or Anything it's up to you guys to decide If you want to call that but I mean this Is uh this is why I I'm glad I have this Channel so let's uh check it out meowulu Has the white pieces and she opens with Ponte E4 we have Ponte E6 McLean goes For the uh range of Defense with D4 D5 And not Knight the C3 we have Knight to F6 putting pressure on the E4 pawn and Lou advances the pawn so going for the Stein it's variation Knight after D7 and Now Queen to G4 although a popular move In many lines of the French defense here It is it is somewhat rare So Here pawn To C5 uh putting pressure on White Center as black usually does and now uh

Knight to F3 is the move that one would Play here but here we have the immediate Knight B5 and already you can feel that This is not something you would expect In modern chess playing with the same Beat piece twice already going for some Knights to D6 action we know we know From experience that this simply cannot Be good and of course if black punishes This correctly and of course if black Knows uh how to punish this uh the the The the the the precise line that goes C Characters on D4 and then of course the E5 Pawn is now hanging Ponte F4 now H5 You chase away the queen and none Knights the C6 accident black will have An okay game white is not lost here or Anything it's a very complicated Position but this is how you punish this In the game however Knight the C6 was Played immediately and this levels the Playing field now white can just play a Nice game Knight the D6 with check and Again what is this move why what does White gain here it doesn't really look Like anything and okay Bishop captures On D6 eliminating the piece delivering Check now Queen captures on G7 attacks The rook and h8 Rook to f8 and okay you Have to recapture on D6 e captures on D6 And now just Knight captures on D4 now Creating a massive Center here for black And also already with the threat of Knight captures on C2 with with a

Beautiful Fork here the king and Rook Will be forked and uh it looks like you Might be interested in some some like Bishop to D3 and of course you could Play this bishop D3 defense the pawn C4 Is impossible because then you hang the Knight however not for um she goes for Knight to F3 and she invites night Captures on C2 now this is uh uh I'm Sure you guys are now uh probably Thinking I'm I'm tricking you into Believing that this is an actual game That happened in 2022 but but it really Is uh Knight captures on C2 was played Which is a bad move believe it or not Here you have to realize that you are Under an incredible attack and you have To play Knight to F5 chase away the Queen and the ones the queen moves now You play Queen F6 you develop your Pieces you threaten Rook day trade white Has to go back and out Knight captures On D6 and okay everything is fine it's a Nice game for both white and black in The game Lilith played Knight captures On C2 with check and now look at this King to D1 attacking the Knight and okay You already opened the door you might as Well go through it Knight captures on A1 And now uh the position is completely Winning for white but it's not clear why It's not at all clear why so feel free To pause the video and try to find the Only move that wins the game for me I

Will blue while I give you a couple of Seconds So for those of you who are able to do This congratulations you truly have the Mind of a great attacker and for those Of you who just want to enjoy the show It is Bishop to B5 look at this that is The winning move I know it it sounds Impossible but it is and now you're Probably wondering why is this a winning Move it it does it really does nothing Other than pin this Knight but that's All you need to win this game as it Would seem to give you to give you an Example if Ponta A6 you want to chase Away the bishop look at this bishop G5 Attacks the Queen the queen has to move Once you move the queen you go after the Bishop Queen F6 there's no stopping Checkmate it's as simple as that once You see it of course so a little it does Not go for that she goes for Queen to B6 Attacks the bishop but now again only One winning idea and that is Rook to E1 Leaving the king in the center as the King already uh was you know breath Breath of castling privileges uh you you Have to go for that black king and now Now again can the bishop be captured Nope not at all if you play this queen Characters on B5 then comes to Rook Captures on E6 now if phone captures Queen to E7 is Checkmate and if the if The Rook is not captured you play King

The d8 it doesn't really matter Bishop G5 with the check you're gonna block Knight F6 to give the the king some Breeding room here maybe you can escape But look at this queen captures an F6 King to D7 and now Knight the E5 is Checkmate taking away both D7 and C6 Squares from the black king So Okay After Rook D1 can can black defend this Can Black is Black seriously just doomed After capturing that pawn on C2 uh well Yes yes she is in in this particular Case so Queen characters on D6 is played This Pawn really is a big nuisance here For for the blacking so you do want to Eliminate it but this leaves your knight On D7 pinned and now look at this bishop To G5 the idea being that if you go for Some like A6 6. now Queen F6 the Knight Is still pinned and there is no defense Against Queen the d8 trackmate if you Could bring back the queen then you Leave control over the E7 Square then Queen to E7 will be Checkmate so she Tries B6 and it's a great defensive Resource if uh if white is not careful If she plays Queen to F6 now it seems Like okay you're you're winning Bishop A6 now wins the game for black so you Have to be careful the d8 square not Covered by The Rook you cannot move your Bishop because then the queen hangs so Black is now just winning Uh but um yeah you found finds the

Absolute strongest idea and that is Knight to E5 Knight H4 also possible but Knight D5 does the the the job just as Well and now uh there really is no move For black uh here yeah F6 was played uh Attacking the Knight and the bishop but It doesn't really do all that much Bishop captures on F6 now A6 chasing Away the bishop and now Knights the F7 Attacking the queen here and it seems Like you're giving up the Knight which You kind of are there's really no no Good way of handling this Rook captures On F7 was played but now Queen to G8 With check and it was in this position On move 18 that Lilith makarchan Resigned the game as there is nothing More to be done here Queen to G8 is not The only winning move it's not even the Fastest winning move but it does the job Quite nicely point is that now if you Play Rook the Fate just Rook captures an E6 uh and there's no defense you can Either give up the queen or you can play Queen he said 7 and basically it's a Check made in three so you could decide To maybe play Queen to f8 this is also Possible but then Rook captures an E6 With check Rook the E7 Rook captures With check King The d8 Rook captures on D7 opens up a discovery King 8 and now Rook to d8 will be Checkmate as the Queen covers F7 Bishop covers E7 that's One way to do it and even if you don't

Go for this queen to G8 to check you can Even leave your king queen hanging you Could start with um And instead of one Jade you could start With immediate Rook captures an E6 check The black king has no squares you have To either capture The Rook or move the Queen but whatever you do doesn't really Matter if if you capture The Rook um Then it's only a matter of Queen to G8 Check but now it's it's uh faster than It than it was Rook The Fading Queen Captures on E6 is now Checkmate and if You don't Um uh if you don't capture on E6 I mean There's no movie you can play you can Play something like Rook D7 then Queen G8 is made in one or you can block with The queen but then we just start Capturing Rook captures on E7 and now if Rook captures Queen captures is mate if You go here it's the exact same Checkmate opens up a discovery it's a Double check King 8 and now Queen Captures an F7 or Rook to d8 will be Checkmate it doesn't really matter so Absolutely stunning game in this uh a Weird line of the French defense Um I mean it's not it's not that weird But uh if you play the French you will Probably see the see this very often Knight 65 Knight f87 and now usually Yeah people will go something like F4 or Bishop to E3 but Queen to G4 in this

Particular line uh can allow your Opponent to make a mistake such as this One look at this one more time C5 Knight B5 I mean uh people who play the French Fairly often get a position like this But a meeting Knight B5 here as you can See is not an easy task even for an International master and women Grandmaster such as Lilith mccarthan Here as she falls the victim to the uh 12 year old me I will lose uh incredible Onslaught Uh so yeah that's the game hope you guys Enjoyed it like I said I was not Tricking you this is an actual game that Happened it's a spectacular one and I I I'm looking forward uh to you guys Showing it to your friends as they will Also not believe it so it's I mean it's Just a masterpiece uh so yeah that's the Game hope you guys enjoyed it we're Gonna leave it uh at the desk Queen to G8 check because this is where it Finished so I mean uh I always I I Really don't like the French defense I Wouldn't say I hate it but I just really Don't like it and I really love it when Someone just crushes it uh so yeah yeah Very nicely done uh so yeah that's the Game I hope you guys enjoyed it I would Like to thank Jacoby more chess 960. Martin York paparik and Sophos um uh for A contribution to my channel thank you a Lot I really appreciate it as usual you

Can check two of my previous videos here Thank you for watching and I will see You soon continuing the coverage of Everything that's happening in the Chess World you know Even masterpieces such such as this and Uh you know whatever is brought to my Attention whatever is suggested by you Guys so do use hashtag suggestion as I Always enjoy it uh so yeah that's the Game hope you guys enjoyed it and have An excellent rest of your day


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